Winter Soldier VS Red Hood
Season 7
Overall Episode 133
Season Episode 14
Air date September 21st, 2020
Written by Joshua Kazemi
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No one stays dead in comics. Two corrupted sidekicks are in for a brawl!

Winter Soldier VS Red Hood is the 133rd episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Winter Soldier from Marvel Comics and Red Hood from DC Comics in a battle between resurrected sidekicks turned anti-heroes. Winter Soldier was portrayed by Tyler Tackett and Red Hood was portrayed by Tim Neff.


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Wiz: Sidekicks, every good superhero, or world-conquering scientist, needs one, right Boomstick?

Boomstick: That's right! (realizes) Hey! I think we all know which one of us is the real sidekick here.

Wiz: Such as the Winter Soldier, Marvel's brainwashed assassin.

Boomstick: And Red Hood, DC's resurrected Robin turned vigilante.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Winter Soldier

Wiz: World War II, as strange as it is to name a war a sequel, like some sort of movie, it was a time of turmoil across the globe. The brave and patriotic did their part, including one James Buchanan Barnes, known by his friends as "Bucky".

Boomstick: As a young lad, Bucky ripped open a standard superhero booster pack, to find classic cards like "Dead Parents" and "Deep Desire to Fight for Justice".

Wiz: And that combo served him well in the U.S. Military. He joined at the age of fifteen and eventually got recruited for special assignments and training with British commandoes.

Boomstick: Not long after that, he became friends with his own personal hero and the country's favorite boy scout: Captain America!

Wiz: Bucky was initially unaware of the Captain's secret identity, until one night, he walked in on Steve Rogers changing to his costume.

Boomstick: (chuckling) Well, I guess that's one way to get to know a guy. Luckily, Cap had a lot of faith in Bucky, and asked him to become his partner in crime-er, hero work. They fought side-by-side, kicking Nazi ass throughout the rest of the war.

Wiz: The duo seemed to be unstoppable, until one fateful mission, when they leapt after a plane to catch Nazi scientist, Baron Zemo.

Boomstick: Fortunately for Bucky, he was able to grab on to the plane, while Cap fell into the ocean to nab his last diving merit badge. Get it? Cause- cause he's a boy scout.

Wiz: Unfortunately for Bucky, the plane was booby-trapped and exploded. It appeared as though the Captain's loyal sidekick had been killed.

Boomstick: But the ones we love in comic books never truly leave us.

Wiz: Sometime after the war, a Russian submarine discovered Bucky's body preserved in the icy waters of the English channel.

Boomstick: They decided to scoop him up and experiment on him, 'cause why not? Who could pass up a free body you found? Even if it was missing an arm.

Wiz: Bucky's training and experience made him the perfect candidate as the ultimate assassin, and after they revived and brainwashed him, they outfitted him with a shiny new bionic arm.

Boomstick: Turning Bucky into... the Winter Soldier.

Wiz: Along with this new persona, the Winter Soldier sported a sundry of skills throughout his career that made him a killing machine. For starters, he was injected with the Infinity Formula.

Boomstick: Which permanently increased his physical ability to an enhanced state.

Popup: The Infinity Formula grants Bucky a healing factor, though it is much slower than those of mutants like Deadpool or Wolverine.

Wiz: This made him quite the formidable foe, even for Captain America, a foe who seemingly abandoned the values the duo previously shared.

Boomstick: These two have fought plenty of times, and Bucky's been able to hold his own against his former partner.

Wiz: His advanced strength and speed, coupled with his knowledge of various fighting styles, make for a lethal combination. He's skilled in everything from hand to hand, close-quarters combat, to an impressive arsenal of ranged weaponry.

(we cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Ho ho, yeah! He's got a ton of sweet guns that are outfitted with some nifty palm print sensors, so only he can shoot 'em.

Wiz: If anyone other than the Winter Soldier tries to use these firearms, they will self destruct. He also wields a katana, throwing knives, pretty much whatever comes in the welcome bag at Assassin Con.

Boomstick: Always a good time at Ass Con.

Wiz: Ugh, but we can't forget his most iconic piece, the arm.

Boomstick: Well, I mean, it's definitely the coolest metal arm I've ever seen.

Wiz: What about mine? I made it myself.

Boomstick: Come on Wiz, look at that thing! His is super buff, plus it's got a flamethrower, a retractable blade, it can emit electric charges, and it's so strong, knives break on impact.

Wiz: It's not about the size of the arm, it's how you use it. Well, sure, it's strong, but it's not indestructible, it's been torn up by a vibranium sword.

Boomstick: Wait wait, I thought the arm was made of vibranium.

Wiz: You're thinking of the movies, in the comics, Bucky did not receive a vibranium arm birthday present from T'Challa. Canonically, his arm is made up of strong, but unspecified metals, likely a form of titanium alloy similar to the Iron Man suit.

Boomstick: Even without vibranium, it's tough to keep up with Bucky, he took a direct shot from Iron Man's repulsor blast, which was strong enough to tear through a helicopter moments later.

Wiz: And consider the heroes he's battled: Wolverine, Daredevil, Iron Man, and, obviously, Captain America.

Boomstick: Ah, it's a shame Bucky and Cap were at odds for so long, they should've just knocked him on the head real good, that's the scientific way to get people to remember who they are, right?

Wiz: Or you can use a Cosmic Cube to rewrite their memories, that's what Captain America did to save Bucky.

Boomstick: Who was so pissed off, he just straight-up crushed the cube with his bare bionic hand!

Wiz: While this brought him back, Bucky wasn't the same man who went into those icy waters. His remorse for his crimes was tough to overcome, and he would always wonder if he'd done enough good to finally redeem himself.

Boomstick: But thankfully, it was hard to shake everything he'd learned from his hero, Steve. Bucky returned to fighting for justice, and even took up the shield himself for a while.

Wiz: Proving that, despite his sordid past, Bucky's persistence and resilience makes him a hero in his own right.

(Bucky hoists up a hollering Rocket Raccoon and pivots around while they gun down numerous Outriders)

Red Hood

Wiz: When you think of the word "sidekick", who immediately comes to mind?

Boomstick: You, it's you.

Wiz: N-no, Robin, the boy wonder. Batman's iconic crime-fighting partner.

Boomstick: Yeah, that's a close second. Too bad the Caped Crusader's sidecar has been revolving doors of orphans and acrobats.

Wiz: Not including alternate universes and "What If?" stories, Batman has taken five different Robins under his bat-wing. Some moved on to pursue a superhero career of their own, others... didn't turn out so lucky.

Boomstick: Enter, Jason Todd. This poor kid was given the short end of the stick, and then the fans beat him to death with it.

Wiz: Jason grew up on the streets of Gotham, getting by through a life of petty crime, until eventually running into the Batman himself.

Boomstick: By trying to steal the rims off the Batmobile! This kid's got some serious balls! I mean, you can't exactly look at the damn Batmobile and mistake it for someone else's car.

Wiz: Bruce had recently split up with the first Robin, Dick Grayson, and was on the lookout for a new sidekick. Impressed by Jason's scrappiness and latent ability, he had the twelve-year-old suit up. Yes, he really was twelve.

Boomstick: Yikes, well, creepy child abducting habits aside, Bats hoped he could live up to the last Robin, too bad this was a literal dick-measuring contest that Jason had no chance in.

Wiz: Despite some moderate success, Jason wasn't exactly an extraordinary Robin, and the fans saw it, too. In an unprecedented move, DC asked their readers to vote on whether or not Jason Todd would live or die.

Boomstick: Yup! They voted to kill the shit out of that kid! Joker style. On an unrelated note, if you wanna see Wiz die a horrible gruesome death that will lead to some serious mental health issues, call 555-2337, or 555-BEER.

Wiz: Jason Todd was dead... until Superboy-Prime punched a hole in the fabric of reality and accidentally brought him back. True story, don't ask.

Boomstick: And after a dip in a magic hot tub, the Lazarus Pit, Jason was back in top form. Take that, readers, your contribution means nothing!

Wiz: Resolve renewed, Jason donned a new identity inspired by his own killer, the Red Hood.

Boomstick: While the freaky death bit did bring him back stronger and faster, it turns out resurrection comes at a price. Jason was already a hothead, but Red Hood had a serious temper with violent outbursts, he...wasn't alright in the noggin.

Wiz: But he had a goal: Destroy Batman, and show him his humane methods were unfit for saving Gotham City.

Boomstick: If Bats had actually killed the Joker way back when, he never would've killed Jason in the first place. For a raging psychopath, he's...not exactly wrong. Where Batman failed, Jason was up for the task, he pushed himself to be a killing machine even Bruce would have a tough time keeping up with.

Wiz: Even training with the League of Assassins, and the All-Caste, a group of monk assassins.

Boomstick: So much ass stuff in this episode.

Wiz: In addition to Red Hood's wide array of skills, he also maintains a serious collection in his arsenal, most obviously, his armored cowl. While it provides him with sturdy protection, the sensors within also allow him to scan his surrounding area, neutralizing any potential stealth threats. Plus, the hood can also explode, so....that's convenient?

Boomstick: Sounds like my new hangover recipe. On top of the red chrome dome, Jason packs all sorts of knives, explosives, guns, and he even once summoned these weird magic swords called the All-Blades to fight off supernatural threats.

Popup: The All-Blades can only be summoned in the presence of true evil.

Wiz: But probably most important is his continual use of Venom.

(we cut to Wiz and Boomstick, Wiz holds a jar with a green substance and a skull and crossbones picture)

Boomstick: Wait wait wait, what's the symbiote doing here?

Wiz: No no, the Venom drug, it's what Bane uses to get all, you know, swole!

Boomstick: Wiz, have you ever been to the gym? Like, even once?


(DUMMI floats in)

DUMMI: I'm here to carry your arbitrary burdens.

Wiz: Venom is an addictive steroid that increases strength and stamina tenfold, a normal dose also affects the mind, dumbing it down and causing bouts of rage, but Jas-

(Boomstick pushes DUMMI down and grabs the jar)

Boomstick: Dibs! Ha ha, superpowers, here I come! You can call me the Red Neck!

(He chugs it)

Wiz: No no, you're supposed to inject it...!

(Boomstick then immediately throws up the serum into DUMMI's funnel, much to the robot's disgust, he groans)

Boomstick: DUMMI... clean that up...

(DUMMI glares)

Popup: Venom comes in several varieties. While the version Jason has access to boosts his physical strength, it does not drastically alter his muscular size like the iteration commonly used by Bane.

Wiz: Using Venom has made Red Hood strong enough to fight off monsters twice his size, tear through alien tendrils, and even once break the grip of Supergirl.

Boomstick: He can hold up a small part of a collapsing building, dodge bullets, and even once survived an All-Caste ritual called "The Cleansing", which no human has been able to do in over a thousand years!

Wiz: And while it was difficult to determine if this feat was due to Jason's worthiness or stubbornness, it's safe to say that, either way, he's a tough guy.

Boomstick: Tough enough to punch through a submarine hull, or at least, he carries enough explosives to blow a hole through it. Either way, I wouldn't wanna go one on one with this guy.

Wiz: Red Hood also has plenty of that Bat-like stealth ability to match his brute strength.

Boomstick: He was able to sneak away from Supergirl! Even Bruce would be proud of that one.

Wiz: Despite how Jason tried to kill him. But the Red Hood failed, and was left to reexamine his own personal code. He ultimately decided to be a hero again, albeit a very conflicted one.

Boomstick: He even teamed up with Bats and even worked alongside other Robins, he also leads a group of ragtag heroes called The Outlaws.

Wiz: The roller coaster of Red Hood's crime-fighting career has, at best, landed himself in that anti-hero sweet spot, and, at worst, made him a violent vigilante who takes the law into his own hands.

Red Hood throws down a duffel bag to some drug lords.

Red Hood: Those are the heads of all your lieutenants. That took me two hours.

(Red Hood aims his assault rifle at them.)

Red Hood: You wanna see what I can get done in a whole evening?

Death Battle

(*Cues: Red Winter - John Scigulinsky*)

Red Hood's phone rings, he answers as the lights come on.

Red Hood: Yo, Barbie.

Batman: Jason, it's me.

Red Hood: What do you want, Bruce?

He walks through a kitchen as Bruce talks to him.

Batman: Eight assassins from the League of Shadows were gunned down two miles from your current location.

Red Hood: Sounds like a party.

Batman: They were all shot with rounds from a modified M4, a gun I know is in your arsenal.

Red Hood chuckles as he enters an abandoned Chinatown restaurant that serves as his base.

Red Hood: As much as I'd love to take credit for that one, it wasn't me.

Batman: Don't lie to me.

Red Hood: It wasn't me, Bruce, but you know what? You can count on me to crack the case.

Jason sets his dinner from Big Belly Burger on the table.

Red Hood: In fact, I believe there's a bit of evidence that demands my attention right now.

Batman: Jaso-

Red Hood hangs up and sits down at a table. He removes his helmet and opens the bag, taking out a burger. However, before he can enjoy his dinner, he hears a dog barking and a gun firing in the distance. He whips out his pistol and aims, shining the laser sight at the window. Jason peeks underneath one of the newspapers covering the window and doesn't appear to notice anything. Just as he holsters his pistol and prepares to walk back, he hears gunshots.

Red Hood: Shit!

Jason leaps behind one of the tables as the door is riddled with bullet holes and kicked down. The ruthless Winter Soldier enters the establishment and begins firing his M4 at his new target. Jason runs to avoid the gunfire and vaults over a table and flips it on its side for cover. He starts shooting at Bucky, who takes cover behind a different table. When the Soviet assassin starts reloading his gun, Jason takes the opportunity to run to the countertop. He arrives just as Bucky begins shooting at the pictures near the counter.

Bucky slowly approaches the back of the bar counter, but doesn't find his opponent, instead only seeing Jason's discarded brown jacket. He then pulls down his scarf and readies his submachine gun as he goes back to the tables. He points his weapon's mounted flashlight in multiple directions, looking for his target. Suddenly, Red Hood appears behind him in the middle of the restaurant.

Red Hood: Bar's closed.

Bucky quickly turns around, but before he can aim at his target, Jason uses his grappling hook to pull it to the ground. The former Robin starts firing his pistol, but Bucky protects his face with his metal arm, prompting Jason to flip over his opponent to the other side.

Red Hood attempts to fire one of his pistols, but Bucky grabs hold of both of his hands to aim them upwards. Red Hood manages to break his grip by kicking Winter Soldier back before deflecting one of Bucky's gunshots by punching his opponent's hand away.

Jason tries landing another punch, but Bucky blocks it with his regular arm before using his metal arm to protect his face and deflect bullets fired from Red Hood's pistol. The Russian assassin grabs the pistol and tosses it aside just before Jason charges through and throws him to the ground.

Bucky tries firing another shot, but Jason kicks his arm to the side. Red Hood fires another bullet, but Bucky grabs his hand with his bionic arm. Jason struggles to break free of the assassin's tight grip as Bucky forces him to aim right at his own helmet. The bullet ricochets off the helmet, but leaves Red Hood wide open for a massive punch from Bucky's robotic limb. Jason stumbles back into the doors leading to the kitchen and falls on the ground.

Red Hood: Okay...

The Winter Soldier tears off his left sleeve, revealing his metallic arm to his opponent. Jason begins to recover from the blow and disappears once the two doors swing back and forth again. As Bucky enters the kitchen, he prepares his knife before he is suddenly ambushed by Jason from around a corner, who is also wielding his knife. Despite the setback, Winter Soldier kicks Jason forward towards the sink.

The two trade several blows before Red Hood nearly stabs Bucky in the face, however, the former Captain America narrowly catches the knife with his metallic arm and pushes it away. The two clash multiple times before the Winter Soldier pins Red Hood to a refrigerator. He manages to start cutting through Jason's helmet and almost stabs him in the neck, but the Bat-family member manages to stab him in the stomach.

In response, the Winter Soldier chokeholds Red Hood with his human arm before using his bionic arm to punch the vigilante's helmet several times, even managing to crack open one of the eye holes. Jason breaks free by the Winter Soldier where his knife is still stuck, sending Bucky to the floor. He takes out one of his batarangs and throws it at his grounded opponent, who manages to stop it with his metal arm. Bucky then uses his artificial limb to pull out the knife lodged in his gut.

Red Hood: My turn.

Jason presses a button on his belt that causes the batarang to electrocute Bucky's arm, effectively disabling it. Red Hood takes advantage of his opponent's handicapped state by landing several punches before roundhouse kicking the Winter Soldier back to the ground. As Red Hood prepares another punch, Bucky grabs a nearby crowbar with his regular arm and strikes Red Hood twice, unknowingly triggering Jason's post-traumatic stress disorder in the process. Jason begins to hear a familiar, yet terrifying voice in his head.

Joker: Jason...

As the tortured sidekick begins hyperventilating, he struggles to fight back as Winter Soldier continues swinging the crowbar to corner him near the fryers.

Joker: Jason, oh Jason... He's not coming for you.... No one is... *Laughs maniacally*

Red Hood: Shut up.

Red Hood begins holding his head in agony as he begins screaming.


Red Hood: SHUT UP!

Jason recklessly charges towards his real foe, but Bucky manages to trip him with the crowbar before landing one last hit on the helmet to by himself some time. As Red Hood recovers, Bucky uses the crowbar to take out the batarang lodged in his arm, rendering it fully functional again.

Red Hood: Son of a...

As he stands back up, Red Hood takes out the vial of Venom attached to his belt.

Red Hood: Sorry, Bruce...

He injects it into his neck and undergoes a painful transformation. Bucky turns around after hearing Jason's bones and muscles begin to crack as his voice also gets deeper.

Winter Soldier: Huh.

Red Hood kicks Winter Soldier out of the kitchen and back into the main restaurant area, as he is now stronger and more aggressive than before.

Red Hood: Now you're dead!

Jason's new strength catches Bucky off guard as he continues to push him back. The assassin tries charging at him, but the former Robin simply grabs him and karate chops him to the floor. He then picks the agent back up, who manages to resist thanks to his bionic arm. Winter Soldier starts landing some of his punches before Jason catches his metal arm, now managing to push it back with his new strength before tossing Bucky towards one of the tables.

Winter Soldier notices that he has landed within arm's reach of his submachine gun. He attempts to grab it with his regular arm, but Red Hood steps on his arm and takes the gun for himself. Jason lifts Bucky up by the front of his shirt and tries finishing him off with the assassin's own gun, but thanks to the palm print sensors, the gun does not fire and instead sets off the timed bomb. The assassin smiles before punching and drop-kicking his rival back as the gun explodes.

Smoke fills the room as Jason stumbles back, stunned by the explosion and the kick. Suddenly, to his shock, Winter Soldier's arm comes out from the smoke and grabs him by his signature helmet. Red Hood grabs the arm in an attempt to pull it off, but he is too slow; Bucky uses the arm's strength and hidden blade to crush the front of Jason's skull through the helmet. As Red Hood's body falls to the ground, the Winter Soldier contacts S.H.I.E.L.D. to confirm his mission's status.

Winter Soldier: This is Agent Barnes, target eliminated. Moving on.

Bucky walks over the corpse of his fallen opponent and takes one last look back before leaving the establishment.



(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Oh ho ho! Talk about a headache!

Wiz: These two were quite evenly matched. They both had wells of experience, similar arsenals, and an unparalleled drive to win.

Boomstick: They even had almost identical speed and reactionary feats, and Jason definitely had better stealth skills.

Wiz: However, Bucky Barnes earned the edge in almost every other way.

Boomstick: Like how Red Hood had plenty of experience training with Batman and assassins, but Winty had decades of training on him with Commandos, as the Captain's sidepiece, an emo assassin, and even as Captain America himself.

Wiz: The Winter Soldier also had an edge in defense. His metal arm was able to shatter a knife on impact, but when Red Hood took a similar hit, his helmet cracked.

Boomstick: Red didn't really have any way to stop that arm for good, or Bucky's superhuman-ness. Sure, using Venom could even the playing field for a short time, but a brief power-up is nothing compared to a metal arm and the permanent Infinity Formula.

Popup: While Bucky has a checkered past, he logically could not be defined as "pure evil," unfortunately giving little chance for the All-Blades to be summoned.

Wiz: And don't take Jason breaking Supergirl's grip out of context. She wasn't expecting the Venom, and they weren't even fighting in the first place. It's interesting, but not nearly as noteworthy as it sounds.

Boomstick: Yeah, we know for a fact Venom is a ten-times strength booster, there's no way Red could match a Kryptonian in a real brawl.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Wiz: Red Hood was a deadly combatant, but the Winter Soldier one-upped him with superior experience, survivability, and a consistent strength advantage.

Boomstick: Looks like Bucky was the win-ter.

(Wiz crosses his arms and glares as Boomstick grins sheepishly)

Wiz: The WINNER is the Winter Soldier.

Original Track

Red Winter Track Cover.png

The track for the fight is "Red Winter" by John Scigulinsky. It is an orchestral piece with a more tense and serious nature with an emphasis on low brass similar to The Dark Knight Trilogy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It also remixes the Winter Soldier's theme from the film of the same name.

The track's title is a combination of both combatants' aliases (Red Hood and Winter Soldier).

The cover image features the red star emblem on Winter Soldier's bionic arm on top of the Red Hood's insignia. The red star noticeably has red and white outlines that resemble Captain America's shield, referencing Bucky's past as a sidekick or his time as Captain America himself. The background is also covered in flames, possibly referencing how both combatants previously died in explosions.


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