• TreyDaGoat

    Beerus TN Time!

    May 27, 2020 by TreyDaGoat

    Well, now that we know Beerus is the next DB Combatant, I decided that we should all come together to make TNs for our favorite Beerus MU! Give it your best shot! My TN is right below this post!(duh) Rules are to respect others MU’s and TN’s, if you disagree with an MU, please be respectful when saying why, and also, DONT POST ANY TNS ON CSC UNLESS YOU PUT A SPOILER TAG! goodbye.

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  • AnAustralianPerson

    Hello DBW

    May 27, 2020 by AnAustralianPerson

    I thought the blog posts were cool, so I wanted to try this out. I would just like to say this.

    I am just an Australian person. I don't want to tell you much about me other than that I am Male, Heterosexual, Atheistic and from Australia. I like Death Battle, Polandball, memes, Nintendo, Star Wars and Shonen Anime.

    I am on the DBW Discord server and I change my nickname occasionally. I am currently called Double Tap. While I'm new to the wiki, I've been into Death Battle since 2016 and I've enjoyed every moment of it. I hope to make friends with some of you.

    I will see you all on Discord or later.

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  • Dangerous2nite

    Coming soon

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  • BLA5T3R Productions

    New guy

    May 26, 2020 by BLA5T3R Productions

    So I'm relatively new to the Death Battle wiki and just trying to get my start here

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  • TreyDaGoat

    Make A TN!

    May 25, 2020 by TreyDaGoat

    Today I’m gonna do something different, but not different at the same time. Kinda like what other people are doing, I’ll make a specific Theme or Topic, and you have to make a TN, I’ll also make a TN for the occasion, first TN Theme is Videogames!

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  • Kirbster123557

    ask me stuff

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  • HumbleMorgana

    Probably wondering, Humble, why did you do this when 1mav is doing it, the answer is simple, A.) I like doing things other people do cause they look fun and B.) I am a Masochist

    So yeah 1mav's thing, but with double the cast, Vote on who wins and hopefully cool stuff will happen (polls open 30th)

    I hate my life

    • Something that should be known, The Particapants chosen are people who are active enough on either the Wiki AND the Discord, so someone who isn't active on the Wiki but is on the discord can be here and someone who's on the Wiki but never set foot into the Discord can be chosen to give more representation between the two verses (Ex. Hyper is Active on Discord but not Wiki and Loka is Active on Wiki but not Discord, both are still part …

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  • Loka Fåghel

    Loka Fåghel

    May 23, 2020 by Loka Fåghel
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  • TreyDaGoat

    TN Requests

    May 23, 2020 by TreyDaGoat

    This page is mainly for requesting a TN for a matchup that you would like to see in DEATH BATTLE!. No spamming requests and when I post the link to this, 10 requests each, if rules can’t be followed you will be ignored, either way, also answer this question if you read the rules, is this profile pic worth it?

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  • Skyknight223


    I am a Tecto (technologically advanced ghost) from a parallel dimension. I'm not a physical being I form my body by creating metal from thin air (usually adamantium) usually in the shape of Funtime Freddy to disguise myself. My true spectal body is immune to all types of physical attack and reality warping powers I can also shape my metal body into any weapon I desire. In times of desperation Tectos can go into a sorta super form known as hyper mode which merges their spectral and metal bodies which combines their abilities and alows them to travel through time (but we can't alter history).


    Base Form

    My ghost form is immune to all types of physical attack and reality warping powers

    I can also shape my metal body into any weap…

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  • AtombyAdam

    yep, it's back. With a new batch of characters coming,

    Name- Shingo Yabuki
    Series- The King of Fighters
    First appearance- King of Fighters 97’
    Jp VA- Takehito Koyasu.
    Fandub VA- Justin Briner
    Theme: Asian Triple Alliance
    (NEWLY INTRODUCED) Character interactions
    KOF- Kyo, Benimaru, K’, Maxima, Iori, Vanessa, Elizabeth
    Blazblue- Makoto, Noel, Izayoi, Rachel, Naoto, Iron Tager
    UNIST- Hyde, Seth, Yuzuriha, Gordeau, Waldstein
    Persona- Yu, Yosuke, Kanji, Chie, Teddie, Aigis
    RWBY- Ruby, Yang,Weiss
    Akatsuki Blitzkampf- Akatsuki
    -Standing shoulder wiff
    -Standard punch attack
    -Strong punch that's aimed slightly upward
    - Shingo does a downward punch, and looks like …

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  • TreyDaGoat

    Huh Neat

    Hey there, and welcome to the second edition of YSIIRI! This is a somewhat improved version that will be here so that I don’t worry about multiple blogs at once. (Kinda doesn’t make sense) Anyway, sadly the old YSIIRI will be closed for good, but this time I will go for the goal of 200 comments!

    No Spammin’

    No NSFW

    No Personal Biz

    Max amount of 3 Topics In One Response

    When you send me 3 topics, wait for someone else to do it before you send another one.


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  • 003GreekGuy

    QnA: Ask Away

    May 20, 2020 by 003GreekGuy

    It's simple.

    You ask, I answer.

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  • TreyDaGoat

    Q&A Time

    May 20, 2020 by TreyDaGoat

    Kind of like You Say It, I Rate It, except I’m not rating, and I’m responding to questions, so that’s kind of off. Once again, No NSFW or Personal Biz, and Start!

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  • Crash the king 2

    Smosh vs Eddsworld

    Anthony Padilla

    Age: 26

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Occupation: Internet Sensation, Health Nut


    -Defeated Ian 4 times in Food Battle, one of which he swapped bodies with him.

    -Won (and lost) the Jillian Michaels Game Bang.

    -Overcame his weakness of water by learning to hold his breath.

    -Was one of the only members among the group to complete the heart transplant in Surgeon Simulator.


    Wheelbarrowed Mari across a hallway

    Apparently dances like Squdward

    Finished first in the Jillian Michaels game...then they forced him to lose.


    Possibly the most sane of the group

    Is a bit of a try hard in gaming 

    Wiz: And here is our final combatant.

    Boomstick: The other half of the sensational duo, Anthony is a bit of a chosen …

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  • TreyDaGoat

    I was bored so I decided to try this out. Show or tell me something that comes to your mind in the first 30 seconds and tell me about it! I’ll try to respond as fast as I can and say what I think about the topic, so without further ado, LETS-A-GO!


    No NSFW

    Nothing Personal

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  • Bglfpig
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  • Crash the king 2

    boomstick:users fight,user fight

    wiz: oh why the hell
    boomstick: USER FIGHT, and they are here, crash and skor, 2 assholes who are not purple
    wiz: i am the man behind the slaughter
    boomstick: humble and mr man, 2 ultra randoms subjects
    wiz: and loka and midnight, 2 obsessed with kenobi and carnage
    Boomstick: HE'S WIZ AND I'M BOOMSTICK!
    Wiz: And it's our job to analyze there weapins armor and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE


    Purple Skin that's bulletproof


    • A Persona he can use to cast all of the following powers

    Atom Smasher: Deals medium Phys damage to all foes 1x to 2x with a chance of Fear.

    Maziodyne: Deals Heavy Elec Damage to all foes

    Ghastly Wail: Instantly Kills everyone who is fearful

    Magarudyne: Deals heavy win…

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  • Thecooldude2349


    May 16, 2020 by Thecooldude2349
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  • KombatKid1

    This character select screen has 530 characters in it. Every character who has been in Death Battle is in this, as well as many other additional characters. I have chosen 152 match ups that have not yet been done in Death Battle, as well as all existing ones. Your job is to guess those 152 Death Battles. Some, or possibly even most should be pretty obvious as to who the characters are fighting. The trickiest ones should be the fights with returning combatants. There isn't many rules. The only main one is that you can only guess one match at a time. In order to guess again, you must wait three turns. So you cannot guess again until at least 3 different people have guessed afterwards. Should someone guess a match correctly, I will be posting…

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  • TheodoreRoosevelt26

    This tutorial will show you how to make a pokemon team based on the pokemon that have appeared in death battle. 

    For this tutorial I will not be including Pikachu as his appearence is almost only based upon the anime which is not canon with the games.

    Result: Lost to Blastoise


    Result: Beat Charizard and Venusaur


    Result: Lost to Blastoise


    Result: Beat Shadow the Hedgehog


    Result: Beat Renamon from Digimon Moveset:

    • Aura Sphere (used several times in the amimation)
    • Dragon Pulse (used to knock the pillar down mid battle)
    • Bone Rush (used to finish off Renamon)
    • (as for the last move there was a heal move at the end however I cannot figure out which move it is feel free to add it in the comments)

    Ah yes Machamp my favorite pokemon! You can find a…

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  • Crash the king 2

    ideas for season

    Conections:super child comics ocs battles and company Theme battles


    Track name:Super OCs Childs


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  • EL0YR0DZ

    Season Thing

    May 13, 2020 by EL0YR0DZ

    Yo! Have you ever had an ideal DEATH BATTLE! season? Well, join the club, we've got jackets. This is my ideal season.

    Why: There has to be a DC VS Marvel fight every season, and I choose this one for two reasons. 1. It's been a while since we've had a gun fight, and I'm sure this wouldn't dissapoint. 2. It's rare that Marvel beats DC so this could be fun, even if I'm not that mad at DC's victories. It's The World's Greatest Assasin VS The Master Marksman.

    Connections: The connections between Deadshot and Bullseye is that they are both skilled non-superpowered assasins that specialize in long rong weaponry from rival companies

    Animation Style: 2D

    Track Name: Dead Eye

    Roots: Bullseye

    Predicted Winner: Bullseye

    Ending Pun: Floyd sure had his shot at…

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  • 1pizza877

    Welcome to the Death Battle Winner's and Loser's Bars.

    The Winner's and Loser's Bars are fanfiction forums where characters hang out after their fights. The bars both feature continuing, fun, and sometimes weird storylines. Both of the bars are currently managed by users 1pizza877 and 1mavstone, who are both powerhouses of the two bars. Here are the list of rules to know of how the bars work and, if there are any questions regarding the bars, feel free to ask them.

    • No fighting or causing chaos in the Bars.
    • No biasm towards other characters (especially those outside the bar) because this is a place of respect, not a place where users could go and disrespect other characters, especially if it regards with fights because there are bound to be ot…

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  • 1mavstone

    Yes, and...

    May 12, 2020 by 1mavstone


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  • ZMusok

    You all know the drill: Ask me questions in the comments and I will answer them. 


    I won't answer any questions regarding my personal information. Also keep the questions civil. 

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  • Crash the king 2

    killer bass:

    screaming gophers:

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  • Anthomideus

    Spin the Wheel

    May 11, 2020 by Anthomideus

    Just some fun little "spin the wheel" things I've posted on the wiki. Making a blog so you can always try again here. This will be slow to update since I don't wanna seem spammy about posting these on the wiki. Have fun!

    Spin the wheel to see which Isekai character you are.

    spin to see which anime genius you are.

    Spin the wheel again, except time travelers

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  • Joust Sum Miner

    you get the gist just not anything NSFW

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  • SkorChen

    Yes, this is happening.

    Yes, this is stupid.

    But only one man behind the slaughter will leave!

    Wiz: Uuuh... no one won.

    Boomstick: Exactly, because this two are assholes, let's be real, this all started because these wanted to be the man behind the slaughter, but their fight was destined to end like this, a stalemate.

    Wiz: Yes but... this hasn't explanation really...

    Boomstick: Still, What happened to the spirit of christmas and Senator Armstrong.

    Wiz: ...Huh... maybe they're still fighting?

    Boomstick: Whatever, the winner is nobody.

    The Tracked is called Purple asshole representing that these two guys are assholes and purple duh.

    The cover is a purple sharingan and a shotgun and revolver inside the sharingan.



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  • SkorChen


    May 10, 2020 by SkorChen

    Skor is a guy from the DBW, mostly seen on Comment Section Central. 

    When he saw Sportacus dab when he was only like, idk, 30 yrs old? Ok NOT that OLD, but ya get it. He was like, 4, alrite? And then he saw Sportacus dab and he said:

    "Fuck you"

    But Sportacus came out of the TV and smacked Skor.

    Skor, obviously enraged, trained all his life to defeat Sportacus.

    Somehow he entered the TV and defeated Sportacus, killing Sportacus obviously.

    But when he killed Sportacus he turned Purple, and the hero from Lazy Town told him: "You're the man behind the slaughter haha lol"

    And then Skor still walked through the streets, sometimes people stare at him with a face like: "Why's this guy purple?"

    Yeah that's kinda like it.

    Purple Skin that's bulletproof


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  • Skyknight223

    You know the basic idea you give me a question I give you a answer

    But, just 3 rules

    1. Nothing personal

    2. Nothing that is NSFW or inappropriate

    3. Make sure someone hasn't asked your question before you ask me anything

    other than that ask away

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  • HumbleMorgana

    Dream Wishlist

    May 9, 2020 by HumbleMorgana

    Take 2, hey, this is a wishlist of my own DB season, with that in mind, plesse know that these are all MU's I WANT TO SEE and not MU's others wanna see, also this isn't a prediction list, far from it, anyway, MOVING ON Humble And Mr.Man VS Loka and Midnight (Death Battle Wiki Discord X Death Battle Wiki)

    Connections: Rivalry of two of the most Chaotic User on User Fights

    Style: All of them

    Track Name: Death from the Discord

    Who Wins: Humble and Mr.Man

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  • Crash the king 2

    this is a TN contest

    1 remakes are only allowed if you are going to show the same fight

    2 only 6 TN you can do

    3  You have 2 weeks to do EVERYTHING, that will be for you know, you have a lot of time, except this week

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  • SkorChen

    Ok, so here we are, in a new thing that probably won't do much but hey, fun is fun right?

    So, when a Death Battle starts, there is a dialogue between the two characters right? Well then, here you will put your own dialogue between the two characters that are going to be featured. Wether you like the matchup or not, you'll still have to do the dialogue (if you want, obviously.)

    Now, this dialogues will last 5 days before they get into their respective placements. 

    1: You'll need a scenario for the dialogue.

    2: Only use the matchup that is requested by the time being

    3: Don't be toxic

    4: Don't copy paste

    5: This is for fun, not for anything else


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  • SimonJoyfool

    Who would be a great opponent for the following: All For One(My Hero Academia) Firestorm(DC) The Tick(New England Comics) Apocalypse(Marvel) Killua Zoldyck(Hunter X Hunter)

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  • Kinjorex101

    Q&A, my dudes!!

    May 7, 2020 by Kinjorex101

    Bandwagon lol

    Just plz nothing NSFW and nothing too personal plz. Otherwise, go nuts :P

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  • Dartface93

    Ask me any question just not about my personal life 

    And if you spam questions, you'll be inored forever


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  • Crash the king 2

    crash the king 2 baby is the main protagonist of the DEATH BATTLE WIKI series. 

    one day a very handsome being was born and many years later he joined the wiki and became very powerful

    • Age:ultra secret
    • Home world:house ninja
    • Conceived by users

    • slingshot
    • bombs
    • Christmas spirit
    • skateboards
    • sharingan:
      • Genjutsu: Sharingan technique
        • Creates illusions
        • Incapacitates Opponents
      • Enhanced perception of movements & chakra
      • Copies viewed jutsu techniques
      • Helps control Chidori
      • Mangekyo Sharingan
        • Kamui
      • Spin Dash
      • Homing Attack
      • Insta-Shield
      • Light Speed Attack
      • Burrowing
      • Self-taught martial arts
      • Power Sneakers
      • Light Chip
      • Ancient Light
      • Flame Ring
      • Crystal Ring
      • Magic Gloves
      • Golden Gloves
      • Ring Time
      • Landmines
      • Enerbeam
      • bartman skills

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  • Psychomaster35

    Just board. Go ahead and fire away, as long as it isnt anything about my personal information.

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  • Animegx43

    So after seeing some recent ask posts, I've realized that I haven't done one in more than a year, so I think it's about damn time I let you ask me some questions.

    Feel free to ask me anything. There's no such thing as a stupid question. Only stupid people.

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  • RustyKnife92


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  • Loka Fåghel

    I don't know, but Mav and Midnight both did this, so here I go as well.

    What? You guys are always copying me, so I can copy you sometimes

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  • Just Some Minor

    you get the gist

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  • Blue Midnight04
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  • SkorChen

    SkorChen TN Request

    April 29, 2020 by SkorChen

    Status: Closed (TNs are being worked on) You want a TN? Just comment down here and I'll make ye a TN for free. Just tell me the characters you want and their franchises so I can find them more easily.

    Now, the maximum number of TNs that I'll do will when this is open will be 7 to 10 TNs, after those 7 or 10 this will be closed for some time.

    If I skip one it's because I couldn't find a good render for one of the characters

    If you ask for a TN when the status of this is closed, your TN won't be made.

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  • MexicanJesus69

    Ask dem Q 2

    April 29, 2020 by MexicanJesus69

    Ask dude, just not about personal life.

    Or anime, im not into that.

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  • Anthomideus

    Redesigning for better explanation (this might take a while)

    ⚐︎♒︎ ♌︎□︎⍓︎📪︎ ♓︎🕯︎❍︎ ♐︎♓︎■︎♋︎●︎●︎⍓︎ ♎︎□︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎⬧︎📬︎ 👌︎♏︎♏︎■︎ ❍︎♏︎♋︎■︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ⧫︎□︎ ♎︎□︎ ♓︎⧫︎ ♐︎□︎❒︎ ♋︎ ⬥︎♒︎♓︎●︎♏︎ ■︎□︎⬥︎📪︎ ♌︎◆︎⧫︎ ♓︎🕯︎❖︎♏︎ ♋︎●︎⬥︎♋︎⍓︎⬧︎ ◻︎◆︎⧫︎ ♓︎⧫︎ □︎♐︎♐︎ ⬧︎♓︎■︎♍︎♏︎ ♓︎ ♎︎♓︎♎︎■︎🕯︎⧫︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎■︎🙵 ♓︎⧫︎ ⬥︎♋︎⬧︎ ■︎♏︎♍︎♏︎⬧︎⬧︎♋︎❒︎⍓︎📬︎ ✋︎🕯︎❖︎♏︎ ❍︎♋︎♎︎♏︎ ❍︎⍓︎ ⧫︎♒︎□︎◆︎♑︎♒︎⧫︎⬧︎ ♍︎●︎♏︎♋︎❒︎ ♋︎♌︎□︎◆︎⧫︎ ⧫︎♒︎♏︎ ♐︎□︎●︎●︎□︎⬥︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ⬧︎□︎ ❍︎◆︎♍︎♒︎📪︎ ⧫︎♒︎♋︎⧫︎ ♓︎ ♐︎♏︎♏︎●︎ ●︎♓︎🙵♏︎ ♋︎ ♌︎❒︎□︎🙵♏︎■︎ ❒︎♏︎♍︎□︎❒︎♎︎♏︎❒︎ ♋︎⧫︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎⬧︎ ◻︎□︎♓︎■︎⧫︎📬︎ ✋︎ ❍︎♋︎⍓︎ ♑︎♏︎⧫︎ ⬧︎□︎❍︎♏︎ ♒︎♋︎⧫︎♏︎ ♐︎□︎❒︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎⬧︎📪︎ ♌︎◆︎⧫︎ ♓︎ ♎︎□︎■︎🕯︎⧫︎ ♍︎♋︎❒︎♏︎📬︎ 👍︎♋︎■︎🕯︎⧫︎ ♑︎♏︎⧫︎ ♏︎❖︎♏︎❒︎⍓︎□︎■︎♏︎ ⧫︎□︎ ●︎♓︎🙵♏︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎📬︎ ❄︎♒︎♏︎ ♐︎□︎●︎●︎□︎⬥︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ♋︎❒︎♏︎ ❒︎♏︎♋︎⬧︎□︎■︎⬧︎ ♓︎🕯︎❖︎♏︎ ⬧︎♏︎♏︎■︎ ♑︎♓︎❖︎♏︎■︎ □︎■︎ ⬥︎♒︎⍓︎ ♋︎ ♎︎♏︎♋︎⧫︎♒︎ ♌︎♋︎⧫︎⧫…

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  • HumbleMorgana

    Literally Why

    Same Stats/Abilities from before for both teams if you want them you can  here


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  • Anthomideus

    Polls Blog

    April 28, 2020 by Anthomideus

    Polls I've presented to the wiki and there results are here. Will do more over time. Edit (PLZ READ): it's best to view this via the mobile site (you know, the option you can click at the bottom of your screen), otherwise, the images look jumbled together.

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