Venom VS Crona
Season 7
Overall Episode 134
Season Episode 15
Air date October 5th, 2020
Written by Matthew "Ultraguy" Jones
Animated by Luis Cruz
Zack Watkins
Gus "Kill_La_Kiid" Espinal
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These two take teamwork (and sentient black goop) to a new level!

Venom VS Crona is the 134th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Venom from Marvel Comics and Crona from the Soul Eater series in a battle between symbiotic partners. Venom was reprised by Adam Wennick, Crona was voiced by Sarah Anne Williams and Ragnarok was voiced by John Van Doren.


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: It's always nice to have a best friend attached to your hip, like me and my shotgun leg.

Wiz: But these two take their "friends" even further than that.

Boomstick: Venom, the lethal symbiote and Spider Man's best frenemy.

Wiz: And Crona, the deadly demon sword from Soul Eater.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: At the beginning of time, in the faraway reaches of space, the Klyntar rose from a living darkness. One of these amorphous symbiotes was Venom.

Boomstick: Who was a freakin' loser! Hey, don't look at me, all the goop aliens were saying it. So they kicked the poor slime ball straight off the planet.

Wiz: In its exile, the symbiote underwent a number of misadventures which firmly shaped its personality. It bonded to a heroic Kree soldier rescuing refugees, a violent monster who committed genocide, and...apparently Deadpool.

Boomstick: Damn, no wonder Venom's so messed up in the head.

Wiz: Eventually, the Symbiote was discovered by Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Boomstick: It gave him a pretty slick black suit and awesome new powers, but after finding out it was a confused raging psychopathic alien, Pete decided to exorcise it with the power of Christian rock.

Wiz: A wise decision, although ill-timed, as this event would cause the symbiote to finally meet its greatest partner, Edward Brock.

Boomstick: Eddie was a journalist with the unluckiest backstory ever. While trying to uncover the identity of a serial killer, he blamed the wrong guy. The same day he published his article, Spidey caught the real killer, who lived right next door to the dude Eddie blamed!

Wiz: Long story short, Eddie was fired from his job, divorced by his wife, and disowned by his father.

Boomstick: Who already blamed Eddie for his wife dying in child-birth!

Wiz: On top of all that, Eddie learned he'd developed adrenal cancer, with only a few months left to live.

Boomstick: Man, and I thought 2020 was rough. I almost don't blame him for becoming a supervillain.

Wiz: With all hope lost, he begged God to take it all away, and got an answer: The symbiote.

Boomstick: Just like Captain Planet, with their powers combined, these two losers became... a super loser! Well, no, they actually became a horrifying monster with all of Spider-Man's powers and then some.

Wiz: Their mutual hate of Spider-Man caused the symbiote to bond to Eddie like no host ever before. They were perfect, a terror in the night, an unstoppable demon, they were Venom.

Boomstick: It even cured Eddie's cancer!

Wiz: Sort of, it's complicated.

Boomstick: Apart from Spider-Man's webbing and web-crawling powers, Venom can use shapeshifting to mold his body into cool doo-dads. Swords, shields, tendrils, worm monster things, even wings! Yeah, imagine seeing this guy flying outside your window. At night. Welp, good luck sleeping ever again.

Wiz: Venom can camouflage his entire body, heal severe wounds, like impalement and lost limbs, see all around him at once, and psychically project emotions onto others.

Boomstick: Normally, this just makes people feel sorry for themselves, like Wiz on Tinder, but one time, he convinced a bunch of other symbiotes that life was meaningless, and they killed themselves. Man, that's dark!

Wiz: If desperate, the symbiote can even invade the bodies of others and make them burst from inside out.

(we cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Gross, and awesome, but if he doesn't wanna pop them like a fun balloon, he can just take over their body like a creepy puppet master.

Wiz: While attached to a victim, Venom can control them by fusing the symbiote to their nervous system, specifically, the brain stem and frontal lobes. Fighting off this mind control is extremely difficult, unless you have powers that can directly counter it, such as another symbiote.

Boomstick: Oh God, aliens, tentacles, and mind control? Are we sure this episode is rated "E" for everyone, or do we need to start blurrin' stuff?

Wiz: Oh, don't worry, aside from being a horrible mass murderer, Venom's stories are completely wholesome.

Boomstick: Right...

Wiz: Venom proved a dangerous thorn in Spider-Man's side, and frequently ruined his life, even taking a page out of my favorite book, The Most Dangerous Game, and hunting him on a private island.

Boomstick: Yeah, he was the coolest rival ever, but over the years, things kinda calmed down a bit, they even teamed up every so often.

Wiz; See, even with so much anger, Eddie had a legitimate desire to protect others. As a teenager stealing his dad's car, he accidentally ran over and killed a child. Despite his desire to confess, his father forced him to plead innocent and rigged the jury, the guilt has weighed him down ever since, so while Venom does have a hunger for human brains, he'd rather eat the face off a criminal than an innocent person.

Boomstick: Venom's as tough as they come, he's survived Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, he's strong enough to toss a tank hundreds of feet up, and fast enough to take down Spidey 2099, who once caught Mjolnir while it was moving two thousand times the speed of sound.

Wiz: Although Venom does not possess the spider-sense that allows Parker to react in microseconds, he can still keep up with all the usual Spidey gallery. Plus, while symbiotes have a severe weakness to high pitched sound and heat, he's developed resistances to them.

Popup: While Venom's 360 vision can make up for the lack of Spider-Sense, it does not feature a similar alarm system.

Boomstick: Like when he took this giant explosion, or when he survived a sonic scream from some mutant gremlins that shattered all glass within ten miles.

Wiz: While he may be tougher to take down then most other symbiotes, Venom never fully overcame his weaknesses. However, his symbiotic genes provide far more help then harm, this includes traits and memories from other hosts, like Scorpion and Flash Thompson.

Boomstick: Wait wait wait, bullets are a genetic trait? How do I pass that down?

Wiz: Venom would certainly need a lot of firepower to survive an encounter with the symbiote god...

Boomstick: Oh geez, here we go...

Wiz: At first, the Klyntar symbiotes were seen as a peaceful people, but turns out they were actually living weapons forged by the primordial deity Knull in an attempt to conquer the universe!

Popup: The Venom symbiote likely absorbed the codices that comprised the Legion symbiote. While absorbing codices does enhance strength, character specific powers and mental imprints from codices burn out over time. Any codice-based powers, such as Ben Grimm's physical strength, are likely not permanent.

Boomstick: And I'll bet next up, Marvel decides they're magic maple syrup people from Asgardian IHOP, but okay, cosmic sludge made by alien Satan, let's go with that.

Wiz: Despite it all, Eddie and the symbiote have proven they're far more than the dark legacy the Klyntar were intended for. They've even gained the respect of the Avengers, and eventually considered Spider-Man a friend....sort of, it's complicated.

Boomstick: Eddie really is the best pal Venom could've found, and let's be real, he just looks friggin' badass!

Venom: (to Spider-Man) You'll see us everywhere, even in your nightmares.


Wiz: In ancient times, a demonic being known as the Kishin ravaged humanity, nearly driving all of mankind into the depths of madness. This monster could only be defeated and sealed away by the God of Death.

Boomstick: So uh, why is the literal god of death so goofy-looking? You ever seen Death Note? Hell, even Thanos's girlfriend is scarier than this clown!

Wiz: Eh, if you are unfamiliar with the world of Soul Eater, prepare yourself, it's...different.

Boomstick: Welp, not wanting a return of the apocalypse, Death and his oven mitts founded a school, Death Academy!

Wiz: Here, warriors called Meisters would train to fight evil, using the power of their souls.

Boomstick: They even got neat demon weapons that doubled as people! Together, they learned courage, chivalry, unbreakable friendship, you know, all that anime crap.

Wiz: Crona Gorgon was not one of these students.

Boomstick: Buckle up, it's all gloomsville from here. Deal with it.

Crona: I don't think I know how to deal with this situation.

Wiz: Throughout their childhood, Crona was abused by their mother, Medusa. A witch obsessed with the legendary Kishin.

Popup: Note that officially, Crona's sext and gender are unknown. In the manga, Crona is referred to with gender neutral terms, translating to they/them pronouns.

Boomstick: You can see where this is going. Anime Uma Thurman was such a fangirl, she figured, "Hey, why don't I make my own Kishin?" So, she used her child as a guinea pig in a bunch of crazy experiments. You know, it kinda sounds like something you'd do, Wiz.

Wiz: Don't be silly, I only use actual guinea pigs. Part of Medusa's great experiment included bonding Crona to a weapon, much like the Meisters of Death Academy. However, joining with Ragnarok was... a bit more literal.

Boomstick: Ragnarok used to be your run-of-the-mill transforming weapon person, until Medusa melted him alive in Black Blood.

Wiz: Black Blood being another experiment of hers. Crona's own blood is, in fact, this same Black Blood, which they can remotely control. It can be used to heal wounds, and even harden as a sort of internal armor.

Boomstick: Cooking Rags in Black Blood turned him into a brand new weapon that was literally poured into Crona's bloodstream.

Wiz: From that point on, Crona and Ragnarok were two halves of the same person, the meek and tortured child firmly attached to their loud and brazen weapon.

Boomstick: And Raggy has that Black Blood control, too. They can yank poor Crona around like a puppet, they can use black blood to create wings, thorny vines, all kinds of weapons, and big ass needles. Ugh, I hate needles.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: What's up with that mouth when he transforms into a sword? That thing's messed up.

(We see Wiz plugging in an amp)

Wiz: Lke the meisters, Crona can wield their own souls in combat, amplified by Ragnarok as a technique called "Scream Resonance". Think of it like hooking an electric guitar up to an amp.

(Wiz pulls out an electric guitar, much to Boomstick's surprise)

Wiz: Though more akin to a screeching Banshee on LSD.

Boomstick: I didn't know you played!

Wiz: I don't.

(Wiz strummed the guitar, producing Ragnarok's screech, stunning Boomstick in place)

Wiz: It's incredibly powerful, causing internal damage to foes and making Ragnarok vibrate to increase his cutting power.

(Wiz then notices Boomstick in a paralyzed state with ears bleeding)

Wiz: Hey, are you okay?

Boomstick: What?!

(No sooner revealing he had gone deaf, Boomstick collapses)

Wiz: With this weapon at their side, Crona set out on a quest to become a kishin, which required quite a lot of homicide.

Boomstick: Yeah, Ragnarok can absorb the souls of dead people, and supposedly, enough souls will turn Crona into the kishin, so, they went around slaughtering hundreds of people.

Wiz: Despite their name, Death Academy wasn't exactly a fan. Particurly their star student, Maka Albarn.

Boomstick: Don't worry! She and Crona ended up becoming good friends, until they weren't...sort, it's complicated.

Wiz: As a pawn in Medusa's mission, Crona gained several levels of new potential, notably after gaining or absorbing the powers of the monstrous Black Clown, the demon tool BREW and even Asura, the original kishin.

Boomstick: All of which increased Crona's abilities, especially the Black Blood. Now Crona can turn their entire body into goop and the slightest touch can inflict madness. That's madness with a capital "M" by the way.

Wiz: This "madness" is a corruptive effect that causes targeted variants of delusion or obsession, often spread as a wavelength. The wavelength of Crona's "Mad Blood" specifically causes violent psychosis.

Boomstick: Crona may be a pawn, but they're a badass! They can cut through a whole ghost ship, cover the moon with soundwaves, open the moon's...mouth?! What the hell is wrong with that moon?!

Wiz: Crona and Ragnarok have held their own against multiple Death Academy students, including Maka, Death the Kid and Black☆Star.

Boomstick: Sometimes all at once!

Wiz: Kid once flew from Nevada to Egypt in less than a minute, and Black☆Star is even faster. He's dodged lasers, and been tracked moving over twenty kilometers in six microseconds while approaching Baba Yaga Castle.

Popip: While the exact unit of measurement is not shown for this feat, Soul Eater uses metric units and most conventional radar systems have ranges of several dozen kilometers. Given the visual distance Black☆Star traveled, the kilometer unit is the most likely to apply.

Boomstick: And Crona's been able to make enough Mad Blood to crush a whole goddamn Ukrainian city!

Wiz: While this city isn't named, we can use a similar metropolitan area in Ukraine, Kiev, for instance. With this in mind, Crona must created over nine trillion tons of black blood. Enough to fill over six billion Olympic swimming pools.

Popup: The lasers Black☆Star dodged were bendable using light refraction techniques, indicating they possess attributes of normal light. Boomstick: But Crona's a big leap from invincible. They've had their shit kicked in plenty of times, and their hardened Black Blood can only block so much.

Wiz: Even then, Medusa's plan ultimately succeeded. After years of scheming, Crona absorbed the power of Asura and became a kishin.

Boomstick: Well more like kishin absorbed Crona but close enough!

Wiz: But with the power of friendship, Crona ironically wound up defeating the kishin once and for all. Despite their life being nothing but destruction, Crona was the one who ultimately saved the world.

Boomstick: With an added side effect of a new madness wavelength that made everyone obsessed with boobs. Truly a positive effect on people everywhere.

Crona: (to Maka) Just give up, I'm tired of trying to figure out how to deal with you.

Death Battle

(*Madness Envenom - Brandon Yates)

Eddie Brock is kneeling in front of an altar in a chapel lit by very faint candlelight. Crona opens the chapel doors and moonlight shines into the hallway.

Crona: Hello? Uh, I want to be alone.

Ragnarok bursts out from Crona's back and slaps the pink-haired child on the back of their head and grabs them by the hair while chastising them.

Ragnarok: Hey! Pay attention, you turd!

Eddie looks back, and a black goo wholly covers the body of the journalist as he walks towards the Black Blood partners. Ragnarok is abusing poor Crona and stops when they both notice the slobbering monster being known as Venom.

Venom: Ah, lucky day! Two brains for the price of one!

As the antithesis of Spider-Man leaps towards the symbiotic duo, Ragnarok bulks up and grabs the Venom symbiote by the neck, keeping the Marvel symbiote at a distance. Venom struggles to break free but Ragnarok keeps the grab on hold, while Crona panics.

Crona: I don't think I can handle this right now!

A few seconds after Ragnarok crushes Venom's head, Venom shoots webbing into Crona's face, blocking their vision, then capitalizes on Ragnarok's distraction and jumps back at a distance, any serious harm already healed. He proceeds to fire shots of Klyntar ooze at his targets. Crona is able to relieve their face of the webbing and with a crazed look in their eyes, they grab their partner's transformed sword state and swings wildly, dodging the projectiles.

In response, the lethal symbiote then unleashes a flurry of fanged tendrils and traps the Black Blood users into a cocoon, despite their attempt to leap out of the way. Venom approaches towards the cocoon cautiously while taunting the duo.

Venom: Your mind is ours. Dinner time!

The cocoon bursts out as it is cut open by Ragnarok as a broadsword with the mouth in the middle screams. The deafening soundwaves free Crona and slightly effects Venom, who is effected enough that he peels back to expose Eddie's back. Venom quickly responds with more attacking tendrils. Crona leaps in the air and cuts away the dark tentacles. With Ragnarok glowing, they unleash a wave of concentrated sound that streaks across the floor towards their opponent.

Crona: Screech Gamma!

The attack lands a hit, sending the symbiote flying back as the pink-haired child follows in pursuit. They stab Venom as he just recovers and deliver a slashing whirlwind combo. Eddie makes a shield but is still knocked back. Exercising his shapeshifting ability, Venom gains more distance to shoot more webbing. This time it attaches the sword to a wall. This does not help, as Ragnarok changes back to his sentient form, one arm cocked back. He rushes in and delivers a barrage of punches on the symbiote while Crona covers their eyes. After the assault, Venom grabs and throws some pews which Ragnarok effortlessly destroys. Once the smoke clears, both Crona and Ragnarok are surprised to see that their enemy had just disappeared.

Crona: He's gone? What is he?

The symbiote's sinister voice echoes throughout the church, disturbing Crona while Ragnarok looks around.

Venom: We are the ones hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red!

Drops of green goo cause the pair to turn around and look up where Venom is clinging to the ceiling. He extends his tongue to grab Crona by the leg before dragging them and Ragnarok for a ride upwards. The meister meets the ceiling head-on and then smashes into the altar before being released at the entrance. While they are dazed, Venom takes his chance and charges in, shapeshifting his hand into an axe blade and goes for a decapitation. However, he fails to do more than pierce Crona's skin, as drops of Black Blood fall to the floor. The symbiote is shocked at this outcome.

Venom: Your blood...

Crona: I know. Heh, it's black.

A sudden eruption of Black Blood bursts out from Crona's neck and from outside the church, both combatants are launched into the night sky while the dark fluid flows and covers the ground. The "Soul Eater World" moon chuckles creepily as Crona falls back to earth. Ragnarok quickly wakes them up in his own less-affectionate way, by smacking their head.

Ragnarok: Wake up, stupid!

Crona stirs and Ragnarok shapeshifts into wings, forming the True Black Dragon. As Crona gathers themself, they see Venom, who has formed his own demonic wings, charging straight for them with a bladed limb at the ready. With two hands together, they seize a single sword and blocks the attack, sending the symbiote back who only cackles in response. Two more swords appear with arms formed from Black Blood.

Against the night sky and the sinisterly amused moon, both combatants fly about and clash back and forth in blurs. Venom gains the advantage and knocks Crona to the ground. He pursues and lands hard rapid strikes before dragging them back up into the air. The kishin-to-be shakes him off and swiftly impales him on one sword before sending him back down with three wave projectiles, each one hitting the symbiote.

Venom lands back to where the fight started: the now damaged church. The symbiote is weakened, exposing Eddie Brock's face and despite the pain, he keeps his eyes open just in time to see Crona appear at the entrance with their swords, back turned. Eddie begins to reassure himself and the klyntar responds by healing and covering his face, becoming Venom again.

Venom: We are the darkness, we are your nightmare, we... are... VENOM!

As the symbiote finishes his monologue/taunt, he notices that he is now surrounded by writhing thorned vines composed of Black Blood. Crona stares at the ground with blank eyes, devoid of any emotion besides hatred.

Crona: I hate you.

The vines ensnare and pierce Venom, trapping him for Crona to run all three of their blades through him. The mouths on each sword release their devastating Scream Resonance inside and the symbiote succumbs to the effects, before all three swords are swung, unleashing an extremely powerful wave of sound into Venom point blank. The use of Screech Delta obliterates Venom and Eddie's body, leaving behind two souls; one black and grey of the klyntar and one brown and yellow of Edward Brock. Ragnarok, back in original form, snatches both souls and opens his mouth to devour them both in just one bite. The Kishin meister stands alone alongside their partner with a grin of pure madness.



(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Man, these symbiotes really need to stop picking fights with pink-haired anime characters! They're f***ing crazy!

Wiz: Venom was certainly a tricky opponent, his shapeshifting, camouflage, and multitude of weapons kept Crona off guard. Unfortunately, Venom lacked the power needed to keep up a prolonged fight.

Boomstick: Yeah, Crona matching Black☆Star's speed makes for a pretty clear difference. Crona could reach Mach nine thousand, while Venom only topped out around Mach two thousand.

Wiz: And while Venom has shown incredible physical strength that puts Spider-Man to shame, he could never compete with nine trillion tons of Mad Blood.

Boomstick: Which, by the way, that precise control of the Black Blood totally meant Crona could push out any of Venom's attempts at being a puppeteer.

Wiz: And Crona's shown even greater feats of strength as well, assuming all the...moon's teeth are similar in size and stone, opening this jaw is equivalent to lifting over ten thousand tons.

Popup: While Venom has resisted Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, it does not necessarily mean he's immune to all psychic related attacks and would resist Crona's Madness Wavelength. Venom has been affected by Hell Mark and Jean Grey in the past.

Boomstick: Of course, the final nail in Eddie's coffin was the fact that half of Crona's arsenal was sound-based, basically Venom's kryptonite.

Popup: Even compared to Spider-Man's reaction speed and Spider Sense, which are somewhat superior to Venom's abilities, scaling to Black☆Star still matches up.

Wiz: Somewhat, recall that Venom did gain a notable resistance to sound attacks, so we needed to determine if Crona's sonic waves were great enough to effectively harm him.

Popup: Venom gained some undefined ability increases from the Kylntar hive mind. However, Crona inherited Asura's abilities, which trump them when given similar leeway.

Boomstick: You know those gremlins who shattered every window in ten miles with a screech attack? The symbiote barely survived it, so that's a good high end to look at.

Wiz: It takes at least a hundred decibels to shatter glass normally, to cover that much distance, the combined sonic blast must've equaled about two hundred forty-four decibels. In contrast, in order to engulf the moon, Crona's sonic waves must've reached over two hundred seventy-five decibels.

Popup: While different methods or examples could be implemented to measure Crona's Black Blood flooding a city, all still outperform Venom. Aditionally, Venom's victories over Dark Carnage and Grendel required outside help or extenuating circumstances.

Boomstick: And yes, that's considering the weird size and shape of the moon, ugh, just look at that freaky thing!

Wiz: Sure, two hundred seventy-five doesn't seem that much more than two hundred forty-four, but decibels increase on a logarithmic rate, this means Crona's sound attack was actually over a thousand times stronger.

Boomstick: Venny for sure wasn't surviving that.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Wiz: Eddie and the symbiote held their own with versatility, but Crona and Ragnarok had them beat in destructive power, blistering speed, and an arsenal that could take advantage of Venom's key weakness.

Boomstick: Looks like Venom just got Ragna-rocked!

Wiz: The winner is Crona.

Original Track

Madness Envenom Track Cover.png

The track for the fight is "Madness Envenom" by Brandon Yates. It is a dark, techno track that represents the dark and creepy natures of both combatants. This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas can also be heard when Venom recites the lyrics from the song.

The track's title references both fighters' psychotic upbringings as well as their corruptive abilities, as Crona's Madness can make their targets dellusional and the Venom symbiote can bond and possess its host.

The track cover depicts Ragnarok in his sword form embedded partly into a puddle of Black Blood putting up a Thorn Defense. Venom's mouth is seen in place of Ragnarok's mouth, sticking his tongue out, which has a bit of green ooze on it.


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