Hello guys, my name is Pormald and today I am going to show you guys how to make Death battle thumbnails the way I do them! Note that my way is not the only way to make them, if you prefer to make them using different software or in a different style, go for it!

Part 1: Preparing the materials

Software & Templates

So first off, you will need a few things before starting:

  • Pixlr
  • Thumbnails Templates

If you don't already know, Pixlr is a free browser based service which allows you to edit photos for free. As stated before, you may use another software, but I just find Pixlr the easiest to use. You will also need thumbnail templates, which you can find here. For this example thumbnail, we will be using the basic 1v1 template.


Now we go on to the main stars of your thumbnail, the characters! For our example thumbnail, we will be doing Ness vs Frisk(not saying I want this matchup). Now, when choosing pictures, I typically look for large transparent images, but if you can't find any, you don't have to.

Part 2:  Creating the Thumbnail

Now we will actually start creating the thumbnail! Now to make it easier for you guys to understand, I will show the steps in the following slideshow so you can follow along.

Part 3: The Finished Thumbnail

After you've saved your thumbnail, you are officialy done with your first thumbnail! Hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys and see you later!

Ness vs Frisk.png
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