Guessed by Alexey de Greit

1. star saber vs exkaiser

Star Kaisers or Brave through the Cosmos

Both of their swords cross with a lion's head in the background

2. ichigo kurosaki vs ragna the bloodedge

The Grim Reaper of Blood And Soul

Ichigo's Hollow mask with the writhing heads of the Black Beast within the background behind.

3. naruto uzumaki vs natsu dragneel

Ninja Tail

Ninja Head Protector sporting the Fairy Tail Guild emblem.

4. noctis lucis caelum vs shirou emiya

A Prince's Fate

Armiger arms surrounding Shirou's Command Seal.   

5. gridman vs ultraman x 

Grid Ultra 

Ultraman's head with Gridman's eyes and gemstone

6. shiki tohno vs hyde kido

Mystic Blades Of Night

A large portion of Insulator's blade rests near the bottom of screen. Above the blades is Shiki's glasses with opposite lenses; the left is blank but the right shows a singular Mystic Eye of Death Perception.

7. naruto uzumaki vs ragna the bloodedge

Beasts of Destruction

The Black Beast's head with Kurama's tails surrounded by black aura

8. arcueid brunestud vs moka akashiya

Fanged Fatales

A bat silhouette sporting halfway down the middle two colors (representing Moka's hair color and opposite personalities); pink and silver holding Moka's cross pendant. The background behind shows a blood red full moon anchored by chains from the ground up.

9. dai shi vs black panther

Panther's Fury

Black Panther's helmet with a golden lion's mane. And multiple scratch marks with two distinct colors in the background (gold for Dai-Shi and purple for T'challa)

10. gomora vs godzilla

Monsterous Royale

Gomora's head with a light blue sphere like thing indicating that its Godzilla's atomic breath

11. Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah vs Maga-Orochi/Magata no Orochi


Keizer Ghidorah's 3 skeletal heads surrounded by Maga-Orochi's spikes and electricity.

12. zetton vs king ghidorah

Kings of Monsters

Zetton's face with 2 of Ghidorah's heads

13. predaking vs voltron

Beasts Within The Machines

Each Predacon Beast Form heads carry Certain colored Paladin Arrow symbols in their mouths (or beak in Divebomb's case): Razorclaw with Black Paladin Arrow, Divebomb with Green Paladin Arrow, Rampage with Red Paladin Arrow, Tantrum with Blue Paladin Arrow and Headstrong with Yellow Paladin Arrow.

  • The Arrows and Beast represented body formations of respective combiner robots.

14. RX-78-2 Gundam vs VF-1S Valkyrie

Dogfight Of Goliaths

The Gundam shield sporting both the Valkyrie's skull and crossbones as well as a shadow of the front part of said mech in jet mode, zooming towards screen.

15. sol badguy vs dante

Guilty Devil

Dante's Rebellion crossed with Sol's Junkyard Dog.

16. guyver vs devilman

Bio-Boosted Devil

Guyver Unit in shadow of Devilman silhouette, head and wings included.

17. lord drakon vs oma zi-o

Totalitarian Transformation

A two-face fusion of Drakkon & Oma ZI-O (left/right respectively) while lightning of Many colours clash in background. The colours are Green, White, Gold and Black (representing both combatants coloration and brutal overwhelming power).

18. Serpentera vs Trypticon

Saurian Steel 

Serpentera's head overlooking Trypticon's city mode with one claw clutching the Decepticon Symbol.

19. Tommy Oliver vs Ryan Steele

We Are PR!  (Based on the Trooper Transform chant: We Are VR! You can guess what PR means)

The Green or White Ranger helmet (depending on which Ranger Tommy is in this battle) in a triangle (like VR Troopers logo) with circuitry in a dual blue and red color.

20. God Gundam vs 00 Raiser

00 God

God Gundam's Halo projecter surrounding 00 Raiser's wings. A beam of light in the middle represents a Gundam energy sword.

21. Tekkaman Blade vs Orgun

Blade Of The Detonator

A fusion of both mechas' respective lances lay out horizontal in the middle of screen  while Tekkaman head rests above and Orgun head rests below.

22. Hikaruon vs Danzaiver

Investigators Defense

Both combatants' helmet with glowing optics in front of respective swords

23. Space Sheriff Gavan vs Rom the Spaceknight

Space Silver Saviours

A fusion of Rom's head (eyes glowing red) and Gavan's Uchuu Keiji Symbol with Granium Particles showering down and around it.

24. juspion/jaspion vs darth vader

Dark Side Of The Space Wolf

Vader's iconic Dark Mask and Helmut in front of Juspion's Gun & Sword in X pattern.

25. king ghidorah vs deathwing

Deadly Draconians

Silhouette of Ghidorah's heads in centre of Deathwing's..wings.

26. king ghidorah vs fin fang foom

Tales of a King

Fin Fang Foom's head in the center, with the three heads of Ghidorah surrounding him.

27. Garo vs Karas

Fang Of Wolf And Crow

A golden silhouette head of a wolf facing opposite away from a silver silhouette head of a crow which is facing the opposite as well. In between them radiating with gold and silver light is the Japanese Kanji for "Warrior" (Fitting given the combatants roles)

28. Takeshi Hongo vs Shin Hayata (ULTRAMAN)


Ultraman's helmet above the Typhoon Belt. A  small man silhouette in between with a "Henshin pose".

29. adam taurus vs jetstream sam

Mercenary's Fang

A fusion of Adam's eye mask and Sam's face/mouthguard mask, both show some battle damage. Behind, criss-crossed downwards are the combatants' red respective blades.

30. Ichigo Kurosaki Vs Nero

Hollow Trigger

Ichigo's Zanpakuto and Red Queen in an X formation, with the Bleach logo in the background, the logo sports the wings seen in the logo of DMC5

31. Robocop vs the Mobile Cop Jiban

Mobile Robo Cop

similar to ryu vs Jin, oneside showing the classic robocop designe and the other with Jiban's. and both havjng their blasters aimed towards the viewer

32. spacegodzilla vs destoroyah

Artificial Monsters

Destoroyah's head is in the centre with Spacegodzilla's crystals sprouting from behind it

33. obsidian fury vs Gravezord

Metal Titans

Gravezord´s helmet cut apart by both of Obsidian Fury´s blades

34. Shirou Emiya vs Touya Kagari

Unlimited Grimoire Works 

Toyota's crest icon with Shirou's Magic Circuits in background crackling with electricity.

35. Len vs Tommy Oilver 

Power of the Rider

Two halfs of the helments (Left being Len's and right being Tommy's) as the helment has the logo of Len's and behind is a silhousette of the Seven zords

36. Issei Hyoudou vs Tatsumi

Demonic Invasion

Issei's Boosted Gear (with the green gem glowing) holding Incursio in its sword form.

37. ryu ranger vs green ranger shredder

Fusion Rangers

It shows their Ranger helmet's in half (Shredder's on the left and Ryu's on the right) and the helmet has Ryu's headband and infront is Shredder's claws

38. trigon vs dormammu

The Dark Lord Cometh

Trigon's eyes engulfed in fire, on Dormammu's skull

39. Megazord vs Volcanicus

Mega-Volcanic Clash

The fists of the Megazord and Volcanicus clashing with magma and sparks all over the place.

40. Susano'o vs Orochi vs Amaterasu (blazblue vs king of fighters vs okami)

Legends of Gods.

Amaterasu and Orochi's face and chest symbols surrounded by Susano'o's green energy.

41. akuma vs broly [non-canon version] (street fighter vs dragon ball)

Devil And Saiyan

Akuma's kanji bearing Broly's pendant while fore ground is engulfed in fire.

42. zero vs raiden (megaman vs metal gear)

Redeemed Rampage

Raiden's Murasama crossed with Zero's Z-Saber as green and red lightning surround the pair.

43. vergil vs hiei

Demon May Cry

Yamato, glowing blue, crossed with Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame sword, emitting black flames

44. vergil vs sesshomaru

Demon's Destruction

The combatant's swords clashing downwards behind a lavender crescent moon-shape

45. j stars victory vs+/jump force vs super smash bros/super smash bros ultimate vs playstation all stars

Trinity Rumble.

Shonen Jump, Smash Ball, and Playstation sign all in a triangle.

46. Algol vs Gilgamesh 

Kings of Redemption

Soul Edge and Gilgamesh's sword clashing ala Winter Sonata, but instead of ice, it's fire.

45. Wild Force Megazord vs Predaking

Force Of The Wild King

Predaking´s sword swinging against the roaring chest of the Wild Force Megazord.

46. Night terror vs Susano'o (blazblue vs soul calibur)

The Frightful Forms

The cover shows the head of Susano'o mouth wide open and hands clutching the hilt and eye of incomplete Soul Edge while Night Terror's wings cascade over them in flashes of pink and green (reprenting more of Susano'o)

47. menasor vs turbo megazord

The Road To Power

The track cover shows a giant wheel  where the silver hubcaps are the conjoined Power Rangers Thunderbolt symbol (Red outline) and Decepticon emblem (purple outline).

48. Leonhardt "Leo" Victorion vs Raiden

Anarchy Rising

Leo's Positron blades in a duelling pose against Raiden's Muramasa with slashing outlines around the background and foreground.

49. sasuke uchiha vs uryu ishida 

Prideful Gaze 

Uryu's Ginrei Kojaku between the Sharingan and Rinnegan.

50. Retsu Ichijouji vs Johji Minami (Space Sheriff Gavan vs Space Knight Tekkaman)

Tekka Process

Gavan's helmet firing a Volt-Tekka beam from forehead. Rainbow lines in background (referencing colors on Tekkaman)

51. Arcueid Brunestud vs Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Moon

Flandre's tail clashing with Brunesstud's sceptar

52. Arcueid Brunestud vs Shinobu Oshino

Vampish Oddities

A red full moon caught in the hole of a giant donut with bat -shaped frosting adorning it.

53. Xenovia Quarta vs Ciel

Holy Slayers

Xenovia's holy sword in cross formation with the Seventh Holy Scripture surrounded by divine blue light.

54. S.W.A.T. Megazord vs Superion (G1)

Delta Bot Squadron

The S.W.A.T. Megazord's torso (complete with Space Patrol Delta badge symbol) with all five of the Aerialbots' Aircraft mode wing. Each wing per Aerialbot carries a colored number alongside same colored Autobot insignia; Silverbolt = Red 1, Air Raid = Blue 2, Skydive = Green 3, Slingshot = Yellow 4 and Fireflight = Pink 5.

55. Shiki Tohno vs Akame

Tsukihime ga Kill!

Shiki's Nanatsu-Yoru knife clashing with Akame's Murasame sword, with blood splattering the background.

56. thunder megazord vs gipsy avenger

Pacific Thunder

A Jaeger's frontal core (complete with Gipsy's colored chest plate) struck by the Power Rangers Thunderbolt logo.

57. lucy vs Shiro (Elfen Lied vs Deadman WonderLand)

Wretched Lied

Lucy's vectors and Shiro's Branches of Sin strew all across the cover, creating flying debris and streaks of blood. At the center is Lucy's shattered helmet.

58. Yūki Terumi vs Beelzebub (granblue fantasy version)

Chaotic Deceit

Terumi's chain vipers clashing with Beelzebub's gauntlet, and in the background there are spirals of the two character's most defining colors.

59. Bass.EXE vs BlackWarGreymon

Digital Destruction

An outline of Bass.EXE's ridges surrounded by the bigger outline of BlackWarGreymon, various computer symbols surround them.

60. White Tigerzord vs Tigrerra

White Light

The White Tigerzord and Tigerra in a Yin-Yang style position with Saaba in front of them, glowing bright.

61. Kiara Sessyoin vs Belial (granblue fantasy version)

Fallen Sisterly Angel.

Kiara's head garment and Belial's fur jacket hung on a darkened cross with blood stained on it.

62. Goddess Rhongomyniad vs Palutena

A Divine Intervention

The "Spear of the End" and Palutena's staff in a cross-x formation while holy light surrounds the weapons.

63. Taskmaster vs Deathstroke

Death Masters.

Deathstroke's Mask with Taskmaster's Hood along with both blades clashing in X format.

64. Drago vs Prince Olympius

The Son of Demon Lords

The logo on the Drago clothes has the logo on the Prince Olympius armor and Prince Olympius of Double Bladed Spear. Not only that, but also the Chi-mutated form Drago immediately next to the logo. Super demons forms olympus

65. Gamedeus vs Venjix/Evox

Godly Virus

It would have Evox's snake while it would also have Gamedeus's wings while it would have Gamedeus's blades and Evox's staff protruding from the back.

66. shredder vs storm shadow

Shredding Storm.

It shows Storm Shadow's mask with Shredders helmet on it.

67. Venjix/Evox vs sigma

Viral Morph

Evox's Cobra-like effigy while a combination of Wily's "W" and the Maverick logo is shown in the background

68. Ultraman Zero vs Mothra Leo

Ultra Moth

A giant moth covers the screen, but the color pattern on the wings are in Ultraman Zero's colors.

69. Diablo vs Octomus the Master

Masters of Prime Evil

Octomus's skull with Diablo's spikers coming out of them while Octumus's tentacles pop out from behind.

70. Dracula (Lords of Shadow) vs Dante (DmC)

Lord of the Nephilims

Dracula's Shadow Whips cracking Dante's Rebellion with shattered pieces of the Mirror of Fate showing an inverted background colour.

71. Master Xandred vs Gargos

Gargoyle Master

Master Xandred's sword is inserted into Gargos's logo

72. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs Getter Emperor

Heaven-Piercing Emperor

The right half of TTGL's head and the left half of Getter Emperor's head touching each other while radiating Spiral Power and Getter Rays.

73. Gargorgon vs king ghidorah

Kaiju Carnage

The silhoutte colored shadows of each beast's heads facing each other; Ghidorah being gold and Gargorgon being blue. The background looks like its petrifying (turning to stone) with lightning crackles displayed against it.

74. Destoroyah vs Zaigorg

Destroyer-like's monster

You can see that the silhouette on the left is Destoroyah and the right is Zaigorg, and there are explosions and flames beside it

75. War God vs Utsuno Ikusagami

Godly Guardian Giants

War God's head (halo included) with Ikusagami's wings

76. Ark vs Venjix/Evox

Viral Viper

Final Venjix' horns and glowing red eyes on Mobile Ark's urchin-like body.

77. shirou emiya vs hyde kido

A Fated Night

A cracked duo of Kanshou and Bakuya crossed over Insulator, while the Command Seal on Shirou's hand is behind it

78. shiki tohno vs adam taurus

Death Fang

Adam's mask with the other half broken, revealing the Mystic Eyes of Death Perpception on the right with Nanatsu-Yoru and Wilt and Blush crossed in a X-position

79. Shirou emiya vs Corrin

Whims of Fate

Corrin's hand holding Yato with Shirou's crest on the front of the hand.

80. Evolto vs Frieza

Evil Evolution

Evol's Cobra and Rider System Evolbottles with Frieza's tail surrounded by Frieza's planet destroyer and Evolto's mist.

81. naruto vs aang

Kurama Avatar

The arrow on Aang's head with Naturo's Sage Mode eyes on either side. In the foreground are symbols representing the four earthly elements (fire, water, earth and air), while in the background are symbols representing the five Taoist elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth).

82. Saber Alter vs Koragg, The Knight Wolf 

Knights of Darkness

Black Excaliber and the Knight Saber in an X position, with Koragg's shield wearing Saber Alter's mask behind them.

83. Khan Digifier vs Venjix Virus/Evox

Viral Khan-Quest

Evox's cobra head over Khan's star'like head with crackling circuitry in background.

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