Sometimes in Death Battle, characters who are neither combatants or hosts will appear in an episode, known as a cameo. This page lists every cameo in Death Battle.

A character does not count as a cameo if they are:

  • Supporting combatants who actually took part in the fight as support (Trish, Gamabunta, The Lotus, etc.).
  • Part of a combatant's arsenal (Doctor Eggman and Doctor Wily's armies, Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum, etc.), so long as they appear alongside the combatant in their own episode.
  • Generic unnamed characters (civilians, animals, etc.). However, generic creatures that are unique to a series (the Tarkatans from Mortal Kombat, the jellyfish from SpongeBob SquarePants, etc.) will be included.
  • Characters who simply had clips of them from their home series used during the analyses. However, characters that have unique clips of them specifically created for the combatant's analysis (e.g., Nick Cramer in Hawkeye's analysis) or physically appear during a combatants' analysis cutaway (e.g., Pinkie Pie in the Mask's cutaway) will be included.

Episode 2: Akuma VS Shang Tsung

Episode 4: Goomba VS Koopa

Episode 5: Haggar VS Zangief

Episode 8: Yoshi VS Riptor

  • A Koopa briefly appeared before being eaten by Yoshi and spat out as a shell.

Episode 9: Felicia VS Taokaka

Episode 12: Vegeta VS Shadow

  • Some Cheep Cheeps and a Jawz can be seen underwater.
  • A Ducklett with a space helmet can be seen on the Moon, as a reference to TeamFourStar's Space Duck gag.

Episode 13: Mario VS Sonic (2011)

  • Several Bob-ombs appear in a volcano and explode, blowing away the combatants.

Episode 14: Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black

  • Rebecca Black's male friend from the "Friday" music video assists Rebecca in the fight by picking her up and ramming into Justin Bieber, killing all three of them in a car crash.
  • The Jonas Brothers came to observe the car crash and got caught in its explosion, killing them.
  • Miley Cyrus appeared in a baseball field and got hit with Justin's katana, which had been sent flying by the car explosion.

Episode 17: Starscream VS Rainbow Dash

Episode 25: Goku VS Superman 1

Episode 27: Shao Kahn VS M. Bison

  • Two Tarkatans prepare to fight each other before they are both killed.

Episode 29: Ivy VS Orchid

  • Jago appears in the post-fight animation and falls into the water as Orchid uses her Heart Attack move on him.

Episode 30: Fox McCloud VS Bucky O'Hare

Episode 37: Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon

  • Noin appears in her mobile suit at the start of the fight talking with Zechs before getting accidentally blown up by the White Tigerzord's missile.
  • Zordon appears in the post-fight animation crying over the deaths of Tommy and the Tigerzord.

Episode 40: Kirby VS Majin Buu

Episode 44: Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro

Episode 45: Guts VS Nightmare

Episode 46: Iron Man VS Lex Luthor

Episode 48: Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher

  • There are three windows seen on the top left of the computer screen as Sam Fisher retrieves the data from it.
  • Chuck and Segata later appear again on a picture on the inside of Snake's cardboard box, specifically the moment of putting on the "Deal With It" sunglasses from the climax of their fight.
  • Grim's plane has a Sentry Turret from Portal, footage of Craig Skistimas and Ben Singer from Metal Gear Ben, and an arcade machine with Louise Lightfoot from Jump'N'Shoot Attack on it.

Episode 49: Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom

Episode 50: Goku VS Superman 2

Episode 52: Wolverine VS Raiden

  • Gekkos appear in the beginning, with one being quickly destroyed by Wolverine.

Episode 53: Hercule Satan VS Dan Hibiki

Episode 56: Green Arrow VS Hawkeye

  • Former Death Battle editor Nick Cramer appears in Hawkeye's analysis editing this very episode after Wiz mentions him having the insane bad luck Boomstick theorized that Clint had growing up.
  • Hawkeye stands in front of a poster with MapleStory characters on it at the start of the fight.
  • Black Canary stands alongside Hawkeye in the post-fight animation.

Episode 59: Bowser VS Ganon

Episode 61: Flash VS Quicksilver

  • Poison appears in the crowd at the start of the fight.
  • Captain America appeared at the start to help save a little girl.
  • The little girl on the edge of the building is Lilly Kane from King of Fighters.
  • Magneto appears in the post-fight animation and sees his son's corpse.

Episode 63: Mewtwo VS Shadow

Episode 64: Meta VS Carolina

  • Grif, Simmons, and Caboose appear throughout the episode.
  • Sarge appears in the end, where he and Boomstick take a liking to each other before Sarge backs away and leaves upon realizing Boomstick may be his son.

Episode 65: Cammy VS Sonya

  • Kano runs from Sonya before getting knocked out by Cammy and killed by Sonya. Sonya later throws Kano's corpse at Cammy.

Episode 66: Tracer VS Scout

Episode 67: Ken VS Terry

Episode 68: Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers

Episode 69: Hulk VS Doomsday

  • Sanic Hegehog briefly appears at the beginning when Doomsday arrives on Earth.

Episode 71: Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie

Episode 74: Venom VS Bane

  • Batman appears in the post-fight animation and looks concerned as he sees Bane's corpse.

Episode 80: Lucario VS Renamon

  • A confused Guilmon comes across Renamon's corpse in the post-fight animation.

Episode 82: Shredder VS Silver Samurai

  • Five Foot Clan ninjas appear in the beginning to fight Silver Samurai, but are quickly killed by him.
  • In the post-fight animation, Silver Samurai is sent to hell where he is destroyed by the Devil's soul-destroying sword.

Episode 85: Naruto VS Ichigo

Episode 86: Batman Beyond VS Spider-Man 2099

Episode 89: Raven VS Twilight Sparkle

Episode 90: Jotaro VS Kenshiro

  • Joseph Joestar appeared alongside Jotaro at the beginning and exclaimed his iconic catchphrases throughout the fight.

Episode 91: Crash VS Spyro

  • Sparx appears at the start and gets killed by Crash after trying to converse with him.

Episode 92: Sora VS Pit

Episode 93: Leon Kennedy VS Frank West

  • A Servbot head can be seen amongst the items Frank steals from the store's display front at the beginning of the fight, and another one that a zombie was wearing is used by Frank to contain the explosion from Leon's grenade.
  • When Frank is scrolling through the different costumes on the Capcom arcade cabinet, he is seen dressed as Ryu, Phoenix Wright, Felicia, Dante, and Leon himself before settling on Mega Man X.
  • The Capcom Heroes Arcade building is eventually revealed to have Mega Man's original 8-bit sprite as part of its sign after Frank gets knocked through the building's ground-floor windows by Leon's exploding grenade.

Episode 94: Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate

Episode 98: Optimus Prime VS Gundam

  • Sayla talks to Amuro over the radio, with only her voice heard.

Episode 100: Mario VS Sonic (2018)

Episode 101: Ultron VS Sigma

Episode 103: Thanos VS Darkseid

  • Deadpool appears during Thanos' analysis cutaway.
  • The Nomad appears in the analysis and brings a can of beer to life.
  • At the start of the fight, Deadpool reappears, where he advertises Thanos' chair to Darkseid before being turned into confetti by the Mad Titan.
  • Optimus Prime can be seen in his truck form amongst the falling vehicles when Thanos tilts the world to its side using the Reality Stone.
  • When Thanos is trapped in the Omega Sanction at the end of the fight, Deadpool appears one last time, this time while kissing Death, before shooting Thanos.

Episode 108: Wario VS King Dedede

Episode 109: Ben 10 VS Green Lantern

Episode 110: Weiss VS Mitsuru

  • A statue of Black Widow can be seen in the background for a split second while Artemesia coils her whip around the Arma Gigas' leg. Although the statue is hardly distinguishable in the actual episode due to YouTube's video compression, this cameo was confirmed by animator Kristina Christofferson, who confirmed there was a cameo and liked a user's reply of a screenshot of the statue.[2]

Episode 111: Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon

Episode 112: Aang VS Edward Elric

  • Appa can be seen on missing posters on the walls throughout the fight.
  • Momo appeared with Aang in the beginning.
  • Four statues of unidentified heads appear at the beginning.
  • The Cabbage Merchant gets his cabbages destroyed during the fight.

Episode 113: Ghost Rider VS Lobo

  • Deadpool briefly appears during Ghost Rider's analysis cutaway before Wiz punches the Death Battle Lab's monitor to prevent the hosts from hearing his voice again, although he still taunts Wiz and Boomstick a little after this happens.
  • A dead Grimace appears as Lobo's victim in the beginning, before being destroyed by Ghost Rider a little after the fight starts proper.

Episode 114: Dragonzord VS Mechagodzilla

Episode 116: Ganondorf VS Dracula

Episode 118: Deadpool VS Mask

  • Pinkie Pie appears during the cutaway in the Mask's analysis, where she could be seen waving her hoof at Boomstick, telling him to not forget about her after he complains about the Mask being another Fourth Wall breaker on the show. Boomstick punches her back off-screen and decides to ignore what she said.
  • Ringmaster appears on the side of the bus at the start.
  • During the battle, Deadpool uses the Continuity Gem to show potential alternate endings to several controversial episodes that have happened in the past, showing Link, Cloud Strife, Rogue, Wonder Woman, Superman, Yang Xiao Long, Tifa Lockhart, and Toph Beifong. Son Goku can also be heard shouting "KAMEHAMEHA!" during this scene.
  • Thanos appears in Fortnite while the combatants are playing the game.
  • Peter B. Parker from Into the Spider-Verse is seen losing a game of cards with the combatants.

Episode 119: All Might VS Might Guy

Episode 121: Black Canary VS Sindel

  • Boomstick holds up Sub-Zero and Kabal's skulls during Sindel's analysis.
  • Shao Kahn is seen sitting on his throne to watch and announce the fight.
  • Several Tarkatans are seen in the audience, with one being killed by Black Canary in the arena at the start.

Episode 122: Leonardo VS Red Ranger Jason

  • The same Capcom Heroes Arcade building from Leon Kennedy VS Frank West that features Mega Man's original sprite as part of its sign can be seen in the background of some shots.

Episode 125: Goro VS Machamp

Episode 127: Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Kakashi

  • R4-P17 can be seen in Obi-Wan's ship, and later gets sent flying along with the ship by Kakashi's Earth Style ninjutsu.
  • Darth Vader appears in Obi-Wan's vision when he is trapped in Kakashi's genjutsu.

Episode 130: Beerus VS Sailor Galaxia

Episode 131: Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki

Episode 132: Flash VS Sonic

Bonus Episode: The Seven Battle Royale

  • Homelander appeared as the referee of the battle and declared himself the winner in the end after crushing Billy Butcher.
  • Stormfront appeared in the end to challenge Homelander.

Episode 133: Winter Soldier VS Red Hood

Episode 134: Venom VS Crona

  • The Moon from Soul Eater can be seen laughing in the sky when the fight is taken outside.

Episode 137: Batgirl VS Spider-Gwen

Episode 139: Hulk VS Broly

Episode 140: Yoda VS King Mickey

Episode 141: Shadow VS Ryuko

Episode 144: Blake VS Mikasa

  • A Titan shows up at the end of the fight (though only its shadow is seen), who Blake cheerfully goes to fight.

Episode 146: Steven Universe VS Star Butterfly

Episode 149: Goku Black VS Reverse-Flash

  • A dead Quicksilver appears on the newspaper Reverse-Flash is reading at the start. Later on, he gets impaled on the samurai statue Thawne set up, as a call-back to his same death from his episode.
  • The civilian who runs past Reverse-Flash and gets killed by one of Goku Black's Ki blasts is Death Battle animator John Mitchell.
  • The civilian Reverse-Flash uses as a body shield before throwing him at Goku Black is an OC by John Mitchell named Kaito.

Episode 150: Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man

  • Deadpool shows up after the fight, revealing himself to be the guy that sent the tip to Ringmaster at the beginning of the episode.
  • Sarge shows up in the end and recognizes Boomstick's voice.

Episode 151: DIO VS Alucard

  • DIO steps out of his car with a seemingly dead Mai Shiranui in a purple attire.

Episode 153: Korra VS Storm

Episode 155: Saitama VS Popeye

  • The constellation of Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro formed at the end of their fight can barely be seen behind Saitama as he thinks about how he finally found a serious fight against his opponent, though only Chuck's side of the constellation can be seen as Saitama's head is covering up Segata.

Episode 156: Harley Quinn VS Jinx

  • The constellation of Macho Man and Kool-Aid Man from the end of their fight is seen at the left side of the Moon during the roller coaster scene.
  • Harley and Jinx are teleported to the events of Blake VS Mikasa while fighting over the teleportation tablet on the roller coaster, in which Blake and Mikasa can be seen.
  • Popeye's face can be seen on a can of "Segar's Spinach" from Saitama VS Popeye flying from the roller coaster cart after it flies off the tracks.
  • Jinx's Odyssey and Star Guardian skins, as well as Claggor and Mylo, can be briefly seen as manic scribbles as Jinx gets infected with Harley's Joker Venom.
  • Vi is seen in the mirror as one of Jinx's hallucinations.

Episode 157: Scarlet Witch VS Zatanna

Episode 158: Tanjiro VS Jonathan Joestar

  • Nezuko briefly appears during the beginning of the fight with Tanjiro protecting her. She then runs away before the fight begins. After Tanjiro dies, she appears from behind a tree and she reaches her hand out to Jonathan, but hesitates before the screen cuts to black.

Episode 160: Omni-Man VS Homelander

Bonus Episode: Excalibur VS Raiden

Episode 164: James Bond VS John Wick

  • Q talks to James Bond at the beginning and end of the fight, with only his voice heard.
  • John Wick's wife, Helen, can be seen on his phone screen.

Episode 166: Trunks VS Silver

Episode 167: SpongeBob VS Aquaman

Episode 168: Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers

  • Pamala Voorhees "talks" to Jason in the beginning and end of the fight. Her grave and a hallucination of her head can also be seen near the end of the battle.
  • Deborah Kim runs away from Michael in the beginning before being killed by him. However, she is instead called "Alex" in the episode.
  • Brandon Wilson appears after Michael pins Jason to the tree and runs away from both combatants for a while before being killed by Jason. However, he is instead called "Sam" in the episode.

Episode 169: Sauron VS Lich King

  • As revealed in a behind-the-scenes look on Twitter[3], Columbo appears in Sauron's eye as it flashes on-screen when the Lord of the Rings' firey body shatters Frostmourne with his mace, although the police detective is barely visible to the naked eye in the episode itself.

Episode 170: Deku VS Asta

  • Super Friends Aquaman's clash with SpongeBob at the start of their fight can be seen playing on a big screen in the arena Deku and Asta are fighting in near the start of the fight.
  • All Might appears during Deku's final charge.
  • Hercule Satan appears at the end of the fight, where he runs away after witnessing the battle and realizing that Asta would be his next opponent.

Episode 171: Gogeta VS Vegito

  • Shenron appears in the beginning of the fight to grant Boomstick's first wish. His voice is later heard at the end of the post-analysis to grant Boomstick's second wish.
  • Two versions of Goku and Vegeta are summoned by Shenron to fuse into their respective fusions for the fight.

Episode 172: Ant-Man VS Atom

  • Eternity is seen looming over the combatants once Ant-Man takes the fight to Overspace.

Episode 173: Skyrim VS Dark Souls

Episode 175: Stitch VS Rocket Raccoon

  • The Ice Cream Man appears at the beginning of the battle next to the "Welcome to Space Hawaii" sign, with his ice cream getting knocked over right after Stitch gets shot out of the nearby volcano and into Rocket's spaceship. He reappears at the end of the fight after Rocket's death, watching the fireworks that resulted in the explosion of his Orbital Space Stash and narrowly avoiding a falling piece of the satellite, only to get accidentally splattered by Stitch ramming into him at high speeds.
  • The constellation of Macho Man and Kool-Aid Man from the end of their fight can be seen above the Ice Cream Man and next to the sign and next to the volcano when it erupts.

Episode 176: Darth Vader VS Obito Uchiha

  • Padmé Amidala appears twice via genjutsu illusions; the first time when Obito creates an illusion of her after Vader breaks his mask, and the second when Vader falls victim to the Infinite Tsukuyomi and sees an illusion of a happy Padmé next to where he used to be Anakin Skywalker.

Episode 177: Phoenix VS Raven

  • In the very first shot of Azarath at the start of the fight, a design of Bill Cipher is seen on a tower, with a cloud in the shape of Discord's head just above it. A stone carving of Bill is also later seen on one of the bookshelves in the X-Mansion when Jean is running from Raven's darkness in her mind. Although hardly visible in the episode itself, close-ups of the cameos were revealed in Bill Cipher VS Discord.

Episode 178: Guts VS Dimitri

  • When Guts and Dimitri rush toward and start slashing at each other halfway into the fight, a cloud resembling Discord's head can be seen in the sky in some shots. Soon later, a stone carving of Bill Cipher can seen in the background when Guts and Dimitri are slashing each other and spilling their blood on the snow. Although hardly visible in the episode itself, close-ups of the cameos were revealed in Bill Cipher VS Discord.
  • An apostle shows up at the end of the fight (though only its shadow is seen), who Dimitri goes to fight to protect his fallen foe.

Episode 179: Martian Manhunter VS Silver Surfer

Episode 180: Bill Cipher VS Discord

  • The episode's editor, Djmah'di Rivers, briefly appears in Bill Cipher's analysis at Denny's when Boomstick mentions the restaurant. Appropriately, his character is credited as "Denny's Fiend" in the episode's credits.
  • In Discord's analysis cutaway:
    • Death Battle's line producer, Erin Makela, appears on the Death Battle Lab's monitor as Discord mentions how she refused to greenlight complex animation for his surprise appearance during it, with a plushie of the Axolotl that Bill calls out to during his death visible in the background of her room.
    • Ben Singer and Chad James (the voice actors for Wiz and Boomstick) appear at the end of it after the draconequus uses his reality-warping powers to turn the hosts into them in the recording booth.
      • The two later appear again in one of the backwards-playing clips during the "Winner" card.
  • At the beginning of the fight, Zanthar is seen roaming Canterlot, while Teeth, multiple Eye-Bats, Redrunner, GumballViking, Paci-Fire, Rumble McSkirmish, Moon Ray's ponysona, and Biff Weed are all seen coming out of the interdimensional rift to the Nightmare Realm.
    • Redrunner, GumballViking, Paci-Fire, and Moon Ray are later seen again during the revolving scene of Bill firing lasers at Discord.
  • Princesses Celestia and Luna are seen as petrified trophies on Bill's throne made from other petrified ponies.
  • Judging by the hat and cape they're wearing, one of the petrified ponies making up Bill's throne appears to be Trixie Lulamoon.
      • She is later seen again unpetrified in the background of the shot of Canterlot near the end of the fight.
  • As revealed by Billy B Burson III on Twitter, Derpy is one of the petrified ponies making up Bill's throne.[5]
  • The pony that Bill petrifies and adds to his throne is Arbre Ken, one of John Mitchell's OCs.
  • The Mane Six (Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash), can be seen on banners over Bill Cipher's throne of petrified ponies, implying that they failed in an attempt to stop the Dream Demon.
    • Towards the end of the fight, the Mane Six appear again, freed from Bill's control, with Fluttershy worried about Discord. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and a few other ponies can also be seen freed in the background.
  • Sans and the Judge can be seen in the background to the right of Bill's drum kit.
  • During the revolving scene of Bill firing lasers at Discord, many cameos can be seen in the background (including some of the ones mentioned coming out of the rift at the start of the fight). Among them are:
  • Randy Savage and Kool-Aid Man's fight in the Kool-Aid Dimension can be seen in the background while Bill and Discord fight in the claymation Weirdness Bubble.
  • In the rubber hose cartoon Weirdness Bubble, Bendy appears as one of the flowers dancing to the music, while Cuphead can be seen holding onto another one of them a few seconds after Bendy's cameo.
  • In the puppet Weirdness Bubble, plushies of the Impostor and a Fall Guy can be seen on the left of the very first shot.
  • Researcher AkumaTh's OCs Fire Spark and Axilia can be seen in the background of the shot of Canterlot near the end of the fight, the former next to Celestia and Luna and the latter next to Dreamy Daze.

Episode 183: Gojo VS Makima

  • In the opening shot of the movie theater, Guts, the Chosen Undead, Darth Vader, and Alex Mercer can be seen in the back seats of the theater. They can be seen again when Gojo chokes on Makima's popcorn.
  • The movie that is playing inside the movie theater is Samurai Jack VS Afro Samurai, with the scene of Afro's arms being revealed to have been cut off by Jack being shown playing when the camera cuts to the big screen.
  • Bill Cipher makes four cameos during the fight:
    • The stone carving of Bill previously featured in Phoenix VS Raven, Guts VS Dimitri, and Martian Manhunter VS Silver Surfer can be seen next to Gut's Dragonslayer in the Knives Inc. display window.
    • A graffiti drawing of Bill seemingly hanging himself can be seen in the toilet stall the Japanese citizen who died was in.
    • Two images of Bill can be seen as Makima gets caught in Gojo's Unlimited Void; the first features him still stuck in the Nightmare Realm after the end of his fight, while the second depicts the start of his distortion within his Mindscape after being hit by Discord.
  • Aside from Bill, multiple individuals make split-second cameos as Makima gets caught in Gojo's Unlimited Void, namely:

Episode 184: Scooby-Doo VS Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • The first hallway the monster chases Scooby and Courage through features a few split-second cameos, namely a framed picture of Discord (which appears again above the fireplace in the room where Scooby and Courage engage in a thumb war), a stone carving of Bill Cipher sitting on a bookshelf, and a framed picture of Makima taken from her fight (which appears again to the left of the door that houses Godzilla's later cameo).
  • The contents behind the first three doors that Courage opens as he's looking for Scooby are, in order, Bad Mr. Frosty, Godzilla, and Columbo.
  • The monster that chases Scooby and Courage throughout the haunted mansion during the fight is revealed at the end to be none other than Eustace Bagge.

Episode 185: Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor

Episode 186: Goku VS Superman (2023)

Episode 187: Galactus VS Unicron

  • During the scene of Galactus' hand descending upon the Earth's surface, a stone carving of Bill Cipher can be seen on top of the steel framework to the right of the screen, while Columbo can be seen through the window of the building on the bottom-right of the scene before the camera pans upward.
  • As Galactus and Unicron exchange physical blows on each other, an interstellar cloud in the shape of Discord's head and the constellation of Macho Man and Kool-Aid Man from the end of their fight can be seen in the background, the former to the left of Galactus and the latter as the camera zooms out.