Jedi turned Sith battles the fallen ninja. Who will win?

Darth Vader VS Obito Uchiha is the 176th episode of Death Battle, featuring Darth Vader from the Star Wars series and Obito Uchiha from the Naruto series in a battle between tragic masked emissaries of darkness. Vader was voiced by Jason Marnocha and Obito was voiced by Nicholas Andrew Louie.


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Wiz & Boomstick
by Brandon Yates
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Wiz: Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Boomstick: Obito Uchiha, secret leader of the Akatsuki.

Wiz: Prime examples of how you could die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Darth Vader

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Descriptive Items 4
by John Fox
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Wiz: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the iron fist of the Galactic Empire ruled everything.

Boomstick: All thanks to the super powerful super murderer, Darth Vader. But beneath his spooky mask lay the husk of former "nice guy", Anakin Skywalker.

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Turkish Dances - Allegro Vivace
by Hasan Niyazi Tura
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Wiz: As a child among the harsh wastes of Tatooine, Anakin longed to one day free his fellow slaves as a heroic Jedi.

Boomstick: Lucky for him, he met Qui-Gon Jinn, a Jedi who believed little Ani was the Chosen One and would bring balance to the Force. No pressure, right? So, he took him under his wing to become the papa he never had. Or so was the plan, until...

Qui-Gon's death at the hands of Darth Maul plays on-screen, with Qui-Gon letting out the Wilhelm Scream.

Boomstick: ...yeah.

Wiz: Instead, Qui-Gon's apprentice became Anakin's mentor. But while Anakin sought a father figure, Obi-Wan saw him as more of a brother.

Boomstick: I'm sure that won't cause any awkward tension whatsoever.

Wiz: Drama and trauma aside, Anakin quickly became a powerful Jedi. He excelled in lightsaber combat and the Force, an energy field that binds all living things together.

Boomstick: The Force lets Jedi move stuff with their mind, fend off mental attacks, predict the future, and make people believe these aren't the droids they're looking for. They're basically space wizards.

Wiz: Through rigorous training and a not-unnoticeable natural talent, Anakin was particularly skilled in the Form V of lightsaber fighting styles: Shien and Diem So.

Boomstick: Also known as the Way of Krayt Dragon. You know that big sand dragon Mando blew up from the inside? Yeah, make that a lightsaber!

Wiz: Form V is incredibly versatile, well-suited for defending against lightsaber and blaster alike. It focuses on blending parries with devastating counter-attacks, aiming to win duels through overwhelming pressure.

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Possessed By Evil
by Sean Elder
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Boomstick: Perfect for the Padawan who just bulldozed his way through training to become a Jedi Knight.

Wiz: Even as a newly-knighted Jedi, Anakin could keep up with some of the most experienced Jedi Masters and Sith Lords of his time.

Boomstick: But he had plenty of other problems to deal with, like his late-blooming rebellious teenage angst. I mean, you don't just throw a kid into space monk school and expect him to forget everyone he ever cared about, right? Well apparently, that's what he was supposed to do.

Wiz: The life of a Jedi can be difficult and cold, something Anakin could not accept. And so, rather than let his secret wife die in childbirth, he was seduced to the dark side through the promise of power.

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Mystery Danger A
by Sean Elder
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Boomstick: And so began his Jedi kill streak, until Obi-Wan gave him a glorious lava bath. How, uh... refreshing?

Wiz: But thanks to his new Sith Master, Palpatine, our young warrior was saved, reborn, rebuilt. He was now... Darth Vader.

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Grand Inquisition
by Paul Mottram
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Boomstick: Vader is a badass. Everyone knows it and they're terrified of him! I mean, just look at the guy!

Wiz: As impressive as his armor appears, you might be surprised by its... quirks. See, while the Jedi view the Force as an ally, the Sith see it as a tool which they draw power through passion and emotion. Most potently, negative emotions. Palpatine trained Vader by not only making him believe he killed his wife, but also ensuring he would never forget the monstrous machine he had become.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick, with a blueprint of Vader's armor being shown on the Death Battle Lab's monitor.

Boomstick: By makin' the suit suck ass and piss him off! Seriously, Vader hates this suit.

Wiz: The armor would beep at random times just to annoy him, and the life support system was outdated from the start. Sometimes, it would even turn off for several minutes.

Boomstick: That doesn't seem good for someone with burnt up lungs.

Wiz: And it was so heavy and clunky, he could barely walk, sometimes even resorting to moving himself with the Force.

Boomstick: Oh man, I knew Palpy was evil, but I never knew he was such a dick.

We cut back to the analysis.

Wiz: Well, despite these issues, the armor fulfilled its true purpose: crafting Darth Vader into the equivalent of a slasher movie villain commanding a galactic army.

Boomstick: Nobody wants to mess with him. Thanks to the dark side of the Force, he can make maelstroms that blast everything away, form barriers that shield from all sorts of attacks, and choke anything that's even a minor inconvenience. Hell, sometimes he skips straight to crushin' your lungs.

Wiz: One time, a droid named I-Five tried to kill Vader with a laser stated to move 300,000 kilometers per second.

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Space Battalions
by James Seymour Brett
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Wiz: That's lightspeed, and Vader easily blocked it.

Boomstick: And for as much bullshit as Palpatine threw at him, Vader was tough enough and stubborn enough to push through it.

Wiz: Palpatine knew that Vader would eventually try to kill him and take over the Empire. It's how the Sith work. So, he constantly fanned Vader's hatred by sending assassins after him to make sure he was still worthy of being his apprentice.

Boomstick: Oh, that's nothin'. One time, he blasted off most of Vader's robo limbs, destroyed his armor, dropped him back on the lava planet and told him to make his way back without the Force.

Wiz: An impossible task, yet one Vader accomplished!

Boomstick: Yeah, 'cause he really, really, reeaaally wants to kill Palpatine.

Wiz: And that hatred is apparently useful in keeping Force wielders alive, and has sustained many Sith in conditions that would otherwise kill them.

Boomstick: I'm sorry, Liam Neeson. Ya shoulda hated a little more.

Wiz: Vader has killed hundreds, possibly thousands of Jedi, including Obi-Wan himself. He's fought entire armies on his own, and even taken on monsters the size of mountains.

Boomstick: He's so unstoppable, an assassin droid hired to kill him quit the job, because he calculated that Vader was impossible to kill.

Wiz: And in Ewoks material from the old Legends canon — a real deep cut, we know — lesser dark side users like the Nightsister Charal overpowered the Sunstar, an ancient artifact capable of shifting moons, a feat which would require energy worth over 12 septillion tons of TNT.

Boomstick: That's 24 zeroes. But if ya want somethin' more recent, here's a planet blowing up, while Vader was on it, and he's fine.

Wiz: But thanks to both his incredible power and the mercy and trust of his secret son, Vader would eventually avenge the atrocities of Palpatine. Even more important, he finally saved someone he loved. Ultimately, Anakin Skywalker truly did bring balance to the Force.

Obito Uchiha

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Journey to Mystic Mountain
by Jeffrey Harris Levin & Bruce Edward Chianese
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Wiz: Hokage: the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village and their strongest ninja, respected and loved by all. Though few have attained this title, many have strived for it.

Boomstick: One such striver, sadly lacking in parents, wanted to both help people and be acknowledged by the rest of the village. And what better way to do that than havin' your face carved into a mountain? If you think I'm talking about Naruto, guess again!

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Fascinating Secret A
by Hideyuki Asada, Doukou Shiba
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Boomstick: This is the story of Obito Uchiha!

Wiz: Obito unfortunately lacked the natural talent for Ninja Arts attributed to his Uchiha bloodline.

Boomstick: So, he signed up for ninja school and eventually joined a team with his rival, Kakashi, his crush, Rin, and their leader, Minato. Wiz, do you think I could get into a ninja school like that?

Wiz: Not one that teaches you to harness this form of chakra, a limited form of physical and spiritual energy that exists inside all human beings and, naturally, can be weaponized.

Boomstick: He can use it to run up walls and make clones of himself, but even better, blow shit up!

Wiz: This is ninjutsu. Among its many techniques include elemental attacks, and the Uchiha specialize in all things fire.

Boomstick: Big fireballs, small fireballs, waves of fire, columns of fire. You name it, they've got it. So, when Ninja World War III came along, it totally made sense to get this fire ninja involved at the age of... 11.

Boomstick: Yikes! Well, lucky for Obito, he had one more secret weapon up his sleeve, er, eye socket: the Sharingan.

Wiz: The Sharingan grants extremely precise vision, allowing someone to see the flow of chakra, predict an enemy's attacks, cast a variety of genjutsu illusions, and even break out of said illusions.

Boomstick: Too bad he didn't get to use the red eyes much. Like, 10 minutes after he got the damn things, he got smushed under a big rock. What a way to go! But, since he wasn't expecting to use his super eyes anymore, he handed one off to Kakashi. And then he died. The end... Just kidding!

Wiz: Miraculously, Obito survived long enough to be rescued by another Uchiha: the legendary Madara. Madara granted Obito a new body, regenerating the limbs he'd lost.

Boomstick: You're probably thinkin', "Oh, what a swell guy." Except he was not! Madara was brewing some plans for world domination and needed a pawn to carry them out. So, he tricked Obito into watching Kakashi kill Rin, making him fall victim to the Uchiha's Curse of Hatred.

Wiz: Within the Uchiha clan, there exists an ideal of being extremely devoted to love. It has been speculated that if a particularly powerful Uchiha loses someone important to them, that love will be replaced with an all-consuming hatred.

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Bushido Drums
by Gabriel Saban & Tian Bo
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Wiz: This is how Obito awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan.

Boomstick: Or Red Eye 2.0! The Mangekyō gave him a new jutsu called Kamui. With it, he can suck his foes into another dimension and leave them there to die. He can even hide weapons in there until he needs 'em, like his Gunbai fan. But even better, he can phase through stuff!

Wiz: Well, not quite.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick, the former of whom is holding a device with a big red button in it.

Wiz: Kamui gives Obito the power to move through objects in a manner that's similar to the common phasing superpower akin the Flash or Kitty Pryde.

As he finishes his sentence, Wiz presses the button to enter a holographic intangible state, continuing to talk with an autotune-like voice as Boomstick tries to throw a wrench and bowling ball at him.

Wiz: In reality, it's much more complex, as Obito is actually teleporting parts of his body into the Kamui dimension whenever they overlap with other matter. See, there's his body parts right there.

Boomstick suddenly pulls out Mecha-Goose Howard.

Boomstick: Well, if it looks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's phasing. Head's up!

He throws the cyber goose at Wiz, which harmlessly phases through the flinching scientist and is left to crash off-screen, with cat-like noises heard as both hosts look on to where it crashed. We then cut back to the analysis.

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Ninja Battle
by Zhang Hao & Zhao Junrui
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Boomstick: Way later on, he also got another super eye. Man, he's really swappin' these things around like a Prime sub on Twitch.

Wiz: This Rinnegan grants Obito the power of the Six Paths, giving him some nifty abilities like controlling gravity with the Deva Path, ripping out souls with the Human Path, and summoning giant monsters with the Animal Path.

Boomstick: With all of the awful stuff he'd gone through, Obito realized that the ninja world was corrupt to its core. His dream of everyone bein' happy and workin' together was never gonna happen, so instead, he agreed to carry out Madara's giga-brained plan to control everything.

Wiz: Donning masks and multiple personas, he recruited a number of rogue shinobi to form the Akatsuki terrorist group and kicked off Ninja World War IV, all to revive the monstrous Ten-Tails.

Boomstick: I know what you're thinkin': "Wasn't the whole point of this to stop war in the first place?" And that's a very good question... Anyway, the Ten-Tails!

Wiz: A living mass of near inexhaustible chakra, the Ten-Tails possesses tremendous power. It can create massive thunderstorms and hurricanes, multiple clones of itself, and the devastating Tailed Beast Bomb.

Boomstick: Forget "bomb". That's basically a super nuke! This chakra ball is so explosive, it can eclipse continents and reduce mountains to dust.

Wiz: Comparing the surface area of this blast to the surrounding mountains, dispersing that much mass within a fraction of a second must have yielded a kinetic energy worth over 13 septillion tons of TNT.

Boomstick: That's 24 zeroes... again! Obito wanted that power for himself, and was willin' to throw hands with anyone to get it.

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Sword Fighting
by Zhang Hao & Zhao Junrui
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Boomstick: He's held up against master ninjas like Kakashi, Minato, and even Naruto in his Monster energy drink form, which could outmaneuver the fastest attack from the lightspeed Raikage.

Wiz: And he far surpassed all of them when he finally sealed the Ten-Tails within himself, becoming its jinchūriki. This little makeover granted him unlimited flight, power rivaling the legendary Sage of Six Paths, and the Truth-Seeking Orbs.

Boomstick: These special little bowling balls can shapeshift into any form the user wants, like a staff, giant arms, an umbrella thing, or this crazy spiral blade that apparently helped shape the whole world. Oh, holy shit, it's huge!

Wiz: The Truth-Seeking Orbs can completely disintegrate anything they touch, at both a molecular and spiritual level. Only those with the power of the Six Paths can resist their effects.

Boomstick: Plus, with the mangle monster in his system, Obito's regeneration got amped to the point where he can survive having half of his body Control-Alt-Deleted away. All cards in his hand, he was ready for the final stages of the giga plan.

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Wiz: He summoned the God Tree and prepared to launch the Infinite Tsukuyomi, a powerful illusion that would trap the entire world in a never-ending dream, free of conflict and sorrow.

Boomstick: But the violent cruelty of the ninja world could only quiver in fear when the anime protagonist walked in the room. After getting one-two'd by some Talk no Jutsu, Obito saw within Naruto the spirit of his former self, someone who was always trying to help others. And they say his heart grew three sizes that day.

Wiz: Obito joined Naruto and Kakashi in saving the world, giving his life to protect his friends. And in his last moments, he entrusted them with reaching the dream he had so long ago: to become Hokage. Of which, they both succeeded.

Boomstick: Though he may have lost his ninja way, Obito Uchiha overcame his hatred and helped realize the world he wanted.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.


Death Battle

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That's No Moon
by Brandon Yates
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On a seashore coast in the Land of Lightning, a masked Obito Uchiha is watching the sea on a moonlit night until he hears a robotic voice behind him. It came from the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, coming down on his TIE Advanced x1 starfighter, who proceeds to state his intentions.

Darth Vader: I sense your fear, your anger, and... a power. I will be taking it.

Obito, speaking in the voice of Madara, refutes the claim.

Obito: That power will save this cursed world. You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Darth Vader: Then you will die.

Vader jumps down and unsheathes his lightsaber. Unintimidated, Obito rushes towards and throws a kick at him, who effortlessly catches the attack mid-air with the Force, confusing Obito.

Obito: What?

He tries his luck with a few more punches, only to be pushed away every time. He tries to get around with agile maneuvers, but only meets Vader's saber impaling him through the chest. Darth Vader talks down on his supposedly defeated foe.

Darth Vader: All too easy. I expected more.

Obito however chuckles and looks Vader dead-on in the eyes, revealing he is fine.

Obito: I won't disappoint.

He then phases through the lightsaber into the ground, surprising Vader. He looks around, only to be suddenly ambushed and knocked back by Obito and his gunbai, kicking up dust as he slides.

Obito notices something through the dust cloud and sees Vader's lightsaber thrown at him. He tries to swat it away with his gunbai, only for the war fan to be cut in half. Realizing the saber is a deadly threat, Obito turns intangible again, letting it phase through him back into Vader's hands, who begins to walk menacingly towards him.

Vader lifts Obito into the air with the Force before pushing him away, who shoots out black receivers at him. Vader effortlessly parries the weapons away, but is forced to let Obito drop down. He then performs a jutsu to unleash the Uchiha Flame Formation, enveloping Vader in a column of fire.

As the pillar burns however, Obito is telekinetically pulled into Vader's grasp through the flames, who proceeds to crush his mask with an iron grip. However, he is briefly fooled by Obito's genjutsu as the mask shatters to reveal Padmé's fearful face underneath, causing him to let out a strangled choke.

Taking advantage of the opening, Obito smirks and activates Kamui. However, Vader recovers just in time. Resisting Kamui's pull, and having noticed Obito's Sharingan flash for the technique, he uses the Force to crush it, forcibly ending the technique and making Obito reel back in agony. As Vader jumps away to gain distance, Obito growls in anger.

He attacks Vader from multiple directions, the damages of which reveal one of his eyes. Deducing Obito would get behind him, Vader thrusts and impales his lightsaber through him, causing Obito to cough up blood.

Both then use their gravity control to cause a shockwave and push each other back, causing more damage to be done to Vader's leg, revealing his cybernetic nature to Obito. Obito clutches his left arm, his right sleeve having torn to reveal his synthetic Zetsu-based skin, and comments on Vader's appearance with his normal voice.

Obito: You've... lost your humanity as well.

Darth Vader: On the path of the dark side, it is inevitable.

As Vader speaks, Obito makes hand signs to perform the Summoning Jutsu, summoning forth the demonic visage of the Ten-Tails, which immediately begins charging a Tailed Beast Bomb. Vader, for his part, is impressed by the oncoming attack.

Darth Vader: Impressive.

The Ten-Tails then fires the Tailed Beast Bomb at Vader, who catches it and uses the Force to contain the impending explosion. As this happens, the God Tree emerges from the ground, pointing towards the Moon. With the explosion having finished, Vader drops his Force Shield and sees his opponent's new appearance. From the smoke, Obito, now in his Ten-Tails Jinchūriki form, emerges.

Obito: No...

As Obito prepares to take a stand against his foe, he shifts one of his Truth-Seeking Orbs into the shape of a staff.

Obito: THIS is inevitable!

Obito then charges towards Vader, clashing his staff against Vader's lightsaber. He uses his flight to attempt to strike from multiple directions, but Vader parries the incoming strikes before pushing him away with the Force.

Opting for a different approach, Obito avoids two more swings from the leaping Vader before briefly retreating and flying back in around the God Tree, using his Truth-Seeking Orbs as projectiles to cover his plan. Vader deflects three of them, but as his attention is on Obito, one Truth-Seeking Orb stealthily goes past Vader before reversing its path back to its intended target.

Vader senses the attack and turns around to redirect the Truth-Seeking Orb with the Force, but is too slow, causing it to disintegrate his hand. While Vader looks at his stump, Obito appears in his blind spot just as he notices him and swings his staff, striking Vader's mask and sending him away while causing him to drop his lightsaber.

Vader lands on his feet, skidding back before halting. With his mask now destroyed and revealing the upper half of his disfigured face, Vader uses the Force to anticipate and repel a charging Obito, sending him flying into the God Tree, before telekinetically controlling his Advanced TIE fighter to open fire with its lasers. He once more uses the Force to drag Obito back into his grasp, holding him by his neck.

Darth Vader: Accept this gift and die.

Smirking, Obito doesn't bother resisting and tells Vader one thing.

Obito: Too late.

The God Tree blooms, revealing the Rinne Sharingan within. It reflects upon the Moon, which glows brightly and catches Vader's attention. Looking up, Vader lets out a weak gasp as his eyes widen, his mind caught within the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Within his dream, the younger Anakin looks around a hallway within the Jedi Temple, confused as he takes in his surroundings. He then notices Padmé standing in front of him, prompting him to reach out to her longingly with a sorrowful expression on his face.

As Vader's vision briefly flashes back to the real world, Obito flies up and prepares one last attack, his Truth-Seeking Orbs combining to form the Sword of Nunoboko, and within the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Padmé leans into Anakin's touch and looks at him lovingly, echoing Obito's words.

Padmé/Obito: You are liberated from Hell.

Obito lets out his final calm, peaceful words for his hypnotized opponent...

Obito: Find peace in the next life.

...before he swings the giant spiral blade down onto a motionless Vader. With a tranquil look replacing his regular furious expression, Vader's eyes are shown to have turned into Rinnegans under the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The Sword of Nunoboko crushes him into cratered and cinderous ashes. After watching the small blaze left behind in a moment of silence, Obito flies off, leaving the fire to burn.

Ko season 3


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That's No Moon
by Brandon Yates
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Boomstick: Welp, Vader may have been able to beat Obi-One, but he just couldn't handle Obi-Two.

Wiz: This was a fairly complex matchup. Both Darth Vader and Obito were roughly even in power and speed, so it truly came down to their skill and arsenals.

Boomstick: And boy, did they have some deep bags of tricks. Even some of the same tricks! Both could fend off mental attacks, both could move things around with their minds, and they both even had options to instantly kill each other.

Wiz: Vader could simply Force Crush Obito’s body, but Obito could just as easily rip out Vader’s soul. However, Obito had a few more impressive options available to him, edging out just enough to earn a win.

Boomstick: For starters, Kamui made Obito extremely difficult just to touch, let alone injure. And as a Jinchūriki, he could regenerate from half of his body getting destroyed. While the dark side could help Vader survive extreme conditions, it obviously can't regrow limbs.

Wiz: Plus, thanks to his wide array of jutsu, Obito would eventually overwhelm Vader. While Chakra may normally be a limited source of energy, unlike the Force, the Ten-Tails provided Obito with an unlimited supply. And since Chakra is both spiritual and physical energy, this means Obito would be able to fight on indefinitely.

Boomstick: Last but not least, Vader's preference for lightsaber combat means that he'd be up close and personal with Obito, right? Which left him vulnerable to getting disintegrated by one of the many Truth-Seeking Orbs, or even worse, sucked up into the Kamui dimension! Yeah, don't forget about that; not only would he have no way out, he probably wouldn't even be able to tap into the Force while stuck there. Game over. Have fun starvin' to death, I guess. Wonder how long you can feed on hate?

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: Darth Vader may have had a tenacity that few others could match, but against Obito's similar might, busted regeneration, and overwhelming range of abilities, there was no escape.

Boomstick: In the end, Vader's victory just wasn't meant "To-Bi".

We cut to the "Winner" card.

Wiz: The winner is Obito Uchiha.


Darth Vader

+ Could crush Obito's body & eyes
+ Could match or counter most jutsu
+ Superior precognition
- Little defense against Truth-Seeking Orbs
- Inferior survivability

Obito Uchiha

+ More versatile powers & options
+ Greater regeneration & survivability
+ Multiple ways to bypass Vader's durability
+ Greater mobility & area of effect
- Less combat experience

Original Track

CD Icon
That's No Moon
by Brandon Yates
YouTube IconSpotify Icon


The track for this fight is "That's No Moon" by Brandon Yates, with mixing and mastering done by Anthony DiGiacomo. It is a somber, dramatic orchestral track that reflects the tragic stories of the combatants while also making use of the orchestra heard within Star Wars music. The intro motif of "Dangerous Gaze", the rhythm of "The Imperial March", and elements of "Padme's Destiny" and possibly "Tsuki no Ookisa" can also be heard throughout the track.


The title is a verbatim reference to Obi-Wan's line from A New Hope upon first seeing the Death Star (which Vader helped command). It also references Madara's Eye of the Moon Plan (which Obito helped orchestrate), which involves projecting the Infinite Tsukuyomi onto the Moon, so the phrase "that's no moon" would also fit with someone seeing the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the Moon.

Cover Arts

The original cover art done by John Mitchell depicts a top-down view of the God Tree casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi with a glowing red outline and Vader and Obito's arms emerging from its petals and either reaching out to or letting go of items that represent their pasts (Anakin's lightsaber and Obito's goggles, respectively).

The cover art of the remastered version done by Tyrannii (which was created for the track's reupload following Rooster Teeth's shutdown) depicts Vader standing atop the God Tree casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi with his lightsaber activated as he looks out into space, which features Anakin's Sith eye on the left, Obito's Rinnegan eye on the right, and two Swords of Nunoboko on the sides of the eyes. Vader is also seen with the battle damage he sustained to his left leg during the fight. The title is done in the style of Star Wars logo (with the second O in "Moon" being replaced by the Death Star reflecting the pattern of the Rinne Sharingan), while the artist credits below is done in a similar style to that of the Naruto logo's font.



Easter Eggs

  • In the interlude, Wiz quotes Harvey Dent's "die a hero" quote from The Dark Knight.
    • This is the first episode to reference the quote, with the next one being Frieza VS Megatron.
  • Footage of Vader failing to jump over a fence in Grand Theft Auto V (where he's modded over Trevor Philips) and his appearances in both Robot Chicken and Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars play on the Death Battle Lab's monitor during his analysis cutaway.
  • When discussing Obito's redemption in his analysis, Boomstick says that "they say his heart grew three sizes that day," a reference to the description of the Grinch's character development near the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • Footage of Vader from Epic Rap Battles of History (specifically from his first rap battle against Adolf Hitler) and him playing golf from a Spike TV ad are shown in the prelude.
  • The scene of Vader descending on top of his Tie Advanced x1 behind Obito is a reference to how he made his entrance outside the Malachor Sith Temple in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Twilight of the Apprentice".
    • Vader's line "Then you will die." is likely a reference to the same response he gave to Ahsoka Tano in the same episode when she chose not to abandon him after confirming that he was Anakin.
  • Vader's lines "All too easy." and "Impressive." are references to the same lines from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Vader and Obito knocking each other away at the same time after clashing with the former's telekinesis and the latter's gravity control may be a reference to a scene in Revenge of the Sith, where Anakin and Obi-Wan have a similar exchange after matching each other's telekinesis.
  • The small fire left behind that Obito briefly watches after finishing Vader off may be a small nod to the latter's funeral pyre scene in Return of the Jedi.
  • At the start of the post-analysis, Boomstick jokingly says that "Vader may have been able to beat Obi-One, but he just couldn't handle Obi-Two," an inverse of the joke he said at the start of the post-analysis for Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Kakashi.


  • Part of the ocean shore can be seen overlayed above the dust cloud that Obito creates after swinging his gunbai at Vader, only being properly obscured by it at the end of the scene of Vader walking out of it.
  • Immediately after his mask is crushed, Obito's model switches to his original appearance with the right sleeve torn to reveal his Zetsu-synth based skin. However, this doesn't make much logical sense, as Vader never did any damage to his clothing beforehand to reveal the arm. This can also be noticed the moment Obito uses Kamui.
  • When Obito enters his Ten-Tails Jinchūriki form, his Sharingan eye is shown to have completely healed despite it having been crushed earlier. However, the Ten-Tails form has never shown to be capable of regenerating eyes in Naruto proper.
  • Despite Obito breaking off the right lens of Vader's helmet after getting his Sharingan eye crushed, the helmet is seen fully intact when one of Obito's Truth-Seeking Orbs destroys his left arm and Vader looks at what happened to it.
  • When Vader telekinetically pulls Obito back to his grasp from the God Tree, the latter's Truth Seeking Orbs aren't accompanying him, but when the scene transitions to him smirking, the orbs are suddenly floating behind him.



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