These two copycats are ready to tear apart time itself!

Goku Black VS Reverse-Flash is the 149th episode of Death Battle, featuring Goku Black from the Dragon Ball series and Reverse-Flash from DC Comics in a battle between twisted time-traveling copycats. Goku Black was voiced by Michael Kovach and Reverse-Flash was voiced by Valentine Stokes.


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Wiz & Boomstick
by Brandon Yates
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Wiz: Goku Black, the body-stealing arbiter of divine justice.

Boomstick: And the Reverse-Flash, DC's psychopathic speedster fanboy.

Wiz: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Boomstick: But I'd say the sincerest form of flattery is NOT trying to kill your superhero husbando.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Goku Black

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The First Gods
by Glen Gabriel Jansson
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Wiz: What consumes the thoughts of a god? What do immortals dream of with all the time in the world? In Zamasu's case, his one goal was divine justice.

Boomstick: Yeah, this guy's got major Final Fantasy big bad energy all over him.

Wiz: As the assistant to Universe 10's Supreme Kai, Zamasu prized, above all else, cosmic order and natural beauty.

Boomstick: Ooh, that reminds me! Did you know I can burp and fart at the same time? Here, let me try!

He inhales and does exactly that.

Wiz: Unsurprisingly, Zamasu despised the inherently chaotic nature of mortals, being seemingly unwilling to lift themselves out of their own cycle of violence and stupidity, like some people I know.

Boomstick: Yeah, I know those people, too. His heart was clouded, until the day he met Son Goku.

Wiz: With god ki, Goku could match blows with the God of Destruction, Beerus. Their clash nearly destroyed the entirety of Universe 7, a cosmological structure at least nine times larger than our own universe.[Note 1] At most, it could even be as large as 13 times greater than ours. Uh, side note, it's worth mentioning that when two Gods of Destruction fought, they were capable of casually destroying two of these universes.

Boomstick: And since the shockwaves from their punches travelled across Universe 7 in seconds, they'd have to be hitting way faster than light.

Wiz: Goku was tapping into his Super Saiyan God form for this, though clearly not at its full strength. While the exact multiplier for Super Saiyan Blue is unknown, Toriyama himself has directly compared it to the original Super Saiyan form.

Boomstick: And don't forget, Goku trained with Whis and fought in the tournament with Universe 6 before Zamasu caught up with him, so by that time, he was way stronger.

Wiz: Here was a mortal with the powers of gods beyond even Zamasu's abilities. Someone who could bring his dreams to fruition.

Boomstick: So, Zammy did what anyone would do in that situation: kill his master to become the Supreme Kai, wish on the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku, and kill every single mortal in the universe.

Wiz: And thus, the deity Zamasu became Goku Black.

Bulma: Please, Goku Black? You couldn't be more creative?

Boomstick: Now, you might be wondering, "Why didn't he just wish all the mortals dead?". But that wouldn't be as fun, would it? Black's got all of Goku's strength and powers, but wielded by a genocidal maniac instead of that lovable goober of a monkey man.

Wiz: And in keeping with Goku's Saiyan heritage and godly ki, Black can easily achieve the form of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

Boomstick: But with a champagne-ful twist.

Wiz: Super Saiyan Rosé.

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Lost Prophecies
by Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock & Ellie Kidd
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Boomstick: Rosé? Really? What is he, a suburban wine mom? Watch out before he unlocks Super Saiyan Live, Laugh, Love! He stole Goku's techniques, too. Like the Instant Transmission, where he focuses on a person's ki signature to teleport to their location. He's even got the Black Kamehameha, which is a Kamehameha, but... pink.

Wiz: And with a Saiyan body, he gets stronger and stronger every time he almost dies. He just becomes harder and harder to kill.

Boomstick: Which really sucks for the rest of the universe, because Black is kind of like if Goku just snapped one day and used his powers to their full, murderous potential.

Wiz: Like the God Split Cut, where he surrounds his hands with a ki blade to slice you to ribbons. He used this very technique to, uh, kill Goku's family.

Boomstick: He can even extend this ki blade into a huge curved one called the Azure Dragon Sword, which, along with his Kamehameha, confirms my suspicions that Goku is color blind.

Wiz: Actually, Black's Azure Dragon Sword is named after a legendary weapon wielded by one of Earth's greatest warriors. The desert bandit Yamcha, wait wha-?

Boomstick: And, he can make a scythe and slice open space-time itself to create a bunch of shadow clones. Uh, Black, not Crater-Boy over here. But his most dastardly weapon isn't a ki technique at all. It's the Time Ring he got from his dead master.

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by Nick Ingman & Terry Devine-King
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Wiz: This ring allowed Black to travel through time, and even escape into Future Trunks' alternate timeline, where he had free reign over the entire universe.

Boomstick: And let him team up with his best bud, himself! Too bad Goku and company showed up to spoil the fun. But wait, isn't Zamasu in Goku's body? How are there two Gokus? There's only one Goku in the multiverse, right?

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: But, Goku met Black before he met Zamasu, which means Black existed before Zamasu came up with the idea, and then they killed Zamasu before he could do it anyway, but Goku Black was still around? What the hell is going on?!

Wiz: Sure, it's a classic grandfather's paradox. The thing is, Black's Time Ring prevents him from being affected by alterations to his own personal timeline. So, killing him in the past doesn't change his future and vice versa. He's almost impossible to kill because even if you do it at one point in time, he still exists at another point in time. And another. And another. And another. And another-

Boomstick: (hands on face, muffled) Ah, God, I hate time travel.

We cut back to the analysis.

Boomstick: (normally) Black has crushed Saiyans like Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks. Hell, even Vegito couldn't beat him! He even merged with the universe to become one with everything! Like I said, major Final Fantasy villain vibes here.

Wiz: It took Zeno, the Omni-King, the most powerful being in all of creation, to step in and erase that entire timeline just to stop Black's rampage. How ironic. Zamasu's higher calling was the eradication of all mortal life in the universe, and he stole the strongest mortal's body to do it. But in the end, he was always doomed to fail. His quest for power meant nothing against a being that would always be stronger, no matter what he did, or who he was.

Boomstick: And the universe ended up being destroyed anyway. It's like one big cosmic joke, with no one left to laugh.

Goku Black: You've been running around making messes for too long, and now I'm going to choke the life from you. I can't wait to watch you die!


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Extraction Point
by Luke Richards
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Wiz: Barry Allen, The Flash...

A cymbal crash is heard.

Boomstick: Aaahhh!~

Wiz: one of the greatest heroes in history. An inspiration to many across time and space. And there's no better example than his number one fan from the 25th Century, Eobard Thawne.

Boomstick: Alright, Wiz. We've tackled a lot of stupid names for things in our years here at Death Battle, but I'm confident that Eobard is the dumbest f**king first name I've ever heard in my life. EOBARD was completely obsessed with the Flash, and dedicated his whole life to studying the Speed Force like a total nerd. Good luck to him, 'cause there's no way he's figurin' that shit out.

Wiz: But Thawne's life irrevocably changed the day he discovered a time capsule from the 21st Century. By some strange coincidence, it just so happened to contain Barry's costume. By experimenting on it, Thawne managed to replicate the Flash's powers, turning himself into a mirror of his idol.

Boomstick: And you can bet he totally crapped himself when Barry-senpai showed up in the future and took him under his wing. It was a dream come true.

Wiz: Until Barry realized that Thawne had fabricated crimes in order to show up and "save the day". Disgraced, Thawne promised to better himself before traveling to the past to prove his worth to his hero, to prove that their bond... was special.

Boomstick: That's when Thawne found out that Barry already had a best friend, and a family, and a life... without him. He... didn't matter. He wasn't special. He was just a nobody Barry tossed out in the trash and forgot about, like my Tinder dates do to me.

Wiz: If only. When Thawne visited the Flash Museum in Barry's time, he discovered the secret identity to Flash's greatest enemy that, in his future, had been lost to time. The one Barry was fated to kill in battle: Eobard Thawne...

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Freakin' Out
by James Duncan, Marija Smolcic, Pablo Love & Campbell E Browning
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Wiz: ... Wait a minute-

Boomstick: Ho ho, ain't that a bitch. The shock drove Thawne mad. If he couldn't be Flash's best friend, he'd be his greatest enemy. And, I guess also ensure his own future death.

Wiz: He would travel from the future to terrorize the Flash Family in the past. Revenge in reverse. He'd become the Reverse-Flash.

Boomstick: Reverse-Flash? We're really settin' the world on fire with these names today, huh, Wiz?

Wiz: Thawne draws his powers from the Negative Speed Force, which he generates with every step he takes. Just like Barry does with the regular Speed Force. The Negative Speed Force gives Thawne access to many of the Flash's powers, including his mind-bending super speed. Enough to travel all across time and space in days. He can keep up with and surpass other speedsters, like Barry and Wally.

Boomstick: Who once ran fast enough to cross the universe faster than two gods who could teleport. Wally even beat himself in a race, and Barry admitted Thawne was still faster than that. Wait just a second, he beat himself? That doesn't even make sense!

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Fist Slam 7 (60)
by Mark Denis
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Wiz: But unlike Barry and Wally, Thawne applies his powers more... catastrophically. Using them to their full potential without any care for collateral. Take, for instance, his ability to vibrate himself through solid objects.

Boomstick: Objects like, say, vital organs! And if he did, he'd scramble their molecules, causing instant death. Thawne did just that to Barry's wife Iris, and Barry did not appreciate it.

Wiz: Thawne's vibrations are so powerful, he can even produce a counter-force that can reverse the destruction of the entire universe.

Boomstick: Pretty crazy sounding, but even B-Tier speedsters like Jenni Ognats can do the same kind of thing. And when Barry and Wally raced each other, they were tearin' up the entire multiverse.

Wiz: Thawne can create shockwaves with a snap, phase into your body and possess you, and even speak at such high speeds that you'll hear his words as though they were your own thoughts. And instead of stealing your speed like other Flashes, he can steal your time.

Boomstick: Yeah, Thawne can yoink decades from your life and age you 80 years in just a few seconds. Kind of sounds like your sex life, huh, Wiz? Heh heh!

Wiz: Ugh, but Thawne's greatest ability is his unmatched skill at time travel, and he uses this expertise to be as petty and cruel as humanly possible.

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Fist Slam 12 (60)
by Mark Denis
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Boomstick: Thawne wasn't a dummy. He knew that if he went back in time to kill Barry before he got his powers, he'd erase himself from the timestream, too. So instead, he'd just make Barry's life suck as hard as he could! Push him down some stairs! Retcon his best friend from history! Kill his mom! He even told Barry he'd go back in time and adopt him as his own son- DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Wiz: That's another big difference between Thawne and Barry. Whereas Barry only went back in time to save his mother's life, Thawne often went back in time to try to fix his own mediocre life. He killed his more successful younger brother, his career rival at the Flash Museum, and every single boyfriend his crush had until there was no one left but him.

Boomstick: And when she still rejected him, he went back in time again and made her an invalid for the rest of her life. Jesus Christ! This guy's a monster!

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

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Extraction Point
by Luke Richards
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Boomstick: But wait, Wiz, that's impossible. Grandpappy paradox or whatever. If he went back in time to kill someone, they'd be dead in the future. Which means... which means-

Wiz: Which means he'd never know them and want go back in time in the first place, right?

The camera briefly zooms in on Boomstick.

Boomstick: Wiz, maybe time is a construct with no legitimate unit of measurement other than the meager attempts man has made to understand the incomprehensible world around him.

Wiz: Uh, well, actually Thawne was just inside the timestream when Barry initiated Flashpoint, which rewrote the universe while Thawne was technically disconnected from it. So, Thawne essentially... broke. Literally, figuratively, mentally, physically, temporally.

Boomstick rushes up to Wiz's face, grabbing him by the arms and briefly shaking him.

Boomstick: Or maybe he just hated Barry so much, it defied the laws of time itself. Whoa!

A brief mind-blown effect appears over his head. We cut back to the analysis.

Wiz: More specifically, he became a "living paradox". A being without a past or future. Literally without continuity. Not only did this mean he'd be unaffected by changes to his past, it made him effectively immortal.

Boomstick: Stabbed in the chest by Evil Batman, vaporized by Iris in some sweet, sweet payback, or getting Doctor Manhattan-ed by the big, blue, god dong himself. Thawne was always reborn, unable to stay dead.

Wiz: But more than anything, it made him immune from consequences.

Boomstick: Unlike Barry, whose changes to time could destroy all of reality, Thawne could do whatever he wanted. He was impossible to stop, with no reason to hold back.

Wiz: He survived a hit from Barry while he had the entire Speed Force absorbed into him, and even Wally's Infinite Mass Punch, which has the mass of a white dwarf star. A white dwarf is essentially the remains of a star's altered dense core, which has a mass of over two octillion tons.

Boomstick: And he took one of those to the noggin and just took a nap! Man, he must really hate Barry if a sun to the face can't take him down.

Wiz: But he doesn't hate Barry. All of his schemes, all of his machinations, all of his insane, timeline-shattering threats, all of it, was because it was the only way he could think of to spend time with his hero.

Boomstick: That's... really sad.

Wiz: His costume says it all. He never intended to be the Reverse-Flash. He wanted to be the Kid Flash. All Thawne ever really desired was to be by Barry's side.

Boomstick: In the end though, goody-little-two-shoes Barry forgave him. And then vibrated away his living paradox powers, erasing him from existence!

Wiz: Though not entirely. Barry didn't kill Thawne. He reset his timeline, removing the one thing driving his hatred: his relationship with Barry. Without that, Thawne was a normal, happy Flash fan once again.

Boomstick: It's comics, Wiz, he'll be back. And when he does, there'll be no running. He'll always be faster, he'll always catch you, and time is always on his side.

Flash bursts in from the Speed Force to confront his nemesis.

The Flash: Still think you can take me?

Reverse-Flash: Even death can't catch me.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: But first, let me tell ya how to reverse things in the bedroom in a flash, with BlueChew!

Wiz and Boomstick read out an advertisement for BlueChew.

Boomstick: But right now, IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLEEE!!!

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.


(The transcript below is exclusive to the YouTube version of the episode.)

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: But first, let me tell ya how to reverse things in the bedroom in a flash, with BlueChew!

Wiz and Boomstick read out an advertisement for BlueChew.

Boomstick: But right now, IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLEEE!!!

(The transcript below is exclusive to the Rooster Teeth version of the episode.)

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.


Death Battle

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Reverse Rosé
by Brandon Yates
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The scene opens on a newspaper article titled "FLASH KILLS QUICKSILVER?!", complete with an image of the Silver Speedster's dead body impaled on a samurai statue. The man on a bench reading it chuckles. It is none other than Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash.

Reverse-Flash: (laughs) It was me, Barry! I was the one who- huh?

The Reverse-Flash's boasting is interrupted when lightning accompanied by a green cyclone materializes in the road. Within the vortex, a black portal opens up and out levitating was a form like a Saiyan in dark clothing, bearing a cup of tea. The crowd of civilians cheered at the sight, believing it to be the heroic Saiyan savior known as Son Goku. However, it is someone much more dangerous: Zamasu, or the alias he has taken, Goku Black.

Goku Black: Mortals! Sinners! Prepare for divine justice!! (laughs)

Black charges ki in his free hand before firing a beam at the defenseless masses, slaughtering all he sees and casually sipping his tea. As one more person dies to Goku Black, the Reverse-Flash, annoyed over his monologue getting interrupted, dashes towards Black while readying a punch. Black sees this and tries to block, only for Thawne to reveal that his intended target was the cup of tea in his hand, causing it to fall and shatter against the road as the Eobard turns back to Zamasu and throws a taunt.

Reverse-Flash: Oops!

Enraged at the nerve of the "mortal" he is facing, Goku Black fires multiple small ki blasts, but the Reverse-Flash effortlessly zooms out of their path before dashing away. Eobard is then seen standing over a cowering civilian, who was kneeling over a dead woman trapped under rubble amidst the collateral damage, mockingly requesting a favor of him.

Reverse-Flash: Excuse me, sir, I'm in need of your services.

Thawne grabs the civilian and charges towards the barrage of ki blasts, using him as a meat shield. The screaming man is blown to bits before what is left of him is thrown at Goku Black. Zamasu knocks aside the dead man's head, only to be surprised by Reverse-Flash capitalizing on his distraction with a leaping haymaker, sending him careening through several buildings.

However, Goku Black quickly emerges from the building, destroying it in the process before flying towards Reverse-Flash with a barrage of ki blasts, the latter of which outruns and evades every projectile.

Goku Black: Stand still and face your judgement, mortal!

Eobard returns to Black, coming to a screeching halt and crosses his arms with an arrogant smirk.

Reverse-Flash: Okay.

As Goku Black lunges with a punch, Reverse-Flash begins vibrating at a rapid pace, causing Zamasu to phase through him and leave Eobard to chuckle. Infuriated, Goku Black summons his energy blade and launches forth a barrage of pink crystals, which Reverse-Flash easily dodges by phasing and running a short distance forward. As he laughs at the whiffed attack, the crystals detonate and launch him forward, sending him into Goku Black's grasp. Clutching onto Eobard's neck, Zamasu activates his Super Saiyan Rosé form and tauntingly questions Thawne's thoughts on it.

Goku Black: What do you think of this color? Is it not beautiful?

He tosses his incapacitated foe in the air, punching him down into the concrete with a punch that is powerful enough to send him through the entire Earth and Moon. Goku Black utilizes an Instant Transmission to intercept and axe handle his spaceborne opponent once more through the Moon and Earth back to the city street, who rebounds and dashes off. Teleporting above the city, Zamasu charges up a powerful Black Kamehameha.

Goku Black: Kamehame... HAAAAAAAAA!!!

The powerful ki beam rips apart the entire street and numerous buildings with a wide-impact explosion as it now trails the Reverse-Flash.

Reverse-Flash: Yikes!

Reverse-Flash dashes up a building as he outraces the large-scale explosion.

Reverse-Flash: Incoming genius!

Tapping into the Negative Speed Force, he manages to run into a time warp and into the Timestream.

Reverse-Flash: I'll end this fight before it even began! DEATH IN REVERSE!!!

During his sprint, he suddenly notices Goku Black emerging from a tear in the timestream behind him thanks to his Time Ring, who chuckles and gives chase, all the while applauding Eobard's abilities.

Goku Black: Magnificent!

Goku Black summons his Sickle of Sorrow and rushes towards Reverse-Flash, but his opponent snaps his fingers and disappears in a flash of light before he is given an opportunity to strike.

The scene returns to the beginning of the fight, where Goku Black prepares to slaughter the citizens.

Goku Black: Mortals! Sinners! Prepare for divine- YAAHHHH!!!

He is quickly cut off by Reverse-Flash, who emerges through the time warp with his fist out, punching through Goku Black with enough force to blast his body into pieces. He lands on the ground by a past version of himself, who evilly laughs alongside him as the crowd of gatherers scream and flee. However, a portal appears behind the past Eobard with an emerging Goku Black, who quickly cuts him in half with a grin, though it is quick to turn to surprise once he notices his also shocked opponent in front of him. The two point at each other with angry confusion.

Goku Black and Reverse-Flash: WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD?!

The enraged Zamasu launches an arcing projectile towards Reverse-Flash, who scoffingly dodges it. He however notices that the wave formulated a portal to summon a group of Goku Black clones. Zamasu kicks the off-guard Reverse-Flash towards him, leading the doppelgangers to all barrage Eobard with a series of attacks. Thawne notices he is falling towards the original Goku Black, who was winding up a downwards slash with his Sickle of Sorrow.

Reverse-Flash: Oh shit!

Eobard quickly phases through the attack and sprints into the time warp once again, bringing him to the period of time in which Goku Black slams him through the Moon before impaling him with his fist.

Meanwhile, a past version of Reverse-Flash who is still reading the newspaper notices a light and looks up...

Reverse-Flash: Wha-

... only to be immediately incinerated by the original Goku Black's beam before he can even react.

The scene then suddenly cuts to a past Goku Black performing the large-scale Black Kamehameha to destroy the city.

Goku Black: Me... HAAAAAA-

Before he could continue his attack however, he is grabbed from behind by the original Reverse-Flash, who vibrates his body with a not only painful but vigorous enough pace to phase him out of existence.

In Japan, one of the Reverse-Flash clones is laughing as he sets up the samurai statue that impales Quicksilver, but is surprised when the original Eobard emerges from the time loop, which allows the original Goku Black to appear and slice the past Eobard with his sickle from behind. Seeing this, the original Thawne runs back into the time warp and is promptly pursued by Black. Moments later, Pietro Maximoff is sent flying into the sword and is fatally impaled.

Inside the time warp, Reverse-Flash continues running, quickly enough to evade a series of blasts coming from Goku Black.

Goku Black: To stand atop all things and look down upon creation itself! That is the work of a god!

Garnering enough speed, Eobard rushes forward, which surprises Goku Black. Moments later, Reverse-Flash repeatedly comes from behind with a series of punches.

Reverse-Flash: Empty threats to a living paradox!

Powering through one more punch, Goku Black clotheslines Reverse-Flash with a powerful blow that brings them back into the present, which features the now entirely-destroyed city. Reverse-Flash quickly phases through it and takes a moment to recover, coughing out blood. Teleporting and hovering above him, Zamasu takes the time to provide a set of taunting words.

Goku Black: How truly foolish. Huh?!

He is quickly silenced upon seeing Reverse-Flash holding onto his Time Ring, who phases it out of existence in mere milliseconds. His opponent then turns around with a mocking smile on his face.

Reverse-Flash: Sorry, was that important?

Goku Black is suddenly impaled through the chest from behind by a Reverse-Flash's vibrating hand. He looks to the Eobard he had been facing, who flips him off before vanishing. The Eobard that impaled Zamasu then slams him into the ground on his front and begins running around the Earth at faster-than-light speeds, causing the front side of Black to be shredded with road rash and to scream in agony for the entire process as he is dragged along.

Reverse-Flash finally stops back in the ruined city, with the entire front of Goku Black having been scraped down to bones and mangled flesh. Eobard chuckles at this disturbing sight before spinning his held target around at hypersonic speeds, causing his barely alive opponent to spray blood everywhere before using all of the momentum he built to throw him into the Sun.

Reverse-Flash: Ahh, how fun.

The impact of Goku Black getting launched to the Sun detonates it and results in a supernova, the explosion of which speeds toward Earth. Thawne decidedly turns around and quickly speeds away, presumably having time-traveled before the explosion envelops the whole city.

Ko season 3


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Reverse Rosé
by Brandon Yates
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We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: Y'know, we've sent enough people to that Sun, we really should have a timeshare.

Wiz: This was a fairly tricky matchup to figure out; least of all for their incredible levels of power.

Boomstick: Black could destroy a universe like ours at least 660 times over. I mean, a punch at least as big as a star is really badass, but that's in another league!

Wiz: However, there was a lot more to cover than just how many stars or universes they could blow up. At their peak, both Goku Black and Reverse-Flash were so impressive, they were removed from time itself, becoming living paradoxes, making any attempt to kill either of them meaningless.

Boomstick: Stupid time travel.

We cut to the post-analysis.

Wiz: It's difficult to determine who would figure out a counter to this temporal invincibility first, but it would most likely rely on a combination of speed and smarts.

Boomstick: As far as speed goes, it's no surprise Thawne definitely had the edge. Yeah, Black's attacks could reach speeds quintillions of times faster than light... but Thawne is a Flash.

Wiz: Even early in his career as a member of the Flash Family, Wally West could reach speeds that were impossible to comprehend and calculate.[Note 2] There are numerous examples of this for multiple iterations of the Flash, many of whom Thawne was clearly equal to.

Boomstick: Plus, he's kind of an expert when it comes to timey-wimey bullshit.

Wiz: And he could likely overpower Black and destroy said Time Ring, too. After all, Thawne once generated enough energy to counter the destruction of the entire DC universe, which is stated in comics to be at least 100 trillion light-years in diameter. That's over one billion times larger than our own universe, and over 70 million times larger than Dragon Ball's Universe 7.

Boomstick: It's sort of impossible to lock down the exact limits of Goku Black's upper strength without gettin' into lots of assumptions and guesswork. He's obviously stronger than Goku was when he clashed with Beerus, but even being super generous with training and power boosts and multipliers, the gap here is way too wide to be able to just assume Goku Black could match this level of power. The DC universe is just too big! And remember, Barry and Wally's race almost ripped apart the entire DC multiverse!!

Wiz: It's also important to stress that Goku Black is not Goku. Goku's drive and willpower can push through even the most absurd limits to potentially match higher levels of power. Zamasu took Goku's body because he's more than willing to take shortcuts. It's an entirely different mindset.

Boomstick: Yeah, and once he took care of that Time Ring, Reverse-Flash had a lot more options than just overpowering Black. With that super speed, he could pretty easily scramble Black's insides, or age him to death with a touch. Zamasu may have been a deity even without the Time Ring, but Goku's body is mortal, with a limited range of age. Might've really screwed yourself with that one, huh, Zam-Zam?

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: Goku Black was a nightmarish foe, but Thawne's experience with time travel, ridiculous levels of hax, and frankly impossible speed gave him the means to take the win.

Boomstick: This fight was definitely not "sun"-derwhelming.

We cut to the "Winner" card.

Wiz: The winner is the Reverse-Flash.

Original Track

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Reverse Rosé
by Brandon Yates
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The track for this fight is "Reverse Rosé" by Brandon Yates. It is a fast-paced vocal rock track with hectic instruments and negative-sounding synths, which could symbolize the evil identities and chaotically villainous actions of both combatants.


The title refers to Reverse-Flash's name and Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rosé form.

Cover Art

The cover art done by Luis Cruz depicts Reverse-Flash's logo broken into pieces, with Goku Black's Divine Lasso piercing through it.


A face so familiar, burning memories
Of an enemy
The fate of a killer, fulfilling destiny
Giving everything

In time, I'll leave this world purified

A tragic case of mistaken identity
Thought it was him, but it was me

Obsession hanging over my head like a noose
Perfection visualized resembles the death of you

A face so familiar, burning memories
Of an enemy
The fate of a killer, fulfilling destiny
Giving everything

In time, I'll leave this world purified
The violence of the divine

A tragic case of mistaken identity
Thought it was him, but it was me

Obsession hanging over my head like a noose
Perfection visualized resembles the death of you



  • The connections between Goku Black and Reverse-Flash are that they are both narcissistic, twisted versions of famous heroes (Son Goku and the Flash, respectively) who hail from the future, are named after their respective heroes along with an additional word to signify their villainy, and have an obsessive desire to ruin their lives. Both were respected members of their universes (a Supreme Kai in training and a scientist, respectively) before turning to evil out of a fear of something related to the heroes they oppose (Zamasu feared and envied the potential of mortals like Goku, while Thawne learned of his destiny to become the Flash's nemesis). Both possess the same powers as their enemies which they gained by taking something from them (Goku Black took Goku's body and Reverse-Flash took the Silver Age Flash costume) and can use a form of negative/corrupted energy (Super Saiyan Rosé, which is Goku Black's version of Super Saiyan Blue, and the Negative Speed Force, which is Reverse-Flash's version of the Speed Force). Both killed the wife of the heroes they oppose (Chi-Chi and Iris West, respectively), as well as the mother of great heroes (Trunks' mother Bulma and Barry's mother Nora Allen, respectively). Both also possess time-traveling abilities which they have used to wreak havoc on their respective timelines, while they themselves are acausal and became immortal (Goku Black's Time Ring makes him acausal and became immortal when he fused with Future Zamasu, and Reverse-Flash became a living paradox after being ungrounded from time, making him always exist). However, despite all their power, they would be stopped by a powerful being who erased them from reality (Zeno erased Black's timeline from existence, and Barry reset Thawne's timeline so he would never become the Reverse-Flash).
  • Ben Singer had previously stated that they wouldn't do anymore Dragon Ball VS DC-themed episodes after Goku VS Superman 2, as he felt that the show had said all it needed to on Goku VS Superman as a matchup and that episodes similar to it (Such as Piccolo VS Martian Manhunter) wouldn't contribute to much. However, as he's since become onboard with revisiting Goku VS Superman itself,[1] and the idea of more matches with these series also likely became fair game at a similar time.
  • This episode, along with Saitama VS Popeye, was not initially planned for Season 8; rather, they were added last during the middle of the season,[2] with this episode being suggested by Matthew Jones as a way to fill out an opening left in the season due to its popularity within the community and how fast research and writing for it would be thanks to most of the work being done in prior episodes.[3][4]
    • As revealed on the April 24th, 2024 Fireside Chat, this episode took the place of Frieza VS Megatron after it had to be delayed.
  • According to the commentary for this episode, Ben originally wanted Lawrence Simpson to voice Goku Black, as he previously voiced Goku in Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Death Battle. Ultimately, he was not cast because Ben wanted to find a voice for Goku that was more accurate to the actual series rather than Abridged.[5]
    • According to Michael Kovach, the voice of Black in this episode and Goku in Gogeta VS Vegito and Goku VS Superman (2023), he was first cast as Goku before being cast as Goku Black, with the latter casting being done specifically because they had him in mind for future Goku appearances, despite them happening after this episode.[6]

Easter Eggs

  • Boomstick recreates the Mind Blown meme from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! at the end of Reverse-Flash's analysis cutaway, mind-blown effect and all.
  • At the beginning of the fight, Reverse-Flash is reading a newspaper that reports on Flash's fight with Quicksilver.
    • Reverse-Flash's remark as he reads it, "It was me, Barry! I was the one who-", is a reference to the famous meme where Reverse-Flash would tell Flash that he was responsible for the inconveniences that happened in his life, usually for complicated and petty reasons. Here, Reverse-Flash jokes about how he was actually responsible for Quicksilver's seemingly accidental death. Additionally, right before the fight's climax, Reverse-Flash is shown setting up the samurai statue that Quicksilver would find himself fatally impaled on, showing that he in fact was responsible for Quicksilver's death.
      • One of the most infamous versions of this meme was done by Valentine Stokes in this video, who would reprise his role as Reverse-Flash in this episode.
      • One of the lyrics in Reverse Rosé, "Thought it was him, but it was me", is likely a reference to this meme, and even plays during the revisit to Quicksilver's death.
  • Goku Black shows up sipping his drink from a cup, similar to how Reverse-Flash reveals his presence to Flash in Flashpoint.
  • The civilian who runs by Reverse-Flash and is killed by Goku Black right before the two start fighting is Death Battle animator John Mitchell.[7]
  • The civilian Reverse-Flash uses as a body shield before throwing him at Goku Black is an OC by John Mitchell named Kaito. [8]
  • As Black transforms into Super Saiyan Rosé form, he says, "What do you think of this color? Is it not beautiful?", a line which comes directly from Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.
  • The shot where Black performs the Black Kamehameha above the city is similar to a scene in Goku VS Superman 1, where Goku in his Super Saiyan form performed the Kamehameha on Superman in Metropolis.
  • Reverse-Flash's line, "Empty threats to a living paradox!", is a reference to his speech toward Barry Allen directly from The Flash Vol. 5 #22, which contains the same line.
    • Additionally, the attack he is performing during that line may be a reference to Flash's fight with Brainiac-Lex in Justice League Unlimited, as both feature their respective speedsters repeatedly punching their opponent by running fast enough to loop through the area.
  • Goku Black clotheslining Reverse-Flash is likely a reference to the first of Eobard's deaths, with Barry doing the very same thing to snap his nemesis' neck. Rather than killing Thawne here, though, he phases out of it before it can do anything lethal.
  • Reverse-Flash giving Goku Black the middle finger before disappearing into another timeline is a reference to the Nileseyy Niles Disappears meme, where comedian Nileseyy Niles holds up a peace sign before disappearing after finding himself in an awkward or undesirable situation.
  • Boomstick describing time travel as "timey-wimey bullshit" in the post-analysis is a reference to Doctor Who, as the Doctor has described time as "a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff" at various points throughout their series.


  • In Goku Black's analysis preview, Boomstick states that Goku "fought in the tournament with Universe 6 before Zamasu caught up with him". However, the clip shown as he says this is that of Universe 3's Agnilasa attacking Goku in the Tournament of Power, which takes place after the Goku Black saga. This would later be fixed in the episode's final release, the clip being replaced with Goku fighting Universe 6's Frost in the Tournament of Destroyers.
  • The episode claims that the Time Ring removes Goku Black from time, turning him into a living paradox and making him unable to die by traditional means. This is incorrect, as while changes to the timeline would not affect Black, the ring does not make him invincible.
    • Despite this inconsistency in the analysis, the Time Ring is accurately depicted in the fight itself.
  • When Reverse-Flash is talking to the man he uses as a human shield, his sprite changes to one where his belt is missing.
  • During the finishing blow, Reverse-Flash impales Black with his vibrating right arm, but the next shot shows his left arm impaling him instead.



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