I'm Jocelyn, and I do all of the research nobody else wants to straight from the Desk of DEATH BATTLE!

Jocelyn (formerly known as Jocelyn the Intern) is the host of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE. She is also occasionally a co-host of Death Battle starting in Season 8, as well as the co-host of DBX, alongside Ringmaster, starting in Season 6.

She is the geeky and intelligent IT girl for Death Battle Labs, having been promoted from her former position as an intern.


Jocelyn is a dedicated employee who is very passionate about researching. She has an encyclopedic knowledge and is also very intelligent, as shown through her creating a tower of solved Rubik's Cubes and being able to quickly calculate feats.

Jocelyn is often cheery and optimistic, though this does not mean she cannot be negative, as she became annoyed by DUMMI's cynicism and asked if he had an off switch.


Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man

  • I suppose Macho Man didn't have the thirst to win.



  • She was previously portrayed in live-action by Lisa Foiles, but later made her first appearance as an animated character in the Goomba VS Koopa II DBX, with Lisa Foiles returning to voice her.
  • A mannequin dressed as Jocelyn and referred to as such appeared in the advertisement at the beginning of Lucario VS Renamon.
  • In Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers, it is revealed she has a wristwatch which can project holograms. She later disappears in the post-fight analysis, presumably having been killed by Jason Voorhees.
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