Hello, mister Wizard. How may I be exploited today?
DUMMI to Wizard

The Disposable Unit for Meticulous Matchup Investigations, also known as DUMMI, is a co-host of Death Battle, alongside his creator Wiz and Boomstick. He was also a temporary co-host of DBX in Season 6, alongside Ringmaster.

As his name implies, he is a test dummy robot created for Wiz and Boomstick to test weapons or abilities on that would otherwise be lethal to themselves. Due to this purpose, he has many spare copies of himself and is a nihilist.


DUMMI is highly nihilistic and has resigned himself to his fate of constant destruction by the hands of his fellow hosts, and as a result is extremely apathetic to everything.

Since he is usually forced to undergo painful tests from Wiz and Boomstick, he seems to enjoy the pain of his tormentors whenever they're the ones who're getting hurt, such as when Wiz accidentally burnt Boomstick in Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki.


  • "Hello, mister Wizard. How may I be exploited today?" (His first line on the show)
  • "But you already said all of that, so what's the point? Like my existence." (When summarizing the post-match analysis)
  • "I look forward to it." (Regarding Boomstick's desire to blow him up)
  • "Genuine joy." (When he's not needed)
  • "Oww..." (When on fire)
  • "I see you find my recent humiliation amusing." (When he appear in a dog costume)
  • "Here I come, I'm dying to help." (When Wiz needs him)
  • "My sensors indicate... Not giving a shit." (Zuko VS Roy DBX)


Other Tests

  • Wiz attempted to replicate firebending on DUMMI, but missed and accidentally singed Boomstick instead. Wiz later ignores DUMMI and intentionally hits Boomstick with Todoroki's ice Quirk. (Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki)
  • Wiz attempted to demonstrate Bane's Venom, only for Boomstick to take it and ingest it instead of injecting it; this caused Boomstick to not only not mutate, but to also vomit violently into DUMMI. (Winter Soldier VS Red Hood)
  • Wiz modulated DUMMI's senses to the same degree as a wolf's (and also gave him doggy ears and mouth); DUMMI was able to hear that someone was stealing Boomstick's dune buggy and sensed that the thief escaped by smelling salt. (Sabrewulf VS Jon Talbain)
  • DUMMI goes into the teleporter from Red vs. Blue, but doesn't come back until the end of the episode. (Red VS Blue)
  • DUMMI uses a mind-transferring device to swap Wiz and Boomstick's minds right after the latter discussed Doctor Doom's Ovoid Mind Transfer. (Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom)
  • Wiz grows and shrinks DUMMI a little while giving him a tiny version of Galactus' helmet. (Galactus VS Unicron)



  • His name very obviously comes from him being a test dummy for the show.
  • According to Ben Singer on Twitter, DUMMI was intentionally designed to be a "lazy, slower, duller, cheaper version of Orf" from fellow Rooster Teeth show X-Ray and Vav.[1]
  • DUMMI made a cameo appearance in Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor, he is featured as the rightmost icon on the instruction card on the front of the "DBX Arcade Battle" cabinet that plays the events of the Sailor Mercury VS Blue Ranger DBX.
  • In Flash VS Sonic, Wiz stated that he took DUMMI's internal processor from a refrigerator.
  • In Yoda VS King Mickey, it's revealed that he signed the contract full of creepy green ghosts that Wiz tricks Boomstick into signing.


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