UTC Scrappy

aka Ben Keesee

  • I live in Roswell, Georgia
  • I was born on January 27
  • My occupation is IT Intern
  • I am Male

How it All Happened

My love of Death Battle started at around August 2014, I was looking through Godzilla videos on YouTube, when I came across Godzilla VS Gamera and eventually decided to check it out. The result was nothing I have ever seen before; the amazing facts, the music used in it that I recognize, and the graphics. Heck, I knew Godzilla would win all along, but it brought a lot of change for me. Turns out there were about 34 other epiosdes during that time and I was amazed. There were a lot of characters I recognize (such as Samus Aran and Charizard), others that I hardly know of until then (such as Akuma and Fulgore) and there were even some characters who managed to get into that show despite the fact that their fighting status was questionable (such as Justin Bieber and Rainbow Dash). A month after that fateful moment, Batman VS Captain America came out while I was binge watching previous episodes (I was all, "What's that? Yes, I will watch you, new episode"). Ever since then, I became a big fan of Death Battle and befriended a couple of other people who are big fans of the show as well. If I fell in love with that show earlier, such as 2013, I would have gotten so impatient over waiting for new episodes that took way too long, such as Goku VS Superman and Terminator VS Robocop. Fate certainly has a way of guiding others to new paths, accidentally or otherwise. The truth is, I owe my thanks to Godzilla. If it wasn't for my love of him (I became a big fan of him to try to get my mind off of the 2012 phenomenon at my old high school), I wouldn't have come across that video of him in a Death Battle or gotten interested in the show and all of the other franchises this show has covered at all.

Why I Love Death Battle

  • The amazing battles
  • Learning about new characters and new things about my favorite characters
  • Most of all, the music

My favorite pages

Favorite Death Battle Combatants

Favorite Death Battle Episodes

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