• LoboGuara5bruxaria

    LoboGuara5bruxaria (talk) 03:07, May 24, 2014 (UTC) So far, my favorites Death Battles are Goomba vs koopa, He-Man vs Lion-O and Luigi vs Tails. The main reason why I like all of those Battles is Because of how silly and yet awesome they can be, which makes them highly entertainment in my opinion. But they also have an specific element that attracts me:

    •  Goomba vs koopa: Despite both characters having very little equipment or battle skills to work with, Ben and Chad still managed to produce an epic battle with the most pathetical minions in the story of videogame. Also, the ending is funny as hell.
    •  He-Man vs Lion-O: While the characters may be a little too... campy for my taste, it's still a fairly good episode full of 80's sense of humor, …
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