• Previous trivia point was shortened since it was too long and had many redundant phrases. That's pretty much it. There wasn't any need to rewrite it completely. The new one you made still contains redundant phrases like "On top of" twice, and unnecessarily mentions that the character's death was too gruesome.

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    • The point of the trivia in the first place was to point out how Bayo's death was peculiar by death battle standards. At first I did this by saying she hadn't technically died (though the wording was poor). However, your edit isn't a piece of trivia. When looking at your edit, it only serves to inform a small subset of fans who think Bayonetta survived. By stating she suffered a fate worse than death and the circumstances around this, it both discusses why Bayonetta's death was peculiar by death battle's standards and informs that small subset of fans that while Bayonetta hasn't died yet, she's essentially boned in 24 hours (if that).

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    • The previous point was just shortened. Nothing was added nor modified. It was unnecessary to rewrite it completely. Just a few words were removed. The edit in her wiki entry right now has even worse grammar than the previous one.

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    • I disagree. The previous trivia really just felt like a rebuttal to those who thought Bayonetta had a chance of survival thanks to the incident with Jeanne (and those people would have to had played Bayonetta 2 to even understand that). The previous trivia was really only aimed to an incredibly small subset of death battle fans who had played Bayonetta 2 and glossed over Rodin's statement about dead Umbra witches. 

      I rewrote the trivia so that it could be aimed towards everyone in general, detailing how Bayonetta was an exception to the rule death battle normally uses (i.e. being dead at the point of defeat) as well as explaining how this didn't make a difference. Of course now that you have incorporated this into the trivia, it doesn't really matter.

      However, I am asking about one thing you modified: "she will have to wander the realm of Inferno, powerless, until she gets devoured by a demon killing her for good". Is this correct? I mean from what Rodin said, regardless of whether or not Jeanne got eaten by a demon she was still 'living' on borrowed time because Inferno was going to assimilate her after 24 hours anyway.

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