aka Ethan

  • I live in Seattle, Washington
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Death Battle Wiki's resident artist
  • I am male, for obvious reasons

Everyone I Betted On in DEATH BATTLE! (Updates After Every Episode's YouTube Release)

My Ideal Death Battle Seasons

Ideal 16 Episode Season (Ethan Edition)

16 Episodes

Ideal 20 Episode Season (Ethan Edition)

20 Episodes

All of my Custom Album Covers/CACs (Updates Regularly)

All of my Official Track Cover Redraws (Updates as Soon as an Episode's Fight Track is Publicly Available)

The Fallen of Death Battle Seasons (Inspired by the First Fallen)

My Collection of Cursed Combatants

All of my Sprite Renders

Some Pages You Can Expect Me to Visit a Lot

Oh Hey, It's Dedede

16-Bit Dedede Crouch
Crouching Dedede
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