This article is about the properly re-examined version of Death Battle's 25th episode. You may be looking for the original classic version of Goku VS Superman or the publicly-stated-to-be-irrelevant sequel.


East vs west? More like battle of the best! Who wins this legendary fight?

Goku VS Superman is the 186th episode of Death Battle, featuring Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series and Superman from DC Comics in a proper re-examination of the battle between world-famous alien heroes. Goku was voiced by Michael Kovach and Superman was voiced by Xander Mobus.


The episode opens with the Death Battle transition card closing before opening again to show Goku and Superman charging toward each other before clashing arms, which pauses and grays out as Ringmaster shouts...

Fight season 3

The screen then statics into playing the Death Battle intro.

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Wiz & Boomstick
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Boomstick: Son Goku.

Wiz: Superman.

Boomstick: It's time to answer the ultimate question, and we're taking it all into play!

Wiz: We're examining Superman's extensive mainline comic book canon. Given Dragon Ball Super's contentious continuities, we'll include all three, just to be thorough, plus Dragon Ball Heroes.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Son Goku

Wiz: Faraway in an enchanted land, an old master found a boy, and marveled at his uncommon strength. This is the story of Son Goku.

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Boomstick: Chances are if you watched some localized anime, you can thank this guy!

Wiz: Inspired by martial arts films and his wife's interest in Chinese culture, Akira Toriyama crafted the story, and the character, that would define generations to come.

Boomstick: Dragon Ball! Kakarot was born a low-class Saiyan on the planet Vegeta, narrowly escaped its destruction by Frieza, and was raised on Earth by happy old Grandpa Gohan.

Wiz: Not just raised, but trained. Gohan began Goku's teachings in martial arts, which he would find to be his true calling under the guidance of Master Roshi. Specifically, he learned the Kame-Sennin Ryu style, which focuses on discipline and tenacity, both of which strongly define Goku's character.

Boomstick: The more he learned, the more he wanted to improve. This little low-class monkey boy would prove that hard work and dedication can beat raw talent. Within just a few years, he was so strong, the only worthy teachers left were gods!... and a talking cat, but mostly GODS! When you're training to dodge lightning, you know you're a few leagues over everyone else.

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Wiz: He did have a slight advantage: Saiyans are naturally superhuman. They also take Nietzsche's famous words, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," very, very literally.

Boomstick: It's almost unfair how much of a boost in power they get after they're hurt.

Wiz: While Saiyans like Vegeta may have abused this trait, it suits Goku. No matter how many times you knock him down, he will get back up, stronger than before.

Boomstick: It helps that he knows so many cool combat moves, like the Kamehameha!

Wiz: An incredibly powerful technique that focuses one's ki into a single point for a devastating beam.

Boomstick: So challenging, it took Roshi decades to master, but Goku got it in like five seconds!

Wiz: It's incredibly versatile, with over 50 different variations. For example, Goku can curve the beam after firing, or even shoot it from his feet.

Boomstick: But unlike most Saiyans, he doesn't just use ki to blow shit up. Moves like the Solar Flare, Energy Landmine, and God Bind require a lot more strategy and planning.

Wiz: Because while Goku isn't exactly book-smart, he is a genius when it comes to martial arts. He doesn't just train to conquer his opponents, but to conquer himself.

Boomstick: He's also got some... different moves, like trapping you in a rice cooker!

Wiz: Well, pretty much any container could be used for the Mafūba sealing technique.

Boomstick: Then there's Kaio-ken, AKA instant steroids! Goku's multiplied his power by 20 with it before, and in a movie, he even got it up to times 100! What a badass!

Wiz: The Genki-dama, or Spirit Bomb, is potentially his strongest attack, but it requires considerable time. Unlike Instant Transmission, which is a teleport that's... uh, instant. The way it works is Goku detects another person, like a sort of beacon, then teleports to their location by launching himself through an alternate dimension where time stands still. Yes, according to the Daizenshuu guidebook, it's a dimension hop! You can actually see this in-between space in some movies and games.

Boomstick: And the dubs wanted us to think it shot Goku's molecules around at lightspeed. Silly English!

Wiz: The dubs did more than that. In fact, early dubs of Dragon Ball Z tried to rewrite Goku as a Superman figure. Even his famous speech on Namek about being "the light in the darkness" was originally about him coming to terms with his Saiyan heritage, accepting his anger and pride, avenging his people by defeating Frieza, and declaring himself the Super Saiyan.

Boomstick: Hell yeah!

Boomstick: If there's any scene that deserves the word "epic", it's when he went gold. Super Saiyan and its sequels all have official power multipliers, but they threw us for a loop by turning Goku into a god.

Wiz: Super Saiyan God certainly changed things up.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: Goku gained divine ki, a pure form of ki unspoiled by mortal hands. Unlike normal ki, it can't be detected and appears to have healing properties.

Boomstick: Kinda like Senzu Beans! Did you know one Senzu has so much healing juice, it can regenerate a person's lost limbs?

Boomstick takes a moment to show off his shotgun leg while Wiz looks at his robot arm, curious.

Boomstick: They're missing out.

We cut back to the analysis.

Wiz: God Goku reached a level of power that could compete with the greatest of deities, nearly shattering the whole universe with a single clash on his first go.

The screen then shows a model of Universe 7's structure.

Wiz: Dragon Ball's cosmology is unique. This model is said to be an accurate depiction of Universe 7, but there's a wrinkle there. When all of humanity went to Heaven

Boomstick: Because Buu went "Buu-zerk"—

Wiz: Videl commented that Heaven is just as large as a universe, and the Daizenshuu backs her up.

The Universe 7 structure pops up again, zoomed on a large planetoid on the upper end of it, which Boomstick draws attention to.

Boomstick: And uh... that's Heaven. Big planet.

Wiz: So let's scale things up with that in mind. Doing so would make Universe 7 over 1,500 times larger than our own observable universe.

Boomstick: And Goku could destroy that much the first time he went God! And he didn't lose that power! He learned how to use it even better, even in base form!

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Boomstick: Now, imagine how much stronger he became when he stacked that with Super Saiyan on Super Saiyan God, and became Super Saiyan Blue!

Wiz: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

Boomstick: Yeah, not saying that. Or after he trained with some almighty angels. Or when he perfected the blue hairdo and stacked Kaio-ken on top of that!

Wiz: Goku has certainly performed great feats with god ki: breaking through Hit's time stop by forcing himself into the future, holding off Infinite Zamasu, who is a sentient timeline, defeating Jiren, who shook the entire World of Void by just walking.

Boomstick: He even tried out Hakai, the Destruction God move that nopes you out of existence. Your being, and your soul, erased from all of time and space.

Wiz: Culminating in his greatest form... Ultra Instinct.

Boomstick: Chrome Goku isn't a normal transformation; it's a state of mind. Ultra Instinct is the highest peak of martial arts, subconsciously making optimal choices 'cause you're in the zone. Doing without thinking.

Wiz: Something Goku has always been training to do. Technically, it can be used in any form, but when perfected, Autonomous Ultra Instinct makes you untouchable. No matter what comes his way, Goku will automatically dodge, block, and counter to the best of his ability, even pushing his body well beyond his physical limits. So far beyond, in fact, Ultra Instinct can summon a massive avatar to defend him when his own body can't.

Boomstick: That sounds really intense.

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Wiz: It is, which is why he's developed incremental versions of it for specific uses. It's extremely difficult to maintain the full form for long.

Boomstick: Until you get to Dragon Ball Heroes, AKA Dragon Ball fan fiction gone Kaio-ken times a thousand!

Wiz: While technically a different continuity, CC Goku is functionally a stand-in for the mainline Goku. His history and powers are the same, making his story just as much a "What-If?" scenario as the multiple Super continuities. The only real difference is Toriyama's not really involved.

Boomstick: This Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport through time and dimensions. He outsped a god who could see the future. He defeated Dark King Fu, who was gonna rewrite the entire universe! Hell, this series even makes GT cool! Xeno Goku can break space-time just by going Super Saiyan 4!

Wiz: Looking back at that goofy monkey boy chopping wood and punching dinosaurs, it's almost overwhelming to think about how far Goku has come. How much he's had to face.

Boomstick: But no matter the challenge, he takes it head-on and pushes through.

Wiz: Showing everyone, everywhere, how to go even further beyond.


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Wiz: Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Superman!

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Let's Swing Tonight
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Boomstick: Geez, just a locomotive? People in the '40s needed bigger imaginations.

Wiz: Born on the far-off world of Krypton, the infant Kal-El was sent to Earth by his parents, narrowly escaping Krypton's destruction. Raised by farmers as "Clark Kent", he eventually became Superman: Champion of the Oppressed, the Man of Tomorrow.

Boomstick: If you've only seen the movies, forget 'em! Comic book Clark's not the perfect boy scout. And he's definitely not Jesus. Wait, weren't the guys who made him Jewish?

Wiz: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were sons of Jewish immigrants, and grew up in a time when antisemitism went largely unchallenged.

Boomstick: And then that ugly mustache showed up.

Wiz: Understandably seeking escape from some truly terrifying horrors, the pair created Superman to be a simple solution to overwhelming problems.

Boomstick: A hero who could defeat any evil by just punching it! Hell yeah! That's how I live my life.

Wiz: After almost nine decades, Superman has been many things. At the core, his story is one of a refugee; a child who lost his home, left to the mercy of alien people. This new world accepted him, raised him, gave him a new home, because helping others in need is the right thing to do. That's why he became a superhero. The first superhero.

Boomstick: Everything's gotta start somewhere, but he was the first one to really take off.

Boomstick Uh, I mean, not... literally; it took a while actually before he learned how to fly.

Wiz: In fact, when Clark discovered his Kryptonian heritage, he struggled to accept it and subconsciously developed mental blocks, severing him from his true power which he would uncover throughout his life.

Boomstick: He's strong enough to shoulder-press the weight of the Earth for five days straight, or crush coal into perfectly cut diamond.

Wiz: That's not how that works.

Boomstick: He's fast enough to reach the edge of the universe in seconds, or even break the bonds of infinity. Wait, he can do all that, but Batman can punch him out? Really?

Wiz: You're probably thinking of Elseworlds stories outside main canon like Dark Knight Returns. It's a good question, though; Superman's powers have fluctuated over time for a variety of reasons. However, for Death Battle, we take the characters at their best.

Boomstick: Yeah, like how his breath is so powerful, he can sneeze away a solar system, or blow air cold enough to freeze ghoooosts~!

Wiz: Speaking of, his x-ray vision doesn't just see through walls. He can see through your own body and mind to examine your soul.

Boomstick: And yet, he can't see through lead. That's okay, though, he can just burn through it with his face! Since he gets his power from the yellow Sun, his heat vision burns with the fire of a star. And if beams aren't enough, he can blast it out of his whole body for a Super Flare. It used to totally drain him, but he's learned how to control it.

Wiz: Simply put, Superman's powers defy physics. My favorite examples of this are when he rebuilt the reality-warping Miracle Machine from memory. Or punched Brainiac so hard, every version of him felt it through all of time. Or when he gained 10 years worth of medical training through only five minutes of reading, and then successfully performed lung surgery.

Boomstick: Nice! My favorite example is when he smelled brownies in North Dakota. From orbit.

Wiz: Even beyond his powers, Superman is no novice when it comes to the intricacies of battle.

Boomstick: He's trained in Kryptonian martial arts, which use Chi, or as they call it, Shreearr. He even got summoned to Asgard to fight demons with Thor for a thousand years!

Wiz: Superman can resist being erased from existence, such as tanking Darkseid's Omega Beams. Even Retconn and the Time Trapper, both of which hijack and alter timelines, can't touch him, not because of his powerful mental defenses or healing factor, but because he's a cosmic lynchpin in the greater metaverse.

Boomstick: Timelines literally revolve around him.

Wiz: But let's address the S-shaped elephant in the room. You may have noticed we've covered a variety of Superman eras. Superman and DC Comics as a whole have gone through multiple retcons.

Boomstick: Golden Age, Silver Age, Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, New 52, Rebirth, and so on.

Wiz: It would help to know which one is the main Superman, right? Well... they all are.

We cut to Boomstick.

Boomstick: Yeah, the latest reboots basically said everything in the main series is kinda canon. Even when he had wacky powers like changing his appearance with uhh... super muscular control! Ew...

We cut back to the analysis.

Boomstick: I guess he can still phase through almost anything, even people!

Wiz: Look, if you really dig into it, this isn't new. Plenty of characters have recalled events from supposedly retconned timelines before.

Boomstick: Yeah. Post-Crisis Supes did start as less powerful than in Pre-Crisis, but that was because of the mental blocks.

Wiz: Though he's not a complete composite; there's so many other Supermen out there.

Boomstick: Future Superman, Big Robot Superman, Commie Superman, Dinosaur Superman! There's a bunch.

Wiz: Still, this new canon has affected his abilities. For example, he and other Kryptonians can effortlessly travel through time! And while Superman's powers stem from the Earth's yellow Sun, exposure to a blue star increases them even further. In fact, upon visiting a white star, he attained a whole new level of power.

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Boomstick: When that old baldy Lex teleported him to another galaxy, Superman just popped back up, saying that space-time has lost its meaning for him. He really just said that!

Wiz: Remember: Superman defies physics.

Boomstick: Like when he used heat vision to restart the universe by making an all-new Big Bang!

Wiz: We've seen that his universe has a radius of at least 100 trillion lightyears, but we can calculate a more exact figure. The DC universe is 15 billion years old, and expands at 60 trillion lightyears per half-second. This means its radius must be... over 50 nonillion lightyears across.

Boomstick: Non-li-what? That's 31 zeroes! And Supes helped make that happen!

Wiz: Well, about one fifth of it. That's still immense power, but if you want something bigger, here's the Anti-Monitor blasting Golden Age Superman with all the energy of the Antimatter Universe. And then, Superman... y'know...

Boomstick: Punched him! So hard, it kickstarted another one of those reboots.

Wiz: Now, Superman does have weaknesses. There's Kryptonite, of course, and exposure to red starlight can fade his powers over time.

Boomstick: Not all at once. He has been able to move planets around while under a red star, sooooo...

Wiz: And everyone knows Superman can't deal with magic. But it's more accurate to say he doesn't have any special resistances to it. He's defeated plenty of magic users before, even Shazam.

Boomstick: Superman challenges the idea that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He's the goodest good guy of them all, but there is nuance to being good, even if he is the ultimate power fantasy, unstoppable and incorruptible.

Wiz: Such as when he took on the World Forger, one of the most powerful reality shapers in all of creation.

Boomstick: Who was in the Sixth Dimension crafting a whole new multiverse to replace the one Clark calls home! Who's gonna stop him?!

Wiz: Superman could, and the Forger knew it. So he was trapped on a world with a sun so distant, he could never escape... Or so the Forger thought.

Boomstick: Instead, Clark found the strength he needed to fly at that sun, dip through a ton of stars, KO the World Forger, and shatter his new multiverse with a single punch! Because that's Superman: a simple solution to overwhelming problems.

Wiz: He's the kind of person to save a cat from a tree, answer Christmas cards from strangers, and tow hundreds of planets to a new galaxy, all in the same day. What's not to like?

Boomstick: Truth and justice has no better champion than the Man of Steel!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.


Death Battle

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In a forest near a mountainous region, two fast streaks are seen constantly bouncing off each other, one wearing a red cape and the other an orange gi. The yellow streak, revealed to be Son Goku in his Super Saiyan form, smiles as he spins and lands on the ground to face the red streak ahead of him, Superman. Both alien heroes dash towards each other and clash arms with smiles on their faces and sparks flying between their eyes before an explosion from the clash sends them back.

Goku: Today's the day! We'll finally settle who's stronger!

Superman: (chuckles) If you say so.

Superman flies forward to deliver a light punch only for Goku to slap it downward as he leaps behind him. He smiles, acknowledging his foe's cunning strategy before Goku kicks him further into the forest, crashing through a tree. The two exchange a series of blows flying through the trees and leaving clouds of dust behind.

Clark eventually punches Goku towards the ground before flying up and unleashing his heat vision downwards, only for Goku to use Instant Transmission to avoid it and get closer to Superman. After landing two hits, he uses his Instant Transmission once more to avoid an attack and begins delivering a quick combo to Superman, noticing that he is not fighting at his full strength.

Goku: You're holding back! Give it your all! No regrets!

Goku eventually grabs Superman's cape and spins him around before tossing him with a Dragon Throw into the dirt. Clark brushes off Goku's concerns about his strength.

Superman: I'm doing just fine.

He is able to back it up by flying forward and punching Goku near a lake. Goku responds by yelling and transforming into his Super Saiyan Blue state. He narrowly dodges Clark's next attack and kicks him downwards into the water before putting his hands together and unleashing his signature attack.

Goku: KamehameHA!

The beam pushes Superman into the lake, prompting Goku to put more energy into his attack to keep him pinned. However, Goku notices something coming out of the water.

Goku: Huh?

Unfazed by the attack, Superman flies upward and punches Goku high into the sky. The two exchange rapid blows as they take their battle above the Earth to the edge of outer space. As Clark attempts to land another punch, Goku is able to predict where he is aiming and manages to land a one-inch punch to his chest, sending Superman back.

Now at a distance, Goku attempts to send multiple Ki Blasts forward, but Superman is able to dissolve some of them with his heat vision. He catches one of the blasts and tosses another to the side, only for him to realize with concern where he sent its crash course to: the Moon, which is blown up in the process. The two pause to observe the damage.

Goku: Oops! (chuckles) Well, I guess we can wish it back later!

Superman: World made of cardboard...

Clark looks distraught at his fist before smiling and finally deciding to fulfill his opponent's request, now emitting a bio-electric aura from his body.

Superman: Alright! I'll show you just how powerful I really am!

Goku giggles in excitement before immediately getting clocked in the face with a punch so hard, it forms a crack in reality that shows an alternate universe where GT Goku is battling Superman Blue in front of the Daily Planet.

GT Goku: Kaio-ken!

After the impact, Goku is sent flying across the horizon. Superman immediately appears where his opponent is being punched towards as Goku recovers and attempts to counterattack, but Superman phases through it before turning to deliver another devastating blow, this time showing a cracked reality where their evil counterparts, Goku Black and Ultraman, are caught in a beam struggle on Snake Way.

Ultraman: This looks like a job for—

As Goku is sent upwards, Superman flies upwards to deliver a devastating axe handle to send Goku back to Earth, with one more crack in reality featuring Xeno Goku charging a Kamehameha against a giant Thought Robot, who is attempting to grab him, his hand reaching out of the crack. As Goku is sent flying back down to Earth from Superman's attack, Superman dashes forward and grabs him, slamming him back down to the planet in a deserted canyon, creating a large explosion. Superman picks him up and tosses him into a nearby rock formation, destroying his shirt and knocking him out of his Super Saiyan Blue form and back into base. As he stands up, Clark converses with him.

Superman: Well, what do you think?

Goku: (chuckles) That was awesome! (chuckles) Nice suit!

Superman: Oh, uh, thanks! Kryptonian fabric. My mom made it for me.

Using his compliment as a distraction, Goku Instant Transmissions and attempts to hit pressure points, only for Superman to barely feel his attempt and quickly brush it off with him being back in his base form. After swatting his last punch aside, Superman goes for one of his own, only for the impending danger that Goku is placed in to allow him to unleash his peak state: Ultra Instinct.

Now emitting a white aura, Goku effortlessly avoids Superman's attack at the last moment. After receiving a counter blow, Superman attempts to punch again, only for Goku to dodge once more with a backflip before using the Wild Dance Annihilation to land multiple blows at once.

With his cape torn and now taking the fight more seriously, Superman's bio-electricity strengthens as he and a smiling Ultra Instinct Goku exchange blows all over the canyon at high speeds. Clark tries using a powered-up version of his heat vision, missing Goku but cutting through dozens of mountains at once.

Superman manages to land a punch, but as he attempts a follow-up, Goku catches his fist and punches him to the side. Clark begins missing more against Ultra Instinct Goku, who repeatedly counterattacks at high speeds, forcing Superman to the point where he unleashes his Super Flare. The entire canyon is caught in a bright red explosion that Goku manages to retreat and avoid.

Seemingly exhausted, Superman quickly flies away from Earth and begins flying through multiple suns scattered all across the galaxy to prepare for his ultimate attack. As he sees a glowing yellow light and an aurora high in the sky, Goku is happy as his opponent is finally unleashing his full power.

Goku: Finally. Kaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeee... haaaameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Goku begins charging the Kamehameha wave for the final struggle, the sheer brightness of it illuminating his entire body in a white light. Superman, now glowing yellow from his final sundip, begins charging towards Earth at full speed, prompting Goku to fire his beam towards the sky.


Goku unleashes his final Kamehameha towards Clark, who fires his heat vision to clear a path through the beam. Knowing that he needs to go further beyond to win, Goku powers up one last time.

Goku: Kaio-KEN!!

Goku's body emits a red aura as he multiplies Ultra Instinct with Kaio-ken, which proves to be so powerful that the Earth explodes. Despite his heat vision being overwhelmed by the attack, Superman is still able to endure it as he pushes forward. Seeing his opponent come closer with his body under so much defenseless strain, Goku's body emits the Ultra Instinct Energy Avatar, who throws a punch at the incoming Superman as he throws his own.

The clash of their two most powerful punches proves destructive enough to annihilate their universe, enveloping everything in darkness before cracks in reality form and emit a bright, white light. The light then fades into Goku taking in a breath as he awakens in a white void, sitting down in his base form. He looks up only to see a familiar halo floating above his head, confirming that he has lost.

Goku: Huh? Ah, darn it.

He hears a voice next to him, then looks to his left to see the still-alive Superman standing beside him.

Superman: Heh, almost had me there. That was actually pretty fun!

Goku laughs as he stands up next to his victorious rival and friend.

Goku: Hee hee! Yeah, it sure was! But I'll be stronger next time.

Superman: I look forward to it.

The two alien heroes turn to see multiple cracks in reality showing off various alternate universes where the two continue their never-ending battle. After a moment, Goku reaches his fist out to his side.

Goku: Let's go again!

Superman: You're on.

Superman fist bumps his fallen opponent in support as the screen fades to black.

Ko season 3


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Boomstick: That's it! The final, indisputable answer! Ah, who am I kidding? People are gonna argue this one forever.

Wiz: There's so many ways this battle could go, especially with all the other continuities.

Boomstick: Yeah, for real. Goku would kick almost every other Superman's ass, except for the main one.

Wiz: There's a lot to cover, so let's address the five categories most representative of this fight.


Boomstick: First up, strength. Both could hit hard enough to break or make their whole universe. Or take it in stride, like when Superman got smacked by the whole Antimatter Universe.

Wiz: At most, Dragon Ball's universe is 1,505 times larger than our own. But based on the DC universe's officially established age and rate of expansion, it is 1.6 vigintillion times larger, over a novemdecillion more than Goku's.

Boomstick: At some point, you reach a number high enough that it just doesn't mean anything anymore. Anyway, Goku's obviously gotten stronger since the Beerus fight, even by billions or trillions of times. He's defeated Jiren, Broly, Moro, and Fu!

Wiz: But even if we highball Goku by quadrillions or quintillions of times, the gap is just too much, especially with the World Forger feat. Not even Heroes competes with that. Superman takes the edge in strength.


Boomstick: But strength isn't everything. Let's talk speed. Both are obviously way faster than light, but Superman crossed the mega-sized universe of his in seconds and flew faster than infinity.

Wiz: Makes sense; he can keep up with the Flash, whose speed is so ludicrous, it's unquantifiable.

Boomstick: Don't count Goku out, though. Flying across the entire afterlife in base form and out-speeding Aeos' future sight takes some crazy speed.

Wiz: Fighting Zamasu as an omnipresent merged timeline also implies immeasurable speeds.

Boomstick: That combined with Instant Transmission and Ultra Instinct could probably keep up.

Wiz: Maybe. Quantifiably, Superman is faster, but both are immeasurable. The safest bet here is to say they tie in speed.


Boomstick: Especially when we look at skill. Goku's a martial arts master; he's definitely got better battle instincts. He wants to fight and is dedicated to his training, while Superman sees training as a means to an end.

Wiz: Superman's knowledge in pressure point combat and Kryptonian martial arts are impressive, but he's only used them a few times. It would be disingenuous to say he's an equivalent master at them.

Boomstick: So Goku wins in skill, but not necessarily in experience.


Wiz: Don't get it wrong, Superman is not a mindless brawler. He's trained with Batman and Wonder Woman. He's even defeated martial arts experts like Kobra without powers.

Boomstick: Goku has spent decades training, but Superman battled Norse demons for a thousand years!

Wiz: He's also astonishingly brilliant, like when he reassembled the reality-warping Miracle Machine from memory. Experience obviously goes to Superman. But perhaps less obvious is our last category: Powers.


Boomstick: Hakai, Spirit Bomb, Mafūba, Instant Transmission, God ki, God Bind— how does Goku not win with those?

Wiz: In Dragon Ball, ki is dependent on physical ability, so it's different from magic. God ki is simply pure ki, and magic isn't an auto-win against Superman anyway, whose greater strength could break out of something like the God Bind.

Boomstick: Mafūba and the Spirit Bomb would take way too long, and Goku's never successfully used Hakai before. Even if he did land it, Superman's impossible to erase from reality. Like, he's tanked Omega Beams, which do the same thing as Hakai.

Wiz: Superman can time travel, countering Instant Transmission's similar ability from Heroes. And regarding teleporting him to a red star, ignoring the fact that Saiyans can't breathe in space — though Goku's certainly tough enough to withstand a vacuum — Instant Transmission requires another person to act as a beacon. He can't just warp to any red star.

Boomstick: Even if he did, Superman could simply fly away and find a blue or white star for a supercharge.

Wiz: And Goku could not pull off the same trick twice, as Superman could phase through his attacks.

Boomstick: So, that's it then! Clark has too many counters, so he takes the edge in powers and it's over.

Wiz: Well, I think there's something else. Goku versus Superman breaches a broader zeitgeist. It's more than just two characters fighting. For a whole generation, especially in '90s America, superheroes represented an unyielding status quo. Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America rarely change who they are or what they believe in. For a lot of people, that's tiring, and Superman is an icon of that. Then along came anime! There was a whole other world of ideas and stories for us sheltered Westerners to experience, and Goku's an icon of that. So while many see this as a debate between characters, others see it as a debate of ideologies and culture. And if that's what's at stake... who wants Goku to lose?

Boomstick: Uh... you sure you're not overthinking this?

Wiz: It's not our intent, but i-it does call into question what we're doing. How can people agree with what we take as fact when fiction relies on interpretation?

The music begins to die down as Wiz continues his train of thought.

Wiz: Are we stripping characters of their importance by simplifying them to contestants in a vacuum of violence? A-A-And if so, then what's the POINT?!

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick, with the latter smacking the former in the face as the music picks back up.

Boomstick: Because it's fun, Wiz! Damn it, man! There' more than one way to appreciate something. We're havin' a great time talkin' about awesome characters and slammin' action figures together... and that's okay!

Wiz: Y-yeah. You're right.

Boomstick: I'm just Saiyan, no matter who you prefer, that battle was super,!

Wiz: That's the worst pun!

Boomstick: What? It fits them both.

Wiz: It's so lame!

We cut to the "Winner" card. However, instead of Wiz announcing Superman as the winner, he continues to argue with Boomstick.

Boomstick: I don't see you doing any better.

Wiz: I do the math. The pun's your job!

Boomstick: Well maybe, if you math'd as good as I punned, then Goku would've won!

Wiz: What is wrong with you?!

The Death Battle card closes after, ending the episode.



+ Greater martial arts mastery
+ More varied techniques
+ Better mobility via Instant Transmission
- Limited ki energy
= Ultra Instinct is similar to Theta State
= Potentially similar speeds


+ Far greater strength
+ More experienced
+ Higher intelligence
+ Superior stamina via sunlight
+ Counters most of Goku's techniques
- Limited martial arts mastery
= Theta State is similar to Ultra Instinct
= Potentially similar speeds

Original Track

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The track for this fight is "Super" by Brandon Yates, featuring Logan Adams (who goes uncredited on the track cover) as lyricist and vocalist, and with mixing and mastering done by Anthony DiGiacomo. It is a high-energy heroic rock track with lyrics that emphasizes Goku's love for fighting and the long-lasting rivalry he shares with Superman. A rendition of the intro portion of "Dragon Dance" can also be heard throughout the track, while the main refrain of "Alive" is worked into the pre-chorus in the track's climax. The remastered upload of the track includes both the short instrumental break that plays after the Moon is destroyed in the battle and the entire chime outro after the fight ends, sections of which weren't part of the original version's initial upload.


The titles references how the word is used in both combatants' titles (Goku's Super Saiyan transformations and Superman, respectively), as well as Dragon Ball Super.

Cover Arts

The original cover art done by John Mitchell depicts the golden dragon from Goku's Dragon Fist with his hair and donning Superman's cape emerging from and flying above the Sun. The dragon coming out of the Sun may be inspired by the first shot of the original Dragon Ball opening.

The cover art of the remastered version done by LaughingXenn (which was created for the track's reupload following Rooster Teeth's shutdown) depicts the golden dragon from Goku's Dragon Fist unleashing a Super Flare, both of which are forming the shape of Superman's iconic "S" insignia, as the seven Dragon Balls are seen launching in front of them. The background is a shot of the Earth from space, where the Attack Ball and Kryptonian Rocket that respectively housed Goku and Superman are seen flying toward the planet.


Can you feel the heat,
before the battle's done?
We've traded fists before
There can only be one!

FIGHT! (x16)

Just Saiyan, "It's okay"
Doesn't matter who wins anyway!
Test ourselves, a bond in battle
Men of steel, we're not that fragile!

Who will walk away? (Who will walk away?)
Who will win the day? (who will win the day?)

I live for the fight, my spirit ignites!
'Cause the challenge makes me feel so alive!
I thrive in the clash, never stray from this path!
I'll give it all with every attack!

I can feel it in my bones!
Fighting blow for blow!
If there's something we should know,
it's that we're the strongest known!

We're the strongest known!

FIGHT! (x16)

As long as you give it your all...

Blood born in outer space!
Prime examples of an alien race!
No one else out there can keep us down!
Everything's a blur of fist-to-fist, so show me all that you GOT~!!!

Push past your limits!
Break everything except our spirits!
So let me hear it!
For the love of the fight!

I live for the fight, my spirit ignites!
'Cause the challenge makes me feel so alive!
I thrive in the clash, never stray from this path!
I'll give it all with every attack!

In this moment, there is no space or time...
In this moment, there is only you and I...
In this moment, we are free...
Watch me come a-LIVE~!!!

I can feel it in my bones!
Fighting blow for blow!
If there's something we should know,
it's that we're the strongest known! (A-LIVE~!!!)

We're the strongest known!



  • The connections between Goku and Superman are that they are both beloved, god-like protagonists and considered to be some of the most powerful physical characters in fictional history, as well as the most iconic of their respective mediums (manga/anime and comic books, respectively). Both are amongst the survivors of an alien race (Saiyans and Kryptonians, respectively) and were born to notable fathers who were respected members of said race but were on the opposite spectrum of classes from each other (the low-class Saiyan warrior Bardock and the high-class scientist Jor-El, respectively). Both would be sent from their dying planet (Planet Vegeta and Krypton, respectively) to Earth where they took on the mission of preserving it, and would later be adopted by a man/family who taught them the values of their powers and abilities (Grandpa Gohan and the Kent family, respectively), who would also give them alternate identities to differentiate themselves from their original names (Kakarot was named "Son Goku", and Kal-El was named "Clark Kent") and later inspire the names of their sons (Son Gohan and Jonathan Kent, respectively). Both practice styles of martial arts that involve channeling life energy through their bodies (Kame-Sennin Ryu and ki for Goku and Torquasm-Rao and Shreearr for Superman) and learned to enter a state of heightened mental control (Ultra Instinct and the theta state, respectively), which lets them move and fight without thinking. Both were also the founders of teams made for the purpose of protecting their new home of Earth (the Dragon Team/Z-Fighters and the Justice League, respectively), with whom they have fought against alien invaders (Frieza and Brainiac, respectively), genetically enhanced monsters (Cell and Doomsday, respectively), childish yet dangerous supernatural entities (Majin Buu and Mister Mxyzptlk, respectively), antagonistic members of their own species (Raditz and Zod, respectively), literal gods (Beerus and Darkseid, respectively), and evil versions of themselves from alternate universes (Goku Black and Ultraman, respectively). Both of them also married a human woman and started a family with them (Chi-Chi and Lois Lane, respectively), developed a close relationship with a human martial artist (Krillin and Batman, respectively), powerful green aliens from another planet (Piccolo and Martian Manhunter, respectively), and even a friendly rivalry with an ally of their team (Vegeta and the Flash, respectively). Both also use the word "Super" in their titles (Goku's Super Saiyan transformations and Superman, respectively).
    • Both also gained the ability to form a giant energy avatar construct of themselves for combat (Perfected Ultra Instinct and a Genesis Energy Avatar, respectively) long since the release of the second episode, though only the former made an appearance in the episode proper (as Clark's was far more context-specific, and thus not applicable to his standard power set).
  • Ben Singer had previously stated that, while he initially made Goku VS Superman 2 to be the team's final word on the match-up[1] (as well as any Dragon Ball VS DC-themed episode prior to Goku Black VS Reverse-Flash), he was open to doing a re-analysis at some point due to how much the show has grown since the first two seasons. He also said that it wouldn't be a Goku VS Superman 3 if they did, being closer to the (then upcoming) Mario VS Sonic revisit.[2]
    • He reaffirmed this in a tweet on the day of this episode's announcement, saying that it is "wholly removed" from the original episodes.[3] He would also later state in a blog on Rooster Teeth that he does not consider this episode a "part three", but rather something "separate from the originals".[4]
    • He also stated in 2018 (on the original episode's fifth anniversary) that he wished he could revisit and fix the problems he had with the episode.[3] In a later blog in 2023, he confirmed that the idea of doing a third episode has been considered since 2020.[4]
    • In a blog on Rooster Teeth, he explained that his reasoning for making a third episode was that he wanted to do the matchup justice, as he considers the first two episodes flawed for different reasons:[4]
      • The first one was made in an era when the show as a whole was completely different, as they had a very small staff and the first season as a whole was originally meant to be a joke. He also considered the "man without limits versus the man who breaks limits" concept used in the episode to be "ironically a rather limited way to approach the characters".
      • The second one was intended to be an epilogue rather than a rematch (reiterating his main problem with the episode that he brought up in the Road to 100 Blog[2]), and was originally proposed just to be a special event for the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention. After the episode became the convention's main attraction, however, Ben felt his original intent could not meet expectations, and "In [his] frustration, [he] made a lackluster episode that accidently derides Superman and unintentionally kicks Dragon Ball fans while they're down," with him considering it his worst episode.
    • Shortly after this episode's reveal, Ben tweeted that this re-examination would include material from Dragon Ball Heroes (the stronger Dragon Ball timeline previously used for Trunks VS Silver and Gogeta VS Vegito), and Infinite Frontier (DC's current mainline comics continuity, which is effectively an in-universe composite of all prior mainline Supermen, from the Golden Age all the way to Post-Rebirth).[5]. He also teased that Superman would be given limits in this episode (unlike the previous two, where he was stated to have no limits) in another tweet[3], which was likely referring to the inclusion of the "Weaknesses" slide and the segment going over said weaknesses in his analysis.
      • DJTiki also stated in a tweet after the reveal that "there were a lot of missteps in GvS2" that they're "doing [their] damndest to avoid", such as the treatments of both characters[6] and their powerscaling, reaffirming the removal of Superman being considered limitless.[7]
      • According to Matthew Jones, the initial idea for this episode when it was first pitched in early 2020 only used the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime for Goku and Post-Crisis, New 52, and Rebirth for Superman, similar to the second episode. However, when the team was told the matchup was going to be done for Season 10, he pitched the idea of "composit[ing] every version of Goku and Superman into one" to "make the fight 'definitive'" and "allow [them] to focus on more unique material than the first two fights," to which Ben agreed to. As a result, Jones made the commitment in the winter of 2022 to research every single piece of Superman media, taking notes on feats found in each comic, TV show, movie, and video game in order to be as conclusive as possible.[8]
  • After this episode was revealed at the end of Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor, the previous Goku VS Superman episodes had their YouTube titles changed, giving the respective subtitles of "The Original Classic" for the first and, humorously, "The Irrelevant Sequel" for the second, which not only refer to the long-standing high regards the former episode is held in and both the Death Battle community and official team's shared animosity over the latter episode, but the fact that both videos became outdated upon this third episode's reveal.
    • Additionally, the taglines in the descriptions for both episodes were replaced with the following message: "This episode is outdated & inaccurate. See the all new Goku VS Superman on Dec 4, 2023." After the episode's release, the descriptions were updated to "This episode is outdated. See the all new one here:" with a link to the episode.
    • After the episode's release, Goku VS Superman 2's subtitle was changed to the less deriding-sounding "The Original's Sequel".
  • This is the fourth episode since Black Adam VS Apocalypse whose Next Time trailer wasn't reuploaded as a YouTube Short, after Ant-Man VS Atom, Frieza VS Megatron, and Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor.
  • Unlike both prior versions of this match, Lawrence Simpson and Michael Agrusso do not reprise their respective roles of Goku and Superman, with both being recast with Michael Kovach and Xander Mobus, respectively (with the former having voiced Goku in some regard starting with Goku Black VS Reverse-Flash). In spite of this, both Simpson and Agrusso still appear in the final episode, providing the voices for GT Goku and Ultraman, respectively, for their cameo appearances when Superman first hits Goku with his full power partway through the fight.
  • Oddly, Goku and Superman are not given any epithets in the interlude, making this the second episode to exclude them since Goku VS Superman 2, after Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor.
  • This episode was revealed one day before the birthday of Sean Schemmel, Goku's Funimation voice actor.
  • This episode's release date, December 4th, is two days prior to the 13th anniversary of Death Battle's first episode.
  • This is the sixth episode whose track references a previous one (or in this case, two: Alive and Dragon Dance), after Madara VS Aizen, Scarlet Witch VS Zatanna, Deku VS Asta, Gogeta VS Vegito, and Darth Vader VS Obito Uchiha.
    • This is the second episode whose track references more than one previous original track, after Gogeta VS Vegito.
    • This is the second episode to reference Alive in its track, after Gogeta VS Vegito.
  • Interestingly, Goku's model has the symbol on his gi on the opposite side of where it's traditionally placed. Unlike this match's initial revisit, however, this isn't an error, as Dragon Ball FighterZ has the symbol there by default and properly flips it (while keeping the text intact, unlike Goku's Xenoverse model in the rematch) when Goku switches sides.
  • As revealed on Twitter, MORØ almost worked on the episode, but couldn't make it in time due to most of the fight's shots already being assigned, as well as him stating that he needed to polish his 3D animation skills.[9]
  • The version of Super released on YouTube and Spotify and the version within the fight itself are slightly different, with the fight version adding in a short instrumental break after the Moon is accidentally destroyed and an entire chime outro section after Goku and Superman's final punch clash, as well as cutting out some of the lyrics after Goku enters Ultra Instinct, all of which were changes made so that the track better fits with the fight animation.
  • At the beginning of the season, a teaser trailer was released which included a Gravity Falls-inspired zodiac wheel with 16 symbols on it, each representing and hinting toward an episode in the season. After the release of the Season Finale, the Death Battle YouTube channel began revealing the answers to the zodiac wheel by posting the answers in pinned comments under the symbols' respective episodes. This episode was revealed to be represented by the recycling symbol.[10] This is because of the fact that this is the third time that Death Battle has tackled the matchup. As recycling is a term used for the act of converting waste into reusable material, it may also refer to how this episode is a proper re-examination of the matchup that avoids the mistakes made by the widely disliked and criticized Goku VS Superman 2.
  • This is the last episode David Fischer worked on for Death Battle, as his contract with Rooster Teeth was not renewed after the season ended.

Easter Eggs


  • During the opening clash at the start of the episode, since it flips the order around compared to the actual animation (as Superman is the first one shown in the fight, but Goku is the first one shown here), an extra frame is left in between Superman and the clash itself where you can see Goku's transition into it.
  • Goku defeating Broly is suggested to have happened after he got strong post-clash with Beerus. However, not only is the footage they used incompatible with this (as it's of Dragon Ball Z's Broly, who would've been earlier in the timeline had Toei and Super's canons coexisted), but Goku also didn't defeat Super's Broly either; Gogeta did.
  • In the "Results" slide in the post-analysis, "potentially" is misspelled as "potentailly".



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