Now get off my lawn, boy! Those goddamn squirrels ain't gonna hunt themselves!
Mama Boomstick

Mama Boomstick is the mother of Boomstick. While she has been referenced in several prior episodes, she has made her first official appearance in Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man, where she consoled her son over his father issues, while hunting those damn squirrels. She is voiced by Barbara Dunkelman.


  • In Gaara VS Toph, Wiz ends Gaara's analysis by saying that few can withstand his power... or Mama Boomstick’s cooking. Boomstick is insulted and says that Wiz is uninvited to Thanksgiving, and Wiz responds by saying he never was invited there to begin with.
  • In Naruto VS Ichigo, after Wiz mentions the death of Ichigo’s mother, Boomstick brings up Mama Boomstick. Interestingly, he mentions that he apparently lost her to a ghost in their barn. This was, of course, later contradicted by her being alive in Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man.
  • In Ryu VS Jin, Boomstick compares Jin’s training with his mother to his own training days with Mama Boomstick, considering them to be some of the best times of his life.
  • In Thanos VS Darkseid, when discussing Thanos surviving the stomach acid of Ego the Living Planet, Boomstick claims that he’d probably love Mama Boomstick’s world famous ghost pepper pie. Wiz is disgusted at the mention, but Boomstick tells him to just dip it in some squirrel paste. This episode marks her first on-screen appearance, albeit through a framed picture of her that Boomstick pulls out.
  • In Black Widow VS Widowmaker during Black Widow's analysis, Boomstick compares the brutal training Black Widow went through to his own training with Mama Boomstick, more specifically the time she trained him and his friends to eat sixty hot dogs in ten minutes. He was the only one who survived.
  • In Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki, while discussing how Todoroki’s father became a better person thanks to his son, Boomstick wishes Todoroki could influence his dad to go on the same path. Not Mama though, she’s already perfect.


  • In Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man, Boomstick reunites with Mama Boomstick during his pursuit to find his dad. Mama comforts her son and convinces him to accept the likelihood that he might never find him and instead enjoy the time with his friends.
  • In Scooby-Doo VS Courage the Cowardly Dog, Mama Boomstick is seen visiting the Death Battle Lab as Wiz notes how Scooby's various dupes manage to fool people despite them being obvious, only for Wiz to bring her close to him and mock her, thinking she's Boomstick disguised as her. However, Boomstick himself promply appears soon after, noticeably angry at his co-host for insulting his mom, to call out Wiz's error.


  • Sheet! Thought it was dem god damn squirrels! Is that you Boomy?
  • So did I, Junebug, so did I... But I reckon I learned somethin'. You can't worry much about what you hope for, cause then you might miss the way things turned out. Like how you got a couple of rrreal good friends here helpin' ya.
  • But ya just might find whatcha need.




  1. Although Mama Boomstick made her proper debut in Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man, which released three years later, she was first shown in a photo in Thanos VS Darkseid. She was also mentioned for the first time in Gaara VS Toph, which released three years earlier.
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