Xeno Trunks battles Silver from Archie Comics!

Trunks VS Silver is the 166th episode of Death Battle, featuring Xeno Trunks from the Dragon Ball series and Archie Silver from the Sonic the Hedgehog series in a battle between powerful alternate versions of time-traveling freedom fighters. Trunks was voiced by Scott Frerichs and Silver was voiced by Esu Onsti.


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Wiz & Boomstick
by Brandon Yates
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Wiz: Trunks Briefs, time cop of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Boomstick: Silver the Hedgehog, secret Freedom Fighter from Archie's Sonic.

Wiz: While these two temporal warriors may be well known, today we're looking at their counterparts from alternate universes.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Xeno Trunks

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by Jewell Kennedy & Jonathan Plant
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Boomstick: Everyone knows Trunks is the coolest Dragon Ball character. Don't lie. When he showed up to prove Goku wasn't the only Super Saiyan around, ya popped a Shenron in your pants.

Wiz: After witnessing his entire world slaughtered by a deadly Android duo and using his mother's time machine to hop to the past to make things right, Trunks made his triumphant return to his own time period.

Boomstick: But for this version of Trunks, that's where things start to get a bit different, when he was intercepted by this JoJo-posing fairy chick.

Wiz: The Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa. She watches over all of time in the Dragon Ball universe and was forced to arrest Trunks for his alterations to multiple timelines.

Boomstick: Welcome to the world of Disney's Loki. Oh, sorry, Dragon Ball Heroes. An alternate universe, no, Xenoverse, where every Dragon Ball story has its own canon timeline. It's kinda like if some nerd's weird DBZ fan fiction became totally official, and it rocks!

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Feed The Machines
by Piotr Pacyna
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Wiz: Unlike his more well-known counterpart, this Trunks was made to atone for his crimes against time by joining Chronoa's secret enforcers, the Time Patrol.

Boomstick: I'll give ya one try to guess what the Time Patrol does. But hey, even if it wasn't on his to-do list for the week, Trunks is the perfect guy to protect the whole multiverse. He has the usual collection of the Saiyans' ki powers, but also a magic sword straight from the Hero of Time! No, not him. Not him. That guy, yeah.

Wiz: Even with the differing timelines, it's heavily implied this Trunks has lived all the way through some variation of the Goku Black Saga. Therefore, he possesses all powers the original Trunks has, including the ability to assume the golden form of the Super Saiyan.

Boomstick: And gathering ki from other lifeforms to make this ultra huge laser sword!

Wiz: However, he has also performed a divine ritual to unlock godly ki within himself, taking on the incredible red visage of a Super Saiyan God.

Boomstick: God power sure does come in handy when he's fighting literal demons! Like when these weirdos revived Mechikabura, the ruler of the Demon Realm, causing all sorts of time breaks across the Xenoverse. It's kind of a mess.

We cut to Boomstick, who introduces Jocelyn as she walks in with a notepad in hand.

Boomstick: Lucky for us, Jocelyn's even nerdier than Wiz. What useless knowledge have you got for us today?

Jocelyn: Come on, dude, knowledge is never useless. Okay, so all the major timelines in Dragon Ball Heroes are recorded in tomes called the Scrolls of Eternity. Any time somebody hopscotches through time, another one of these scrolls poofs into existence. There's just one teensy little problem: there can only be so many scrolls. Once you hit the limit, surprise, you just triggered cosmic Armageddon. And that's not even counting all the lesser timelines branching off the main ones Trunks and co. have to keep track of!

We cut back to the analysis.

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by Morty Vicar
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Jocelyn: Anyway, Trunks and the Time Patrol are some of the only peeps who can time warp without causing these distortions, thanks to unique devices like this armband.

Boomstick: Though sometimes a patrolman gets ballsy and tries to mess with time themselves, like when Sealas tried to rewrite Dragon Ball Heroes. Both the world and the game! Oh yeah, did we mention that? The universe is an arcade game in its own... universe.

Wiz: Eh, yes and no. In the far off future of the Xenoverse, the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game essentially serves as another method of time travel, allowing future warriors to visit iconic moments in the past.

Boomstick: So much for preventing the Ragnarök of the multiverse or whatever!

Jocelyn: That's where those lesser time branches come in. They don't count, just... because.

Wiz: These machines also send an avatar of the... uh, player back in time, complete with an assortment of collectible cards that can summon facsimiles of well-known characters.

Boomstick: That's right. Super Saiyan 4 Goku is a rare Reverse Holo now!

Jocelyn: Trunks himself is an avid fan, along with his disciples Beat and Note. Fun fact: Beat is a descendant of GT Goku.

Boomstick: Trunks even funded a Duel Disk-style Hero Switch so he can use his cards on the go. And you thought Trunks was cool before he went full Seto Kaiba! Hell, he somehow made the Great Saiyaman look badass. That's how you put polish on disappointment, and I thought that was pretty damn impossible!

Wiz: All these powers, gadgets, and cards certainly came in handy against foes like Mechikabura, but they weren't always enough. Even Super Saiyan 4 Vegito had trouble fighting the Demon King, who created a black hole to consume every timeline in the multiverse.

Boomstick: Until Trunks broke out the ultimate deus ex machina: the Key Sword! No, not that one. That one, yeah, yea-yeah.

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The Revelation
by Michael "WuKong" Hsiang Lee
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Boomstick: This epic blade isn't just a sword. It can completely shut down an opponent's powers. And thanks to being powered by Pinky over there, it can summon the power of the ETERNAL TIME LABYRINTH~! Which is just really fun to say.

Jocelyn: Well, even more fun, it traps the targets in the Crack of Time, a bubble of reality outside all timelines with windows into others. And the Key Sword was powerful enough to finish off Mechikabura in a single strike!

Wiz: Obviously this puts Xeno Trunks in the upper echelons of Dragon Ball power levels. Even eclipsing the main timeline's Goku, who could destroy the universe up to 13 times over when he first channeled Super Saiyan God.[Note 1]

Jocelyn: The same Goku who could push through Hit's Time-Skips and could fly from Grand Kai's planet to Hell in less than a minute.

Wiz: Considering the distance of these two realms as displayed in this canon visual model, that would require speeds over 29 quintillion times faster than light.

Boomstick: And that was even before going God, let alone getting training from Whiskey!

Jocelyn: Uh, heh, Whis. And many of Trunks' patrol buddies are just as impressive, like... you! Well, the you who battled Demigra in the Xenoverse game when he had control over all time and space, or the you who fought the demon Chamel who threatened the whole multiverse. You are technically a canon character in Dragon Ball. Congrats, I guess, uh, maybe now you can throw that Kamehameha for real, hehe. Oh, come on, you know you want to.

Boomstick: So, the bad guys better watch out, 'cause Trunks and his time cops will always be there to stop them and protect time itself!

Archie Silver

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Destruction Level
by Peter Barton
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Wiz: It's the year 3437 P.X.E. The world of Mobius has entered an era of darkness. This savage future has been ravaged by unending fires, giant monsters, ecological disasters, and general dystopia of all kinds. But standing against this harsh and bleak reality is a lone hero: a young hedgehog with silver quills named... uh, Silver!

Boomstick: So, yeah, comic book Silver doesn't sound too different from the one in the video games, right? Heh, don't count on it! This is the same comic where all the Tails in the multiverse fused together into this monstrosity! So, strap in for a wild ride!

Wiz: With no family to speak of, Silver was taken in by the last elders of his damaged world, including the immortal wizard of Chaos, Mammoth Mogul.

Boomstick: Silver's goal was to become a Knight of Kronos, a time-travelling warrior who could save the future by changing the past.

Wiz: Silver's base abilities include super strength and super speed, though not quite at the same level as those of Knuckles or Sonic, respectively.

Boomstick: Well, that's okay 'cause he's got his own special weapon, mind bullets~!

Wiz: And... more. A lot more. Silver possesses the rare power of psychokinesis, allowing him to move himself or other objects around with just his thoughts. He can move anything from rocks to skyscrapers to entire mountains.

Boomstick: But that's not all he's got up his sleeves, er, gloves. He always keeps a Warp Ring on hand, a size-shifting power ring that can teleport him anywhere he likes, even other dimensions.

Wiz: And he can access the insight, resistances to corruption, and power boost many other Mobians can attain with usual power rings.

Boomstick: With all this, he was a shoe-in for school with the woolly mammoth mage. Thanks to Mogul, Silver got to learn about two other magic abilities he'd soon master. First up, "Chaos Control!", the magic Mogul pioneered himself centuries ago. This is the stuff Sonic and friends use to shoot pew-pews and turn into Super not-Saiyans.

Wiz: Then, Mogul discovered another magic: Chronos Control. With this, Silver can move through time with very little effort. Made even easier thanks to his Time Stone, a gem that governs time itself.

Boomstick: After doin' tons of research, gross, Silvy and Mogul discovered that their shitty lives could all be blamed on just one person. Apparently one of Sonic's own Freedom Fighters turned traitor and ruined everything. What a twist! So, Silver set off with a full arsenal to Baby Thanos that bastard.

Wiz: Only one problem: the Archie Sonic multiverse is... complicated! Hell, "complicated" barely even cuts it. Jocelyn, how about you take this one?

We cut to Jocelyn and Boomstick.

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Power Ups
by Oliver Adam Spink & Christopher Timothy White
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Jocelyn: Okay, Archie Sonic's multiverse is similar in scope to something like DC Comics, with multiple extra-dimensional layers like the Chaos Force. There are infinite universes with infinite timelines and infinite characters...

Boomstick: Oh, as if Sonic needed more of those...

Jocelyn: Including the likes of Mega Man, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Spawn.

Boomstick: Wait, WHAT?!

Jocelyn: With the Time Stone, Warp Rings, and Chronos Control, no timeline or dimension is out of Silver's reach. Though, like bad sushi mixed with vodka, time-hopping this way had some weird side effects... like decoupling Silver from time. So, if he causes a real bad butterfly effect, he doesn't get erased like poor Marty McFly. He just has a lotta catchin' up to do.

Boomstick: (stammering) Sorry, can you go back to the part about SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MEETING MOTHERF***ING SPAWN?!

Jocelyn shrugs before we cut back to the analysis.

Wiz: Needless to say, Silver had a hard time figuring out exactly what he needed to do.

Jocelyn: I mean, even if it was more straightforward, he's not exactly the sharpest quill on the hog.

Boomstick: Good thing Archie Silver is way more badass than he was in the video games! He's fought all sorts of epic baddies across time and space, like... Dark Knuckles!

Wiz: E-Enerjak.

Boomstick: Gesundheit — who stole the souls every Mobian in the world! This guy threw a whole continent at our weed-haired hedgehog. Despite fighting a literal dark god with far more power, Silver won the day by turning evil Knux's own attacks right back at him!

Wiz: Not too surprising. Silver's psychic powers on their own are strong enough to teleport instantly, disrupt any technology, close tears in reality, and stop time from being pulled out of him!

Jocelyn: Also, according to the Archie Sonic comic encyclopedia, Silver still experienced some version of the events of the Sonic '06 video game. Y'know, everyone's favorite.

Wiz: Including the battle against Solaris, who could eat time, where Silver achieved the invulnerable form of Super Silver.

Boomstick: He gets a major boost to match the speed and power of Super Sonic. As Sonic Man, without this supersonic energy, Sonic was already fast enough to out-speed stopped time. Let me say that again: time was frozen, and Sonic could still move! What the hell?!

Wiz: Naturally, Super Sonic and Super Silver should both be faster than this. But, as calculating speed requires a factor of time, and this feat removes time from the equation entirely, this means Super Silver's speed is incalculable! His speed is faster than time itself permits speed to be!

Boomstick: That's stupid.

Wiz: That's Archie Sonic.

Jocelyn: Hardly a Super form's most impressive feat, though. There have been a few occasions where the Archie Sonic multiverse has been completely demolished and restored, and each one used the same Chaos power Super Silver possesses. The most notable, of course, was when Super Sonic teamed up with Super Mega Man to counter the Super Genesis Wave.

Boomstick: Which completely rewrote all of time and space!

Jocelyn: Luckily, despite being right at ground zero, the Super forms were immune to the Super Genesis Wave's reality-warping power, giving Sonic and Mega Man the time they needed to save the entire multiverse!

Boomstick: Oh no, what about—

Jocelyn: (sighs) Yes, even Spawn.

Boomstick: Oh, thank Satan!

Wiz: But even in this brave new world, Silver was nothing short of a hero.

Boomstick: As long as this dorky hedgehog is around to keep up the good fight, even the darkest timeline will have a silver lining.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. We've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLEEE... through time!

Death Battle

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Hedge of Tomorrow
by Brandon Yates ft. Logan Adams & Mason Lieberman
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Within a wide metropolitan city, a glowing aqua streak of speed flies through the sky. It is quickly revealed to be Silver the Hedgehog, and to his surprise, he soon finds himself within a barrage of energy blasts from an unknown assailant, which he avoids. To give himself some cover, he lifts up an entire building to keep behind him, but it is swiftly cut into pieces. It is revealed his attacker is Trunks, armed with his signature sword, who is demanding he stands down.

Trunks: Stop! You're under arrest for unsanctioned time travel!

Silver can only show exasperation with being stopped.

Silver: Seriously?! This is what I do!

He retaliates by psychokinetically lifting up some rubble and cars to throw at Trunks, but he dodges all of them and cuts one last projectile with his blade. He dashes behind Silver and knocks him around with his sword before sending him to the ground below.

As Trunks goes for another slash on his grounded foe, Silver gets out of the way and throws a Warp Ring past Trunks, who in his moment of confusion witnesses it becoming a portal. Silver capitalizes on this distraction by barging into him through the portal into a devastated city and flying straight up.

Trunks recovers and builds up ki in his hands to aim for Silver...

Trunks: Masenko-Ha!

...before shooting the energy blast at him, who re-directs it back to sender with his psychokinesis. Trunks jumps away before his own attack strikes him, which builds up smoke where it lands.

As Trunks flies up, he notices rubble from behind him coming to form a massive boulder in front of Silver, who throws it at him, only for it to be halted in its tracks. An electric pillar of light emerges from where Trunks was crashed into, and he emerges in his Super Saiyan form before pushing back the boulder at Silver with ease.

In response, Silver pulls out the Chaos Emeralds to enter his Super State and tanks the projectile without budging. He takes a moment to brag to his opponent.

Super Silver: Ya see? It's no use!

Super Saiyan Trunks suddenly appears behind Super Silver, calling him out with a familiar low tone of voice.

Trunks: Rip-off.

As Silver notices him, Trunks kicks the him upwards and shoots an energy ball at him, which sends him all the way to the Moon. Trunks rises in Earth's atmosphere to see the Moon glowing in a green aura before exploding, sending rubble flying into space. Knowing what is coming to him, Trunks can only let out disdain.

Trunks: Ah, crapbaskets...

Super Silver unleashes a barrage of rubble upon Trunks, who in the midst of dodging them pulls out a Xeno card pack.

Trunks: C'mon, gimme a good pull!

He opens the pack and looks at what he has received with a wide-eyed to disappointed look, the music abruptly stopping as he does so.

Trunks: (sighs) Good enough.

Throwing the cards and using his Hero Switch to summon GT Goku and GT Pan by his side, along with a dead Oolong floating in the distance, as the music picks right back up, Trunks charges at the challenge ahead with them, who destroy a boulder headed for him. Together, they all charge up and fire ki beams at Silver, with Trunks doing so with one of his signature moves.

Trunks: Galick Gun! HAAAAAA!

Super Silver effortlessly re-directs the energy back at them, which destroys Trunks' allies while he blocks it with his sword. Before they hit the Earth, Silver precisely controls and returns the two beams back into the one targeting Trunks, which is enough to shatter his sword and engulf him in his own energy.

Not letting down, Trunks charges ahead into the Ki Blast and assumes his Super Saiyan God form, letting him push through. He proceeds to approach and pummel Super Silver and sends him away with an enormous ki beam into the depths of space. As Silver is briefly stunned, Trunks prepares to finish things.

Trunks: Now to shut you down for good!

He pulls out his Key Sword and activates its awakened form before going to slash Silver, which results in time itself growing distorted and messing with the fabric of space as Silver glitches in and out of his Super form. As the two struggle in this moment, they both use their ultimate techniques.


Trunks: Eternal Time Labyrinth!

The results of the rip in time that comes after is that of Silver appearing in the Crack of Time, located outside of existence, surrounded by crystals leading to separate timelines. He immediately takes note of the new environment he is in.

Super Silver: I don't think we're in Mobius anymore.

To his surprise, he is surrounded by multiple Key Swords and chains of time. Silver can only watch as the swords travel to the voice of his foe from afar.

Trunks: This is it, time-hog!

The Key Swords combine into their awakened form while Trunks gathers ki into his hand to create the Sword of Hope.

Trunks: The end of your future!

With a single blade in his grasp, Trunks charges ahead with a war cry to stab Silver. Super Silver, warping his orange Time Stone in front of him, calmly assures Super Saiyan God Trunks of one thing in his attempt.

Super Silver: I told you. It's... no...

He channels his powers into the Time Stone, and Trunks' weapon suddenly disappears from his hands to his shock.

Super Silver: USE!!

Having been warped back in time behind Trunks and traveling to his back at high speeds, he realizes what happened and turns quickly, managing to stop his blade from impaling him. As Trunks is kept busy with the weight of his own weapon, Silver bolsters his psychokinetic power to immobilize Trunks and prevent his resistance, allowing the sword to hit its mark through his chest.

Trunks can only scream in pain as his Super Saiyan God powers are nullified and his own reality distorts. A glitchy explosion occurs from where he stood after, releasing the time chains around Super Silver and allowing him to warp out of the detonating Crack of Time with his Time Stone.

The triumphant Silver the Hedgehog re-appears back at the devastated city the two fought in earlier on top of a building, his Super State wearing off as he looks off at the apocalyptic sight.

Ko season 3


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Hedge of Tomorrow
by Brandon Yates ft. Logan Adams & Mason Lieberman
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Boomstick: Oh, come on. Trunks is way past cooler than furry Kyle Reese!

Wiz: It is hard to imagine Trunks losing to anyone. However, Silver ironically had just about everything he needed to put the Half-Saiyan six feet under.

Boomstick: First off, time travel wasn't much of a factor, since they were both pretty well versed in it. Either way, Silver's psychokinesis could disrupt tech like the Hero Switch and the time travel armband, leaving Trunks without his gadgets and primary method of hoppin' through time.

Wiz: Let's be frank; in base form, Silver never stood a chance at matching Trunks with his own power. Even in his Super form, it's questionable whether or not Super Silver had the physical ability to match Super Saiyan Trunks. In short, it's practically impossible to lock down exact numbers and limits for their power levels.

Boomstick: So, Trunks could have probably taken a win if he found an opening, but Silver's psychic powers have worked around similar disadvantages before. Enerjak was way stronger than him, could match the power of Super Sonic, and conquered all of Mobius. But Silver could consistently UNO Reverse Card his attacks back at him, and he wasn't even Super at that time!

Wiz: Trunks was obviously much faster than Goku's trip to Hell. He could easily be sextillions or septillions of times faster than light, maybe even more! However, by the very nature of Dragon Ball powers, his speed must have a limit, even if it is impossible to know an exact number given what we've seen.

Boomstick: But Archie Super forms have consistently shown incalculable speeds. Sure, Goku broke through Hit's Time Skip, but that actually has nothing to do with speed.

Wiz: As explained by Whis, the effectiveness of time manipulation in the world of Dragon Ball depends on the difference in power level between the caster and their target. Such as when Chronoa attempted a time stop on Mira and failed, due to Mira's energy being stronger. Xenoverse's Goku has also mentioned how increasing his energy affects space and time around him.

Boomstick: In any other matchup, this would be totally buck wild itself. But no, Archie Super forms just have to break time itself!

Wiz: It's also difficult to put an exact number on Trunks' maximum level of power. The strongest beings in his continuity can affect his entire multiverse, which has infinite timelines plus the Crack of Time outside. In contrast, Chaos magic wielded by a Super form like Super Sonic can rewrite the infinite timelines in Archie Sonic's multiverse, plus the extradimensional realms outside, like the Chaos Force, pocket Zones, Mega Man's own infinite universe, and yes, possibly even a multiverse with Spawn. The scope of Dragon Ball's cosmic scale simply does not compare.

Boomstick: Plus, unlike Sonic, Silver spent many years being trained how to use Chaos magic by the guy who invented it! Hell, if Mega Man could rewrite reality just minutes after learning he could even use the Chaos Emeralds at all, imagine what craziness Silver could pull off!

Wiz: Trunks' best chance was the Key Sword's ability to nullify powers, like it did to Mechikabura. However, the Super Genesis Wave explicitly could not rewrite the presence of Super Sonic or Super Mega Man, despite being able to rewrite even the extradimensional Chaos Force from whence it came. It's likely Silver's Super form could resist the Key Sword, at least for a time.

We cut to Wiz and Boomstick.

Wiz: Ultimately, while there are many versions of this battle where Trunks can win, Silver's superior abilities close out a victory more often than not.

Boomstick: To make things Brief, Silver was just hoggin' the spotlight.

We cut to the "Winner" card.

Wiz: The winner is Silver the Hedgehog.



+ Stronger & faster than base Silver
+ Key Sword counters time manipulation
+ More variety in arsenal & summons
- Most attacks could be countered


+ Stronger & faster in super form
+ Can redirect most ki attacks
+ Can disable Trunks' technology
+ Superior control over battlefield
- Shorter super form duration

Original Track

CD Icon
Hedge of Tomorrow
by Brandon Yates ft. Logan Adams & Mason Lieberman
YouTube IconSpotify Icon


The track for this fight is “Hedge of Tomorrow” by Brandon Yates feat. Logan Adams and Mason Lieberman (the latter of whom goes uncredited on the track arts). It is a heroic lyrical rock track that pays homage to the combatants' future origins, alongside their driving desire to travel through time to prevent their world's apocalyptic ruin. The instrumental melody takes inspiration from the chord progression of "Heroic Trunks" from Dragon Ball Z. A sped-up version of "The Ruined World of the Future" from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) can also be heard halfway through the song, being played on a piano similarly to the original track, as well as near the end to symbolize Silver's victory. Additionally, the orchestral choirs heard near the end of the track are reminiscent to what is heard in the Death Egg Robot's Phase 3 theme from Sonic Forces.


The title is a reference to one of the lyrics of "Live and Learn" from Sonic Adventure 2 ("Hanging on the edge of tomorrow"), with a similar lyric being used in the track ("Wishing on the edge of tomorrow"). It may also be a reference to Edge of Tomorrow, a film about a time loop (similar to the combatants' time-traveling abilities). "Edge" is replaced with "Hedge", referencing Silver's species (hedgehog) and being a play on how the word can mean "barrier" or "boundary", further emphasizing the theme of both combatants traveling through the boundaries of time itself.

Cover Arts

The original cover art done by John Mitchell depicts Silver's Super Warp Ring surrounded by the seven Chaos Emeralds. Trunks' sword is plunged through the Ring, with the part that has gone through it rusted and deformed, emphasizing the Super Warp Ring's time-traveling capabilities and referencing the combatants' bad futures that they tried to prevent. The cover art is also done in an art style similar to the Archie Sonic comics.

The cover art of the remastered version done by Tyrannii (which was created for the track's reupload following Rooster Teeth's shutdown) is set in the Crack of Time, depicting Trunk's awakened Key Sword slicing Silver's Time Stone in half, causing it to glitch out (referencing the Key Sword's property of nullifying powers and Trunks' glitchy death upon getting impaled by it at the end of the fight) as the blade enters Silver's Super Warp Ring, which features a ruined future with its buildings on fire on the other end of the portal and the track's title engraved on its side as multiple smaller rings spew out from the bottom of it. Surrounding the hilt of the Key Sword are the seven Chaos Emeralds. The artist credits at the bottom of the cover is done in the style of the Sonic logo.


Driven from a world that cannot come to pass
Life undone by flame and fury
The tapestry unfurls and I've got to make this last
Just one shot to make this happen

Wishing on the edge of tomorrow
Wishing for a future without sorrow
But I'm here so they don't, have to take my place
It's the future that I WANT TO ERASE!

I want to erase!
I want to erase!

I want to erase it fast
Everything was made to last but then they
Take it all away, take it all from me
This has to come to an end!

Do you feel it coursing through your blood?
This isn't the time to care, the target is right there!
So just never let it go~!

Perhaps it's time we part our ways
We can't afford for it to end like
This is, this is it
This is, this is all

Their voices scream
Wait a minute
Just rest, take it in
Don't forget it
Is this, is this it
Is this, is this all~

All you know
It's all you know

Wishing on the edge of tomorrow
Wishing for a future without sorrow

Do you feel it coursing through your blood?
This isn't the time to care, the target is right there!



  • The connections between Xeno Trunks and Archie Silver are that they are both more powerful, alternate universe variants of heroes from dystopian futures with a strong sense of justice who traveled back in time to prevent apocalyptic events that resulted in their ruined timelines (Trunks sought to stop the Androids' genocide of humanity, while Silver sought to kill the Iblis Trigger to prevent Iblis from ruining the world). Both would succeed in finding the individual(s) that were supposedly responsible for the destruction of their world and planned to kill them, but ultimately became allies with them instead after uncovering the truth about their moralities (both Androids 17 and 18 and Sonic, respectively). Both were also born with unique heritages (a Half-Saiyan and an esper, respectively), which left them with a powerful innate energy they use for combat (ki and Psychokinesis, respectively). Both also received a title and occupation as a protector of time by an immortal individual (Trunks is one of Chronoa's Time Patrollers, while Silver is Mammoth Mogul's Knight of Kronos in-training) and have battled beings known for their threat to every possible timeline and use of possession (Mechikabura and Enerjak, respectively). Additionally, both have access to a powerful form that makes them golden in color (Super Saiyan and Super Silver, respectively).
    • Shiro Maekawa, one of the writers of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), confirmed that Silver's character was based on Trunks.
  • In the 297th episode of DEATH BATTLE Cast, Ben stated that the reason Xeno Trunks and Archie Silver specifically were used instead of their canon counterparts was due to how easily Trunks would beat Silver normally due to the massive power difference between Dragon Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]
    • Ben would later state in the 299th episode of DEATH BATTLE Cast that Xeno Trunks VS Archie Silver was ultimately done due to how more interesting the matchup is compared to normal Trunks VS Silver, namely in how Dragon Ball Heroes, Online, Xenoverse, and Archie Sonic gave the two more source material to work with and consider.[2]
    • Matthew Jones would add on to this, stating that a fight between the canon versions of the two had been overdone on the Internet and that Silver in the games did not actually have much material to begin with.[3]
  • Hedge of Tomorrow was commissioned by Matthew Jones,[4] making it the second original track for the show that he commissioned, after Mad Laugh Riot.
  • Starting from this episode onwards, the Death Battle YouTube channel began to release "Next Time" teasers as shorts dedicating incoming episodes to their upcoming releases.
  • When Ian Flynn (head writer of the Archie Sonic comics from Issue #160 onwards, and the creator of Archie's version of Silver) was asked on his opinion of the fight on Twitter, he stated that he disagreed with the result because he believed the inclusion of Chaos Emeralds and Time Stone was unfair, and that even without the Key Sword and other gadgets, Trunks could "nuke Silver from orbit."[5]
    • He also stated that some of the points were inaccurate, such as Chronos Control's usage and Super Sonic and Mega Man being unaffected by the reality reset from the Super Genesis Wave, but also said it wasn't worth arguing over and that he enjoyed Frerichs' reprisal of Trunks.[6][7]
  • Silver's voice actor is credited as "Esu Onsti", but it is heavily implied to be his current voice actor from the video games, Bryce Papenbrook, as the alias itself is actually Silver's infamously well-known quote from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), "It's no use!", written backwards. It's likely Papenbrook may not have been credited to avoid the legal issues surrounding getting him to voice a character that he would legally and contractually not be able to voice.

Easter Eggs

  • At the end of Trunks' analysis preview, Boomstick's response to the chupacabra's name, "You're making that up," is a reference to a similar response said by Sarge in the 2nd episode of Red Vs Blue, "Red Gets a Delivery".
  • Ironically, while the Key Sword was mistaken for the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts during Trunks' analysis, the Key Sword is likely to have been inspired by the Keyblade.
  • In Trunks' analysis, Boomstick refers to Whis as "Whiskey", something he had called him prior in Beerus VS Sailor Galaxia.
  • The Elizabeth Tower (the clock tower of Big Ben) from DIO VS Alucard makes an appearance in the background of the ruined future when Silver redirects Trunks' Masenko back at him.
  • Upon turning into Super Silver and towards the end of the fight, Silver utters his infamous line "It's no use!" from Sonic The Hedgehog (2006).
  • When Silver transforms into Super Silver, Trunks responds by calling the transformation a rip-off. This is a reference to how the Super transformations from Sonic the Hedgehog are seen as a rip-off of/homage to the Super Saiyan transformation from Dragon Ball.
    • It's also a call-back to Vegeta VS Shadow, as the former had the same reaction upon seeing the latter's Super Shadow transformation.
    • This may also be a nod to how Silver's creation was inspired by Trunks himself.
  • The constellation from the end of Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man can be seen near the top-left corner of the screen as Silver gets sent flying towards the Moon by Trunks.
  • When Silver prepares to throw rubble of the Moon at Trunks, the latter says "Ah, crapbaskets..." This is a famous recurring phrase in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, which Trunks' voice actor, Scott Frerichs, reprised his role from in this episode and was a part of.
  • When Trunks uses the Dragon Ball Heroes cards, two of the three characters he pulls are GT Goku and Pan, referencing Dragon Ball GT, where that series' iteration of Trunks traveled with those two. The third is Oolong, who just floats uselessly in the background, having apparently died in the vacuum of space after he was summoned.
    • This also references an Ultimate Unit Attack seen in Heroes, where GT Trunks, GT Goku and Pan fire teaming blasts.
    • Oddly enough, Oolong is actually a Special Type unit in Heroes, which could possibly make sense given their roles in-battle.
  • Silver's line of "I don't think we're in Mobius anymore." is a reference to the classic line from The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy says "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," which is commonly misquoted as "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."
  • Past time-traveling Death Battle combatants Koopa Troopa (from the events of the Goomba VS Koopa 2 DBX), Link, Green Lantern, Cable, Booster Gold, Wally West, Archie Sonic, and Reverse-Flash can be seen within some of the crystals in the Crack of Time.
  • At the start of the post-analysis, Boomstick complains about how Trunks was "way past cooler" than Silver in reaction to the latter's victory. This is a reference to one of Sonic's catchphrases in the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series ("Way past cool!").
  • Wiz stating how "it is hard to imagine Trunks losing to anyone" at the start of the post-analysis may be a nod to how Future Trunks never lost on any of the Internet's more prominent VS shows before the release of this episode.
    • Likewise, Wiz stating how "there are many versions of this battle where Trunks can win" at the end of the post-analysis may be a nod to how virtually all Trunks VS Silver animations on the Internet prior to this episode ended with Trunks as the victor.


  • On Trunks' "Background" slide, "identity" is misspelled as "identify".
  • In the "As Determined in Goku Black VS Reverse-Flash" pop-up in Trunks' analysis, Reverse-Flash's name is spelled without a hyphen.
  • Right before Silver transforms into Super Silver, his aura is not animated properly, instead being completely static.
  • The cards that Trunks pulls is from a booster pack from the Dragon Ball Super: Card Game instead of an actual Dragon Ball Heroes pack. Furthermore, the cards that are animated are Super Hero Licenses instead of actual cards, though this might be because the back of the specific cards would be hard to find online.
  • Despite it shattering when blocking the redirected Kamehamehas and Galick Gun, Trunks' broken sword can be seen fully intact within his scabbard in some scenes, such as when pummeling Silver after going Super Saiyan God and while trying to stop his own Key Sword from impaling him.
  • During the scene in which Trunks is attacking Silver after going Super Saiyan God, some debris from the moon briefly disappears a split second just before cutting to the next scene.
  • When Trunks is preparing his final attack on Silver with the Sword of Hope, the front end of his boot can be seen moving up out of its usual place.
  • In the downloadable versions of the song on YouTube and Spotify, the purple Chaos Emerald isn't glowing on Hedge of Tomorrow's track cover.
    • The version of the track cover that John Mitchell posted on Twitter and DeviantArt mispells "feat." as "frat." and has the bottom portion of the background cut off by a black rectangle.



  1. As determined in Goku Black VS Reverse-Flash.


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