These two high-flying kung fu masters are ready to prove who the real Dragon Warrior is!

Iron Fist VS Po is the 145th episode of Death Battle, featuring Iron Fist from Marvel Comics and Po Ping from the Kung Fu Panda series in a battle between draconic martial arts masters. Iron Fist was voiced by Jonathan Bullock and Po was voiced by Austin Lee Matthews.


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Wiz & Boomstick
by Brandon Yates
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Wiz: Danny Rand, Marvel's immortal Iron Fist.

Boomstick: And Po, the chosen Kung Fu Panda.

Wiz: The way of kung fu can be full of hardship, but these two unlikely masters have shown that with the right training and determination, anyone can walk the path of the Dragon Warrior.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Iron Fist

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by Jordan Gagne
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Wiz: Every 10 years, in the mountains of Tibet, the mystical lost city of K'un-Lun will appear, forever guarded by a legendary warrior: the Iron Fist.

Boomstick: Naturally, one of the Iron Fist's former apprentices, Wendell Rand, thought "I should really bring my wife and kid to visit the kung fu super city. Best family vacation ever!"

Wiz: But, not so naturally, Wendell's business partner tagged along: Harold Meachum, who, surprise, had less than noble intentions.

Boomstick: So, Wendell was sent off a cliff, and his son Danny won the tragic backstory lottery when his mom died protecting him from wolves. Never trust a Harold, folks.

Wiz: Danny survived and was adopted by the people of K'un-Lun. Within the city's walls, he spent his formative years tirelessly training in pursuit of revenge.

Boomstick: He's mastered judo, Muy Thai, aikido, pressure points, pretty much every cool fighting style around. He also gained a weird habit of shouting "Heart of the Dragon!" whenever he's surprised. Heh heh heh, oh, you know that guy's got at least, like, six silk dragon shirts in his closet.

Wiz: That would be interesting foreshadowing, for when Danny turned 19, he had the chance to become the next Iron Fist. But he had to overcome one final challenge: the immortal dragon Shou-Lao.

Boomstick: And, like a badass, Danny walked up to Shou-Lao's front door, then, get this, bearhugged the dragon until it fell unconscious, netting Danny a sweet chest tattoo and the chance to plunge his hands deep into the dragon's—

Wiz: Boomstick!

Boomstick: What? I was gonna say the creepy cauldron holding its heart. What are you thinkin'?

Wiz: Uh... This act infused Shou-Lao's chi with Danny's, making him the newest, the immortal Iron Fist.

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Day of Destiny
by Richard Wells
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Boomstick: With his newfound power, Iron Fist did what any vengeful orphan would, and left K'un-Lun to track down the bastard who killed his parents.

Wiz: However, when he found Harold, all the Iron Fist saw was a broken man. So, he spared him, casting aside his past anguish to become... a hero.

Boomstick: Oh great, another lesson about how revenge is bad and all that crap. Wiz, when I find those chickens that did in my grandpappy, make sure I finish the job.

Wiz: I'll put it on my calendar. Thanks to his friend Luke Cage, Iron Fist was able to reconnect with the real world and co-found a team: the Heroes for Hire.

Boomstick: And when he wasn't superheroing, Iron Fist was... actually a pretty good dude, who used his money to start a soup kitchen. Because he's yet another superhero who is secretly a billionaire by inheritance.

Wiz: Together, the Heroes for Hire fought many villains, like Incinerator, Master Khan, and the White Man.

Boomstick: Hell yeah! Down with the establishment, Danny!

Wiz: No, I-I mean he fought a mob boss actually named "White Man".

Boomstick: Well, Whitey better watch out, because Iron Fist isn't just a fancy title; Danny can harden his fist on impact, hypnotize his foes, accelerate his healing, make close range Kamehameha kabooms, and even a giant energy dragon! Look at it!

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: Many of these chi powers were learned through the aptly named Book of the Iron Fist, a relic that has been held by every past... uh, Iron Fist. It even lets Danny open portals across dimensions back to K'un-Lun.

Boomstick: Yeah, that's cool and all, but why does he wear ballet slippers? Yellow dance shoes don't exactly strike fear into the enemy, you know?

He puts one on his gun leg and begins to rub it on the floor, building up static electricity.

Wiz: They're tai chi shoes, pretty standard. Anyway, Iron Fist can absorb not just chi, but all manner of naturally occurring power, like electromagnetism.

Boomstick touches Wiz's robot arm and gets shocked, while causing Wiz's robot arm to fall limply to his side.

Boomstick: YAH! Oh, so that's why he wears the slippers.

We cut back to the analysis.

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Deadly Force
by Richard Wells
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Wiz: Danny can react in a microsecond, punch apart a H.A.M.M.E.R. helicarrier, and has delivered strikes comparable to hydrogen bombs. And, being the Iron Fist, he is also one of the most martially skilled heroes in all of Marvel.

Boomstick: This guy can go toe to toe with boy scout super soldiers like Captain America, and the friendly neighborhood light-dodging Spider-Man. He even defeated the evil demon Mara.

The Mara from Shin Megami Tensei is shown on-screen.

Boomstick: No no, not the ball demon. I'm talkin' about the bull demon!

Wiz: And after absorbing enough electromagnetic energy, he punched apart this train, surviving the resulting explosion that had enough force to, and I quote, "make Hiroshima look like a sparkler".

Boomstick: Um, not so sensitive analogy aside, it's clear Iron Fist's... fist... glove?... c-closed hand has some serious power. One time, he took in the chi of all the people of K'un-Lun to become this rad, kung fu skeleton man. Watch out, he's got a bone to pick with crime!

Wiz: All to fight an eldritch Terminator called The One, who Danny had previously defeated.

Boomstick: Wiz, you really need to work on words better. Anyway, after Iron Fist threw the nameless robot off a cliff, it found daddy Wendy himself and decided "Hey, I should really take this guy's head and plop it onto my body!" What the f***? Who wrote this?!

Wiz: Schrödinger's dad aside, Iron Fist is one of the deadliest Marvel heroes out there. No matter the challenge, he will always be there to keep the balance between K'un-Lun and the outside world.

Iron Fist: I earned the Iron Fist, and no one can take that from me! Not even you!

He shouts as he unleashes a chi-powered punch to Shou-Lao, reducing the dragon to nothing on contact.

Po Ping

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Iron Warriors
by Richard Wells
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Boomstick: Legend tells of a Dragon Warrior so skilled and deadly in martial arts that his foes would go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness. A fighter of unrivaled power, wisdom, and rotundity.

Wiz: This is Xiao Po Ping, a panda born in the Valley of Peace. For the longest time, this valley only knew... well, peace.

Boomstick: But everything changed when Gary Oldman the peacock and his army attacked.

Wiz: Lord Shen received a prophecy, saying his conquest would be stopped by a warrior of black and white; a panda.

Boomstick: So, in a fit of paranoia, Shen decided to GENOCIDE EVERY PANDA IN EXISTENCE, forcing Po's mom to part with her baby as he Moses'd away in a radish box. Geez, we got real dark with the sequel, huh?

Wiz: After some... obligatory trauma, Po was taken in by a literal father goose named Ping.

Boomstick: With his expert guidance, Po trained day and night to be... a waiter at a noodle restaurant. Not the hardline warrior life I was expecting.

Wiz: It was Po's dream to be a martial artist. He idolized all things kung fu, going so far as to make action figures of his heroes, the Furious Five.

Boomstick: Heh heh, nerd.

Wiz: However, he never expected to have the chance to actually explore that dream, until the day of the Dragon Ceremony, where Master Oogway would select a chosen one to lead a new era of kung fu as the Dragon Warrior.

Boomstick: And to the shock of everyone, Master Oogway chose him! Talk about a freak accident.

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Kill Thrill
by Richard Wells
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Wiz: There are no accidents, Boomstick. Despite some setbacks, Po was actually quite gifted. He just needed the right motivation. A carrot on a stick.

Boomstick: Or more accurately, a dumpling.

Wiz: Next to the Furious Five, Po experienced the classic Shaolin animal styles, which are actual practiced martial arts. Tiger Style uses ferocious combos, Monkey Style has unpredictable acrobatics, Mantis Style uses fast strikes, Viper Style implements fluid movements, and Crane Style is all about sweeping hits.

Boomstick: Buuut, none of them suited Po, so he made his own. You guessed it, Panda Style.

Wiz: Which is sort of inspired by the real world Dragon Style, but mostly based around using his... roundness for defense, wearing down enemies until he gets an opening.

Boomstick: His body can stop just about anything. Falls, pressure point attacks, and even a club to the face.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: When he isn't overwhelming you with his pure fatness, Po can launch a Hadoken with the Thundering Wind Hammer, immobilize foes with the Paralyzing Shoulder Touch, and blind you with the Golden Lotus Clap!

Wiz puts on sunglasses and Boomstick performs the move, only to get blinded.

Boomstick: Oh god, it's like lookin' into the Sun!

Wiz: (takes off sunglasses) But, you have to be careful, or you could blind yourself with it.

Boomstick: What?! Why wasn't that at the beginning of the instructions?! We never saw Po do this in the movies!

As Wiz continues talking, Boomstick stumbles around completely blind.

Wiz: Po has been in much more than movies, like TV shows, where he picked up a lot of new powers.

We cut back to the analysis.

Wiz: Such as the Hero's Chi, a life force passed onto a chosen every generation.

Boomstick: This Shōnen power-up lets Po counter mind control, shoot beams of energy, and make a giant dragon construct that devours pretty much anything.

Wiz: And of course, possessing the Hero's Chi makes Po comparable to the previous owners of it.

Boomstick: Including the Black Tortoise...

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Quest for Glory
by Richard Wells
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Boomstick: Who was powerful enough to stop this huge meteor from hitting Earth! Po even defeated this dude who had absorbed the collective chi of the greatest fighters across China!

Wiz: Po's achievements gave him the admiration of his peers, but his journey to becoming a legend wasn't easy.

Boomstick: Yeah, big shocker, the orphaned panda Dragon Warrior raised by a goose in a noodle shop had a bit of an identity crisis. But through it all, Po proved he can hang with the best of 'em.

Wiz: He can evade lightning blasts, chuck a hammer into low orbit, and once cleared an entire cloud formation with just the flex of his pinky.

Boomstick: This is his signature technique: The Wuxi Finger Hold. A move that warps anyone caught in it to the Spirit Realm!

Wiz: AKA, the afterlife. No really, characters who have canonically died can be found here. And even should Po be unable to complete the hold, he can always use it on himself to bring his target to the Spirit Realm with him.

Boomstick: But despite the Spirit Realm being the afterlife and all that, death isn't always permanent. I mean, thanks to Po's chi mastery, he can travel back home no problem!

Wiz: And eventually, he overcame the tragedy of his past and found his inner peace. In this state of mind, Po has an immense amount of focus, enough to catch cannonballs!

Boomstick: A trick that proved handy when it came time to defeat that asshole Gary Oldman who killed his mom. You show him, Jack Black! Er, um... Po.

Wiz: Po now stands ready to teach the next generation, alongside his original father, who... apparently survived. Head and all.

Boomstick: (tearfully) What a nice ending...

Wiz: After mastering chi, returning from the Spirit Realm, and saving all of China, Po has finally realized who he truly is.

Po: I am... the Dragon Warrior. Get it? See the giant dragon? (laughing)


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: But first, if you like cool, goofy cartoons like Kung Fu Panda, check out Rooster Teeth's new show, Neon Konbini!

An advertisement for Neon Konbini plays.

Boomstick: But right now, IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLEEE!!!

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.


(The transcript below is exclusive to the YouTube version of the episode.)

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: But first, if you like cool, goofy cartoons like Kung Fu Panda, check out Rooster Teeth's new show, Neon Konbini!

An advertisement for Neon Konbini plays.

Boomstick: But right now, IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLEEE!!!

(The transcript below is exclusive to the Rooster Teeth version of the episode.)

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.


Death Battle

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Dragons & Dumplings
by Therewolf Media
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The scene opens outside of a temple during sunset. Iron Fist is standing in front of an open door, performing a variety of strikes and lunges. He finishes off with one final palm strike and is taken aback when a dumbfounded Po is revealed to be standing at the opening behind him, who comments on his training.

Po: Wow! That. Was. AWESOME!!!

Po further expresses his excitement with a series of mimicked motions.

Po: You were like "Waaaah!", and then went "Shashabooie"! Who are you?

Chuckling at the admiration, Iron Fist turns around to provide his identity...

Iron Fist: I am the dragon.

...only to be given a look of shock once Po excitedly interrupts him once more with an ecstatic gasp.

Po: No way, me too! Do you wanna spar?

Po takes a combat-ready stance, to which Iron Fist responds with the same action.

Iron Fist: With you? Heh. Alright, buddy. Show me what you got.

Po: Oh yeah! May the best dragon win!

The two rush at each other with a single dash, with Iron Fist gaining the first strike to Po's stomach, causing him to temporarily reel back. He performs a couple more strikes to his face, dodging a retaliatory strike and launching Po away with a combo that ends in a palm strike. Po is sent flying towards the wall of the temple with his weight bouncing him off the surface, flying towards Iron Fist. He is surprised by the ricochet, and is similarly launched backwards. Po is swift to capitalize on his stunned opponent, engaging with a series of punches and claps.

Po: Dragon Strike!

Po clashes his stomach with Iron Fist's punch, pushing the two back. However, Po leaps into the air with a flying kick, which is swiftly countered by an upwards punch. Po, still airborne, begins to attack with a flurry of kicks, which Iron Fist defends against with a similarly quick series of punches, then manages to catch and stop Po's last kick. He uses his Hypnotic Fist technique to hypnotize Po, before slamming him into the ground. Po bounces and manages to recover, but is punched into the air. Shaking his head, he tries to break out of the hypnotism.

Po: Woah-ho-ho! Focus... Focus!

Po imagines Iron Fist's head as a dumpling, which successfully motivates him to snap out of Iron Fist's hypnosis as Po does an axe kick and a belly flop on Danny before firing off a chi blast which Iron Fist absorbs.

Iron Fist: You can use chi, too?!

Danny runs away for a moment before appearing behind Po.

Po: Huh?

Iron Fist: Interesting.

Danny harnesses his own chi to form a sphere, which completely mesmerizes Po.

Po: So cool...!

Danny capitalizes on Po's awe as he launches him off of the temple, causing Po to bounce off of the stairs until he lands on a pair of bamboo shoots that begin to bend downwards. Po smiles before he realizes he is going towards a small collection of pointy shoots, causing him to panic.

Po: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Po barely avoids being skewered as he sucks in his gut before the bamboo pulls him back, causing him to land on his back, otherwise unharmed. Iron Fist approaches Po.

Iron Fist: How about we both stop holding back?

Iron Fist kicks a nearby bamboo stalk to create a makeshift staff, breaking it to specifically have a pointed end and twirling it in intimidation.

Po: Hahaha! Totally!

Po punches a bamboo stalk near him, providing him with a similar weapon, with his being covered with leaves. The two staff-equipped warriors rush at each other, trading and colliding blows with their weapons, with Iron Fist gaining a temporary advantage by smacking Po over the head and jabbing him in the stomach. However, after Iron Fist whacks him on the head again, Po quickly closes the distance between the two by entirely consuming his opponent's weapon. But when he gets close, Iron Fist delivers swift knee to Po's jaw, knocking out a tooth. As he is temporarily stunned, Iron Fist punches Po twice before knocking him back with a two-handed palm strike. However, the pressure point attack is rendered useless due to Po's fatness.

Po: Hehe! Oh, that tickles, haha!

Laughing off the blows provided, Po charges forward and knocks Iron Fist back with a shoulder bash.

Po: Kind of like this!

Po holds up the leaf-covered bamboo pole to Danny's face, tickling his nose. Iron Fist stifles his sneeze and goes in to attack, but stops as the sneeze returns. He fails to hold it back again and sneezes. Po takes the opportunity to grab onto Iron Fist's index finger, much to Danny's confusion.

Iron Fist: What are you doing?

Po: Oh-ho-ho, you know this hold?

Iron Fist: Um... no?

Po: Oh. Well, uh... You're about to learn it. Skad- Hey!

Before the Iron Fist pulls his hand away and tries to attack once more. Po repeatedly grabs his hands, trying to send him into the Spirit Realm. However, Iron Fist pulls his hand away each time.

Po: Skado- Skado-

Finally, Iron Fist grabs Po and throws him over his shoulder, slamming him into the ground.

Po: Aw, gimme a break!

He tackles Iron Fist and wraps his arms around him, preventing his escape. Po also holds his own finger this time, using his own hold on himself.

Po: Ok, this time for real! Skadoosh!

The two are sent into the Spirit Realm. Iron Fist manages to throw Po off of himself, and looks around in shock.

Po: Nice view, huh? Hahaha! Golden Lotus Clap!

Po claps his hands together, sending out golden shockwaves that temporarily disorient Iron Fist. Lunging forward, he attacks with a couple of punches, both of which are countered before being knocked back by Iron Fist who is still in his blinded state. Iron Fist jumps back and dons an offensive stance.

Iron Fist: Feel the power of chi!

Iron Fist rushes forward with his chi-infused hand and unleashes a powerful one-inch punch, which launches Po a great distance to another temple located on a different floating island in the Spirit Realm. Po is ultimately unscathed by the attack, standing up from the rubble and clasping his hands together to tap into the Hero's Chi which summons his dragon. Moments later, he embeds himself with the creature, flying straight towards his opponent.

Po: Yeah!!!!! Get ready to feel the thunder!

Surprised at his opponent's survival, Iron Fist turns around and raises his fist to call upon his trump card.

Iron Fist: Heart of the dragon, he's still fighting! Spirit of the Dragon, lend me your power!

He then calls upon the power of Shou-Lao as the dragon crashes into the ground where Iron Fist is standing, embedding him with it and K'un-Lun's power as he morphs into his skeletal form. Iron Fist turns to face his swiftly approaching opponent before sending out the dragon with his fist, clashing with Po's. The two collide for a couple of strikes in the air, seemingly equal.

Po: Hohohohoho! Come to papa!

Po's chi dragon consumes Iron Fist's chi dragon as it swoops down. As Po once again focuses by imagining his opponent's head as a dumpling, Iron Fist increases the power of his attack, but to no avail as he is picked up by Po's chi dragon. As the two prepare for one last strike, Iron Fist screams as he slowly disintegrates, his chi overwhelmed by Po's. Po smashes through him, reducing Iron Fist to dust.

The chi dragon winds itself into a yin-yang symbol, before disappearing in a flash. Po returns to the living world, celebrating his victory.

Po: Yeah-hahahahahaha! That was so... COOL! Wait 'til Master Shifu hears about this!

Ko season 3


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Dragons & Dumplings
by Therewolf Media
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We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: Whoa-ho-ho! I did not see that comin'! I guess Po got his fill of iron, am I right? You sure the panda winning wasn't some fluke accident, though?

Wiz: There are no accidents, Boomstick. But due to his credit, Iron Fist's superior speed did help him hold out for a time.

Boomstick: Yeah, Po could evade lightning, while Danny can move in a microsecond and hang with light-timers.

Wiz: And while Po was very skilled, his experience didn't quite stack up to Danny's, who has been training all his life.

Boomstick: And that's about where this chubby panda starts takin' all the wins.

We cut to the post-analysis.

Boomstick: Po's mastery of chi could counter Danny's hypnosis, and his fat belly stopped any pressure point shenanigans. In fact, anything Iron Fist could dish out, Po could bounce back from. Sometimes literally!

Wiz: Iron Fist's punches have been compared to hydrogen bombs, which sometimes cap at 50 megatons. However, when compared to the... not-tactfully-described exploding train, he could have around 10,000 times the power of the Little Boy bomb.

Boomstick: Putting Iron Fist's maximum potential at 150 megatons of TNT. Really powerful, but Po had it beat.

Wiz: Po could clear away this giant cloud formation with just his Wuxi Finger Hold, a technique he mastered before he even knew chi existed. With chi, Po and other fighters like him have done far more insane feats.

Boomstick: Like the Black Tortoise and that extinction-level meteor he stopped. Something that would require, oh, just a little over 600,000 times more power than the Iron Fist insensitivity punch!

Wiz: At first glance, Iron Fist's incredible speed and skill might make this result seem far-fetched, but look at it this way: Po's entire style is about taking hits from faster opponents until he gets his opening, making this the exact kind of match he would excel in.

Boomstick: Not to mention, Po's Wuxi Finger Hold was an instant win, right?

Wiz: Well, kind of. As long as Danny had the Book of the Iron Fist, he could theoretically make a portal out of the Spirit Realm... assuming Po didn't eat him first.

Boomstick: And remember, after comin' to terms with his conflicting emotions and returning from the Spirit Realm, Po had gained true mindfulness.

Wiz: Not unlike the path to enlightenment taken to achieve nirvana.

Boomstick: Man, that's some heavy stuff for a cartoon bear voiced by Jack Black.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: This sort of implies Po can move between the mortal realm and the afterlife at will, making it questionable if death by conventional means even matters to him, crazy as it sounds.

Boomstick: And anyway, against Po's overwhelming toughness, counters, and Po-wer, Iron Fist wasn't putting him down in the first place. He just didn't have the stomach to "bear" it.

We cut to the "Winner" card.

Wiz: The winner is Po.

Original Track

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Dragons & Dumplings
by Therewolf Media
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The track for this fight is "Dragons & Dumplings" by Therewolf Media. It is an Eastern-inspired orchestral piece that contains a mixture of whimsical rests and powerful pieces, reminiscent of music found in the Kung Fu Panda series.


The title references both of the combatants' association with dragons, with "Dumplings" referencing Po's upbringing in Mr. Ping's noodle shop, as well as Po's dragon dumplings recipe.

Cover Art

The cover art done by Luis Cruz depicts Danny's headband with two dragons in a yin-yang position in front of a glowing dumpling above it.



  • The connections between Iron Fist and Po are that they are both expert martial artists with dragon-themed warrior titles (Danny became the Iron Fist by slaying the dragon Shou-Lao and Po was chosen as the Dragon Warrior). Both can also wield chi in a variety of ways, including being able to shape their chi into dragons. Both were once relatively ordinary people, as well as heirs to a family business (Rand Industries and Mr. Ping's noodle shop, respectively), before being swept up in events that turned them into warriors upon a well-respected person's decision (Nu-An and Master Oogway, respectively) who assigned a martial arts master to train them (Lei Kung and Master Shifu, respectively). Both lost their biological parents at a young age, with both of their mothers having been killed by wolves in the event, and both have a history in working in the food industry (Danny ran a Soup Kitchen and Po originally worked for his adoptive father's restaurant). Both have fought and defeated power-hungry fighters who were originally in line to claim their warrior titles (Steel Serpent and Tai Lung, respectively), and both eventually met and forgave their parents' killers (Harold Meacham and Lord Shen, respectively) only for them to die later anyway. Both are also core members of teams of heroic defenders (various hero groups, but most notably the Heroes for Hire and the Defenders for Iron Fist, and the Furious Five for Po).
  • This episode premiered for FIRST Members a day after the release date of the original Kung Fu Panda movie.
  • Interestingly, the YouTube release date for this episode is the same day as the Rooster Teeth release of Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long, which featured a different Danny battling a different Dragon Warrior.
  • This episode was initially teased and revealed as Po VS Iron Fist, though the combatants' positions and episode name would later be reversed upon release for unknown reasons.

Easter Eggs

  • Wiz's remark of "There are no accidents." in both Po's analysis and post-analysis is a verbatim reference to Master Oogway's line from the first Kung Fu Panda movie.
  • At the beginning of Po's analysis, Boomstick says "But everything changed when Gary Oldman the peacock and his army attacked", a paraphrasing reference to the line "Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked" from the intro of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • The fight holds a number of references to the first Kung Fu Panda movie:
    • Iron Fist hitting Po into a wall that he bounces off of to ricochet back into him references what happened at the start of his fight with Tai Lung.
    • Po falling flat on top of Iron Fist is a reference to him doing the same to Tai Lung during their fight.
    • The shot of Po falling down the stairs after being launched off by Iron Fist is similar to Shifu kicking him out of the Jade Palace upon first visiting it.
    • Po grabbing onto two bamboo stalks after falling down the stairs is reminiscent of when he used bamboo stalks as stilts during his fight with Tai Lung.
    • Po asking if Iron Fist knows the Wuxi Finger Hold as he prepares to use it references him doing the same thing to Tai Lung.
  • Po saying "Get ready to feel the thunder!" after summoning his dragon construct is a reference to Kung Fu Panda 3, where the exact same thing happened when Po battled Kai.


  • When Iron Fist is in his skeletal form, his mask is not visible except for the shot where Po imagines his head as a dumpling.


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Season 6 104 Aquaman VS Namor105 Mega Man Battle Royale106 Black Widow VS Widowmaker107 Captain Marvel VS Shazam108 Wario VS King Dedede109 Ben 10 VS Green Lantern110 Weiss VS Mitsuru111 Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon112 Aang VS Edward Elric113 Ghost Rider VS Lobo114 Dragonzord VS Mechagodzilla115 Sasuke VS Hiei116 Ganondorf VS Dracula117 Mob VS Tatsumaki118 Deadpool VS Mask119 All Might VS Might Guy
Season 7 120 Miles Morales VS Static121 Black Canary VS Sindel122 Leonardo VS Red Ranger Jason123 Genos VS War Machine124 Gray VS Esdeath125 Goro VS Machamp126 Cable VS Booster Gold127 Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Kakashi128 Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long129 She-Ra VS Wonder Woman130 Beerus VS Sailor Galaxia131 Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki132 Flash VS Sonic132.5 The Seven Battle Royale133 Winter Soldier VS Red Hood134 Venom VS Crona135 Sabrewulf VS Jon Talbain136 Red VS Blue137 Batgirl VS Spider-Gwen138 Sanji VS Rock Lee139 Hulk VS Broly
Season 8 140 Yoda VS King Mickey141 Shadow VS Ryuko142 Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom143 Heihachi Mishima VS Geese Howard144 Blake VS Mikasa145 Iron Fist VS Po146 Steven Universe VS Star Butterfly147 Link VS Cloud (2021)148 Batman VS Iron Man149 Goku Black VS Reverse-Flash150 Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man151 DIO VS Alucard152 Akuma VS Shao Kahn153 Korra VS Storm154 Madara VS Aizen155 Saitama VS Popeye
Season 9 156 Harley Quinn VS Jinx157 Scarlet Witch VS Zatanna158 Tanjiro VS Jonathan Joestar159 Thor VS Vegeta160 Omni-Man VS Homelander161 Magneto VS Tetsuo162 Hercules VS Sun Wukong163 Boba Fett VS Predator163.5 Excalibur VS Raiden164 James Bond VS John Wick165 Black Adam VS Apocalypse166 Trunks VS Silver167 SpongeBob VS Aquaman168 Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers169 Sauron VS Lich King170 Deku VS Asta171 Gogeta VS Vegito
Season 10 172 Ant-Man VS Atom173 Skyrim VS Dark Souls174 Killua VS Misaka175 Stitch VS Rocket Raccoon176 Darth Vader VS Obito Uchiha177 Phoenix VS Raven178 Guts VS Dimitri179 Martian Manhunter VS Silver Surfer180 Bill Cipher VS Discord181 Cole MacGrath VS Alex Mercer182 Frieza VS Megatron183 Gojo VS Makima184 Scooby-Doo VS Courage the Cowardly Dog185 Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor186 Goku VS Superman (2023)187 Galactus VS Unicron
Season 11 ??? Wile E. Coyote VS Tom Cat*
Unknown ??? Ruby VS Maka*
*Currently unreleased