Goro VS Machamp
Season 7
Overall Episode 125
Season Episode 6
Air date April 6th, 2020
Written by Joshua Kazemi
Animated by Vincent Cappelluti
David Fischer
Adele Kraus
Alyssa Lislecki
Erika Soosaar
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The ultimate four-armed fist fight, and only one can be declared the true champion!

Goro VS Machamp is the 125th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Goro from the Mortal Kombat series and Machamp from the Pokémon series in a battle between four-armed martial artists. Goro was voiced by Lucas Schuneman and Machamp was voiced by Kestin Howard.


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Wiz: Bruce Lee once said, "I don't believe in different ways of fighting. We all have two arms and two legs, so that is why I believe there should be only ONE way of fighting."

Boomstick: Clearly, he never met these four-armed fighters with four forearms.

Wiz: Goro, the half-dragon prince of Mortal Kombat.

Boomstick: And Machamp, the Fighting-type Pokémon from the Kanto region. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.



(Boomstick sings the Mortal Kombat theme)

Boomstick: Ah, a fighting tournament as killer as its iconic theme song. With a reputation like that, you better believe the first boss in the game would be a champion who's won nine times in a row. He won't just kick your ass, he'll rip your arms off, too.

Wiz: This is Goro, prince of the Shokan people and one of their strongest warriors. He's eight feet, two inches tall, weighs five hundred fifty pounds, and clocks in at two thousand years old, with no signs of slowing down.

Boomstick: He's been through a hell of a lot during his run, but here are the highlights. He fought in a civil war, crushed some five hundred dollar sunglasses, and uh, oh yeah! He's a half-humanoid, half-dragon person! Who would be stupid enough to fight a half-dragon with four arms?

Wiz: Not many, most of the Mortal Kombat roster refuses to fight Goro because they're terrified of losing to him. And getting torn in two.

Boomstick: After living for as long as he has, you better believe he's picked up some skills. He's got five hundred years of experience in Mortal Kombat tournaments, and has mastered a ton of different fighting styles.

Wiz: He's obviously familiar with the Shokan style, which uses his extra appendages to lethal effect. He's also a master of an adapted version of the Kuatan style, which is much more elaborate and relies on the strengths of a more traditional humanoid body.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Like kicks and stuff.

Wiz: Uh... Right.

Boomstick: On top of that, Goro's got a ton of fun tricks up his four sleeves. Like fireballs, dragon breath, high flying stomps, quadruple grabs, and his favorite: crushin' skulls. But if those don't work, he's got bladed weapons called Dragon Fangs. They're like Shredder's claws, but there's four of 'em, one for each hand. Oh my god...

Wiz: Are you okay, Boomstick?

Boomstick: Well... is it weird that Goro kinda reminds me of the guy that my ex-wife ran off with?

Wiz: Why, because he's so buff?

Boomstick: Yeah, but mostly the four arms. I mean, how am I supposed to keep up with that? He's got two more hands than me!

Wiz: Huh. Sorry. (puts a hand on his shoulder) Anyway, with all those tournament titles, it's pretty clear Goro stands above most other Mortal Kombat combatants, with a "K". Characters like Kabal, Johnny Cage or even Kotal Kahn, who once destroyed this ship, which is clearly inspired by Spanish conquistadors. Based on historical references to similar ships, the power needed to destroy one like this would require over three billion joules of energy.

Boomstick: We also saw Raiden destroy this temple with almost two hundred seventy tons of TNT, which is... a lot. On top of that, Kabal can move fast enough to parry machine gun fire. To pull that off, you'd have to be moving almost three times as fast as sound.

Wiz: Goro's not the only impressive Shokan. The tiger-striped Kintaro survived this massive explosion. Using the average height for a Shokan, and comparing it to the blast radius, we can posit that this explosion yielded a force equivalent over twenty-five tons of TNT.

Popup: While Goro and Kintaro have not fought in the games, Goro is considered his better; hence his championship title. While not canon, he did defeat Kintaro in the Malibu Comics.

Boomstick: The Shokan are a tough people, that's for sure, and super proud. After a disappointing loss to the Shaolin monk, Liu Kang, Goro was unable to secure a tenth MK title in a row. And while it seriously hurt his warrior pride, he didn't stop beatin' the shit out of people.

Wiz: Not only did he eventually try to win that title again, but he also fought in multiple wars, including one with the similarly powerful Centaurians.

Boomstick: But he never stayed in one place for too long, like when he pissed off Kotal Kahn and got his arms ripped off.

Wiz: But even without his primary weapons at his side, Goro would not give up. He even managed to defeat the ninja Kenshi.

Popup: To be clear, Goro captured Kenshi off-panel. While it is possible there's more to Kenshi's defeat, it is unlikely given Goro's personality and goals. The strongest implication is that he defeated Kenshi one-on-one.

Boomstick: Without any frickin' arms! God damn! Also, a limbless guy versus a blind guy? Throw Professor X in there, and you have yourself the ultimate, and definitely most offensive, cripple threat match. Oh what? I've got one leg!

Wiz: Ahem, with or without his many titles, Goro always has the make of a champion. His determination and will to fight is only matched by his strength, power, and frankly, bloodlust. Even with his failures, he truly is the greatest of the Shokan.

Goro: (to Liu Kang) I will give you a warrior's death.

Announcer: Round 1... FIGHT!


Wiz: The Superpower Pokémon, Machamp, is a Fighting-type that originated in the Kanto region. They begin their lives as the youthful Machop, which train tirelessly to learn, and eventually master, every form of martial arts.

Boomstick: It's a lethal combo of adorable and kickass. And they're jacked!

Wiz: The Machop possesses muscles more dense than humans that allow them to train for long periods of time without fatigue. Eventually, the young Machop will reach a new level, leaving behind the days of its youth, and evolving into a Machoke.

Boomstick: The Machoke is strong enough to lift dump trucks with ease. And once he's moved on from the teenage days of angst and rebellion, Machoke evolves into the Rock-spirit Pokémon, Machamp! This four-armed fighter stands five feet tall, and weighs an average of two hundred and eighty pounds.

Wiz: Even after realizing its final evolution, most Machamps continue to train and pursue peak levels of physical fitness.

Boomstick: When they're not firin’ off sets at the gym, they're most likely helping humans as movers, construction workers, and bodyguards. Or, you know, they're just beatin’ other Pokémon senseless in the dogfighting ring that is the Pokémon world.

Wiz: Questionable pet and owner relationships aside, Machamp seems to simply enjoy helping people. Whether in the Pokémon arena, or in the outside world.

Boomstick: And Machamps are well equipped for both. They have a ton of great moves, like Bulk Up, which increases physical power, Knock Off, which can knock anything off of an opponent's hands, and Seismic Toss.

(Machamp uses Seismic Toss on an Alolan Raticate.)

Boomstick: Whoa! Holy shit! Did he just launch that rat into orbit?!

Wiz: Fighting-type Pokémon like Machamp make for fearsome predators against Normal, Ice, Rock, and Dark-types. Even Steel-type Pokémon turn brittle under Machamp's brute strength. On the other end of the spectrum, Machamp can fall prey to agile flying Pokémon, cerebral Psychic-types, and mystical Fairies.

Boomstick: Man, Pokémon's f*ckin' weird.

Wiz: However, the Machamp can always fall back on their natural abilities. The most common of which is named: Guts. Whenever a Machamp is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed, its adrenaline spikes, increasing its physical power.

Boomstick: Including his physical moves, w-which is like, all of them. According to the Pokédex, Machamp can punch one thousand times in two seconds, and can move mountains with one hand!

Wiz: Now, the Pokédex isn't always the most reliable source. However, we have seen proof of Machamp's thousand punches in Pokkén Tournament. To do this in two seconds, Machamp must be punching at speeds faster than sound.

Boomstick: Damn! If havin' two extra arms is like shootin' fish in a barrel, then this is like bakin' perfectly good cookie dough. I-It's like, totally unnecessary.

Wiz: In order to move a mountain, Machamp would need to exert anywhere from eight to thirty kilotons of TNT. And pulling off their signature move, Seismic Toss, would require even more energy. Considering an average weight of two hundred kilograms for any given Pokémon, and the speed at which they travel when thrown, a typical Machamp's throwing power would need to be equivalent to over a hundred and thirty kilotons of TNT.

Popup: The portrayal of Seismic Toss varies from game to game, but in multiple games it depicts the target Pokémon being launched into near-orbit. This lines up with some Pokédex entries, if they are to be believed.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Machamps can also take a lot of damage. They live and fight together, after all.

Wiz: As we can see, Machops and Machokes in particular are raised in herds of their own kind. It's natural that they would fight all the time, exhausting an insane amount of power on each other. And according to some people, they look great while doing it. There's even a fan club of people who find themselves unexplainably attracted to them. This is real.

Boomstick: Probably run by my ex-wife. We didn't even make it halfway through the reception. I guess my "signature move" is signing divorce papers.

Wiz: The Machamp is so strong, the species have become a favorite amongst Gym Leaders, such as Giovanni and Bea.

Boomstick: Makes sense. They can go head-to-head with a ton of crazy strong Pocket Monsters.

Wiz: The Machamp is an extremely tough Pokémon that rounds out any roster. After all, they literally live to fight.

Machamp: CHAMP!

Death Battle

We see Goro walking through a rocky, underground area to polish one of his trophies. Suddenly, a wild Machamp crashes through the ceiling a few feet behind him.

Machamp: Machamp.

Goro quickly shuts his trophy collection from sight and turns to face the intruder with his palm on his face. Once he removes it, he’s immediately taken back by the sight of this strange creature.

Goro: What? You're no Shokan. Begone from my lair!

(Cues: Four Fist Death Punch - Therewolf Media)

The Superpower Pokémon doesn't listen and flexes an arm to signal its desire to challenge the Shokan prince.

Machamp: MACHAMP!

Believing Machamp to be a small deformed Shokan, Goro is infuriated.

Goro: Disgusting. A pathetic runt like you wastes our dragon blood!

Goro steps forward before going into a dash. His new opponent follows up with a dash of its own. The four-armed fighters are locked in a hand to hand struggle. The Shokan pushes back the Pokémon until it takes advantage of its smaller size and uses its two upper hands to flip Goro's own upper arms and deliver a powerful judo throw that sends him crashing across the cavern floor. The Mortal Kombat champion doesn't get a chance to recover as he is tackled into a slam. He pelts at the Machamp's head with two punches and an axe handle before forcefully throwing him off and getting to his feet and reaching out for a rocky weapons cache.

The Machamp lands successfully on its feet, only to now notice Goro sporting his Dragon Fangs hand blades on each wrist. The Shokan warrior wastes no time and charges in with a slash. Machamp dodges it and another one but Goro leaps into the air and strikes a downward slash finally drawing blood.

The Superpower Pokémon, now taken by surprise, intensifies its glare. It charges forwards, using Knock Off to remove Goro's Dragon Fangs and thrusts with all four arms, knocking back the Shokan. Growling, Goro recovers and charges at Machamp, throwing two right hooks at the same time, both hitting the Superpower Pokémon in the face. Machamp is knocked away, landing on its back.

Machamp: Ma!

As Goro leaps up to land on it, Machamp recovers and leaps up as well, grabbing Goro tightly as both continue going up into the sky. As they slow to a halt, they fall back down down to the ground. Goro crashes into the ground face first, creating a small crater. Machamp lands in front of him, striking a pose after performing the Seismic Toss.

Machamp: Champ!

Walking over to the unconscious Goro, Machamp picks him up, holding him in a powerful hug, squeezing tightly. However, Goro wakes up and headbutts the Pokemon, freeing himself. Taking advantage of the opening, the Shokan attacks relentlessly, throwing a barrage of punches.

Machamp retaliates with an axe handle and lands a few blows, before it and Goro are locked in another struggle to overpower each other.

Goro: Face death like a warrior.

Machamp: Ma... CHAMP!

Goro: Stop saying that!

Machamp: Champ.

Goro: You're no champ. I am! The Champion of Mortal Kombat!

Machamp wins the struggle, pushing Goro back. Rushing forwards, it attacks Goro. The Mortal Kombat champion dodges the first attack, but is struck from behind when the Superpower Pokémon spins behind him and throws a backhanded punch. As a result, Machamp is able to land more blows, before Goro recovers and knocks it away. Machamp recovers instantly and attacks once more, forcing the Shokan into a defensive position.

Machamp: (chants Machamp repeatedly very quickly)

Pushed back by the barrage of punches and forced against the wall, Goro lashes out and grabs Machamp's head, squeezing tightly, which causes an x-ray shot of Machamp's skull being crushed. Stunned, the Pokemon is thrown back and lands on the ground, motionless. Walking over to the fallen fighter, Goro chuckles as he picks it up, ready to perform a Fatality. However, Machamp recovers in time.

Machamp: Ma... CHAMP!

Swinging back, the Superpower Pokémon strikes Goro, who swings it around and throws it into a wall, and subsequently, out of the area. Scoffing, Goro turns his back and walks away, believing the battle to be over. Hearing a noise, he flinches and turns around in time to see Machamp burst back in through the door. Goro unleashes his Dragon Breath, coating the Superpower Pokémon in flames. He advances, forcing the Pokémon back.

However, Machamp's Guts ability allows it to power through the flames, making Goro leap back. Coated in a red aura, Machamp winks as it flexes. Goro roars in fury as his hands are coated in green flames. The two trade blows before Machamp is able to land several blows in succession, before Goro knocks Machamp back with one blow. Machamp digs its hands into the ground, picking up two large rocks. Leaping forwards, it strikes Goro with Cross Chop then follows up by smashing the two rocks against the Shokan.

Goro uses all four arms to punch Machamp, but all four hands are caught. Machamp spins and shoves Goro away while still holding on to Goro's lower right arm, ripping it off. Goro realizes this.

Goro: Huh?

The Shokan rushes back into battle and gets in close. He grabs Machamp with his three remaining arms, and returns the favor. However, he takes it a step further and strikes Machamp twice with its own removed lower left arm. Realizing what happened, Machamp finally loses its temper and shouts in anger.

Machamp: Machamp!

Rushing in, Machamp rips off the rest of Goro's arms as the Shokan makes an attempt to fight back, but to no avail. Stumbling back, Goro growls in pain as he is left armless.

Machamp: Cha...

The Superpower Pokémon runs towards the Shokan, unleashing a flurry of blows with its three arms, while Goro roars in pain.


Suddenly, Machamp stops and grins, giving a thumbs up. It then lashes out with a Dynamic Punch with both right arms in the form of an uppercut.

Machamp: MA! CHAMP!

Goro's body is blasted apart, and his head, torso, and legs fly off into the night sky. Meanwhile, Machamp strikes a pose, celebrating its victory.

Machamp: Machamp!

A sign saying MACHAMP hurt by the burn! appears and Machamp falls over, finally registering the injury caused by Goro's Dragon Breath.

Machamp: Ma... Champ...



(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Daw, he forgot to say "he's blasting off again." Do it over! We gotta get that joke right at least once.

Wiz: This was certainly a... uh... unique battle to experience.

Boomstick: While Machamp's resilience came in handy, Goro's fighting styles continued to put Machamp to the test again and again. Plus, Goro's huge! At eight feet tall, Goro towers a full three feet over the average Machamp. Obviously, not including the Dynamax and Gigantamax forms found exclusively in the Galar region.

Popup: Machamp can only access Dynamax or Gigantamax forms via Dynamax energy, a byproduct of the legendary dragon Eternatus in the Galar region.

Wiz: Also, while Machamp could punch at mach one speeds, Goro could technically match Kabal, who would need to move at nearly mach three to parry machine gun fire.

Boomstick: So as far as punchin’ speed was concerned, it looks like Goro actually had the advantage.

Wiz: Except it hardly mattered. Machamp's power output outdid Goro's and then some. Even scaling Goro to Kotal Khan's ship feat and comparing it to the Seismic Toss, Machamp is almost a hundred and seventy thousand times more powerful.

Boomstick: This karate duck man is on a whole other level. Plus, he had a ton of ways to counter everything Goro threw at him. Knock Off prevented Goro from using weapons, and Guts meant he could take Goro's fire breath and use it for himself.

Wiz: The Dragon Fangs and Fire Breath hardly would make much of a difference, considering how durable the Machamp species is. After all, their primary trait is learning how to fight. So they'd naturally be fighting each other quite frequently.

(We cut to WIz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Ah, the Majestic Machamp, roaming the fields of the Kanto region, gently seismic tossing each other into orbit. Just imagine walkin’ past that on your Sunday stroll.

Wiz: You were right. The Pokémon world is wild.

Boomstick: This grabby match turned bloody brawl was intense, and made me realize that we're all strong and beautiful just the way we are, no matter how many arms you have or... whose wife you stole.

Wiz: Good for you. While Goro put up an excellent battle that would've made his people proud, he didn't have enough to overpower the Superpower Pokémon.

Boomstick: Unfortunately, this foe was forced to forfeit his four fists. Fitting that his final fate would be so freakin' Gor-y.

Wiz: The winner is...

Machamp: Machamp!

Original Track

Four Fist Death Punch

The track for this fight is "Four Fist Death Punch" by Werewolf Therewolf. It is an upbeat, fast-paced techno track featuring riffs of various Pokémon themes from Pokémon Red & Green, as well as the Mortal Kombat theme song.

The title is a reference to the obvious fact that both combatants have four arms. The "Death" part could also refer to the fatalities in Mortal Kombat. The name as a whole could be a reference to various names of Pokémon moves Machamp can learn (e.g. Dynamic Punch, Mega Punch, etc.). The title is also likely a reference to the name of the real-life metal band, "Five Finger Death Punch".

The track image depicts two fists flying towards each other, the left one white, the right one black, with each of them being backed up by three smaller red fists. The fists themselves are the same as the icon for fighting-types in the Pokémon trading card game. in the background is a yin-yang obscured by a large white flash and an electric ball.


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