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  • Nkstjoa

    Nkstjoa's Q&A

    March 26, 2020 by Nkstjoa

    I was going to wait until May 20th, which would be the 6th year anniversary of my first edit here...

    ...but I'm terribly impatient. Plus I thought since it has been so long since I used to regularly edit and chat here, why not have a Q&A now? Especially since in all my time here, I had never posted one on this Wiki.

    Maybe you remember me from way back in this Wiki's earlier days. Or you may have seen me on the Death Battle Fanon Wiki. Or you might've seen my Predicts & Review Death Battle Downfall parodies back when I was making them. Or perhaps I'm new to you.

    In any case, feel free to ask a question and I'll answer.

    • Please don't ask questions that are TOO personal (and nothing political either)
    • I'd prefer questions that aren't related to my t…

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  • Nkstjoa

    It's pretty much inevitable at this point, and while I would normally post a prediction, it's a bit long as you can see.

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  • Nkstjoa

    Stepping down as admin

    June 10, 2016 by Nkstjoa

    Good evening fellow users. As you're reading this, I am no longer admin on this Wiki.

    It's funny looking back at when I first stumbled across the Wiki just shortly after Fulgore VS Sektor came out May 20th of 2014. Two years ago... yikes.

    I did a few edits to Fulgore and Sektor's page, which back then looked like this (Fulgore) and this (Sektor). The next day, I did my Vergil vs. Sesshomaru blog, then two days later, my first fake thumbnail for the battle here, as well as a template for fake thumbnails here.

    From there, Chesk and I went hard at work to make the Wiki more well-constructed and complete, adding pictures and categories to the pages while also adding in what was missing on the battles. This was a time where some character and epis…

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  • Nkstjoa

    So as we've all been watching Death Battle over the six years that it's been running and we've all been keeping track of our wins and losses... to which one question comes up:

    How does my win-loss record fare against others?

    To which I bring you our leaderboard, with which all of our users here can keep score of their latest wins and losses, and see how close they are to leading the pack.

    Only one rule: you must be a registered user of good standings in order to participate.

    To participate, you need to post your entire win-loss, not just who you are voting for.

    And as a guideline, please be honest with your win-loss record.

    If you wish to have your vote changed, please let me know at least a day before the episode is available for Sponsors. After th…

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  • Nkstjoa

    Lex Luthor vs. Iron Man

    March 4, 2015 by Nkstjoa

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! It's actually happening! Check it out: Iron Man VS Lex Luthor

    Leading large corporations and shaping the futures of their very universes', these two genius' have also built incredible suits of armor... but who has the superior tech?

    Lex Luthor, Superman's greatest enemy.

    Iron Man, the Iron Avenger.

    I'm no Wiz or Boomstick, so I'll just look up a few things and try to see if I can come closer to figuring out who would win... a possible Death Battle.

    Note: The Lex Luthor I'll be using will be the New Earth DC version, so there'll be no New 52, other alternate universe, or non-canon attributes.

    Born and raised by his abusive mother and father, Alexander Luthor's views on life would forever be changed. He planned out their de…

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