Death Battle Combatant
Segata Sanshiro Project X Zone
The Defender of the Sega Saturn
Segata Sanshiro
Origin Sega Saturn Advertisements
Company Sega
Appearance(s) Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro
Guts VS Nightmare (cameo)
Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher (cameo)
Naruto VS Ichigo (cameo)
Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate (cameo)
Sega satan shiro! (You must play Sega Saturn!)
~ Segata Sanshiro

Segata Sanshiro is a character created by Sega to advertise the Sega Saturn. He appeared in the 44th episode of Death Battle, Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro, where he fought against Western action star Chuck Norris.


Segata Sanshiro was the Japanese mascot for the Sega Saturn. He was best known for appearing in commercials where he tries to force people to play the Sega Saturn using various comedic methods. When the Saturn transitioned to the Dreamcast, a commercial was made showing the supposed death of Segata, where he saved Sega from a missile exploding in their headquarters, but he has shown up in other media ever since.

Death Battle Info


  • His name and appearance refer to the genesis of Judo
  • In a previous life, was a motorcycle-riding cyborg superhero.
  • Lives alone in the mountains, always trains using a giant Sega Saturn
  • His theme song orders others to play Sega Saturn "until your fingers break"

Feats & Stengths

  • Can outmatch an Olympic speed skater... barefoot
  • Able to duplicate himself and increase his size
  • Strong enough to punch falling cars and space shuttles into the air
  • Doesn't flinch when baseballs hit his chest at 90 mph
  • Can survive and speak in space, despite the lack of atmosphere


  • His explosive Judo throw does not work on the undead
    • When this failed, he becomes helpless and was overwhelmed by zombies
  • Although he greatly helped the Sega Saturn, he could not save it
  • Lost to Sonic the Hedgehog in a martial arts tournament

Guts VS Nightmare

The constellation Chuck and Segata formed at the end of the fight appears in the sky of Guts VS Nightmare.

Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher

In Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher, the ending of Chuck and Segata's fight was seen on the computer Sam was hacking, and a snapshot of the fight was on the inside of Snake's cardboard box.

Naruto VS Ichigo

In Naruto VS Ichigo, Segata and his opponent briefly stop their fight to look at Naruto's final attack against Ichigo before continuing their fight.

Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate

The constellation of Chuck and Segata returned briefly during Doctor Strange's and Doctor Fate's reality warping battle.



  • Segata Sanshiro is the first Sega combatant in Death Battle who is not from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, with the next one being Bayonetta.
  • Segata Sanshiro along with his opponent Chuck Norris are the first combatants to have not won or lost their fight, as it is implied they're still fighting. The second pair of fighters that neither won nor lost their fight were Deadpool and Pinkie Pie, as both ended their battle and started a friendship.
    • Segata is also the only Sega character who ends his Death Battle without a conclusion.
  • Segata Sanshiro's sprite was slightly edited from Takuma Sakazaki's, from The King of Fighters series.
  • Segata Sanshiro is the third combatant to speak in another language other than English in Death Battle, with the first two being Mai Shiranui and Sol Badguy, and with the next two being Jotaro Kujo and Kenshiro.


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