Two powerful pups! Who wins this crazy crossover?

Scooby-Doo VS Courage the Cowardly Dog is the 184th episode of Death Battle, featuring Scooby-Doo from the Scooby-Doo series and Courage the Cowardly Dog from the Courage the Cowardly Dog series in a battle between cowardly cartoon canines. Scooby was voiced by Billy B Burson III and Courage was voiced by Edward Bosco.


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Wiz & Boomstick
by Brandon Yates
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Wiz: Scooby-Doo, the miraculous mutt from Mystery Incorporated.

Boomstick: Courage, the Cowardly Dog straight outta Nowhere.

Wiz: Canis familiaris. Man's best friend. The dog. No animal companion has stood by humanity's side as long or as loyally.

Boomstick: Even, and maybe especially, these two yellow-bellied, lily-livered scaredy-cats! Or... dogs.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


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Waltz in a Graveyard
by John Rowcroft
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Wiz: Throughout the ages, countless philosophers have posited the same question time and time again.

Boomstick: "Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?"

Wiz: Pretty much everywhere! From cartoons to comics. From video games to board games. From live theater...

Boomstick: To the most incredible major motion picture of all time! He's the greatest Dane since Hamlet.

Wiz: But his monumental presence in popular culture belies his humble origins.

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Killer Surf
by Matthew Moore
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Wiz: Born to Mumsy and Dada-Doo in Dooville, USA...

Boomstick: (sigh) Dooville ain't what it used to be ever since they moved all those manufacturing jobs to Bangladesh.

Wiz: ...The young Scoobert was adopted by the Rogers family and their prodigal gluttonous son, Norville, better known by his friends as "Shaggy".

Boomstick: Those friends being Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, and sometimes...

Scrappy-Doo is shown on-screen as Boomstick hisses at him.

Wiz: With their powers combined, they are Mystery Incorporated, a cadre of snot-nosed teenagers traveling the Nixon-era United States in a kushed-up Volkswagen, foiling seemingly paranormal crimes and unmasking corrupt authority figures.

Boomstick: All of whom definitely would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!... And their dog!

Wiz: Scooby is indispensable in Mystery Inc. investigations. Great Danes were bred by 17th-century German nobility to hunt bear, boar, and deer, which means he's a master tracker. Scooby's super-sniffer nose can root out the bad guys no matter how well-hidden.

Boomstick: They were called "kammerhunde", or "chamber dogs", because they stay in their prince's chambers and protect them from assassins. Such brave, fearless doggos.

Wiz: Too bad for Shaggy and the gang, the apple didn't just fall far from the tree; it defied the laws of Newtonian physics and rocketed it into space at the speed of light! Because Scooby is an absolute coward.

Boomstick: He's terrified of his own shadow and constantly anxious about everything imaginable. And his only motivation is his delicious Scooby Snacks.

Wiz: Which makes it so baffling that he's actually... kind of a badass.

Boomstick: Scooby's a master of "The Dupe", a classic technique of cartoon tricksters.

Wiz: Sometimes called the "Power of Positive Assertion", Scooby flexes his mastery of disguise to fool would-be attackers, like seducing zombies as a belly dancer, or tricking a jester into entering an existential crisis.

Boomstick: This man was so thoroughly convinced to rethink his entire life, he went all the way home and got into bed before realizing he'd been fooled.

We cut to Wiz.

Wiz: Obviously, these disguises shouldn't work at all, but Scooby's just so supernaturally talented, they just do.

Mama Boomstick suddenly walks in, impressed with the looks of the Death Battle Lab, only to be brought in close by Wiz.

Wiz: Uh, see, this is a perfect example! No one in their right mind would think that that's anyone but Boomstick in an awful wig and makeup.

Boomstick walks in, frustrated with Wiz's misassumption as the music pauses.

Boomstick: That's my mom!

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Civiltà Futura
by Romolo Grano & Paolo Renosto
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Realizing his mistake, Wiz backs away in shock and holds his hands together, as if pleading to Mama Boomstick.

Wiz: (quietly and politely) I'm so sorry, ma'am.

We cut back to the analysis.

Wiz: If those disguises sound completely impossible, that's because they are. You might have thought of the Scooby-Doo series as being pretty grounded with all its men in masks, but then one day, the mask did not come off.

Boomstick: That's right, ♫it's terror time again!♫ The monsters started being real, and Scooby became just as bonkers to match. Like, remember those Scooby Snacks? They started to give him a physical boost in strength, kind of like Popeye's spinach!

Wiz: That's nothing. Shaggy's brilliant uncle, Albert Shaggleford, upgraded those snacks with nanite technology, giving them a variety of different effects. Everything from invisibility, robotic armor, force fields, super intelligence, and... panther!

A panther's cry is heard.

Boomstick: Yeah, nanomachines, dog! And we're just getting started. He can stretch and squash his body any way he likes, even duplicating himself or regenerating from damage.

Wiz: Like being chopped into pieces, crumbling into dust, or just blowing up.

Boomstick: His soul was literally scared out of his body and both his body and soul kept going... at the same time! That doesn't make sense.

Wiz: He can appear in multiple places at once, ignore the laws of gravity, rewind time with his Time Scepter or super speed, draw things into existence, and mess with the plot of his own show.

Boomstick: Things getting a little too spooky for him? He'll just cut to commercial break!

Wiz: He's also got weapons like the Super Spooker 3000, a gun that instills fear into the hearts of man.

Boomstick: (stutters) No no, not like an actual gun, it- it literally shoots fear.

Wiz: Or the Chest of Demons, an ark containing 13 monstrous ghosts.

Boomstick: Ghoooosts~!

Wiz: Should you be trapped within its grasp, your body and soul will be imprisoned in everlasting torment, in this heretofore undiscovered 10th Circle of Hell.

Boomstick: Neat.

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Zombie Nation
by Frank Fossey
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Boomstick: Scooby-Doo has dodged laser beams and electromagnetic waves, survived being at the epicenter of an explosion that blew up time, and successfully performed the Zobrinsky Triangle with Shaggy and Maddie Ziegler.

Wiz: The Zobrinsky Triangle is a dance so unbelievably dangerous, that even imperfect executions have caused widespread destruction.

Boomstick: When performed perfectly, it was so beautiful it literally lit up the entire universe and blew up the enormous snow globe containing it. It... makes sense if you watch the show. Actually... No, it- it doesn't.

Wiz: Taking this literally, we can measure the volume of the broken glass compared to the size of our entire cosmos within it. In order to shatter what is essentially an enormous glass superstructure, each dancer would have to be generating enough energy to destroy our universe 11 quintillion times over![Note 1]

Boomstick: That's right, Maddie Ziegler is a universe-buster!

Wiz: With Scooby-Doo as their nigh-omnipotent mascot, Mystery Incorporated has saved the world from alien invasions, wielded the power of a Yellow Lantern Ring, and was even made a member of the Mystery Analysts of Gotham by Batman himself.

Boomstick: Yes, Batman, the world's greatest detective, recognizes Scooby's skills.

Wiz: Even facing down and defeating the Evil Entity, an eldritch dark god, and surviving its death, which rewrote all of reality!... Yeah! You know, the talking dog that crossed over with the Harlem Globetrotters and Don Knotts... defeated Satan! No biggie.

Boomstick: So, where is Scooby-Doo? He's solving mysteries and saving the world with his found family.

Wiz: Also, he's an alien.

Boomstick: WAIT, WHAT?!

Courage the Cowardly Dog

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Gutter Blues
by Brian Mann, Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan
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Boomstick: We interrupt this program to bring you... Courage the Cowardly Dog Show, starring Courage, the Cowardly Dog!

Wiz: Abandoned as a pup, he was found by Muriel, who lives in the middle of Nowhere with her husband, Eustace Bagge.

Boomstick: But creepy stuff happens in Nowhere.

Wiz: It's up to Courage to save his new home!

Boomstick: Stupid Wiz! You made me look bad! OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

The rest of the Courage the Cowardly Dog opening plays out as Boomstick says this, only with Courage ramming into the camera in fright with enough force to crack it before static transitions to the next scene.

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Wiz: You're breathing on me. Get away...

Boomstick: Sorry. But, who wouldn't be excited for one of animation's mightiest mutts?

Wiz: Courage is an adorable pink beagle with a heart of gold and an undying love for his doting Scottish mistress.

Boomstick: Beagles are hare hunters with intense separation anxiety, excellent senses of smell, and a set of lungs that'll knock your socks off. All of which fits Courage to a tee, especially the howling part.

Wiz: To be fair, Courage has a LOT to howl about. Nowhere, USA is a magnet for interdimensional weirdness, attracting some of the strangest freaks in the world.

Boomstick: Like master criminals Katz and Le Quack, mattress demons, mummies, weremoles, mad scientists, gods and goddesses, aliens, robots, alien robots, this chicken, the King of Flan, and of course, the United States government.

Wiz: And poor Courage is absolutely terrified of ALL of it! But his devotion to Muriel means he'll always step up and fight the good fight.

Boomstick: Good thing he's kind of a genius. He's a brilliant engineer capable of whipping up the most devious of traps almost instantly, and he's got an unending supply of tools at his disposal.

Wiz: Everything from his trusty mallet to grappling hooks, ray guns, flamethrowers, chainsaws, bombs, beagle-sized cannons, yo-yos, a mind-control helmet, vampire hunting gear, and... the God Bone!

Boomstick: An ancient artifact that is completely irresistible to any mortal dog, forcing them to lick it until they die!

Wiz: Except for Courage, of course! I guess if you have the willpower to stare down a gigantic purple foot mobster, you can resist even the most delicious of treats.

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Over The Edge
by Chris Hajian & Rich Samalin
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Boomstick: And he can pull all of this stuff out of his ass anytime he wants; he always has exactly what he needs.

Wiz: All thanks to his computer named... "Computer", a sentient desktop which knows almost anything and everything, even if he has a bit of an attitude about it.

Boomstick: Which means he's always prepared, especially when he can shapeshift his body into literally anything he can think of!

Wiz: From inanimate objects to monsters to different animation mediums entirely. Courage usually uses this as a form of charades to communicate with others, but don't get it twisted, these aren't just visual animation gags. His body is actually shapeshifting.

Boomstick: Courage's body is a canvas upon which his imagination runs wild. He can stretch to crazy lengths, shrink to microscopic sizes, turn invisible, appear anywhere he wants, or duplicate himself.

Wiz: He's also effectively immune to damage. Oh, he still feels pain, but apparently, his sheer terror overrides it.

Boomstick: Like the times he tore himself in half, or turned himself fully inside out!

Boomstick: The dude somehow vaporized his entire body completely, without even ash remaining, and he just popped back good as new!

Wiz: Classic cartoon shenanigans, but technically anatomically correct... until it isn't. Courage can create objects from his imagination and often breaks the fourth wall, directly addressing the audience.

Boomstick: Now, you would think being an impossible-to-kill force of nature would boost his confidence a bit, but isn't that what anxiety does to you? It undermines your sense of self-worth and magnifies the problems around you.

Wiz: Sure, but Courage is also fighting gods just as powerful as himself, like this enormous alien which could spike meteors so hard, it spun the Earth a thousand years into the future. That's crazy!

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Space Venture
by Gerhard Daum
APMMusic Icon

Boomstick: Then, Courage got shot out of a cannon that punched him through the Moon, only to get slapped by that same alien, and sent crashing back to the planet. And he was fine!

Wiz: Courage is strong enough to physically patch up holes in the ozone layer, hold stars in his hands, and scream so loud, he shattered the Sun!

Boomstick: A scream like that would be like getting hit with over 100 septillion hydrogen bombs all at once![Note 2] Which is... y'know, a lot!

Wiz: And keep in mind, the soundwaves of his scream would have had to travel through the near vacuum of space; basically a complete scientific impossibility.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: Next time you replace my beers in the fridge with La Croix, I'm getting my boy Jack Spaniels to blow up the Sun! You've been warned.

A dog is heard barking behind Boomstick, causing Wiz to back away fearfully as we cut back to the analysis.

Wiz: That's not all. One time, he operated a peloton controlling a UFO, and pedaled it fast enough to fly past Saturn, enter hyperspace, and cross the Milky Way galaxy!

Boomstick: Though, Courage's greatest challenge came from inside his very home: a monster who tortures his poor pooch every single day. A depraved, psychotic motherf**ker. The true Prince of Darkness. THE GREATEST VILLAIN IN CARTOON HISTORY! EUSTACE...

Wiz: He even collected all of Courage's greatest foes like a Legion of Doom, all to mercilessly beat Courage to a pulp in a game... of dodgeball!

Boomstick: He gives all rednecks a bad name, Wiz. I want to end him. Low...

Wiz: Okay... Well, Courage's accumulated PTSD always held him back until he met a kindred spirit, another cowardly monster-hunting hound: Scooby-Doo!

Boomstick: Oh yeah, I remember him.

Wiz: Together, they discovered the source of Nowhere's weirdness: a Dark Matter Meteor that controlled reality itself.

Boomstick: Originally the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, its dark matter can rewrite the laws of physics, control minds, and turn Courage into a giant kaiju!

Wiz: Taking the meteor for himself, Courage finally faced his fears, defeating this cicada-queen-goddess-thing and saving his family once and for all. Yes, even Eustace.

Boomstick: (off-screen) SHIT!

Wiz: So let that be a lesson to any who would encroach upon the Bagges' humble farm: It has a protector.

Boomstick: He may be small, and he may be scared, but standing up to our fears is what makes us brave in the first place. That's why his name... is "Courage"!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: IT'S TIME FOR A DOG BATTLE— Oh God, when I say it like that, it sounds—

As Boomstick says this, the clips of Scooby and Courage transition to various clips of real-life Great Danes and beagles. He's then cut off by the Death Battle transition card as the fight begins.

Death Battle

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Forever Terror Night
by Therewolf Media ft. Donna Caruthers
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In the middle of the night, a haunted mansion with its lights on is seen as thunder strikes behind it and a swarm of bats passes by. Inside the mansion, Courage is fearfully looking around the dark halls for his owner.

Courage: Muriel? Muriel?! MURIEL!!!

Unbeknownst to him, on the other side of the hall is Scooby-Doo, also shakily walking backwards as he calls out for his buddy.

Scooby: Raggy? Raggy?! RAGGY?!!

They soon bump into each other in front of a dark door, leaving them to turn and scream at each other with cowardly fear. However, the two suddenly realize they have met an old friend and let out a relieving laugh over the incident.

But as they calm down, a giant monster with the visage of Eustace's mask enters from the dark doorway next to them. In response, the two canines scream loudly again and then start running away together as the creature begins chasing them on all fours. Mid-haste, Scooby requests a favor of Courage.

Scooby: Courage, roh ret 'em!

Courage: Me?!

Courage stutters over his words as they run, incredulous at the ask as the monster continues to chase them.

Courage: What do I do, what do I do?!

Needing to gain distance, Courage regrettably trips Scooby to fall on his face to get ahead. The Great Dane gets up and looks back as the monster pulls out a giant mallet. He quickly sprints off as the mallet crashes into the wooden floor where he was.

Courage scurries into the next room and looks nervously behind him, only to find an angry Scooby in the middle of the foyer crossing his arms. Desiring retribution for Courage's betrayal, Scooby determinedly reaches out with his thumb up, prompting his cowardly opponent to do the same. The two lock paws with each other and stare intensely as they begin a thumb-wrestling contest, where their thumbs change to resemble muscle-bound boxers as they attempt to exchange blows on each other.

Scooby: Rot rit!

Courage: Not it!

Scooby: Rot rit!

Courage: Not it!

Courage sweats while concentrating on the match.

Courage: Come on, come on!

His concentration is broken when Scooby extends his tail to poke him on his right side, giving Scooby the opportunity to knock his opponent's thumb out with a devastating uppercut. As the bell rings, the victorious Scooby proudly lifts up his thumb, which cries in celebration of its win.

The monster pulls out its mallet from the floor and begins closing in on both dogs. As this happens, Courage leaps back and reaches into his pocket to take out his laser gun. As he begins firing rapidly, Scooby bends his body in all sorts of directions to avoid the shots before one of them hits his nose, disintegrating his head. Courage is shocked over what he has done, but Scooby reaches inside his stump and pulls out his regenerated head, giggling at the repaired damage. This relieves Courage as he shoots another laser at him.

Scooby quickly grabs a nearby mirror and uses it to reflect the laser back at Courage, who disturbingly rips himself in half to let the laser pass through him before repairing his damage. This ends up making the laser hit the monster's knee behind Courage, causing it to drop its mallet and clutch it in pain as it lets out a scream. Regardless, it ignores this and quickly begins chasing Scooby and Courage again, who go around the corner into a hallway of multiple doors. A goofy door chase then ensues, in which Scooby is seen gathering fruits and cloth, whereas the monster and Courage travel through a few doors aimlessly.

Courage arrives at a door and opens it to find a giant snow monster reaching out at him. Slamming the door, Courage lets out another comical scream before heading to a new door, only to find Godzilla noticing him after opening it before he closes and screams again. Once more, he goes to another door and opens it, revealing a certain detective making his presence known...

Columbo: There's one more thing—

After slamming the door and yelling once more, he opens one last door to find a pair of Scoobies dressed like women with fruit on their heads, who flirtatiously address him.

Scooby: Rerro there, big boy...

Not fooled by the disguise, Courage lets out another howling scream before pulling Computer out and slamming it onto the ground, frantically typing a question onto it. Scooby grabs him and pulls him away, but Courage digs his teeth into the ground to keep typing before stretching out his tongue to enter the question as he is fully dragged away.

Computer: "How to defeat a Great Dane with a speech impediment," eh? You twit.

The two Scoobies pull Courage in, painfully stretching his limbs and performing the Zobrinsky Triangle with him, leaving him to scream in shock as the area is enveloped in a yellow light just as the monster enters the room.

The scene suddenly cuts to Wiz and Boomstick watching the battle on the Death Battle Lab's monitor, and as a result of the dance being done properly, the universe within the simulation glows with a massive yellow light that begins breaking the monitor and pushing the hosts away.

Wiz: Ah, my eyes!

Boomstick: GAH, it burns!!!

As the blinding light envelops the screen, the scene is interrupted by color bars before cutting back to the fight, where a scorched but otherwise unharmed Courage lets out a gravelly laugh next to a completely undamged Computer. He then notices something glowing in his pocket and reaches into it to find the Dark Matter Meteor.

Meanwhile, Scooby jumps out the front doors of the mansion and runs to the Mystery Machine. When he reaches it and grins in delight, however, he notices the giant God Bone floating above him, being telekinetically controlled by a likewise grinning Courage with the Dark Matter Meteor, now on the front steps of the mansion alongside Computer.

Computer: All dogs love their bones, don't they?

Courage: Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

Courage slams the bone directly onto the Mystery Machine, causing it to explode and send its contents flying out, namely boxes of Scooby Snacks and the Chest of Demons, the latter of which hits Courage in the face and knocks him down. This causes the meteor to fall out of his hands and bounce into the flaming pile of Scooby Snacks left from the van's destruction. Courage runs toward it, not hearing the sounds of Scooby happily gorging on his favorite treats.

As Courage desperately searches through the pile for the meteor, he hears Scooby giggling before looking up and seeing Scooby's shadowy, ominous figure laughing demonically with glowing eyes of doom.

Courage: This could be bad, or my name isn't Chad James!

He looks to the audience as the music abruptly pauses.

Courage: And it's not...

As the music resumes, Scooby grows larger in size as he takes on a muscular, humanoid form while consuming another handful of Scooby Snacks in one bite and the God Bone in another, licking his lips in satisfaction. He continues growing until he becomes larger than the Earth itself. Eyes glowing with menacing intent, Scooby-Doo prepares a massive punch.


He throws his fist down at Courage, with it catching on fire as it enters the atmosphere. As Courage witnesses the massive flaming fist hurdling towards him, he huffs in a large amount of air before letting out a scream so incredibly loud, it muffles out the music. Just before the fist reaches him, it halts in its tracks and begins cracking like glass, along with the rest of Scooby's giant body before it shatters and returns him to his normal size and form. Right as he does so, Scooby starts quickly falling back down to Earth, reaching terminal velocity and rocketing straight into Courage with enough force to cause a large explosion and crater the area they were in.

As the dust clears, the completely debilitated Scooby and Courage, the latter of whom now sporting a black eye, weakly slap each other, only to notice a newcomer. Having caught up to them, the monster's face glitches as it screams at them.


Courage leaps into Scooby's arms as they both scream in fear, with Scooby grabbing the Chest of Demons from off-screen and placing it in front of the two dogs for them to hide behind. However, the chest opens, revealing 13 sets of sinister glowing eyes as multiple demonic arms burst out. They take notice of the monster and reach for it, with one grabbing its head and ripping it off, revealing that it was actually Eustace the whole time.

Eustace: Stupid dogs! Ya' made me look bad!

After his rant, Eustace looks up and notices the demonic hands reaching for him.

Eustace: What's– huh?

As he attempts to run away from the ghostly hands, he trips over the Dark Matter Meteor and falls onto the ground, allowing the hands to grab him.

Eustace: Ow, cut it out!

Answering Eustace's request in a literal way, the hands then grab Eustace's head from both sides, throwing his signature hat away, while one claws at his face, splitting it apart into multiple vertical slices as he screams in distorted pain. His split head is then ripped from his body and dragged into the chest, still screaming.

After it closes and lets out a satisfied burp, Scooby and Courage emerge from behind it with shock on their faces, only to giggle in relief before collapsing on the ground, exhausted from the ordeal. Eustace, still alive in the chest, lets out one final rant.

Eustace: Awww, Muriel, I hate that stupid dooooooooog!

The episode then ends in classic Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon fashion as the screen closes in on the chest.

Ko season 3


CD Icon
Forever Terror Night
by Therewolf Media ft. Donna Caruthers
YouTube IconSpotify Icon

Wiz: Wait, what?! Who won?

Boomstick: Wiz, as happy as I am to avoid on-screen dog murder, uh... wasn't one of them suppose to die?

Wiz: Not since the Great Norris-Sanshiro Singularity Event of 2015 have we had a result like this! It can't end like this, right?

Boomstick: Even with Courage's insane cosmic feats, you'd think the Zobrinsky Triangle would be enough to seal the deal. But, both pooches could regenerate from basically any kind of physical damage.

Wiz: Both were incredibly smart in different ways; Scooby was more of a trickster with his dupes, while Courage was a scheming genius. Computer could have given Courage the edge, if not for their canon crossover, where it failed to have solid information on Scooby and the Gang.

Boomstick: So, I guess it came down to their unique abilities, and for 90% of their arsenals, they were evenly matched. Transmutation, mind control, you get it. They're toons with basically anything, except for the Chest of Demons and the Dark Matter Meteor.

Wiz: Sure, the chest could theoretically always trap Courage, but he'd always be able to escape and destroy it with the Dark Matter Meteor.

Boomstick: But, Scooby could repair the damage by reversing time and then trap him again.

Wiz: And then Courage would break out again... you know where this is going.

Boomstick: Ultimately, this battle between man's best friends would never end!

Wiz: But, this is a Death Battle. Somebody has to die.

Boomstick: Someone did, Wiz. Ah... someone did...

Wiz: ...Did anybody ever tell you you're kind of... scary sometimes?

Boomstick: I don't like dog killers!

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: Scooby and Courage were incredibly tough opponents that could go blow for blow for blow; they were smart, powerful, and incredibly broken.

Boomstick: Doggone-it, Wiz! I guess you could say Eustace had one hell of a "ruff" day! I "shih tzu" not! ...Oh, whew, those were "paw-ful".

Wiz: S-Stop.

We cut to the "Winner" card.

Wiz: This battle is a draw.



= Strength, Speed & Durability
= Similar Abilities & Arsenal
+ Street Smart
+ Chest of Demons
- Could not kill Courage


= Strength, Speed & Durability
= Similar Abilities & Arsenal
+ Book smart
+ Dark Matter Meteor
- Could not kill Scooby-Doo

Original Track

CD Icon
Forever Terror Night
by Therewolf Media ft. Donna Caruthers
YouTube IconSpotify Icon
Forever Terror Night


The track for this fight is "Forever Terror Night" by Therewolf Media feat. Donna Caruthers (credited as "Chicknamedd" on the track's cover art). It is an intense yet upbeat lyrical rock song with horror instruments similar in style to songs from Scooby-Doo, namely "It's Terror Time Again" from Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, which it also uses riffs from. The drum pattern of the crisis theme from Courage the Cowardly Dog also briefly featured in the track, with similar-sounding drums also being incorporated throughout it. After the fight ends, a calm banjo melody reminiscent of the credits theme from Courage the Cowardly Dog is played.


The title is a reference to "It's Terror Time Again", as well as a nod towards the cowardly nature both combatants have against the supernatural terrors they experience and fight against on a near-daily basis, especially during the dead of night. The "Forever" part of the title also serves as a hint towards this episode's verdict of Scooby and Courage being unable to kill each other, resulting in a never-ending battle.[1]

Cover Art

The cover art done by John Mitchell depicts a box of Scooby Snacks, the Dark Matter Meteor, the Chest of Demons, and King Ramses' slab inside the mouth of Eustace's mask, one of its teeth having a hole through it to resemble the design of Courage's own.


[NOTE: Singers are emphasized by the below typographies.]
[Donna - Donna and Therewolf - Therewolf]

Feeling that you're not alone
And you hear a scary moan
Ghosts, ghouls, and monsters, so strange!
It’s creeping through the dark
You have no clue where you are
It's time to face your fears!

Rising above the fright
Of this forever terror night!

When you’re in the dead of night
And under the pale moon's light
A mystery unfolds
It's a thrilling, eerie sight!

Fear has come to pay a call
It's like a groovy party but not at all
Unfolding a mystery to stay alive
They'll come for you with paws held high!
Terror rears its ugly head
If we don't run then we'll be dead
But this race has got to end
Because things are about to get tense
Who is the more courageous dog?
It's time to bring out the big paws!

Rising above the fright!
Unfolding mysteries through the fight!
Horrors all around!
Because they walked on haunted ground!
Forever terror night!

Terror rears its ugly head!
If we don't run then we'll be dead!
Terror rears its ugly head!



Easter Eggs


  • Boomstick states Courage's sun-shattering scream in his analysis would be like "getting hit by 100 septillion hydrogen bombs at once", but the calculation shown on-screen for the power of said scream actually reads "1" septillion hydrogen bombs.
  • Despite proposing his thumb war with Courage by extending his right paw and it being the one he raises in victory after winning, the paw that Scooby actually uses for the thumb war is his left paw.
  • Courage's line, "This could be bad, or my name isn't Chad James!", is incorrect, as he should be saying "or my name is Chad James!", as not only does the gag from his series this line is referencing say "is" instead of "isn't", it also doesn't make sense; the point of the gag is that it presents two possible options, where the former must obviously be the true one because the latter (that his name is something else) is false, but by saying "or my name isn't Chad James", both options are true.
  • At the start of the post-analysis, Wiz says that this is the first Death Battle to "have a result like this" since Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro. In spite of this, that was not the last episode to end in a draw, as the actual last one to do so was Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie.
    • However, given the specifics of said draws (Chuck and Segata continue to fight each other indefinitely under Death Battle's ruleset, while Deadpool and Pinkie quit fighting and became friends after outright ignoring the rules altogether), it is possible they are directly comparing it to the former, since the verdict says that this fight "would never end" without any outside factors.



  1. 4.45676993e85 Joules; 11,141,924,800,000,000 x Universe's Mass-Energy
  2. Screaming Power (Sun GBE); 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Hydrogen Bombs; 68 Quettatons of TNT


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