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Brandon Michael Yates is a musician who composes scores for Death Battle.

Scores Composed


  • Before composing music for Death Battle, Yates made music for One Minute Melee before leaving to work on Death Battle full time.
  • Alongside Therewolf Media, Yates is sometimes open to take commissions from fans to compose tracks for fan-made VS matchups. You can find more info about it and see when they are available on his YouTube channel's community page or Twitter account.
  • Alongside Therewolf Media, Brandon uses Pro Tools to make his music, as can be seen on his YouTube channel's occasional livestreams.
  • In 2024, Brandon held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) post on the official Death Battle subreddit. Some answers of which he gave were as follows:
    • He got into music-making and learned to play guitar as early as the age of 13, and listened to nu metal bands such as Linkin Park, Korn, and Slipknot.
    • The way he and Therewolf Media compose an episode's track is by making it alongside an early version of its fight, adjusting both whenever necessary so that the track flows with the fight as best as possible. For Brandon specifically, he tries to make an episode's track sound as good as a standalone song when composing it to the rough animatic before doing most of the editing on it later to make it better compliment the fight.
    • From the top of his head, his top five favorite tracks he's composed are Diabolical Invincible Me, Final Formers, Strongest Alive, Hollow Dreams, and Mega Mania.
      • Conversely, his least favorite track is I Am All of Mewtwo, as he was in a bad place at the time of composing it and called it a mess.
    • His favorite track from fellow composer Therewolf Media is The Metal Lotus.
    • Of the many "What If?" tracks he's made that are commissioned to him by fans, he stated he's "loved Sins of Liberty for a long time".
    • His favorite anime is Re:Zero, with Mushouku Tensei, Attack on Titan, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime being his close follow-ups. He also called Reincarnated as a Sword a fun watch.
      • He also said he wants to make an official Death Battle track for a female character from Re:Zero should the series ever debut on the show.
    • He expressed a wish to make an opening theme for an anime and some insert music for the Invincible show.
    • The Compsognathus is his favorite dinosaur.
    • His favorite ice cream flavor is caramel cone, though he mentions a liking for mint chocolate chip as well.
  • Currently and as of June 2024, Brandon's Death Battle tracks are unavailable to listen to on YouTube or Spotify, as Rooster Teeth's dissolvement makes it unable to pay TuneCore to keep the tracks up on said sites. In response, he's making remasters of every track he's made to keep them up for his listeners, alongside allowing Anthony DiGiacomo to remaster their mixes and his personal art team to make new cover arts for said tracks.

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