aka Maxwell Rochette

  • I live in Vancouver, Washington
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Courtesy Clerk at Safeway
  • I am Male
  • Maxevil

    How do I get any possible poll (specifically the "If someone were to be in Death Battle, who would his/her/its opponent be?" kind of poll) for the home page to be posted up?  Because I have certain good ideas.

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  • Maxevil

    The spin-off web show starring the Death Battle victors on various lounge adventures (sort of somewhat similar to 'Dinosaur Office').  The current Cast is listed as followed:

    Though, the Cast may continue to extend, the episode story is usually different revolving around the cast.  Do you have any ideas for the certain episode(s)?  If yes, leave a comment below.

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  • Maxevil

    These are the Death Battles with Death Battle combatants who previously starred in Death Battle (some as winners and some as losers) that we wish to return in different Death Battles against new combatants of the Death Battle series period, or against certain different returning Death Battle combatants, each for certain different results each. If you have any ideas (both smart ones and stupid ones) for your favorite winners and losers for their return leave your comments of any kind here.

    Just as long as you follow these three rules that are seen on the Death Battle Wishlist:

    1. Maximum of 5 Death Battle suggestions per person per week.

    2. Please check the list and make sure your idea hasn't already been posted and to make room for more Death…

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