In the ye olde days of my youth, I was a huge fan of video games, the biggest ones easily being Mario and Sonic. Being knowledgeable about their rivalry, I frequently surfed the Internet to find proper fights that determine who the true video game icon is (back in the day; Sonic is going down the drain now, and Mario is slowly going down as well). That's when I stumbled upon ScrewAttack's Mario VS Sonic DEATH BATTLE!. Initially I was shocked about the outcome (being an idiot I forgot what the title of the show was in the heat of the battle), but got over it quickly and appreciated the battle for accurately representing the two combatants.

Ever since then, DEATH BATTLE! has been one of my favorite shows on the Internet. I enjoy everything about it: voice acting, animation, the characters themselves, fight choreography, etc. And while I haven't been on this wikia for long, if anyone requires assistance, I will be more than happy to help. I do not wish to be admin, but I just want to contribute.

Favorite DEATH BATTLE Combatants


Season 1

Season 2

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