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Death Battle: The Game is a fast paced-head-to-head card and dice game where players duel to the bitter end...To defeat your foe, you must outsmart and outwit their own devious battle plans. Are you deadly enough to win a Death Battle?
~ Description on the Rooster Teeth Store

Death Battle: The Game is a card and dice game based on the show Death Battle.


Each player is tasked with building their own custom character through the use of weapons, armor, and skills cards. Armor cards are the most vital, as each players only are only given three at random at the beginning of the game, and must make do with it throughout. Once an armor card has been defeated, it's discarded, and the first player to lose all of their armor also loses the game. If there is more than two players, then gameplay shall continue until there is only one player left standing.


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  • The "weapons," "armor," and "skills" cards are a reference to Wiz's main line that he says in the interlude of every Death Battle.
  • Many of the cards are references to series or combatants featured on Death Battle. However, due to copyright issues, only cards that are references to other Rooster Teeth shows (e.g., "Crescent Rose" card from RWBY) are direct references, while others only allude to them (e.g., the "Ninjutsu" card is based on Naruto and the "Shark Repellent" card is based on Batman).