About Me

Hey, my name is Darremiah Fenris which I named myself from one of my characters from World of Warcraft. I created my wiki account because I wanted to add my ideas and share my thoughts about something that I like to discuss about. I also love gaming, movies, comedy, and theories based on them.


  • My favorite game that I really enjoy playing is World of Warcraft.
  • South Park is my favorite show.
  • I also enjoy watching Youtube and one of my favorites are The Game and Film Theorists, Death Battle, and The Psycho Series along with the stuff created by one of my favorite Youtubers known as McJuggerNuggets.
    • I also enjoy watching Warcraft related stuff as well.
  • Blue is my favorite color.
  • Marvel is my favorite Superhero Universe and also one of my favorite franchises of all time.
  • I'm one of the role playing writers of this wiki mostly on What Would the Winners/Losers say in a bar after a Death Battle which is where you would mostly find me there.
  • I also got featured in the Mega Man Fight Sneak Peek | DEATH BATTLE CAST as one of the supporting answers of why Daffy Duck should win against Donald Duck and it was for the first time ever.
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