Johncastro223 Johncastro223 21 September

oc stat rules

This is a rule i like to follow when doing oc characters

1: never scale oc to the original thing like quote fighting sonic.

2: only use feats shown in the series or if the original feat is refrenced or stated, like devilartemis cell refrenced the solar system thing

And thats my 2 main rules of doing oc character stats.

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Johncastro223 Johncastro223 16 September

hey hey orange annoys death battle

  • 1 annoying orange
    • 1.1 background
    • 1.2 weapons and abilities
    • 1.3 protection system
    • 1.4 super citris
      • 1.4.1 punnywise
    • 1.5 pharoah form
    • 1.6 feats

diameter: 4 inches

weight: 184 grams

occupation: be annoying

skin color: orange

species orange

mind reading (shown in ask orange 13)

summoning (summon whatever he says commonly a knife)

katana (scene in fruit ninja he is very skilled with it)

smoke (used for blinding enemies also scene in fruit ninja)

roll (like a spin dash)

seed spit (can be shot rapid fire and can do alot of damage)

hoboken (summon a mini version of hoboken new jersey even a big one to crush foes)

ice immunity (has shown immunity to ice in the mk episode)

heat immunity (survived in lava in hot lava music video)

machine gun (seen in monster burger)

steel toes (use…

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Johncastro223 Johncastro223 6 May

who should fight them?

i show you characters and you tell me who should the fight against 3 connections or more it hast to be relevent i dont need that rain vs greninja stuff.

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Johncastro223 Johncastro223 22 April

dc multiverse downgrade

people keep saying that dc multiverse is like our own but it ist its been confirmed that dc only has 52 universes and this the dc multiverse down grade

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