Cable VS Booster Gold
Season 7
Overall Episode 126
Season Episode 7
Air date April 20th, 2020
Written by Liam Swan
Thac Nguyen
Animated by Luis Cruz
Gustavo Espinal
Zack Watkins
Episode link Rooster Teeth
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Time travel warriors clash and only one will leap into victory's history book!

Cable VS Booster Gold is the 126th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Cable from Marvel Comics and Booster Gold from DC Comics in a battle between time-traveling superheroes. Cable was voiced by Dave J. Dixon and Booster Gold was voiced by Ricco Fajardo.


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Wiz: Mankind has always looked to the past with regret for mistakes, and to the future for the chance to correct them. But what if the past and future could be visited at the same time?

Boomstick: I'd say buckle up, but where we're goin’, we don't need seatbelts. Wait a minute, is that the right quote?

(Wiz facepalms)

Wiz: Cable, the time-traveling warrior mutant from Marvel.

Boomstick: And Booster Gold, the greatest DC Comics hero you've never heard of. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: Our convoluted story begins with the supervillain, Mister Sinister.

Boomstick: With a name like that, you'd just be disappointed if he wasn't a supervillain.

Wiz: In an attempt to destroy another supervillain, Apocalypse, Sinister planned to create the ultimate mutant.

Boomstick: So he decided to, um... breed the X-Men, Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Alright weirdo, I mean, they're already in a relationship.

Wiz: Just one little problem. By the time Sinister was ready, Jean was... kind of dead.

Boomstick: No problem for Mister Sinny! He just cloned Jean, got the new her in bed with Cyclops, and bam! Out popped Nathan Summers, Marvel's ultimate baby!

Wiz: Of course, we're talking about comic books here, so Jean eventually came back to life. After dumping the clone, Scott and Jean decided to raise baby Nate together.

Boomstick: Aw, how nice. I love happy endings.

Wiz: Until Nate was kidnapped by, ironically, Apocalypse. Apocalypse infected Nate with a techno-organic virus, a liquid metal that converts organic tissue into cold, unfeeling steel.

Boomstick: It's basically cyborg herpes. And just like the real thing, there was no cure. Trust me. Until a lady from the future showed up.

Wiz: Long story short, Scott and Jean allowed Nate to be taken two thousand years into the future, in hopes of a cure. Unfortunately, there wasn't one, because the future world was ruled by, of course, Apocalypse.

Boomstick: So now, poor Nate's got an incurable robot virus, and is stranded in a post-apocalyptic Apocalypse future. What a rip-off.

Wiz: Well, it's not all bad. As the techno-organic virus took over Nathan's body, it enhanced his strength, speed, and endurance. Most notably, he gained a powerful metal arm, and a cybernetic eye that can see in infrared, track objects two miles away, and fire lasers.

Boomstick: And if any part of his robo-self is damaged, he can just put it back together lickity-split.

Wiz: He's more than just a cyborg, though. His training in the future turned him into an incredible hand-to-hand combatant and tactical genius.

Popup: Nathan was still raised and trained by his proper parents, whose minds were transferred to bodies in the future.

Boomstick: And like any good 90’s comic book hero, he often comes to fights packin' some totally awesome heat. Machine guns, laser guns, a doohickey that can control dinosaurs, what more would you need? He became a gritty savior of the future, where everyone knew him by one name: Cable.

Wiz: Unfortunately, despite being in the future, he was running out of time. The virus would eventually overtake his body and destroy him.

Boomstick: Good thing Cable's not just any mutant, he's an omega-level mutant. Which means his power is ultra maximum level.

Wiz: Thanks to his parentage, Cable possesses incredible telekinetic power. He can move objects with his mind, create force fields, disassemble complex technology, and even manipulate matter down to the atomic level.

Boomstick: He uses this TK power to keep the techno virus at bay. Yeah, he's constantly pushing the virus back, 24/7. How does he do that in his sleep?

Wiz: His telekinetic powers are so strong, that he once stopped two hundred forty-seven enormous missiles, contained their explosions, and then funneled them out of the atmosphere.

Boomstick: Badass! He's also a telepath who can read and control minds on a planet-wide level. He could even shut your brain off if he doesn't like you. Wish I could do that to Wiz.

(We hear him struggling)

Wiz: Good luck with that. He's capable of ionizing the entire planet's atmosphere all by himself, and his psionic powers extend even further. He can physically displace his body through both time and space, allowing him to teleport and time travel.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: It was those timey-wimey powers that let Cable visit the 20th-century, where he met the X-Men, joining their fight a better future in our past.

Wiz: And that's how he found alternate versions of himself, like a clone named Stryfe, a timeline where he was a she named Rachel, and another Nathan Gray who was called X-Man.

Boomstick: Wow, really... really breakin' the bank on the name of that guy, huh?

Wiz: Pretty gutsy to name himself after the entire franchise.

(They see a picture of X-Man with a beard and long hair)

Boomstick: Hey Wiz, uh... is that Jesus?

Wiz: It is! Oh my God!

Boomstick: Holy shit! (covers the picture) Be careful of what you say in front of mutant Jesus!

Wiz: Ahem, X-Man's potential is incredible, a showcase of the almighty power Cable could have, if not for the techno-organic virus.

Boomstick: So Cable said "screw this bullshit!", and straight-up pulled the virus out of himself. What did he even grab onto?

Wiz: Literally rearranging his DNA to do so, impossible. Across the seventy trillion cells in an average human body, there are over two hundred thousand pairs of DNA. But somehow, over the course of a day, Cable could comprehend and manipulate each and every one.

Boomstick: Yeah, that's why I said "hardcore". Without that dumb virus dickin' him over, he's lifted a giant metal island into the sky, broke the Silver Surfer's board, and could even move planets.

Wiz: To move the Earth out of its solar orbit by ten percent, Cable would have to generate four hundred and seventy decillion joules of energy, about a hundred and twelve septillion tons of TNT.

Boomstick: That's twenty-four zeroes, b*tches! He's fast enough to fight the Silver Surfer, and was tough enough to survive the Incredible Hulk.

Wiz: But even with all this power, Cable knew he could never truly save the future. However, he did eventually find hope.

Boomstick: Yeah, like, literally, i-it's a girl named Hope.

Wiz: After so much time alone, he had finally found a family to protect. Whether it be past, present, or future, Cable will always be fighting for a better tomorrow.

Cable: Remember it, Apocalypse. The name's Cable.

Booster Gold

Wiz: Booster Gold is a hero, an icon, a brand. He's a vigilante protecting the streets of Metropolis, and also the head of his own PR company. He's a wink and a catchphrase, he's fame and fortune incarnate.

Boomstick: But the number one thing to know about Booster Gold... he's one hundred percent full of shit!

Wiz: Michael John Carter was your average star college football player... from the 25th-century.

Boomstick: His future in the future was bright, until his mother caught a devastating illness they couldn't afford to treat.

Wiz: Forced into a corner, Michael was caught betting on his own games in order to pay for the treatment.

Boomstick: Shoulda moved to future Canada.

Wiz: While his mother did survive, Michael found himself in jail. After his time, he just managed to land a job as a security guard at the Metropolis Space Museum, and stumbled upon the exhibit on 20th-century superheroes.

Boomstick: Which inspired him to become a superhero, too. Uh, kind of. Actually, he stole all the hero tech he could, and turns out, it was the real deal. Including a goddamn time machine! Oh yeah, great idea, let's just leave that shit lying around in the museum that hires ex-cons as security!

Wiz: Alongside his own C-3P0 bot, Skeets, Michael took a trip to the past. He used his knowledge of future events to profit off the stock market and form his own company, Goldstar Incorporated.

Boomstick: Ah, that's pretty clever of him. Clever like a fox? Because Michael J. Fox played the guy from "Back to the Future", and then he went back, and he had the sports almanac...

Wiz: This PR firm and merchandising house would eventually introduce him as a self-made superhero celebrity, Goldstar.

Boomstick: Except, Ronald Reagan misheard the name as Booster Gold, and it stuck. Well, now he sounds like a trading card pack.

Wiz: Don't get the wrong idea, Michael didn't initially become a superhero for altruistic means. Even Superman, the most positive man alive, believed Booster Gold to be a huge dick.

Boomstick: Who could blame him? Booster didn't care about helping people. He just wanted to make a fortune on problems he already knew would happen. Sports almanac, remember?

Wiz: Luckily, he wasn't all talk. His stolen technology was incredibly advanced.

Boomstick: Like his power suit, which, despite making him look like a huge tool, increases his strength, speed, and toughness to superhuman levels.

Wiz: His main offensive gear includes energy gauntlets, both of which can fire uni-directional blasts known as... Booster Shots. Really leaning into that brand synergy, huh?

Boomstick: And if an enemy is gettin' a little handsy, he can redirect the gauntlet’s energy through his suit, zapping the shit out of anything it touches. Or it can amp up his strength even more. He's just gotta be careful not to run out of fuel.

Wiz: His goggles include heat vision, infrared, and x-ray. And his Legion flight ring allows him to... you know.

Boomstick: But, at the end of the day, Booster's still an ordinary guy. He's like if Iron Man were a dumb loser. He'd get his ass kicked on a daily basis if he didn't have his nifty force field belt.

Wiz: Potentially his most important tool of all. Booster's force field is an impenetrable wall of continual energy so dense, that not even bacteria can pass through.

Boomstick: It can shrug off physical and energy attacks, as well as weirder stuff, like mind control.

Wiz: From the likes of Maxwell Lord, no less. A telepath powerful enough to brainwash the entire planet.

Boomstick: Booster can even remove his force field and wrap it around somethin‘ else. To protect them, or to crush them into nothingness! Like my heart after seventh grade prom...

(We see Wiz holding the belt, a force field around him, as Boomstick throws various items, which bounce off, such as a batarang and a kitchen sink)

Wiz: Perhaps the suit's most bizarre ability is his mass dispersion field.

(Pushes the button, the field turns blue as Boomstick hefts up an anvil and throws it, it vanishes as it hits the field, Boomstick looks around confusedly)

Wiz: Instead of blocking attacks, this field absorbs matter and spits it back out. Obviously, if applied to a human being, the results would be...

(The anvil is spat back out and nails Boomstick)

Boomstick: Me... at my seventh grade prom...

(He collapses)

Wiz: And while Booster originally needed a time machine to travel to the past, he has since integrated temporal circuitry into his suit, allowing him to travel the time stream at will, or just stop it entirely. He can even hang out with his past and future selves.

Boomstick: Booster managed to fight alongside the Justice League. There, he met fellow D-lister, Blue Beetle, kickin' off the most wholesome bromance ever.

Wiz: To be fair, Booster wasn't just an empty charlatan. Sure, he used his future technology to pretend he had superpowers, but as time went on, his acts of heroism became real, and often required sacrifice. Perhaps his friendship with Blue Beetle helped mold him into the selfless hero he later became.

Boomstick: As much of a doofus as he can be, he's also kicked his fair share of ass. He's managed to go toe-to-toe with heavy hitters, like Doomsday and Maxima.

Wiz: He's moved quick enough to dodge beams of light, even flying fast enough to keep up with Flash, and tap into the Speed Force. You know, the extra-dimensional energy field that controls all kinetic energy in the multiverse.

Boomstick: And his force field is no joke. It took hits from gods like Trigon, and even withstood a blast that was breaking down the Earth at the subatomic level.

Wiz: It doesn't make him invincible. His force field is powered by the same energy source as his gauntlets, so using too much of either will deplete the other.

Popup: After decades of absorbing chronal energy, Booster Gold eventually merged with the time stream itself and became its protector: the Waverider.

Boomstick: He's also a huge showboat, and will take any opportunity he can to get rich quick, like the time he and Blue Beetle stole Justice League funds to set up a casino on a tropical island, which... turned out to be alive. True story. It was weird.

Wiz: Booster's story is, if anything, the journey to humility. After years of hero work, he was offered membership with the Justice League of America. And yet, he turned it down, knowing the damage such a thing could do to history.

Boomstick: Instead, Booster chose to travel the time stream, repairing its cracks and saving the multiverse. His-his mom was pretty proud of him.

Wiz: The important thing is that he chose a life he could not publicize. He'd be saving the world behind the scenes. It may not have been what he originally planned, but Booster Gold would ultimately become the greatest hero you've never heard of.

Booster Gold: I am Booster Gold. The greatest hero you've never heard of... ’til now!

Death Battle

(*Cues: Days of Booster Past - Brandon Yates*)

In the middle of a city, Booster Gold is seen standing in front of a bank with a tied up criminal, waving to the press and his cheering fans in front of him. Suddenly in a flash of light, Cable suddenly appears in front of the hero, attracting the attention of the surrounding people.

Booster Gold: H-hey, uh, buddy? Do you mind? You're hogging my spotlight here.

Cable: You look like an idiot.

The future X-Man begins walking to the right, and the crowd follows him. Michael catches up and whispers as Nate continues to march forward.

Booster Gold: Oh-ho, I get it. You want to take on the champ to boost your street cred, right? Okay.

To Cable's surprise, Booster assumes a combative pose right in front of him.

Booster Gold: Well, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!

Cable: The pavement will be stained with your blood.

Booster Gold: Ha...What?

Cable punches Booster Gold with his cybernetic arm, sending the time traveler crashing into the front of a building.

Booster Gold: Wait, is this guy serious?!

Nate takes out his gun and begins rapidly firing at Michael, who activates his suit's force fields to deflect all the bullets. As he charges forward, Booster stops to listen to the crowd's cheers.

Booster Gold: Thank you! Thank you!

Cable stops firing and grows impatient as his cybernetic arm charges. He then presses a button on his belt and attempts to crush Booster between two trucks. As Michael attempts to push them away, Nate charges and pushes his opponent and the two vehicles into a building.

On the other side, Cable begins to combo Booster into the air and punches him into the ground to shoot him, but Booster's shields deflect all the attacks before pushing Cable away. Cable then enhances his cybernetic arm and attempts to punch his foe, but Booster Gold uses his gauntlet to stop time.

Booster Gold: Alright, douchebag! You want some of this?!

Michael lands multiple punches and kicks as Nate remains frozen.

Booster Gold: Ha ha! Hoo! Let's fly!!!

Booster touches his gauntlet to resume time, but to his shock, Cable doesn't budge an inch.

Cable: You hit like a girl.

Cable punches Booster in the gut and electrocutes him before tossing him into a nearby portal. Michael screams as he is sent into the far future crashing on flying cars. Cable appears on one of the cars holding his large beam rifle.

Booster Gold: Did you just punch me into next week? Or, a MILLION next weeks?!

Cable fires his rifle at his Booster, who flies and tries firing a Booster Shot that Cable deflects with his force field. Cable then takes control of dozens of flying cars in the sky and directs all of them towards his fellow time traveler. Booster manages to avoid serious damage by leaping off the vehicles until he arrives at Cable's. He begins landing some blows before Cable grabs his fist.

Cable: I'm ending this farce!

Cable transports them to the distant past and knocks Booster towards a tree. When Michael comes to, he finds Cable standing on top of a T-Rex approaching him.

Booster Gold: Aww, come on!

The dinosaur tries to eat Michael, but he uses his force fields to prevent the beast's jaws from chomping him.

Cable: I set this up while you were playing roadkill. Funny how time travel works.

Booster Gold: Oh hey! I can do that too!

With a new idea, Booster presses his gauntlet and suddenly disappears from the dinosaur's mouth. Suddenly, dozens of Booster Golds appear on the ground surrounding Cable and the T-Rex.

Booster Gold: In fact, it's kinda my thing. So, here's an army of mes from every second we've fought so far!

The army of Boosters charges forward and knocks down Cable and the dinosaur. Cable fires his beam rifle at the time clones, who respond by firing Booster Shots, causing a large explosion in the area. When the dust settles, several of the Booster clones begin punching Cable, sending him flying back.

Cable: Enough! Turn those shields off!

Cable uses his telepathy and attempts to control his opponent and his clones.

Booster Gold: Ohh nooo! A voice in my head! Must!...remove...Force field! NOOOOO!

Michael is seemingly forced to turn his defense off, giving Cable the opening he needs.

Cable: Finally! Your time just ran out!

Cable takes out his beam rifle and attempts to finish the hero off, but misses his shot and ends up hitting something invisible.

Cable: What?!

Booster Gold: Ooh wait, did you think you made me turn my force field off? No, it's too strong for that. I gave it to you!

Booster Gold traps Cable in a separate force field that begins constricting his body. The future X-Man walks forward slowly cursing the hero that no one has ever heard of in his dying breath.

Cable: I'll...see you in goddamn golden asshole!

Booster's force field constricts completely, crushing Cable's body into paste. After that, Booster Gold then proceeds to return to the present and continue to saluting fans and journalists.

Booster Gold: Ha ha! Booooooster-rific!



(We cut to Boomstick looking at the screen in confusion and surprise)

Boomstick: Ugh, no.... seriously?!

Wiz: I know it seems ridiculous, but—

Boomstick: Seriously! How did that golden dingus beat mutant Jesus?!

Wiz: Well, (sighs) it sounds crazy at first, but Booster Gold actually had everything he needed to take Cable out.

Boomstick: Cable's powers were way more versatile and deadly then Booster's, and his lifetime of experience in the trenches made him the more well-rounded soldier overall.

Popup: Supposedly, Cable can extinguish stars, though he has never shown such power. Even then, Booster's force field has resisted blasts from foes whose destructive power level is beyond star level, like Trigon.

Wiz: But Booster had plenty of deadly weaponry in his own right, though his saving grace was that force field.

Boomstick: Sure, that thing's survived some crazy stuff.

Wiz: Including every single thing in Cable's arsenal. For example, Cable's telekinesis could move a planet and rearrange cells, right? Well, Booster's force field survived planetary destruction at the subatomic level. Similar to a nuclear bomb, but on a massive scale worth about fourteen tenatons of TNT. Over a hundred thousand times greater than Cable's power output.

Boomstick: That's forty f*cking zeros, b*tches! Holy mutant Jesus! And remember, his gloves use the same energy as the shield, so that means Booster is packin’ some serious heat.

Popup: His field's resistance to subatomic destruction indicates it would resist more general molecular manipulation than Cable's telekinesis, preventing him from bypassing the shield's defenses.

Wiz: Even in Cable's fight with the Silver Surfer, while he managed to keep up for a short while, once the Surfer got serious, the fight was over pretty quick.

Popup: Early in Booster's career, his force field was overpowered by Mindancer, a relatively weak telepath. However she needed to amplify her powers to do so. Booster's suit has been upgraded numerous times since then.

Boomstick: Meanwhile, Boosty's over here in the same league as speedsters like Flash, and I know what you're thinking, "What about Cable's mind-control powers?". Well, Boosty's shield protected him from Maxwell Lord.

Wiz: Whose mental powers, like Cable's, could also span an entire planet.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Yeah, Cable looked a lot better on paper, but he just didn't have a surefire way to put Booster down for good. And Booster had exactly what he needed to nab a victory.

Wiz: This is one of the awkward things about comparing heroes from different franchises. Cable may be a gritty badass, and Booster may be a silly goofball, but those distinctions mostly matter in their own worlds. In Death Battle, we have to compare them directly, and sometimes, it means a hero no one’s ever heard of wins.

Boomstick: Booster didn’t just win, he took home the Gold.

Wiz: The winner is Booster Gold.

Original Track

Days of Booster Past

The track for this fight is "Days of Booster Past" by Brandon Yates. It is a futuristic-sounding techno-rock piece reflecting both combatants' being from the future.

The title is a reference to both combatants being time-traveling heroes, as well as the famous X-Men storyline "Days of Future Past", which also features time-traveling, though "Future" is replaced with "Booster".

The track cover is a golden star (representing Booster Gold) infected by Cable's techno-organic virus. Behind it is some time-travel-esque swirls representing their main gimmick of time-traveling.


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