Pitting pop culture's deadliest characters in a duel to the death! Experts Wiz and Boomstick analyze each fighter's weapons, armor, and skills... and then the battle begins! Who will win? Who will die?
~ Tagline
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Genre Action, Comedy
Creator(s) Ben Singer
Year of Creation 2010

DEATH BATTLE! is a very popular web-based video show hosted by "Wizard" (Ben Singer) and "Boomstick" (Chad James) presented by ScrewAttack. The show pits two or more fictional characters from different medias such as moviescomicsmangatelevision programsliterature, video games, and even PSAs and create a simulated battle to the death. The characters are analyzed with their respective powers, strengths, and weaknesses, to determine a winner.

The show's first season has 25 episodes. The first 18 episodes were featured exclusively on ScrewAttack's YouTube account, and starting with episode 19 the series is now posted to the redesigned, with a delayed posting of past fights to their YouTube page.

Season 2 premiered on May 31, 2013, more than four months after the first season finale. The season ended on December 15, 2015, with a total of 32 episodes for the season, bringing the total number of DEATH BATTLE episodes to 57.

Season 3 premiered on March 16, 2016 in order to focus on finding more staff to expand their series. The season ended on December 21st, 2016, with a total of 14 episodes for the season, the shortest season so far, bringing the total number of DEATH BATTLE episodes to 71.

Season 4 premiered on February 1, 2017 with the first fight revealed in January 2017. The season ended on December 20th, 2017 with a total of 16 episodes, bringing the total number of DEATH BATTLE episodes to 87.

Season 5 premiered on February 7, 2018. The season ended on December 19th, 2018 with a total of 16 episodes, bringing the total number of DEATH BATTLE episodes to 103.

Season 6 premiered on February 6, 2019.

On February 4, 2018, ScrewAttack announced that they changed the name of the channel to keep up with the YouTube landscape.

Format Overview

The idea of the show is to pit two or more fictional characters and pit them against each other in a simulated "death battle". Before the start of the battle, an analysis of the character's powers are listed together with their other stats such as strengths, weaknesses, physicality (weight, height, age, intellect), and weapons. This is done by extensive research of each of the characters, and taking notes from various known experts, collaboration from various conventions (e.g. Comic-Con), official websites, and franchise encyclopedias. People and fans are sometimes interviewed in these conventions to know their opinions about the battle.[2] All other traits will be represented with accuracy based on the character's canon universes. If the characters has multiple versions, the most well-known and modern version will be the one chosen. After studying the characters, a conclusion is made to who is the winner and the reason he/she is triumphant. This is shown in a form of a virtual battle in either 2D sprites or 3D CGI. Many of the characters involved are voiced by many of the YouTube personalities such as MasakoX and ItsJustSomeRandomGuy.

Because the show is entitled "DEATH BATTLE!" and its idea is to create a virtual "fight to the death", characters in the virtual simulation kill their opponents, even though many of them are canonically indifferent to killing (such as Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Rebecca Black). These are made as a "What If" scenario for entertainment purposes, and does not go against the accuracy of the analysis of the respective winner. In the case of Justin Bieber versus Rebecca Black however, the battle was satirically made for comedic purpose. As of episode 51, 2D battles are animated by Mali and Zack and 3D battles are animated by Torrian Crawford.


ScrewAttack! typically releases a new DEATH BATTLE! three weeks after the current DEATH BATTLE!. In the first two weeks they release a teaser about each combatant, primarily about their background and in the third week the DEATH BATTLE! is released at various times. After the battle ScrewAttack! will reveal the next combatant(s) for the next match-up, and the process restarts again.

On Tuesdays, starting with Boba Fett VS Samus Aran Remastered, a special live-stream, dubbed DEATH BATTLE! Live, is ocassionally hosted on Twitch and Youtube at 8:00 pm Central Time by Ben Singer, Chad James, and Craig Skistimas. During the live-stream they answer questions about their plans for the show and the actual battle, and a live poll of the current battle is featured. The battle that usually holds the livestream typically holds some significance. So far, only four live-streams have been hosted.


In order to promote DEATH BATTLE!, ScrewAttack! has released merchandise, primarily T-Shirts to help spread the word about the show. Due to merging with RoosterTeeth and its family, most T-Shirts are available on the RoosterTeeth store.

  • The first one known as DEATH BATTLE! T-Shirt is a black T-Shirt with the logo in the center, with blood splatters behind the logo to illustrate the bloody motif of the show. To promote it, ScrewAttack! released a joke DEATH BATTLE! known as DEATH BATTLE! VS The World, in which the T-Shirt was analyzed and was put in a fight with all T-Shirts, but emerged victorious.
  • The second shirt known as ScrewAttack Classic DEATH BATTLE Logo Tee features a grey T-Shirt with the grey logo in the centered. This shirt greatly resembles the first one, albeit the blood splatters. This shirt has frequently been worn by DEATH BATTLE! staff members at ScrewAttack!
  • The third one known as First Fallen, is so far the most graphically designed T-Shirt. Unlike the previous two, the DEATH BATTLE! logo is moved to the bottom, with the entire center of the shirt showing 60 skulls. As the name of the shirt implies, the skulls represent the first 60 DEATH BATTLE! combatants who lost (and were subsequently killed), with each skull showing some iconic trait of the character (Boba Fett with half of his helmet, Goku with his hair, and Goomba and Koopa's skulls being shaped to resemble them as opposed to standard human skulls).
  • The fourth one, known as ScrewAttack Death Battle Logo Tee is similar to the original DEATH BATTLE T-shirt, but features the new logo instead.
  • The fifth one is a plain red shirt with Wiz's line at the start of every death battle "Weapon & Armor & Skills & DEATH BATTLE".


Note: While some rules have been officially stated, some are generally implied during DEATH BATTLE!

  • The combatants can only know of each other if they do know each other in canon in both official universes (or if they exist in the same universe, as seen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale). Otherwise, they cannot know each other's move-sets. Even if they do know of each other in canon, no one is allowed to prepare for the fight. Although they are allowed to know the other combatants name, as shown in Iron Man VS Lex Luthor.
  • A Death Battle, as entitled, has to end with the loser dying (though not necessarily at the hands of the winner, as shown when Dan Hibiki accidentally ingested one of Hercule Satan's capsules), or at least "dead" as far as physical forms are concerned (for example, being reduced to little more than a ghost, or gods and similar characters left with no working mortal avatar to continue fighting with).
  • Pacifist combatants will not have their peaceful nature interrupt the fight, and both combatants will have any personality restraints from killing removed.
  • All other traits will be represented with accuracy based on the combatants' canon universes. In addition, all consistent and canon sources available during the time of the episode's release will be examined by the hosts.
  • Characters with multiple incarnations (such as Link, Spider-Man, Deadpool or Godzilla), will be composites combining the best aspects of their various incarnations, unless said incarnation is drastically different from other incarnations. If a specific incarnation of a character is chosen, the canon used will most likely be the most popular depiction.
  • To get as many common abilities as possible, the warrior will be shown at their latest depictions or their oldest age as an active combatant, so long as it is within their prime (as seen with Batman and Toph Beifong). 
  • To ensure fairness, no player influences can be present during the battle. This includes player-customized move-sets (in the case of Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda) as well special combatant training from player (in the case of Pokemon).


Episode # Overall Episode Name Original Air Date Thumbnail Reception (YouTube)
1 1 Boba Fett VS Samus Aran December 6th, 2010
Boba Fett VS Samus Aran
2 2 Akuma VS Shang Tsung December 21st, 2010
Akuma VS Shang Tsung
3 3 Rogue VS Wonder Woman January 3rd, 2011
Rogue VS Wonder Woman
4 4 Goomba VS Koopa January 17th, 2011
Goomba VS Koopa Official
5 5 Haggar VS Zangief January 31st, 2011
Haggar VS Zangief
6 6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale February 15th, 2011
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale
7 7 Zitz VS Leonardo February 28th, 2011
Zitz VS Leonardo
8 8 Yoshi VS Riptor March 14th, 2011
Yoshi VS Riptor Official
9 9 Felicia VS Taokaka March 29th, 2011
Felicia VS Taokaka Official
10 10 Kratos VS Spawn April 11th, 2011
Kratos VS Spawn Official
11 11 Bomberman VS Dig Dug April 25th, 2011
Bomberman VS Dig Dug Official
12 12 Vegeta VS Shadow May 9th, 2011
Vegeta VS Shadow Official
13 13 Mario VS Sonic (2011) June 13th, 2011
Mario VS Sonic Official
14 14 Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black July 12th, 2011
Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black
15 15 Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter August 12th, 2011
Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter
16 16 Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui August 30th, 2011
Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui
17 17 Starscream VS Rainbow Dash September 23rd, 2011
Starscream VS Rainbow Dash
18 18 Master Chief VS Doomguy October 18th, 2011
Master Chief VS Doomguy
19 19 Eggman VS Wily December 25th, 2011
Eggman VS Wily Official
20 20 Zelda VS Peach March 29th, 2012
Zelda VS Peach Official
21 21 Thor VS Raiden May 5th, 2012
Thor VS Raiden Official
22 22 Link VS Cloud July 13th, 2012
Link VS Cloud Official
23 23 Batman VS Spider-Man August 10th, 2012
Batman VS Spider-Man
24 24 Pikachu VS Blanka September 20th, 2012
Pikachu VS Blanka Official
25 25 Goku VS Superman January 10th, 2013
Goku VS Superman

Episode # Overall Episode Name Original Air Date Thumbnail Reception (YouTube)
1 26 He-Man VS Lion-O May 31th, 2013
He-Man VS Lion-O
2 27 Shao Kahn VS M. Bison June 27th, 2013
Shao Kahn VS M. Bison
3 28 Ryu Hayabusa VS Strider Hiryu August 2nd, 2013
Ryu Hayabusa VS Strider Hiryu
4 29 Ivy VS Orchid September 13th, 2013
Ivy VS Orchid Official
5 30 Fox McCloud VS Bucky O'Hare November 8th, 2013
Fox VS Bucky Official
6 31 Terminator VS RoboCop Febuary 28th, 2014
Terminator VS RoboCop
7 32 Luigi VS Tails March 22nd, 2014
Luigi VS Tails Official
8 33 Pokémon Battle Royale April 12th, 2014
Pokémon Battle Royale
9 34 Fulgore VS Sektor May 17th, 2014
Fulgore VS Sektor Official
10 35 Godzilla VS Gamera August 17th, 2014
Godzilla VS Gamera
11 36 Batman VS Captain America September 7th, 2014
Batman VS Captain America
12 37 Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon October 5th, 2014
Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon
13 38 Ryu VS Scorpion October 31st, 2014
Ryu VS Scorpion
14 39 Deadpool VS Deathstroke December 12th, 2014
Deadpool VS Deathstroke Official
15 40 Kirby VS Majin Buu December 19th, 2014
Kirby VS Majin Buu
16 41 Ragna VS Sol Badguy January 9th, 2015
Ragna VS Sol Badguy Official
17 42 Gaara VS Toph Feburary 7th, 2015
Gaara VS Toph Official
18 43 Boba Fett VS Samus Aran (Remastered) February 26th, 2015
Boba Fett VS Samus Aran Remastered
19 44 Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro March 18th, 2015
Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro
20 45 Guts VS Nightmare April 8th, 2015
Guts VS Nightmare Official
21 46 Iron Man VS Lex Luthor April 29th, 2015
Iron Man VS Lex Luthor Official
22 47 Beast VS Goliath May 20th, 2015
Beast VS Goliath
23 48 Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher June 2nd, 2015
Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher Official
24 49 Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom July 1st, 2015
Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom Official
25 50 Goku VS Superman 2 July 18th, 2015
Goku VS Superman 2
26 51 Donkey Kong VS Knuckles August 12th, 2015
Donkey Kong VS Knuckles
27 52 Wolverine VS Raiden September 8th, 2015
Wolverine VS Raiden Official
28 53 Hercule Satan VS Dan Hibiki September 30th, 2015
Hercule Satan VS Dan Hibiki Official
29 54 Yang VS Tifa October 21, 2015
Yang VS Tifa
30 55 Mega Man VS Astro Boy November 11, 2015
Mega Man VS Astro Boy
31 56 Green Arrow VS Hawkeye December 2, 2015
Green Arrow VS Hawkeye Official
32 57 Pokémon VS Digimon December 15th, 2015
Pokémon VS Digimon

Episode # Overall Episode Name Original Air Date Thumbnail Reception (YouTube)
1 58 Dante VS Bayonetta March 16th, 2016
Dante VS Bayonetta
2 59 Bowser VS Ganon April 6th, 2016
Bowser VS Ganon
3 60 Ratchet & Clank VS Jak & Daxter April 27th, 2016
Ratchet & Clank VS Jak & Daxter
4 61 Flash VS Quicksilver May 18th, 2016
Flash VS Quicksilver Official
5 62 Joker VS Sweet Tooth June 8th, 2016
Joker VS Sweet Tooth Official
6 63 Mewtwo VS Shadow July 1st, 2016
Mewtwo VS Shadow Official
7 64 Meta VS Carolina August 3rd, 2016
Meta VS Carolina
8 65 Cammy VS Sonya August 17, 2016
Cammy VS Sonya Official
9 66 Tracer VS Scout September 7, 2016
Tracer VS Scout
10 67 Ken VS Terry September 28, 2016
Ken VS Terry Official
11 68 Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers October 19th, 2016
Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers Official
12 69 Hulk VS Doomsday November 9th, 2016
Hulk VS Doomsday Official
13 70 Zoro VS Erza November 30th, 2016
Zoro VS Erza Official
14 71 Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie December 21st, 2016
Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie

Episode # Overall Episode Name Original Air Date Thumbnail Reception (YouTube)
1 72 Lara Croft VS Nathan Drake February 1st, 2017
2 73 Scrooge McDuck VS Shovel Knight March 1st, 2017
2056984-1488209621129-DB 073b
3 74 Venom VS Bane March 22nd, 2017
2056984-1490200102793-DB 074 2
4 75 Power Rangers VS Voltron April 12th, 2017
Megazord VS Voltron (Official)
5 76 Natsu VS Ace May 3rd, 2017
Natsu VS Ace (Official)
6 77 Sub-Zero VS Glacius May 24th, 2017
7 78 Android 18 VS Captain Marvel June 14th, 2017
8 79 Metal Sonic VS Zero July 5th, 2017
9 80 Lucario VS Renamon July 26th, 2017
Lucario VS Renamon Official
10 81 Balrog VS TJ Combo August 16th, 2017
Balrog VS TJ Combo (Official)
11 82 Shredder VS Silver Samurai September 6th, 2017
12 83 Smokey Bear VS McGruff the Crime Dog September 27th, 2017
Smokey Bear VS McGruff the Crime Dog (Official)
13 84 Thor VS Wonder Woman October 18th, 2017
14 85 Naruto VS Ichigo November 8th, 2017
Naruto VS Ichigo (CUMPLIDO)
15 86 Batman Beyond VS Spider-Man 2099 November 29th, 2017
Batman Beyond VS Spider-Man 2099 Updated
16 87 Sephiroth VS Vergil December 20th, 2017
Sephiroth V Vergil

Episode # Overall Episode Name Original Air Date Thumbnail Reception (YouTube)
1 88 Black Panther VS Batman February 7th, 2018
2 89 Raven VS Twilight Sparkle February 28th, 2018
RavenVSTwilightSparkle Official Thumbnail
3 90 Jotaro VS Kenshiro March 21st, 2018
Jotaro Kujo VS Kenshiro offi
4 91 Crash VS Spyro April 11th, 2018
Crash VS Spyro offic
5 92 Sora VS Pit May 2nd, 2018
Sora vs pit sa updated
6 93 Leon Kennedy VS Frank West May 23rd, 2018
Pistol Leon VS Pixel Frank
7 94 Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate June 13th, 2018
Strange VS Fate offivial
8 95 Ryu VS Jin July 4th, 2018
Df QWTgUwAAqT8A.jpg large
9 96 Samurai Jack VS Afro Samurai July 25th, 2018
Samurai Jack VS Samuel L. Jackson
10 97 Carnage VS Lucy August 15th, 2018
Carnage VS Lucy update
11 98 Optimus Prime VS Gundam September 5th, 2018
12 99 Nightwing VS Daredevil September 26th, 2018
Nightwing VS Daredeviloff
13 100 Mario VS Sonic (2018) October 17th, 2018
MarioVSSonic (2018)
14 101 Ultron VS Sigma November 7th, 2018
Ultronsigma thumb
15 102 Roshi VS Jiraiya November 28th, 2018
Roshi VS Jiraiya off
16 103 Thanos VS Darkseid December 19th, 2018

Episode # Overall Episode Name Original Air Date Thumbnail Reception (YouTube)
1 104 Aquaman VS Namor February 6th, 2019
Aquaman VS Namor off
1 105 Mega Man Battle Royale February 27th, 2019 TBD N/A

Confirmed Death Battles

There are currently three confirmed Death Battles.

Characters that are banned from Death Battle

In the episode of DEATH BATTLE cast "Banned from DEATH BATTLE," they mentioned characters that will not appear in Death Battle due to reasons.

  • Yoda: The reason why Yoda was banned is due to Ben Singer's frustration of Yoda's fighting skills and pacifism.
  • Characters who are only portrayed in books, due to them lacking a seeable physical appearance to build a sprite or 3D model off




  • It's been stated that the series had been inspired by the VS. Battle Series and Deadliest Warrior.
    • However, as the former show actually didn't put fighters against each other, Ben Singer decided to do an actual series with actual fighting.
  • The original series' name was going to be Who Would Win?, and the original first episode (done completely by Ben Singer) even used that title.
    • However, it was later changed to the current name along with Chad James joining the show.
  • Season 2 is the longest season containing 32 episodes.
  • Season 3 is the shortest season containing 14 episodes.
  • Season 5 is the first season to have a live-action Death Battle.
  • Season 5 is the only season not to feature a Joke battle.

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