Pitting pop culture's deadliest characters in a duel to the death! Experts Wiz and Boomstick analyze each fighter's weapons, armor, and skills... and then the battle begins! Who will win? Who will die?

Death Battle (stylized as DEATH BATTLE!) is a popular web series created by Ben Singer and formerly produced by Rooster Teeth, hosted on Rooster Teeth's website and the DEATH BATTLE! YouTube channel (formerly known as ScrewAttack). The show pits two or more fictional characters from different medias such as movies, comics, manga, television programs, literature, video games, advertisements, public service announcements, and even mythology in a simulated battle to the death. The characters are analyzed with their respective powers, strengths, and weaknesses to determine a winner.

Following Rooster Teeth's shutdown, the show is currently on an indefinite hiatus, though an update video has confirmed that the crew is in talks with potential buyers and suggested that the show will continue further down the road.[1] More details can be viewed here.

The show currently has 187 episodes, which are split up into seasons.

Season 1 had 25 episodes and a Bonus episode. It premiered on December 6th, 2010 and ended on January 10th, 2013.

Season 2 had 32 episodes and a Bonus episode. It premiered on May 31st, 2013 and ended on December 15th, 2015.

Season 3 had 14 episodes and a Bonus episode. It premiered on March 16th, 2016 and ended on December 21st, 2016.

Season 4 had 16 episodes. It premiered on February 1st, 2017 and ended on December 20th, 2017.

Season 5 had 16 episodes. It premiered on February 7th, 2018 and ended on December 19th, 2018.

Season 6 had 16 episodes. It premiered on February 6th, 2019 and ended on December 18th, 2019.

Season 7 had 20 episodes and a Bonus episode. It premiered on January 26th, 2020 and ended on December 28th, 2020.

Season 8 had 16 episodes. It premiered on March 7th, 2021 and ended on December 19th, 2021.

Season 9 had 16 episodes and a Bonus episode. It premiered on March 28th, 2022 and ended on December 21st, 2022.

Season 10 had 16 episodes. It premiered on May 22nd, 2023 and ended on December 18th, 2023.

Season 11 was set to premiere in 2024, though its production is currently on indefinite hiatus.

Format Overview

The idea of the show is to pit two or more fictional characters against each other in a simulated fight to the death, referred to as a "death battle". Matchups are decided based on the popularity of requests, debatability, entertainment, and theme.

The show is hosted by the original characters Wizard and Boomstick (along with the later additions of DUMMI, Ringmaster, and Jocelyn the Intern).

Before the fight, the hosts provide an analysis of each combatant, analyzing their backstory, character, powers, equipment, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and physicality. This is done by extensive research of each combatant's official, canon media, as well as the calculation of feats and powerscaling. If a character has multiple versions (e.g., Link), said character will be composited throughout all forms of media unless a certain version is too deviant from the main source (for example, Sonic the Hedgehog and Archie Sonic are considered two different characters, though the latter was composited into the former back in Season 1).

After the analyses, the fight animation is shown, portraying the combatants fighting to the death. The animation shows off how the combatants' various abilities and skills would interact with each other, and in later seasons, includes original dialogue provided by voice actors as well as an original soundtrack. The animation is not meant to completely accurately portray how a fight between the combatants would go, but instead exists mainly for entertainment and to display the verdict. The animation style varies with each episode, but is most commonly 2D sprite animation and occasionally 3D computer animation. The fights are also more uncommonly animated with hand-drawn animation or even portrayed in live action.

After the fight animation, the hosts combine the information from the combatants' analyses together in order to explain the verdict, usually capping off with Wiz summarizing the important factors for the winning combatant's victory and Boomstick making a pun based on either the combatants or what happened in the fight at the very end before Wiz announces the winner.


The rules of the show (which were established sometime around Season 3) are as follows:

  1. Combatants have no prior knowledge of each other unless specified.
  2. To ensure a fair fight, any specific moral restraints from killing are removed from combatants. All other traits are considered.
  3. A combatant's maximum personal potential is examined unless specified otherwise. Factors unrelated to combatants cannot end the battle.
  4. Unless specified, all official material related to a character is applied unless found contradictory to the primary source material.


Death Battle was originally produced under ScrewAttack and partnered with Revision3, who helped distribute the show by hosting it on their website, as well as helping make sponsorship deals.[2] As part of their partnership, it was agreed that the show would produce two seasons of 13 bi-weekly episodes. However, after the production of Mario VS Sonic (2011), which was intended to be the first season finale, it was instead decided that the seasonal format would be dropped in favor of simply producing the show continuously, with the season and episode counts of what would eventually become Season 1 and 2 having later been decided retroactively. Ben Singer stated that he felt this was an extremely time-consuming process, which impacted both the show and his health negatively.[3] After Master Chief VS Doomguy, the show ended their partnership with Revision3 and became independent.

In November 2014, both ScrewAttack and Rooster Teeth were acquired by Fullscreen (which is owned by AT&T), with ScrewAttack being made a division of Rooster Teeth.[4] However, the official merger between ScrewAttack and Rooster Teeth would not happen until a year later, after the release of Yang VS Tifa.[5]

In 2016, AT&T would buy Time Warner, which was later rebranded as WarnerMedia. WarnerMedia later merged with Discovery, Inc. to form Warner Bros. Discovery.

At the start of Season 6 in 2019, it was announced that the ScrewAttack YouTube channel would be rebranded to DEATH BATTLE!, effectively shutting down ScrewAttack.

On March 6th, 2024, it was announced that Rooster Teeth, would be shut down by its parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery,[6] which left the status of Death Battle as uncertain and its production on an indefinite hiatus. Chad James soon confirmed that the crew were working to find a way to keep the show going.[7] Later on, it was confirmed that no new videos would be uploaded on the DEATH BATTLE YouTube channel after May 10th, as the crew will lose access to the channel then, though they would still have access to the YouTube community tab.[8] On the 10th, an update video was released, in which it was confirmed that the crew were in talks to keep the show going with multiple different parties, but wouldn't rush to announce anything until they were confident they were making the right call, assuring viewers to keep in touch for more updates down the road. While this does not confirm specifics for its fate past Rooster Teeth's closure, it does suggest that the channel will continue into the future at a currently unconfirmed date.[1]


For the first two seasons of the show, there wasn't a consistent schedule, as episodes were released from anywhere between a single week to a few months, with some episodes even having to be delayed due to external factors such as hardware failure or issues in the animation process.

From Season 3 to Season 6 (and for Gogeta VS Vegito), episodes were released every three weeks. In the first two weeks, previews of each combatant's analyses were released, and in the third week, the episode was released at around 12:00 PM CST.

Starting with Season 7, episodes are released biweekly. The schedule is similar to the old one, with the combatants' analysis previews being released the Monday and Wednesday before the episode is released and the episode itself releasing the following Sunday around 12:00 PM CST for FIRST Members (and Death Battle Champions starting with Gogeta VS Vegito) and on Monday for the general public. In the middle of the season, the show will generally take a short break, with DBX or Desk of DEATH BATTLE taking its place for an unspecified amount of weeks before Death Battle's return (though Season 10 lacked this break in exchange for starting two months later than usual).

During Season 10, the schedule was changed slightly. Due to internal speculation that the early releases for Champions were negatively affecting the overall performance of the season's episodes on YouTube, a test of a lack of them for both Champions and FIRST Members was done from Frieza VS Megatron to Scooby-Doo VS Courage the Cowardly Dog to see the potential difference.[9] After said tests, the early release perk was removed for both parties, with episodes going forward now releasing on Monday for the general public without any kind of early release the day prior.


There is currently only one matchup that is confirmed for the future. Although other matchups may have been announced at one point or another (namely Galactus VS Unicron prior to its official reveal as the Season 10 Finale[10] and Wiz VS Boomstick as the series finale[11]), Ben Singer stated in 2022 during the 304th episode of DEATH BATTLE Cast that no matchup is 100% confirmed, with the exception of Ruby VS Maka[12], which was announced at ConBravo 2016.


Death Battle Animators
Lead Luis Cruz
Sprite Zack WatkinsGus EspinalAnh Thu DuongOriginTheHeroMORØSorya Tith
3D DevilArtemisDaitomodachiDavid RoldanJosh OrnelasJose RodriguezPlake SnisskenHannah NovotnyMegan PellinoWill SherburneErika SoosaarCharles Johnson
2D Chris BakWilliam BallJordan BattleGil CalcetaSusie CombsAbby DuelTanya FetzerAndrew LhotskyQuinn WestonJohn MitchellJan Shaffer
Live-Action IsmahawkBilly B Burson IIICandace Kei
Former Ben SingerJordan LangeMali De'lisserEric MarteJawuan HobbsAquila HarukazeDonald GagnonShaq FocusLarry HallDa Vaughn Henderson Jr.Chris BastinJoshua WrightXander FarrellNeil RobertsonBrandon BentMin KimKervin AlcindorS.K. AlamBenny LandaJamix007Torrian CrawfordKristina ChristoffersonDyrique HallmanPierre McCauleynotoriouskogCrazyChrisTylerBlind Ferret (Nancy Choquette, Natasha Artemova, Julie Savard, Eugen Balan) • Andrea CaprottiAdele KrausJerome Rodgers-BlakeAlex CarrilesNano AfraneVincent CappellutiAlyssa LisieckiChristina AusmusMatt DruryNicole LaCroixHannah McCravyJoe VickPeter DangAndrea RatsosMelanie SternVito FerberDavid Fischer
Death Battle Actors
Main Cast Ben SingerChad JamesChris DemaraisBilly B Burson IIILisa Foiles
Season 1 Nick LandisCurtis ArnottCaden RedpearlChad JamesZak WilsonErica MendezJim SterlingLawrence SimpsonMichael AgrussoKimlinh TranLauren MooreSean HinzNick CramerSam MitchellBryan BakerDrake McWhorter
Season 2 Christopher GuerreroEdwyn TiongXander MobusJoe GaudetChris NiosiStuart SchlomachDoug DruryMarissa LentiJoshua TomarCurtis ArnottJason MarnochaKira BucklandChuck HuberGianni MatragranoJay BrittonChristopher SabatBrad VenableBen ReynoldsWhitney RodgersScott FrerichsTim PaigeAlejandro SaabBarbara DunkelmanTia BallardNathan SharpTodd Haberkorn
Season 3 Christopher GuerreroStephen FuMarissa LentiMorgan BerryDawn M. BennettDaniel J. EdwardsJoshua TomarMatt ShipmanTodd HaberkornAnthony BowlingEdwyn TiongCraig SkistimasLucas SchunemanGianni MatragranoChris NiosiCurtis ArnottMatt HullumBurnie BurnsMiles LunaAlena LecorchickJen BrownGeoff RamseyGus SorolaJoel HeymanElsie LovelockAlexander GrossParker BohonKaiji TangKatelyn BarrBrittany Lauda
Season 4 Christopher GuerreroEileen MontgomeryGianni MatragranoAdam WennickAlejandro SaabJeff FabreMorgan BerryMelonie MacAndre MeadowsMatthew PatrickAustin HargraveNick LandisAmanda LeeScott FrerichsHoward WangValentine StokesAmber Lee ConnorsTerri DotyMarissa LentiChris Jai AlexGabriel KundaChristopher SabatChris RagerJonah ScottNatalie Van SistineDawn M. BennettAdam ParkStephen FuTodd HaberkornKent WilliamsAlex MooreKamran NikhadMarc Soskin
Season 5 Christopher GuerreroKira BucklandEdward BoscoBryce PapenbrookJustin BrinerNick CramerRicco FajardoAustin Lee MatthewsDaman MillsMike VarkerKaiji TangDevante' JohnsonDanielle McRaeRichard BarcenasDavid MatrangaLindsay JonesDanny ShepherdTyler TackettKamran NikhadNicholas Andrew LouieSupremeOverlordOfIcePatrick RodriguezJonah ScottSteven KellyJustice WashingtonCurtis Arnott
Season 6 Christopher GuerreroKaiji TangTodd HaberkornNatalie Van SistineJeannie TiradoTerri DotyMichael KovachPaige StorkNicholas Andrew LouieBradley GarethKara EberleCorey PettitKieran FlittonKestin HowardEmily FajardoAlejandro SaabNoel WigginsSteven KellyJason MarnochaCurtis ArnottHitomi FarrellTony SalvaggioKyle PhillipsHoward WangWilliam T. SoppBeau BridglandJennifer AlyxKyle IgnecziSam MitchellKyle TaylorJoshua KazemiAustin HarperDick Splitter
Season 7 Christopher GuerreroKai JordanZeno RobinsonBlythe RenayCaitlyn ElizabethJon AllenAlejandro SaabHoward WangMark Allen Jr.Emma BreezyLucas SchunemanKestin HowardDave J. DixonRicco FajardoSteven KellyNicholas Andrew LouieDom DinhAmber MayNatalie Van SistineRiver KanoffDante BascoJohn Van DorenNoel WigginsJoshua WatersAlena LecorchickYong YeaConrad HaynesBilly Bob ThompsonAnna Chloe MooreyKay EluvianLinsay RousseauTyler TackettTim NeffKerem ErdincAdam WennickSarah Anne WilliamsBrendan BlaberMatt HullumGus SorolaGeoff RamseyDan GodwinBurnie BurnsJason SaldañaMichael MalconianShara KirbySuzie YeungMark PhillipsRichard Barcenas
Season 8 Phillip SacramentoKestin HowardBrendan BlaberJenny YokoboriTom LaflinGianni MatragranoSteven KellyYoshi AmaoBrent MukaiFrancesca CaloJonathan BullockAustin Lee MatthewsKdin JenzenCorrine SudbergLiam SwanAdam GibbsReagan MurdockMichael KovachValentine StokesAnthony SardinhaTom SchalkBarbara DunkelmanCurtis ArnottMatt HullumAmanda Julina GonzalezShara KirbyNicholas Andrew LouieRyan Abedi
Season 9 Felicia ValentiElsie LovelockCassandra WladyslavaLauren MayfieldZack MaherBenji BuckleyJonah ScottNick LandisTom SchalkYong YeaEdward BoscoJoshua WatersBlythe MelinAlex MaiChristian YoungKamran NikhadCaitlyn ElizabethMornalSteven KellyWolf WilliamsScott FrerichsEsu OnstiKestin HowardYssa BadiolaNoel WigginsRyan SolisPhillip SacramentoJose EstradaMichael Kovach
Season 10 Gavin HammonChris OkawaLiam SwanGiselle FernandezFinty KellyDelton Engle-SorrellJeff SchineJason MarnochaNicholas Andrew LouieCorey PettitKira BucklandXander MobusKevin RiveraKamran NikhadPaul GuyetJohn PatneaudeMartin BillanyTom SchalkGianni MatragranoKelsey JafferBilly B Burson IIIEdward BoscoBrent WilliamsElliott CrossleyMichael KovachWolf WilliamsBrent Mukai
Death Battle Musicians
Primary Musicians Brandon YatesTherewolf Media
Guest Musicians Blake RobinsonNathan SharpTrocaderoDavid LevyMeredith HaganMason LiebermanCarlo DecaniniOmega SparxCameron SatherSithu AyeRichaadEBJonny AtmaToxicxEternityJT MusicSWATSMyrianiJun MitsuiJohn ScigulinskyTre WatsonDaniel Vincent GalvanLadyIgikoTiggsFutakuchi ManaLogan AdamsVictor BorbaThe Death Battle Fan ChoirInfotronMr. GoateeNathaniel WolksteinDonna Caruthers
Sound Mixers Dale BrunsonAnthony DiGiacomo
Death Battle Writers
Writers Ben SingerChad JamesNick CramerSam MitchellJessica DavisSean HinzLiam SwanGenevieve GuimondThac NguyenMatthew JonesHershel LousytonJoshua KazemiDjmah'di RiversCian Mulrooney


Official Death Battle merchandise was available on the Rooster Teeth store. The merchandise is primarily various T-shirts, but also includes a hat and a card game.



  • Ben has stated that the series was heavily inspired by Monty Oum's Haloid, Deadliest Warrior, and Machinima's Versus. However, since Versus did not have any conclusive winners, Ben decided to do an actual series with fully animated fight sequences.[13]
  • The original series' name was going to be "Who Would Win?", and the original first episode (done completely by Ben) even used that title. However, it was later changed to the current name when Chad joined the show.
  • As of Season 10, every season has featured at least one combatant from the series Marvel Comics and DC Comics.
  • As of Season 10, every season has featured at least one combatant from the companies Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Hitotsubashi Group.

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