annoying orange


diameter: 4 inches

weight: 184 grams

occupation: be annoying

skin color: orange

species orange

weapons and abilities

mind reading (shown in ask orange 13)

summoning (summon whatever he says commonly a knife)

katana (scene in fruit ninja he is very skilled with it)

smoke (used for blinding enemies also scene in fruit ninja)

roll (like a spin dash)

seed spit (can be shot rapid fire and can do alot of damage)

hoboken (summon a mini version of hoboken new jersey even a big one to crush foes)

ice immunity (has shown immunity to ice in the mk episode)

heat immunity (survived in lava in hot lava music video)

machine gun (seen in monster burger)

steel toes (used for kicking found it in technology supercut)

clonerizer ( can create clones)

light saber (Scene in ask orange 21)

katana (seen in fruit ninja)

smoke (seen in fruit ninja)

bomb (seen in fruit ninja)

hover board (scene in flappy bird)

mind control (seen in ask orange 21)

fus ro da ( seen in ask orange 7)

archery (seen in ask orange 7)

lightsaber (seen in ask orange 13)

protection system

seen in monster burger

has big turrets

drones that drop squash and tnt


super citris

like super saiyan

sommon seeds of ki

increase stats immensely

can do a parody kamehameha threw his nenenenene


a parody of pennywise

can shapeshift like pennywise

once he annoys a target they are literaly desintigrated

pharoah form

like yami yugi

great car dueler

baever warrior: attack 1400 defence 900, special effect is when he has a odd number of cards double its attack points.

selfie force: reflects camera attacks

smelted guardian: attack 1400 defence 1200

knives of revealing light:forbids opponents from attacking for the next 2 turns.

yolo card: destroys a summon in the feild but also destroys his side

reverse slay: bring back monsters hes lost

dank magician: most powerful card 2500 attack 2100 defence


annoyed to death several foods and people

can speak backwards perfecly

can survive hotsauce with no problem

won a goat cart race

survived in ask orange tnt explosions many times ( 0.3 tons of tnt, increase by size divide 7228 square inches by 52.2 square inches means that orange is 138 times stronger than before then considering the explosion orange survived times that means that orange can survive about 41.4 tons of tnt)

the seeds are likely fast as bullets and can react to them easily.

destroyed the fruitrix

survived getting crushed by part of the moon which weighs 40 tons (the force of that going at meteor speeds must be 56 kilotons with the area increase must be 7.7 megatons of tnt)