Meta Knight VS Zero
Why can we say fuck but not b!tch
Season 1
Overall Episode 3
Season Episode 3
Air date August 25th, 2020
Written by Loka Fåghel
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Two masters of the blade enter the arena. One will live and one will die!

Meta Knight VS Zero is the third episode of Loka Death Battle, featuring Meta Knight from the Kirby series and Zero from the Mega Man series in a fight between mysterious swordsmen.


Natsuki: so uh.... swords are pretty cool, right?

Boomstick: Hell yes! And every series needs their badass swordsman, It’s almost a guarantee at this point.

Wiz: And today we’re pitting two swordsmen, rivals to the main protagonists, in a duel to the death.

Boomstick: Meta Knight, the masked and mysterious pilot of the Halberd.

Natsuki: And Zero, the ancient and red maverick hunter

Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick

Natsuki: And I want to go home

Wiz: And it’s out job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle!

Meta Knight

Wiz: Planet Popstar. This peaceful paradise is home to some of the most beloved creatures in all of gaming.

Boomstick: Yeah! Like the adorable Waddle Dee's and everyone’s favourite pink puffball: Kirby!

Natsuki: Awwwww! I just wanna hug and squeeze all of them!!!

Wiz: But not everyone on this normally happy planet is overflowing with joy and happiness. In fact, one citizen here might be the exact opposite of that, a dark and mysterious lone swordsman.

Boomstick: Meta Knight!

Natsuki: Dumb name!

Boomstick: You’re never satisfied, are you?

Wiz: Meta Knight is an ancient warrior. Over a thousand years ago, he and the other legendary Star Warriors battled against the vile Nightmare in a clash of good versus evil. And while they ultimately won, hundreds of lives were lost.

Boomstick: And Mete Knight travelled to Popstar where he served the big chungus King Dedede, hoping that the monsters there would one day attract another Star Warrior.

Wiz: And once Kirby crashed on Popstar, Meta Knight would start training the young puffball in the art of combat.

Boomstick: Although he cleverly disguised it by acting as a bad guy and challenging Kirby to duels, because you know... edginess. He can’t just go around and act like a lovely mentor amarite? Would totally ruin his reputation.

Wiz: And when Meta Knight goes into battle, he always does so with his trusty blade: Galaxia!

Natsuki: What, like the sailor?

Wiz: Nonono, the sword Galaxia.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, that thing! Not only can MK here swing it around faster than sound, but he can also use it to shoot lasers, summon lightning, drop fucking meteors on people, heal himself, create clones and cut through most monsters in just a few seconds!

Wiz: He also his a Dimensional Cape, which not only grants him near instant teleportation, but can also be turned into a handy pair of wings.

Boomstick: Yeah, and with weapons like that, you know he’s picked up on some cool moves. Like the speedy Shuttle Loop, the penetrating Drill Rush, and his favorite technique, the Mach Tornado, which turns him into a spinning cyclone of blades and destruction!

Wiz: Now, the definition of a tornado is a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds, which seems to fit the description of Meta Knight’s attack. The most intense tornadoes can reach wind speeds of 318 Miles per hours, easily laying destruction upon anywhere they travel, and Meta Knight’s swings are at the bare minimum of 3 times faster than that.

Boomstick: More than enough to tear through monsters of any size. But if he’s really pushed, he also has the Galaxia´s ultimate technique: Galaxia Darkness! Not only does it look badass, but it also ignores guards and special defenses.

Wiz: Has definetly got an impressive set of skills on hand.

Boomstick: Not like he needs them though! Meta Knight is strong enough to match people like Kirby in combat, who can blow up planets with one strike!

Wiz: We have discussed this feat before, and since planet Popstar is equal in size to a post-apocalyptic earth, Kirby must be capable of hitting with a force of over 1,900 Septillion tons of TNT!

Boomstick: And Meta can take hits from him all the time! Hell, the masked knight has survived planet sized explosions multiple times, can fly across galaxies in seconds, and has defeated many of his worlds most powerful warriors, like Sectonia, Magolor, Galacta Knight and… himself? Oh, and he once even tanked a beam which from this vampire guy that turned half the sky into a painting… so that a thing.

Wiz: When using our own sun as a reference for the mass of the stars the beam converted, and considering the average stars that we can see on a clear sky at night, while also accounting in for empty room, we can calculate Drawcia´s beam to be equal to 1.6 Sextillion KiloFoe.

Natsuki: Foe? What the hell is a foe?

Wiz: Oh right, you’re new. You see, a single unit of foe is approximately equal to the energy output of a supernova. And a KiloFoe would be a hundred times that.

Natsuki. I….. Hey Wiz?

Wiz: Yeah?

Natsuki: How many zeroes is in a Sextillion?

Wiz: 21, why?

Natsuki. You’re telling me this 8” tall puffballl can survive something that can wipe out solar systems???

(Boomstick places his hand on Natsuki`s shoulder)

Boomstick: Welcome to the world of VS debating, kid.


Natsuki: WHAT THE FU-

(The scene cuts to Meta Knight)

Meta Knight: Victory... is my destiny...


Wiz: The year was 20XX, and brilliant scientist Dr. Albert Wily was starting to get desperate.

Boomstick: Brilliant scientist? You mean plagiarizing weirdo, right?

Wiz: Either way, he was growing tired of his rival Doctor Light and his perfectly built Mega Man. No matter how many evil schemes he had, the blue robot always showed up to stop him.

Boomstick: So he decided to put all his smarts into creating one super bot which he named... Zero!

Natsuki:...seriously? Zero?

Wiz: Just go with it.

Natsuki: Fiiiiiiiiine...

Wiz: (Ahem) And unlike all of his other failures-

Boomstick: Looking at you, Sheep Man.

Wiz: -Zero turned out a complete success. There was however one small problem.

Boomstick: Yeah, see, turns out there was some kind of glitch in Zero’s programming system which made him super violent. So the first thing he did when waking up was to deck Dr. Einstein-ripoff right in his ugly face! And so he continues to be a failure.

Wiz: Wily was forced to seal Zero away, and he wouldn’t be discovered until a hundred years later when the leader of the peace-seeking Maverick Hunters, Commander Sigma, found his capsule.

Boomstick: And you’ll never guess what happened when he woke up!

Natsuki: Lemme guess, Zero started killing the shit out of all the Maverick Hunters but was stopped by Sigma. However, the glitch that Zero had turned out to be a virus that infected Sigma, completely swapping their moral codes, turning Zero good and making Sigma evil.

Wiz: That´s... correct

Natsuki: Wait, really?

Wiz:.... yes

Natsuki: Huh..... neat

Wiz: Uhhhh.... back on topic, Zero joined the Maverick Hunters, where he joined the fight for peace.

Boomstick: And he didn’t jump into battle without some awesome robot weapons!

Wiz: His go-to for ranged combat is his Z-Buster, which can fire small bullets of compressed solar energy in rapid succession, or-

(Wiz suddenly gets interrupted by Natsuki, who jumps up wearing the Z-Buster on her hand)

Natsuki: Hell yeah!

Wiz: What? Where did you-

Boomstick: Oh, I let her scavenge around in the weapons closet before recording.

Wiz: You what!?

Natsuki: Look at this! Not only can it shoot lemons, but I can charge it too!

(Natsuki starts charging it)

Wiz: Uh, you should be careful with that, you never know what-

Natsuki: Oh, stop being such a baby, I can handle thi-

(The Z-Buster suddenly explodes from overcharging, covering the three hosts in dust. Wiz look down at Natsuki in annoyance, who simply starts laughing in response. Boomstick looks at the camera with a confused look before it cuts away)

Wiz: Well…. He also carries the Z-Saber. This energy blade is capable of reflecting almost any projectile, and allows him to quickly dispatch of enemies via a barrage rapid slashes and combos. Although even more interestingly, the Z-Saber can actually mimic elemental attacks from his enemies and replicate them for Zero to use.

Boomstick: Allowing him to attack with fire, water, ice, lighting, metal, you name it! And it’s not like that’s the only weapon he carries, because he’s got Glavies, Hammers, Brass Knuckles, Paper Fans, and the giant Σ Blade. Not only is it twice as large as his saber, but it’s also just as fast and super powerful.

Wiz: Zero doesn’t just rely on his weaponry for combat. With moves like his Earth Gaizer and Hienkyaku, a dash attack, he’s a threat in close combat as well.

Boomstick: He’s also got a freezing Shoryuken-uppercut, a darkness spin kick, a flaming dive kick and a wood-hard dashing attack. He can even use Guard Shell to reflect projectiles and Yammar Option to summon.. robotic dragonflies… for some reason.

Wiz: He can also call down beams of energy from the sky with Rekkoha, create a mimicking clone with Twin Dream and even use Dark Hold to temporarily freeze time itself.

Boomstick: But that’s not all, because he can activate Black Zero mode.

Natsuki: Black Zero?

Wiz: Don’t.

Boomstick: Uh…. Well this super form grabs him a 100% increase in attack power and a 50% increase in speed. And as an added bonus, he gets extra resistance to fire attacks.

Wiz: He can go even further and active Absolute Zero, yes it’s really called that, which exchanges his Z-Saber for razor sharp claws and a pair of large wings, while boosting his health by 50% and giving him an added resistance towards water attacks, although it comes with obvious drawbacks.

Boomstick: Like that name. I mean, come on, it doesn’t even give him any ice powers!

Wiz: There’s also one last transformation. You see, as the source of the Maverick Virus, Zero gains positive reactions to being exposed to it. However, should he go full on Maverick by suffering enough damage, he transforms into Awakened Zero, turning him into a mindless killing machine.

Boomstick: Awakened form can regenerate from any amount of damage, and can even become invulnerable to attacks from people as powerful as his buddy X, who can bust countries!

Wiz: Childs play Boomstick! Zero once survived crashing into the Eurasia space colony, meaning he survived an impact worth 5.3 Zettatons of TNT.

Boomstick: Hell, the guy can damage the General, who once survived a face full of planet breaking 63 Sextillion tons of TNT! He’s also fast enough to dodge actual beams of sunlight and should be faster than Quick Man, who can dodge lightning and can move at faster than light speeds!

Wiz: He once even combatted Reploids amped by the Dark Elf. For context, the Dark Elf erased every trace of the Sigma virus in an instant across the whole world, which would put it at speeds of 996 million times lightspeed!

Boomstick: Then there’s the time he killed this asshole Lumine, who busted a star! He’d have to land a hit worth 1.2 Kilofoe to do that!

Natsuki. Alright, we get it, the guy is strong! Can we just watch these two kill each other and be done with it?

Wiz: Sure.



Zero: I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!

Boomstick: There we go


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Death Battle

High above the country of Dream Land soars the Halberd. Peacefully flying over the soft clouds over planet Popstar, one would wonder about it’s destination.

One would also have their train of thoughts interrupted by the piercing red beam of light that shot down from the sky and landed on the deck of the mighty ship before taking a humanoid form and revealing itself as the Red Maverick Hunter: Zero.

Zero starts walking over the deck of the ship. He was on a mission. A mission to eliminate all Maverick activity in the area. Sure, this ship had never been officially registered as hosting Mavericks, but after what happened after his clash with the blue robot, he couldn’t take any risks anymore.

Suddenly, Zero hears the sound of something landing behind him. He quickly draws his Z-Saber and turns around. To his surprise, this new approacher wasn’t Maverick, or even robotic at all for that manner. Instead, it was spherical in shape, with the mask covering its face being the only distinctive feature. The being glances Zero before drawing it’s blade and mutter two simple words.

Meta Knight: Fight me.

Zero takes a step back in surprise.

Zero: What?

Suddenly, the masked knight vanishes into thin air. But Zero knows this trick by now and turns around while swinging his blade. The two swords collide with enough force to send both combatants sliding backwards.

Meta Knight: I have for long waited for a worthy opponent for a duel. Fight me, and showcase your true strength!

Zero: Very well..

Zero takes a step forwards and gets into a combat pose.

Zero: If that’s the case, then let us begin!

And in an instant, the two warriors leap forwards with their blades swinging through the air. Shockwaves echo of the ship as the warriors clash their blades, followed by Zero leaping into the air and preforming a diving slash, and while Meta Knight blocks the blade, he’s still sent flying back into a wall.

Taking advantage of the situation, Zero charges up a charge shot from his Z-Buster, before firing it towards Meta Knight. But unexpectedly, Meta Knight uses Galaxia to reflect the attack, sending it back to sender. In response, Zero uses his Saber to reflect the charge shot again, where Meta Knight reflects it back again.

What follows is the most intense tennis match of the century, with both swordsmen increasing the strength and speed of their blows, sending the charge shot back and forth.

Eventually, Meta Knight grows tired of the game.

Meta Knight: Enough!

The Masked Knight cuts through the charge shot and instead fires a bolt of lighting from Galaxia, and in response, Zero uses his Z-Saber and copies the lighting bolt, before firing a wave of lighting towards Meta Knight.

This time, Meta Knight uses his Dimensional Cape to teleport behind Zero and strikes him in the back, launching The Reploid back. Meta Knight follows the blow by Drill Rushing into him, striking him multiple times, before hitting him with a lighting infused charge, sending Zero flying.

Zero lands on the deck and looks up to see the Knight flying towards him, and flips back to dodge while firing three rapid shots from his buster. Meta Knight manages to slice through two of the shots but gets hit by the third, temporarily stunning him and allowing Zero to get in a combo of a slide kick followed by a fire dive finished with an ice shoryuken. Meta Knight gets knocked to the ground, but quickly flies into the air to avoid Zero’s next strike.

Zero looks around for his opponent when he’s suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged into the air. Meta Knight then holds Zero tightly and rockets into the ground at such intense speeds that they catch fire, and teleports away just before hitting the ground, causing Zero to slam into it with enough force to shake the ground and create a massive crater.

Meta Knight flies down at the edge of the crater and looks down into it, only to see Zero standing perfectly fine once the dust cloud dissipates.

Zero: Come on, that’s all you got?

Meta Knight doesn’t respond and simply dashes towards Zero, who charges up another charge shot. As Meta Knight approaches him, Zero fires a large beam of energy, but MK simply slices through it and impales Zero in the chest.

Zero’s eyes widen in shock while Meta Knight pulls his sword out and starts walking away.

However, the Knight hears something behind him and turns around just in time to get hit by a charged beam, sending him back. He look up to see Zero, now donning his black attire, jumping towards him with his Titan Breaker hammer, but MK rolls away to dodge it and jumps up to land a dropkick, sending The Reploid away.

Zero rolls around get get back on his feet and fires a rapid line of uncharged shots towards Meta Knight, who fires a sword beam to break through them and flies toward Zero, causing the maverick hunter to block MK’s strike, where the two of stare into each others eyes.

Meta Knight: Time to end this battle.

Zero: Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Right there, Zero transform into Absolute Zero and preforms an uppercut, sending MK in the air, and while the knight manages to catch his balance in the air, Zero manages to catch him in a convo of rapid cuts and slashes before finishing off with an axe kick, which sends the star warrior crashing into the ground.

Meta gets up from the impact and gets up right in time to block Zero’s attempt to dash into him. Now close, Meta Knight activates his Mach Tornado and draws Zero in, causing him to be stuck from multiple angles at the same time before MK lands another blow which sends Zero flying upwards.

In mid-air, Zero transforms back into his Black Zero form and takes out the Σ Blade before boosting himself downwards towards his opponent. Meta dodges the blow, causing it to collide with the ground and create a miniature earthquake, giving Zero the opportunity to dash towards Meta Knight, who relies his blade in response and slices through Zero with ease.

Zero: Knew you’d do that!

Zero appears behind Meta Knight, having used Twin Dream to distract the masked warrior, and fires a point-blank fully-charged charge shot into his back. The intense force of the attack sends Meta Knight flying away, straight through the Halberd, causing it to crash into the ocean.

Meta Knight once again catches his balance and uses Galaxia to summon five large meteorites and sends them rocketing towards Zero. The Top Class Maverick Hunter looks up to see the asteroids falling towards him and decides to counterattack.

Zero: Rekkoha!

He uses the technique to blast the meteorites to pieces before noticing Meta Knight flying towards him and prepares to jump up. But before he can act, Meta Knight splits into four copies of himself and starts circling Zero. Unprepared, Zero lowers his guard and gets hit from behind, follow by two strikes from the front and a blast of lightning which sends him back. The Reploid attempts to fight back but is helpless agains the Meta Knights, who keep striking him.

Suddenly, a large burst of energy causes the Meta Knight clones to disappear as Zero transforms into Awakened Zero and regenerates all his wounds. Zero lets out a screech as he races towards Meta Knight, who attempts to block, but is too slow against this new form, which manages to land a severe combo on Meta Knight, before pinning him to the ground. Zero holds up his saber in victory before slashing down at Meta Knight, who manages to teleport away before the hit can land.

But after he teleports to a nearby boulder, half of his mask falls off. Zero had managed to not hurt Meta Knight, but instead slice his mask in half.

Zero looks down at the broken mask as he begins to revert back to normal, when a chilling aura fills the battlefield. The red android looks around for the source when he’s suddenly struck from the back by MK’s Drill Rush, which launches him into the air. He manages to turn around and draw his blade to counter Meta’s next attacks, sending both of them back.

The two swordsmen then stand and look at each other.

Meta Knight: This…

Zero: ..Is the end

Meta Knight dashes towards Zero, who doesn’t move. He gets closer and closer when suddenly, Zero uses Dark Hold and freezes time.

But he may have misjudged the timing, as he looks down to see Meta Knight’s blade in his chest, causing the attack to stop and time to flow as normal. The shock from his failed strategy leaves him vulnerable to Meta’s strike, which cleaves Zero’s left arm off and forces The Reploid back.

But even now, Zero won’t give up, and he transforms his Z-Saber into a large beam in a last attempt to finish the battle, as Meta Knight sheets his blade.

Zero: This’ll be over-

Meta Knight throws his cape up, causing the screen to darken.

Zero:-in a nanosecond!

The screen gets completely dark.


A golden light pierces the shadows and slices Zero completely in half. The maverick hunter falls to his knees and lets his his Z-Saber drop to the ground before closing his eyes for the last time.

The classic Mega Man death sounds can be heard in the distance as Meta Knight observes his crashed ship.



Boomstick: Who-ho! That was awesome!… and also kinda sad…

Wiz: Surprisingly, this battles victor was fairly clear cut. Zero may have been an extremely powerful warrior and a skilled swordsman, but he was severely outclassed by Meta Knight in more ways than one.

Boomstick: Yeah, Zero had some cool trick up his nonexistent sleeves, but that didn’t really help much when Meta Knight has been around for over a thousand years, more than enough to have seen all kinds of crazy powers, meaning Zero really couldn’t take him by surprise.

Wiz: And while Meta Knight may not have been as versatile as Zero, his physical stats more than made up for it. For an example, Zero may be able to combat beings capable of moving 996 million times lightspeed, but Meta Knight can fly across galaxies in seconds, putting at at least one hundred billion times lightspeed. Making him asically one hundred billion times faster than Zero.

Natsuki. But.. what about Dark Hold? What was stopping Zero from just freezing time and kill Meta Knight then?

Wiz: Well, while that’s certainly a possibility, Meta Knights massive speed advantage meant he could easily take Zero out before he had the time to use Dark Hold.

Boomstick: And even then, Zero scales to Lumine, who can deal out 1.2 KiloFoe, while Meta Knight tanked something worth Sextillion of times more than that, meaning Zero simply lacked the options necessary to take him out, even in frozen time.

Wiz: Zero was defiantly a though opponent for Meta Knight, but he simply couldn’t stand up to the masked warriors superior strength, speed and durability.

Boomstick: Yeah, Zero’s simply never Met-a Knight quite like this one before.’’’

Wiz: The winner is Meta Knight.

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  • The connections between Meta Knight and Zero is that they're both recognizable and mysterious swordsmen who also serve as a kind of mentor to classic video game protagonists who both copy the powers of others (Kirby and Mega Man X respectively).
  • This is the first "Video games" themed LDB, with the next one being Lucina VS Kitana
  • This is the third episode to feature an official Death Battle combatant, after Favorite Character Battle Royale and Red Hood VS Winter Soldier, with the next one being Weiss VS Todoroki.
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