Episode 15 - Star Wars VS J.K. Rowling! Can a wizard from Hogwarts fight a Jedi Master in a one-on-one duel to the death? Two heroes from two generations enter the ring, and only one will survive!

Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter is the 15th episode of Death Battle, featuring Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars series and Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series in a battle between iconic fantasy heroes. Harry was voiced by Chad James.


Wiz: Every generation has idolized a sci-fi hero.

Boomstick: Like Luke Skywalker, Legacy of the Jedi.

Wiz: And Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Luke Skywalker

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Wiz: As the orphaned son of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker carries the blood of the most powerful Sith Lord ever known. He was raised by his aunt and uncle, who kept him safe by disguising his true powers before being taught by a wise old mentor in the ways of the Force.

Boomstick: Luke's weapon of choice is the lightsaber, a combination of my two favorite killing tools: swords and lasers!

Wiz: Despite having little formal training, Luke advanced in lightsaber combat much faster than any other Jedi.

Boomstick: He even took down a freakin' TIE fighter with it, only a month after he blew up the Death Star. What a badass!

Wiz: Luke is a master of Form V (Djiem So), an aggressive combat stance with defensive postures, specializing in both perseverance and pressuring an opponent.

Boomstick: Despite what you might think, the lightsaber isn't just for killing; it also works pretty damn well for defense.

Wiz: Even so, Luke's most instrumental tool is his unrivaled connection to the Force. He can apply it in three aspects: Control, Sense, and Alter; controlling all aspects of the body, sensing and utilizing his surroundings, and altering the environment.

Boomstick: Like the mind trick thingy! Oh-ho man, the terrible things I would do with that.

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Wiz: When injured or exhausted, he can push his physical limits with the Force Body ability, and use Flashburn to negate pain until he can mend his wounds with Force Heal.

Boomstick: Also, Luke uses the Force to move things with his mind, with almost no limits!

Wiz: Finally, Luke can use Shatterpoint to identify any possible weakness or fracture in a subject. Add just a little pressure with the Force...

Boomstick: ...and BOOM! They explode faster than a Firestone tire!

Wiz: Luke has defeated a wide variety of foes, ranging from Stormtroopers to deadly Sith Lords, one of which Luke had to construct a second lightsaber to beat.

Boomstick: His shorter red Shoto Saber was made to counter the Sith Lumiya's lightwhip, and it worked pretty damn well.

Wiz: He still carries it, though prefers a single blade over two-handed combat.

Boomstick: Ha ha, penis joke. Anyways, Luke doesn't have an obvious weakness, aside from some pretty serious daddy issues. He doesn't carry a blaster, but unlike other stupid Jedi, he isn't afraid to use one.

Wiz: While Luke is no fan of violence, he certainly will not pull any punches.

Luke: I am a Jedi, like my father before me.

Harry Potter

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Wiz: As an orphan, Harry Potter carries the talents of the most powerful Dark wizard ever known: Lord Voldemort. He was raised by his aunt and uncle, who kept him safe by disguising his true power before being taught by a wise old mentor in the ways of magic.

Boomstick: Now why does that sound familiar?

Wiz: Harry wields an 11-inch phoenix core holly wand. He has learned many spells and is exceptionally skilled in charms.

Boomstick: His trademark attack is the Disarming Charm, Expelleraptamus... or whatever.

Wiz: Expelliarmus.

Boomstick: ...Which can either knock a weapon away or throw the opponent through the air.

Wiz: The Confundus Charm temporarily confuses the target...

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Wiz: ...Stupefy stuns people, and the Shield Charm protects Harry from all attacks.

Boomstick: And he can summon anything he wants to him with Accio. (clears throat) Accio money! Accio loose women! ...Damn.

Wiz: His Firebolt is a racing broom that can reach 150 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds.

Boomstick: That's even faster than Wiz getting shot down by a woman!

Wiz: Right! ...wait, no! Back to spells! Harry is also experienced in curses. He destroys objects with Reducto, slashes enemies with Sectumsempra, and controls minds with Imperius.

Boomstick: And then there's the Killing Curse... abracadabra.

Wiz: Avada Kedavra.

Boomstick: Oh. That magician wasn't trying to kill me. I guess I should probably go apologize to his family.

Wiz: While Harry's never used the Killing Curse, it is implied that he can. It is an instant kill and unblockable.

Boomstick: Unless it hits a wall... or a sword... or anything really.

Wiz: Almost all magic requires a line of sight and eye contact to perform. The Killing Curse is no exception.

Boomstick: Harry also knows Appara-teleporting, and can do it without a wand.

Wiz: His training in Occlumency defends his mind from any sort of mental attack or illusion.

Boomstick: And he's got all sorts of other spells, but I seriously doubt the tickle charm's gonna help him much in the fight, so let's move on.

Wiz: Harry owns the Cloak of Invisibility, an unrelenting Deathly Hallow that hides the wearer from sight and cannot be detected.

Boomstick: Unless he makes a noise or pokes his foot out.

Wiz: Harry is a quick draw with his wand and has performed many great feats at very young ages. He has also mastered nonverbal spells.

Boomstick: By the time he was 17, he was beating up way more experienced wizards. In the battle for Hogwarts, he had no problem kicking a ton of Death Eater ass. Not to mention, Lord Voldemort himself.

Wiz: Afterwards, Harry became head of the Dark Wizard Hunting Aura office, even though he is technically a Hogwarts drop-out.

Boomstick: He never did finish that seventh year, but I guess if you killed the lord of ultimate evil, you'd get a G.E.D.

Harry uses his wand on a candle in a jar, which creates a huge fire. He then uses another spell to put it out.

Harry: Engorgio. Reducio!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all! But first, let me recommend Carbonite.

Boomstick: For all your Han Solo freezin' needs.

Wiz: Uh, no, Boomstick. It's a website.

Boomstick: What?

Wiz and Boomstick read out an advertisement for Carbonite.

Boomstick: But right now, it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!

Death Battle

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In Cloud City, Luke is standing when he notices Harry Potter walking towards him with his wand drawn. He activates his lightsaber while Harry stops in his tracks.

Fight season 1

Harry: Avada Kedavr—

Just as Harry is about to use the Killing Curse, Luke uses Force Persuasion to stop him. However, Harry manages to break free using Occlumency. He then prepares once again to cast the Killing Curse.

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Harry: Avada Kedavr—

Harry is once again interrupted by Luke, who uses Force Push to knock him back. Luke then leaps towards Harry with his lightsaber swinging, but Harry uses Apparition to teleport away from him. When he reappears, Harry proceeds to fire nonverbal spells at Luke, which he deflects with his Lightsaber. Luke leaps at Harry once again, but like before, he teleports out of the way.

Harry: Expelliarmus!

He fires that and a few more nonverbal spells, but Luke blocks all of them before using the Force to knock Harry's wand out of his hand. Luke charges at Harry, who teleports to the wand.

Harry: Accio Firebolt!

Luke throws his lightsaber at Harry.

Harry: Protego!

Protego deflects the lightsaber, which Luke leaps up to catch. He is suddenly hit by the Firebolt, which knocks him back to the ground while Harry is lifted onto it and rides off on it. Harry flies by multiple times while firing his nonverbal spells, all of which Luke is able to deflect or block. Luke then manages to catch Harry and the Firebolt with the Force and causes them to crash downward into the roof. Afterwards, Harry disappears with the aid of the Cloak of Invisibility while Luke is unable to detect his opponent's presence.

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Harry: Confundo!

Luke throws his lightsaber in the direction where he hears Harry.

Harry: Stu...

Harry teleports out of the way of the incoming lightsaber.

Harry: Stupefy!

Luke rolls to avoid the spell before catching his lightsaber and using Force Push again, knocking the Cloak of Invisibility off of Harry. Luke then uses Force Choke, lifting Harry into the air and stopping him from casting any verbal spells. He then throws his lightsaber towards Harry, who casts a nonverbal spell that manages to hit the lightsaber's handle, destroying it.

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Afterwards, Harry is freed.

Harry: Avada Kedavra!

Luke rolls once again, evading the Killing Curse. Harry fires multiple nonverbal spells at Luke, who simply blocks them using the Force.

Harry: Sectumsempra!

Luke is caught off-guard by the attack and is left with a wound to his side.

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Battle of Heroes
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But quickly recovering, he then uses Shatterpoint. Over on Harry's forehead, Luke finds the weak point he needs in Harry's iconic lightning bolt scar. Harry's wound begins to expand, eventually causing it to burst, making blood spurt from it. Harry screams in agony as Luke takes out his shoto saber with the Force and throws it at Harry, impaling and killing him.

Ko season 1


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Boomstick: Man, Harry did a surprisingly good job keeping Luke at a distance.

Wiz: But Luke fought smart and tried to finish Harry off quickly with Force Persuasion, but Harry was able to resist thanks to Occlumency.

Boomstick: Then Luke used Force Choke to stop Harry from casting spells.

Wiz: And although Luke can dodge the Avada Kedavra, the instantaneous Sectumsempra curse caught him off-guard. But with Shatterpoint, Luke discovered an exploitable flaw.

Boomstick: That famous lightning bolt scar, which Forced Harry to lose the battle.

We cut to the "Luke Skywalker" winner card.

Wiz: The winner is Luke Skywalker.



  • The connections between Luke and Harry are that they are both traditional heroes and main protagonists of a ground-breaking fantasy series. Both were separated from their families while they were infants due to their connection to a powerful and feared dark lord (Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort, respectively), and for their own safety, were left in the care of their aunt and uncle. As they grew up, they were actively discouraged from learning about their family's past, and by extension, their supernatural abilities (the Force and Magic, respectively). Both eventually started to learn about their families and powers thanks to the arrival of a bearded stranger (Obi-Wan Kenobi and Rubeus Hagrid, respectively), who were the ones to deliver them to their aunt and uncle when they were infants and would help start their journey of becoming a supernatural warrior (a Jedi and a Wizard, respectively). Despite their uncle's protests, both eventually embarked on their fantastical journeys, leaving home for the very first time. Although capable practitioners thanks to their family line, they would learn considerably more under an older and wiser mentor (Yoda and Albus Dumbledore, respectively). Both had parent(s) that took part in significant wars (Anakin Skywalker in the Clone Wars and both James Potter and Lily Potter in the First Wizarding War, respectively), as well as a mentor who knew their parents, took part in those same wars, taught them supernatural abilities, and willingly accepted their deaths, which they witnessed, during another large war (Obi-Wan Kenobi who took part in the Clone Wars and was killed during the Galactic Civil War, and Albus Dumbledore who took part in the First Wizarding War and was killed during the Second Wizarding War, respectively). Both would become great heroes as they participated in said war and defeated a powerful dark lord (Palpatine and Voldemort, respectively).
  • Harry was originally planned to fight against Aang as part of the original planned 26 episodes.[1] However, at the time, Ben Singer had not watched Avatar: The Last Airbender yet. After doing so, he decided that Aang would be far too strong for Harry and switched Aang out with Luke after remembering how it was a matchup he heard back when he was in high school.[2]
  • This episode was confirmed to have been done to commemorate the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.


  • The very first line of the episode mentions both combatants being sci-fi heroes as the main connection, even though Harry Potter is a pure fantasy series instead of science fiction.


  • Despite Luke being more well-known as a movie character, this is technically the first Novel VS Novel episode due to him first appearing in the 1976 book Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker, with the next one being Sauron VS Lich King.
  • This is the first episode to feature a character from a book series, with the next three being Hercules VS Sun Wukong, James Bond VS John Wick, and Sauron VS Lich King.
  • This is the first Movie vs Book-themed episode, with the next one being James Bond VS John Wick.
    • This is the first time the movie character wins.
  • This is the first episode where one of the combatants was voiced by either Ben Singer or Chad James themselves, as Chad voiced Harry for this fight rather than using voice clips of the latter.
    • This was likely done because there are no clips of Harry using Avada Kedavra, as he has never casted it in any official Harry Potter media.


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