What started out as a community battle on the DEATH BATTLE Cast turned into a whole thing. Wiz and Boomstick from DEATH BATTLE throw down in a Rap Battle with lyrics from the community! Who do you think won?

Wiz VS Boomstick RAP BATTLE! Written by YOU! is a video on the Death Battle YouTube channel that, as the title implies, features our hosts Wizard and Boomstick in a rap battle to determine which host has the stronger bars. Wiz is reprised by Ben Singer and Boomstick is reprised by Chad James.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all!


Fight season 3

Verse 1: Boomstick

Boomstick here to show how it's done

Sit back, Wiz; weapons, armor, skills, you got none!

I'm a good southern boy, you're a dopey science nerd

I'm a man of the people, you belong in a herd

You think you're ready for the Boomstick, hit you with my thick,

Hick accent, sharp wit, admit

You can't handle this, shoulda just said "no"

We're just getting started, but the crowd is screaming

Ko season 3

Verse 2: Wiz

You don't meet the criteria, but this heatdown's overdue.

I create bacteria that is deadlier than you

Immunize them to penicillin, put them in a warhead.

I'm an evil genius, super villain, Notorious W.I.Z.

I capture gods to sidekicks, make them fight for my amusement

From the Gothams to the Nameks, see my name in all their newsprint

Study superpower, advance scientific improvement

Make the public cower, babysit a redneck mutant

Verse 3: Boomstick

That's rich! With me you can't compare

One look at you is all anyone can bear!

Called the Yellow Pages, you're in the book next to "Creeper"

Only thing you've made climax is a graduated beaker!

Give up now, Wiz. Just go home, you're done

It's like fighting with a child, all too easy, no fun

I'm a weapons expert and a master of the pun

Dr. Poultry Scientist, know a chicken when I see one

Verse 4: Wiz

You're an imperfection in my insurrection of mind-flexin' nihilists

Correction, mad scientists

Who study necrobiosis and bloody superheroes with no biases

It's Day 'N' Nite, not even Kid Cudi can shine a light on this

I'm an analytic, scientific robotic individual

You're a parasitic sidekick dick and your fame's just residual

I could just replace you with a computer program which

can be a free off-key cyborg because

Robotic Voice: You are a bitch

The raps I'm slaying faster than a sensei fights hordes

At max, you're learning the controls while I slay high scores

The facts: that lef has got you rockin' Rengay thigh sores.

No stacks. Invest in booze and your payday, buy...

Verse 5: Boomstick

Now, I've been known to give to charity

lying with the mother of a Doc Brown parody

Okay Wiz, take a breath, try to stay calm

If you didn't get that last line, I banged your mom!

Verse 6: Wiz

I'm not mad your deadbeat dad never taught you matrimony

Wasting all your paychecks on burgers, fries, alimony

Remember who's the boss, the creator, money maker

You'll get stopped in your tracks by my

Killer Instinct Announcer: combo breaker!

Verse 7: Boomstick

Okay Wiz, you're not fooling anyone

Without me you'd be a bullet with no gun

I'm the host with the most, Beetlejuice can suck a dick

There's one name people are shouting and it's BOOMSTICK!

Verse 8: Wiz and Boomstick

Wiz: Enough talk, I'm finished with this dunce

Boomstick: We're leaving this call to the audience for once

Both: I think it's pretty clear who has claimed this victory

The battle is over, the winner is me!



  • As stated in the description, this video stemmed from an episode of the DEATH BATTLE Cast, specifically near the end of the 13th episode.[1]

Easter Eggs

  • If closed captions are turned on, the message "Who won, wait, wrong show" appears at the end of the rap battle, a reference to the closing tagline of Epic Rap Battles of History: "WHO WON? WHO'S NEXT? YOU DECIDE!"