There my favorite chars will fight until the death. Who will win?
Skyblazeros Favorite Characters Battle Royale


Wiz: These are Sky's Fav Chars.

Boomstick: And these characters will prove who is superior in this Fight!

Wiz: Like Luigi, the Green Thunder!

Boomstick: SpongeBob SquarePants, Bikini Buttom's Frycook!

Wiz: Daffy Duck, Warner Bros's Crazy Duck!

Boomstick: Eric Cartman, South Park's Evil Fat Kid!

Wiz: Gumball Watterson, the Amazing Cat of Elmore.

Boomstick: And--

Wiz: And Duncan, Total DramaRama's TroubleMaker! Hah, you got tricked by Wiz!

Boomstick: Ugh, anyways, He's Wiz and Im Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armors and skills to see who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Skyblazero: Luigi is a Star Children, and is Mario's Young Brother and Sidekick.

Boomstick: He is cool, he in often helps Mario to save the sexy Princess Peach!

Wiz: Luigi also owns next feats in strenght:

  • Raised Heavy Hammers
  • Raised the King Bob-Omb
  • Raised Bowser from its Tail turning him several times and throwed him away
  • Punched Bricks 
  • Raised a Castle, kicking it away

Boomstick: Luigi also has the next speed feats:

  • Dodged Lasers
  • Can run in water momentarily
  • Dodged Bill Bullets

Wiz: And Luigi also is really so durable how to tank the next things:

  • Tanked Bowser's Firebreath and also in the Giant and Dreamy forms
  • Got impaled by a hotblade in Luigi's Mansion
  • Tanked a Donkey Kong fist
  • Tanked a explosion engulfed the entire stadium in Mario Tennis
  • Can be Crushed
  • Tanked a Blackhole
  • Resisted Dreamy Bowser's attempt to wish him and Mario out of existence

Boomstick: Luigi owns the Ultra Hammer, a hammer can smash things and reflect projectiles, and a Stopwatch can Stoptime temporally!

Wiz: Luigi also has a bunch of Poltergust can catch ghosts and we will do a list of them:

  • Poltergust 3000 can shoot ice, fire and water
  • Poltergust 5000 can use the Strobulb shoots a blast of light can be charged and blinds its opponents
  • Poltergust G-00 can use the Strobulb and fire Toilet Plungers

Boomstick: And in Smash Bros Luigi has several air strikes and special attacks like Shoot Green Fireballs, use The Green Missile to launch like a rocket towards the opponent, spin to hit opponents several times with the Luigi Cyclone and with the Super Jump Punch can send flying opponents in the air!

Wiz: And it's Final Smash is the Negative Zone, Luigi use this due to being Mario's Shadow and with this can create a zone that dizziness and gives random effects to the opponent and is unavoidable, but this is temporal.


Wiz: And Luigi has Powers like the Fire Flower, the Frog Suit, the Tanooki Suit, and a Star turns him invincible but has a time limit.

Boomstick: Luigi also has a Pillow and if you get Luigi Asleep he will suck you into its Dream Realm!

Wiz: Luigi has ALOT of more attacks, especially with its Luiginoids and can use those Luiginoids to Battle and finally, Luigi can grow into its Dreamy Luigi Mode when its nervious and also has faced a Giant Dreamy Bowser in the dream world defeating him, Even when Dreamy Bowser BECOMED bigger than Luigi!

Boomstick: Yeah but Luigi is clumsy, has an inferior complex, falls on traction and yet is a coward, but we dont need mess up with the Green Thunder!

Luigi: I'm Luigi, the number 1!

SpongeBob SquarePants

Wiz: SpongeBob SquarePants is Nickelodeon's See Sponge who lives in a PineApple Under The Sea!

Boomstick: SpongeBob is cool, he was trained by Sandy Cheeks to be a KARATE Master!

Wiz: SpongeBob has a Insane Durability.

Boomstick: Yeah, tanked a Beating without feel damage, tanked hits from King Neptune, his regeneration makes him hard to kill, can absorb blows since hes a Sponge with no organs and skeleton Is Able to Survive Multiple Car Crashes and Tanked a Motherfucking Explosion sended SpongeBob at the Space!

Wiz: SpongeBob also likes Bubbles and these Bubbles can even create life.

Boomstick: Also SpongeBob has a crazy ToonForce makes SpongeBob to be A Though Opponent!

Wiz: And SpongeBob also dragged an anchor around and also is really fast!

Boomstick: Yeah, he scales to Patrick Star who run at the Sun and returned into Seconds!

Wiz: And SpongeBob also is faster than a Machine can make Krabby Patties was able to produce hundreds of Krabby Patties at Time!

Boomstick: And SpongeBob works in the Krusty Krab to make with a Spatula delicious Krabby Patties but the best part is he can use the Spat as a Sword!

Wiz: And also SpongeBob has the Magic Pencil can bring things to life and has a Mech Suit will be not used and a Magic Page and a form named Invincibubble can use with the Page we will be also not used.

Boomstick: And SpongeBob also can turn into The Quickster allows him to have Super-Speed, But more Awesome is... THE GOOFY GOOBER ROCK!

Wiz: Let's hear how Boomstick can explain it.


Wiz: However SpongeBob can be dumb, isnt that strong sometimes but other times can lift houses literally!

Boomstick: Yeah, also SpongeBob is too forgiving, has an annoying laugh and its implied that if hes taken by surprise, his regeneration wouldnt work but he's Ready to show he can fight to see if he can be Sky's Favorite Character!

SpongeBob: I'm Ready!

Daffy Duck

Wiz: Daffy Duck is Looney Tunes's Funny Crazy Duck and Bugs Bunny's Sidekick.

Boomstick: Daffy Duck has next strenght feats:

  • Can Carry And Uprooted Three and a Horse in its Back
  • Beat up Crusher The Wrestler
  • Can make a powerful bite with its Bill
  • Can Produce Carry a Mallet Twice Its Size and create a shockwave with it and can break or bend Metal

Wiz: But when Becomes Brave and Patriotic Daffy has next strenght feats:

  • Can Strike Bullets Away
  • Can bend the barrel of a battleship gun with ease and throw that same submarine away with Ease

Boomstick: And Caliber can bounce off of him in this state!

Wiz: Daffy also has offices like singer, actor, teacher, etc. And has next durability feats:

  • Tanked Planetary Explosions
  • Survived being shoot and blown up
  • Survived road over by a train
  • Can get crushed
  • Can move its body with holes
  • Survived Gett Shoot, having his feathers removed and coocked in a oven and survived on a blackhole and cames out from him

Boomstick: Daffy Duck also has Toonforce, can blown up the Moon with a Shotgun and can remove its bill and talk without it or throw it as a boomerang and can put its head in its body to avoid be decapitated and be underwater or in space surviving on it!

Wiz: Daffy also can fly but dont use it and this can exhaust him and also has an anti-bullets proof vest.

Boomstick: And also is fast he can do next this:

  • Dodged bullets and lasers
  • Can transform into a bolt of lightning
  • Can do 6 activities at same time
  • Overcomed Bugs Bunny burrowing in a hole, and he can burrow in different parts of the world in a short amount of time

Wiz: Daffy also has disguises to cheat foes and has weapons with Hammerspace like Mallets, Guns, Bombs, Cannons, Axes, Saws and Large Sticks of Dynamites and humiliated Hitler, defeated Bugs Bunny, the Martians, Speedy Gonzales and the Monstars.

Boomstick: And has the Duck Dodgers space alterego has ALOT Of Weapons!

  • Desintegration Guns
  • Desintegration Proof-Vest
  • Laser Nunchakus
  • Planeadors
  • Fists of Vengueanze aument the strenght of Daffy's fists
  • Lightsabers
  • Jetpacks
  • Elevator Boots
  • Freeze Beam

Wiz: But Daffy is cowardly, dumb, has bad luck, his weapons backfire, has inconscistent toonforce can still pain and be knocked out and needs to be focused to be at its full potential.

Boomstick: But we dont need mes sup with Warner Bros's Crazy Duck!

Daffy Duck: Woo-Hoo, Woo-Hoo, Woo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!

Eric Cartman

Wiz: Eric Cartman is a resident from South Park who tends to bullying to get what he wants.

Boomstick: Cartman is somehow stealthy, is a decent fighter, can use Farting Farts, has a high tolerance to pain and a great durability!

Wiz: Also Cartman is a Master Prankster and has Electricity Powers with its Malfunctionating V-Chip!

Boomstick: Cartman also is able to knock over a Planetarium Rejector, killed Kenny with a Fyring Pan and survived Both Car and Plane crashes like they were nothing at all!

Wiz: Cartman also is pretty manipulative, and knows how to manipulate its friends and can ruin peoples lives by turning the people they love against them!

Boomstick: And Cartman also has weapons like:

  • Bear Mace
  • Racoon Claws
  • Fyring Pan
  • Pistol
  • Crowbar
  • Duel Si
  • Alien Probe
  • Crow Launcher
  • Baseball Bat
  • Taser
  • Taser Gun Sais
  • Dagger
  • p.29. Stun Baton
  • Magnum
  • Mallet
  • A Fucking Cool Chainsaw

Skyblazero: Also Cartman has the next feats:

  • Survived attacks from thugs, monsters, aliens, etc
  • Helped to save earth a couple of times
  • Helped to defeat a Giant Dynosaur
  • Manipulated Cthulu who helped him whipe out alot of people
  • Survived falling from heights
  • Exposed Mickey Mouse alongside Stan and Kyle
  • Survived falling from a waterfall in Casa Bonita
  • Defeated a Midget named Dr. Nelson who earned a black belt in Karate
  • Survived from FireArms
  • Was able to jump from a truck to the fort alongside Butters

Boomstick: But Cartman isnt that great at Hand to hand combat, can be tricked and can be easily overpowered up close but we dont need mess up with this Fat Evil Kid!

Eric Cartman: Screw you guys, I'm going home!

Gumball Watterson

Wiz: Elmore is a Place Really Weird but also Amazing.

Boomstick: But in this town lifes a Cat Known As Gumball Watterson, who is a 12 year Old Who is Son of Richard and Nicole, brother of Anais and "Brother" from Darwin Watterson.

Wiz: Gumball is really Durable.

Boomstick: Yeah, he once tanked the Motherfucking Big Bang!

Wiz: It's An Outlier Boomstick.

Boomstick: Meh, who cares...

Wiz: Gumball also once runned fast enough the environment becamed Slow and also can dodge lasers and run fast enough how to be turned into Flames!

Boomstick: Also Gumball has Claws and can use them to fight and break glass!

Wiz: Gumball also is a pretty agressive fighter and has ToonForce making him a hard opponent!

Boomstick: Gumball also once turned into a Motherfucking Super Saiyan, thats so amazing!

Wiz: And Gumball also has Paintball Guns!

Boomstick: But it's most powerful weapon is The Magic Notebook, this is Similar to Maxwell's Magic Notebook and can allow everything is write on becomes Reality!

Wiz: Gumball also tanked beatings from a T-Rex, got crushed by Hector who is a Giant, got Flattened and survived get Stomped by the Same T-Rex.

Boomstick: Gumball also can do the Shoryuken and the Rasengan!

Wiz: Yeah, but Gumball is naive, cowardly and cocky, lacks fighting experience and is very prone to taking ignorant decitions!

Boomstick: But we dont need mess up with Elmore's Amazing Cat!

Gumball Watterson: I am a predator, hear me roar! (Meows)


Wiz: Duncan is one of the Kids of Total DramaRama's Kindergarten.

Boomstick: Duncan is really durable, tanked be electrocuted and tanked explosions from the Kindergarten!

Wiz: Duncan is pretty skilled into Digging with a Shovel trying to escape from the Kindergarten but the most time fails and can use its Shovel as Weapon.

Boomstick: Duncan also has an Anti Lice Hat and a Umbrella!

Wiz: Duncan has a Super Cannon and is an expert making plans!

Boomstick: Also he has a Map and an Explosive Rubber!

Wiz: And also has a Hose isnt that impressive.

Boomstick: But has a Demon Suit like Satanas is better!

Wiz: Yeah, But Duncan is Arrogant and Cocky and not all its Plans to escape from the Kindergarten Works.

Boomstick: But lets see if he can win and show who is Sky's most fav char!

Duncan: FREE TOYS!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!


Gumball enters to the Krusty Krab and accidentally collides with Duncan both falling at the ground.
Death Battle Retro Rivals (From the ScrewAttack Series)

Death Battle Retro Rivals (From the ScrewAttack Series)

Duncan angered gets up as Gumball does same hitting Gumball's Face.

Duncan: Hey, whats wrong with you!

Gumball: Same i can say to you!

Both starts to fight until SpongeBob runs trying to stop them only to see both Gumball and Duncan hits its face.

SpongeBob: I'm Ready!

Daffy Duck was seeing the fight and was hungry so he jumped and runned as crazy.


Cartman then see the fight and he accidentally got smacked as Cartman throws Cheesy Puff at them angered.

Daffy then see then eating then.

Daffy: Tasty! The name is Cheesy Puff kid--? Cartman smacks Daffy.

Luigi was scared but they accidentally striked him so Luigi angered joined at the fight. Then everyone looks eachother and they run to strike themselves.



All the characters hits eachother multiple times looking eachother with a Serious Exprettion until Daffy jumps out of it and runs jumping and hitting everyone.


Daffy Duck then Kicks Luigi who dont see Daffy and Daffy kicks Luigi by its back and Luigi scared tries to run out of Daffy who put its Foot at Luigi to make him to fall at the ground.


Luigi gets up angered hitting Daffy Duck who was disguised as Mario and Luigi got scared.

Luigi: Sorry Mario.

Daffy disguised as Mario: Luigi, why did you hit me!

Luigi was getting scared but Daffy removes its Disguise to reveal himself smacking Luigi with a Mallet.


Luigi was angered so he decide to shoot its Thunderhand at Daffy:

Daffy Duck: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--! (Luigi smacked Daffy at the ground who quickly gets up pulling out Boxing Gloves punching Luigi and uppercutting Luigi hitting him away)

Then Daffy disguises himself as a Ghost.

Daffy Duck: BOO!

Luigi: AHHHHH! Luigi sucks Daffy in its Poltergust who used a Chainsaw slashing it scaring Luigi and took out a Bomb sending Luigi away.

Cartman and Duncan traded blows until Duncan took out its Explosive Rubber sending Cartman to fly and then use its Rubber to make Cartman was wet.

Duncan then laughs but Cartman angered took out a Gun scaring Duncan.


Cartman shoots him and Duncan runs only to see Daffy disguised as Courtney.

Daffy Duck disguised as Courtney: Duncan what are u doing we need return to the Kindergarten!

Duncan: Aw, come on-- (Daffy then uses a Mallet removing its Disguise and he then smacks Duncan at the ground)

Daffy Duck then disguises himself as Patrick.

Daffy Duck disguised as Patrick: SpongeBob, i want a Krabby Pattie!

SpongeBob: Sorry but not now, Patrick-- (Daffy then removes its Disguise and throws a Bomb sends SpongeBob flying knocking him)

Daffy then see a Man eating Cheesy Puff and grabs it.

Daffy Duck: Hey kid, wanna a Cheesy Puff?

Eric Cartman: YEAH, PLEASE! (Daffy throws it at Eric's face, annoying Eric who throws them at the ground and grabs Eric by the neck and throws him away)

Daffy Duck then was disguised as Squidward.

Daffy Duck disguised as Squidward: SPONGEBOB, MR. KRABS IS WANTING YOU TO WORK!

SpongeBob runs only to fall at the ground as Luigi.

Daffy disguises himself as Kenny.

Eric Cartman: Kenny, came out of here, you might die-- (Daffy Duck kicks Eric down)

Then Daffy was disguised as Darwin.

Daffy Duck disguised as Darwin: Gumball, we need go at school!

Gumball runs only to fall as SpongeBob and Luigi and Daffy was then dress up as Nicole:

Gumball Watterson: Who do that?


Gumball was scared only to get knock out by a Mallet.


Daffy Duck was punching everyone but then the fighters knocked Daffy out.

Duncan then used its Demon Suit so Cartman used its superhero alterego and both traded blows until Cartman was scratching Duncan until he knocked out Duncan and started to kick him until he grabs Duncan by its hair throwing him away, knocking him.

Duncan: Ah, come on. I will return to that Kindergarten!

Duncan walks to go at the kindergarten angered.

Cartman and Luigi was shooting electricity at themselves until Cartman used its Baseball Bat to smack Luigi many times as used its Mallet and Luigi its Hammer clashing weapons until Luigi kicked Eric and smacked him and then Luigi was giving blows to Eric until he used the Super Jump Punch sending Eric to fly away until he landed at the ground, knocked out.

Cartman angered gets up grabbing its Cheesy Puff throwing it at the fighters.


Gumball and SpongeBob was hitting eachother as Gumball threw more blows at SpongeBob who turned into The Quickster dodging them and hitting Gumball many times until he uppercuts Gumball away.

SpongeBob then use its Spatula slashing Gumball who dodged the last slash kicking SpongeBob away and shooting him with his Paintball Gun who collided with its Pickle Blaster shooting at them until both decided to stop.

SpongeBob then summons monsters with the Magic Pencil Gumball slashed with its Claws and he then grabs it and breaks it and kicks SpongeBob.

SpongeBob then flies turning into a Goofy Goober Rock.


He shoots lasers at Gumball who runs out of them until Gumball pull out its Magic Notebook to write an Anvil goes at SpongeBob crushing him down and then he runs at SpongeBob punching him many times until he makes a Shoryuken knocks out SpongeBob, making him unconscious.

Then Gumball runs at Luigi and both traded blows until Gumball showed its Claws at Luigi who scared used its Hammer to smack him out, knocking him.

Then Daffy Duck gets up and he turns into Duck Dodgers smacking Luigi with its Laser Nunchakus, and tried to slash Luigi with its Lightsabers who dodged kicking Daffy away but Daffy used the Fists of Vengueanze to smack Luigi many times until punches him away.

Then Daffy uses its Desintegration Guns shooting at Luigi who dodged the shoots and runs at Daffy to smack him many times with his Ultra Hammer until he uses the Luigi Cyclone to spin hitting Daffy multiple times until Luigi kicks Daffy to the ground.

Luigi then pull out a Pillow to sleep on it and sucks Daffy into his Dream Realm.

Luigi then holds its Hammer Looking Daffy with a Serious Exprettion who took out Desintegration Guns looking Luigi with the same way Luigi is looking him.

Daffy use a Jepack and shoots Lasers at Luigi who dodged them and then Luigi makes a Bunch of Luiginoids but Daffy disinegrates a few of them but the Luiginoids appears creating Shockwaves Sends Daffy hurt.

Then Daffy  uses its Freeze Beam freezing Some Luiginoids and then disinegrates them but Luigi consumes a Rainbow Star as Luigi and his Luiginoids then smashes its Hammers powerfully at Daffy beating him up.

Luigi then gets nervious as Daffy gets up and turns into Giant Dreamy Luigi stomping Daffy with its Foot Until Luigi smacks Daffy with its Hammer knocking him.


Luigi then awakens.

Luigi: I'm the Number 1!

Luigi then celebrates its Victory and he runs out of the Krusty Krab.


Boomstick: Holy shit, it was epic!

Wiz: Luigi was the strongest fighter and has Power-Ups to keep up him with the others.

Boomstick: And Gumball is also a Durable fighter, he tanked the Fucking Big Bang!

Wiz: Stills being an outlier--

Boomstick: Shut up Wiz!, Also Duncan had the experience making plans but he was heavily outclassed by these fighters, also Cartman was manipulative but Daffy Duck had tricked everyone in that fight!

Wiz: SpongeBob also had forms and arsenal to fight here but he was also outclassed and Gumball might have lost against Daffy and Luigi.

Boomstick: And Luigi was a better fighter, stronger than Daffy and Daffy was durable and faster but Dreamy Luigi can fight Duck Dodgers and defeat him!

Wiz: Luigi also has his Luiginoids as a help and its Giant form.

Boomstick: It seems all the characters was the favorites of Sky just had to got forgotten into a Green Thunder!

Wiz: The winner is: Luigi

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