Yoda VS King Mickey
Yoda vs kingmickey official.jpeg
Season 8
Overall Episode 140
Season Episode 1 (Season Premiere)
Air date March 8th, 2021
Written by Joshua Kazemi
Animated by DevilArtemis
David Fischer
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The Force duels the Light as two pint-sized grandmasters go head-to-head!

Yoda VS King Mickey is the 140th episode and Season 8 Premiere of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Yoda from the Star Wars series and King Mickey from the Kingdom Hearts series in a battle between small-statured leaders of light. Yoda was voiced by Phillip Sacramento and King Mickey was voiced by Kestin Howard.


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

Wiz: Yoda, the legendary Jedi Master of Star Wars fame.

Boomstick: And King Mickey, his highness of Disney Castle from Kingdom Hearts.

Wiz: These two have proven time and time again that size matters not.

Boomstick: But let's see which of these tiny titans can swing their way to victory in a one-on-one duel.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Boomstick: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Jedi, there was. Master, he is. Yoda, his name.

Wiz: You're not gonna keep doing that, are you?

Boomstick: Tell me what to do, you can not.

Wiz: Okay, the mysterious Grandmaster Yoda devoted his life to the ways of the Force and to leading the Jedi Order, a group of noble peacekeepers. They took it upon themselves to maintain a state of tranquility in the galaxy.

Boomstick: Don't be fooled by all that talk of peace, though. They're like superhuman samurai! Jedi consistently take on hordes of baddies by themselves, and they've been doin' it for centuries. Way before the start of the Galactic Republic.

Wiz: At which point, the Jedi became much more entangled in, let's just say, government affairs.

Boomstick: Oh sure, that's what the space wizards are missing: politics.

Wiz: The Jedi Council began weighing in on various matters to both protect democracy and avoid violent conflicts.

Boomstick: Except they kinda screwed the porg on that front. The Clone Wars wasn't just a fantastic series by George Lucas and Dave Filoni, it was also an awesome miniseries by Genndy Tartakovsky.

Wiz: And it was a horrific war that wiped out the Jedi, erased the Republic and saw the rise of the Empire.

Boomstick: Sure, that too. Spoilers, man.

Wiz: As the Jedi Grandmaster, Yoda led the grand army of the Republic, a military force almost entirely comprised of Clones, AKA disposable people.

Boomstick: Man, that gets really messed up if you think about it too long. So I won't!

Wiz: Despite his small, frail appearance, Yoda could absolutely hold his own in combat. In fact, he's considered one of the most powerful Jedi of his era.

Boomstick: He's trained all the greats, like Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, and even Liam Neeson! Where do you think he got that particular set of skills from?

Wiz: All of Yoda's nine hundred years of experience certainly came in handy, like when he battled Count Dooku and Darth Sidious, two of the most powerful Sith Lords ever known.

Boomstick: Both Jedi and Sith usually come with the standard issue lightsaber, a badass weapon for a more badass age. They're pretty versatile, too, with seven different forms of combat styles. And don't think Yoda's gonna miss out on all that laser sword swingin'! He's mastered all seven styles, even though he's only two feet high! Hell, most lightsabers are taller than he is!

Wiz: Which is why he specializes in the fourth form, Ataru. This style focuses on utilizing the Force to increase a Jedi's capabilities, allowing them to attack at blurring speeds with incredible precision.

Boomstick: Basically, he can flip flop around like a ninja frog. Wait, is he actually Kermit?

Wiz: This does still mean Yoda has a sort of handicap in physical combat, as his stature requires him to use the Force far more than most opponents just to keep up. While the Force is beyond the body and seemingly infinite, too much effort all at once can put a strain on a person and even kill them. However, Yoda is truly a master of the Force, potentially more so than any other Jedi. He has moved starships with his mind and lifted hundreds of droids at once.

Boomstick: He can also use mind tricks, illusions, and a technique called Tutaminis. That's when Jedi block or catch and redirect energy, like lightning, blaster bolts, or even other lightsabers.

Wiz: It's safe to say that Yoda greatly prefers using the Force in combat over his Jedi weapon.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: Wiz, if I ever get one of those laser swords and toss it away, you totally have permission to kill me.

Wiz: Interesting... DUMMI?

(DUMMI floats in, holding a contract. Wiz holds up a needle)

Wiz: Just let me see your hand.

Boomstick: My hand?

(Wiz pokes Boomstick's finger with the needle)

Boomstick: Ow!

Wiz: Okay, now place your finger there.

Boomstick: Um, no? Geez, Marshall would never make me do something like this.

Wiz: Marsh- Who's Marshall?

Boomstick: Huh? Oh, the DBX Ringmaster guy. That's his real name.

(He touches the paper, smearing his blood on it)

Boomstick: We were roommates in college. He's helpin' me track down my dad, cuz he's my best bud.

Wiz: (sadly) Oh... Best bud, huh?

(Green spirit like entities come out of the contract)

Boomstick: What the hell was that?!

DUMMI: Finally, I won't be the only one.

(He floats off)

Boomstick: Wait, what just happened?!

Wiz: Anyway, the Force is capable of much more than a lightsaber. Kyp Durron, a Jedi who's potential has been compared to Yoda, utilized it to move a gravity well generated void, basically a black hole created by a ship. To strike the right balance of pressure in order to move a singularity, theoretically, you would need to exert an energy output equivalent to almost fourteen petatons of TNT.

Popup: While the canon Star Wars timeline is our primary source, there are little to no differences in the applications of the Force from the original Legends timeline, making both applicable in determining how the Force can be used in combat.

Boomstick: Jedi are also super fast. They've blocked blaster bolts, of course, but they can also keep up with Droid tri-fighters and MagnaGuards, which both are clearly stated to have near lightspeed reflexes! Holy crap, who's building these things?

Wiz: Furthermore, Jedi can use the Force to glimpse into the distant future through meditation. They can even allow the Force to guide their movements and predict danger in advance. Needless to say, all of these incredible feats would be impossible without the Force.

Boomstick: But with powers like that, and a dash of political meddling, it was only a matter of time before these peacekeepers became soldiers, even generals!

Wiz: In a surprising move, Yoda actually chose to engage the rising separatist threat with an army of his own, personally kicking off the Clone Wars himself.

Boomstick: Too bad it was, as the fishman says, a trap.

Wiz: The war took a sour turn, and the demise of the Jedi became all but assured. By the time they put the pieces together, it was too late. The Order fell into darkness.

Boomstick: More like brutally murdered into darkness! And you know, it's kinda their fault, in a way. They were so committed to talking about peace, but at the same time, they're like, really really good at killing people!

Wiz: Why do peacekeepers need to be so specifically trained in murder? So uncivilized.

Boomstick: Wiz, get over yourself, if you had a lightsaber, you'd wanna use it as much as you could, too.

Wiz: Though the Jedi Order under Yoda did seem somewhat hypocritical, he would come to realize his follies, like the council's sanctimonious excuses for betraying students like Ahsoka when they were needed most.

Boomstick: They ripped out her sweet Padawan rat tail, ya assholes! But yeah, he finally figured out "wars not make one great", especially if you're a tiny green Muppet.

Wiz: Haunted by his mistakes and perturbed by the violence he helped bring upon the galaxy, Yoda went into self-imposed exile. He even gave up his lightsaber. And finally, he would train one last apprentice, Luke Skywalker.

Boomstick: Yoda taught Luke everything he could before finally becoming one with the Force, gaining immortality as a spooky blue spirit, just like Obi-Wan and Liam Neeson.

Wiz: And Luke? He went on to reverse many of the mistakes of Jedi's past, ending the Empire, redeeming his father, bringing balance to the Force, and inspiring a new, different generation. In the end, Yoda's greatest lesson of all was that oftentimes, failure is our greatest teacher.

Luke: I don’t believe it.

Yoda: That... is why you fail.

King Mickey

Boomstick: Mickey Mouse, Disney's OG OC. You know him as a cute corporate mascot that hangs out with other cute animals and lives a pretty normal domestic life. But did you know he's also an insanely powerful warrior mage that fights darkness to save the Disney universe alongside a young boy and his good ol' duck and dog buddies? Not- not that dog, the other one.

Wiz: Ah yes, welcome to the world of Kingdom Hearts, a collection of worlds where Kingdom Hearts is the heart of the worlds and the source of ultimate wisdom and power across all kingdoms, and... worlds.

Boomstick: Y'know, my favorite thing about Kingdom Hearts is how straightforward it is.

Wiz: My favorite part is how it's ruled by that ninety-two year old mouse wizard.

Boomstick: Yup, here he's isn't just Mickey, he's King Mickey, the ruler of Disney Castle and the leader of the Guardians of Light, a group of Keyblade wielders who combat darkness.

Wiz: King Mickey and the other Guardians, like Sora, remember him?, protect the worlds using magic and powerful weapons known as Keyblades.

Boomstick: Those things are the real deal. They can perform a whole bunch of spells, deflect lasers and even unlock almost anything. Get it? C-Cuz they're keys? Mickey's swung a lot of keys around, but his current and best is his Star Cluster.

Wiz: The king underwent rigorous training as an apprentice to the great sorcerer, Yen Sid. After some... incidents involving a few too many brooms, he eventually became a sorcerer and Keyblade master himself.

Boomstick: Keyblades are basically like wands that can channel the user's magic for spells like Pearl, Mine Shield, and Faith Volley, which are all based on light energy magic.

Wiz: He can also heal himself and others with Curaga and Healing Light, and that's honestly still just the tip of the iceberg.

Boomstick: With the Stopza spell, he can freeze time for the length of an entire battle. Damn.

Wiz: Then there's Mickey's most powerful and most legendary spell, Ultima, which is basically a massive devastating release of all of Mickey's light magic at once.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: The only downside is these spells do require a lot of magic energy to use, which is also limited to Mickey's own energy. Also, he does need the Keyblade to channel it. There's not much the mouse can do without his Keyblade, except for be a cute and cuddly mascot!

Wiz: Well, even if he does lose it, Mickey can immediately summon the Keyblade back to his hand.

Boomstick: Whoa! Let me try!

(He motions with his hand, concentrating)

Wiz: Boomstick, if you really want another beer, just go get one--

(A can of beer flies into Boomstick's hand)

Wiz: Oh my God, it works!

DUMMI: No....

(We see DUMMI behind them, the exhaust port on top of his head smoking)

DUMMI: It was just me.

(He floats off, saddening Boomstick)

Wiz: Well, Keyblades can also be used to lock worlds and doors in order to keep out Heartless, which are corrupted beings split from the darkness of a person's heart, with a desire to consume.

Boomstick: Wait a second, Wiz... Pluto is a dog, but so is Goofy. But Goofy gets to walk around and fight with Sora and Donald, and Pluto just eats and sleeps like a normal dog. This must mean that Pluto is Goofy's Heartless!

Wiz: Do you have a concussion?

Boomstick: Oh, always. On top of all of his advanced magic, Mickey's mega tough. When Heartless stack up, they can form a huge mass and take the shape of a giant twister called a Demon Tower, and Mickey's tanked a couple beatings from 'em!

Wiz: He's also survived this huge explosion from when the χ-blade was destroyed.

Boomstick: He, uh, means the χ-Blade. It's just pronounced like "keyblade", even though it's just one Keyblade, and... ah, this series is so confusing!

Wiz: Most Keyblades are capable of equally incredible feats. Sora could slice through several buildings with his Keyblade, and Mickey's rescued him on more than one occasion. Which makes sense, he's the leader, after all, and can match any of them in power.

Boomstick: But Sora's no joke. He went up against Hercules, a demigod that launched a sixteen hundred ton rock titan into space. But that's nothing compared to his dad, Zeus. That guy can move stars, and not even he can compete with the foes that Mickey's tangling with!

Popup: Apart from Zeus' feat, there are numerous other instances of stars being moved and created in the series, such as in KH3: ReMind, and the original Kingdom Hearts.

Wiz: The Guardians of Light and their Keyblades are immensely strong, but they also have great speed to match. Roxas' heart was able to move far above the speed of light, in order to travel across galaxies, from the Radiant Garden back to the Keyblade Graveyard in a matter of seconds.

Boomstick: What?

Wiz: And like any great ruler, Mickey's remained a constant pillar of hope for all, even during some of the darkest times.

Boomstick: And with the help of his friends, the king was able to bring the darkness to an end and stop Xehanort, a Keyblade master hellbent on getting the power of Kingdom Hearts.

Wiz: While Sora battled Xehanort, Mickey and the rest of the Guardians finally closed Kingdom Hearts for good, preventing the power from falling into the wrong hands.

Boomstick: That mouse had it all figured out. The real key to savin' the world is your friends... if each one of them also has a super powerful magic sword that's also a key.

Wiz: Despite his long journey, King Mickey never wavered, and led the way with his optimism, perseverance, and most important of all, the light inside.

Mickey: Now, Sora! Let's close this door for good! Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light.

Death Battle

(*Cues: Hearts of Light*)

In a mysterious realm, Yoda exits his spaceship and confronts King Mickey in the middle of Mickey's Dive to the Heart, featuring a stain glass floor of the king and his allies.

Yoda: Difficult to find, you are. A King, you must be.

Mickey: And to challenge me, you must be... a master.

The King then draws out his Star Cluster Keyblade as Yoda tosses his cane aside and grabs his lightsaber. The two clash their weapons as Mickey knocks back Yoda. The Jedi Grandmaster then charges at the King and clashed with Yoda in the air, Mickey then uses his Keyblade spell to blast the Grandmaster back as Yoda then recovers quickly. Mickey then charges until Yoda uses the Force to push Mickey back.

Mickey: Gosh!

Mickey puts his Keyblade in the ground to maintain his position before seeing Yoda spinning towards him. The Grandmaster disarms the King, but the mouse is able to summon his blade back to block Yoda's lightsaber.

Yoda: A wealth of power, I sense in you.

Mickey: If you say so!

Mickey pushes Yoda back and shoots a ball of Holy at the Jedi, who halts the magic and redirects it from him with the Force.

Yoda: My first duel, this is not!

Mickey: Huh, could have fooled me!

Mickey scratches his nose smugly as the ball comes back and hits Yoda in the back. The King then fires Holy Burst at his opponent. Yoda dodges the incoming projectiles and slashes through one of them as he begins running forward.

Yoda: Proof you are, that size matters not! -Laughs-

Mickey: Right back at you, pal!

Just as the alien approaches, Mickey uses Salvation to summon a pillar that electrocutes the old master and sends him into the air.

Mickey: Hot dog!

The King follows up with an aerial combo until Yoda sends him to the ground. Yoda somersaults forward and clashes his lightsaber into the Keyblade. After exchanging a few blows, Mickey disarms the Grandmaster, but Yoda uses the Force to bring his weapon back to him. As they clash once more, Yoda uses the Force to summon his walking cane into his other hand. He whacks Mickey in the face with it, but the mouse follows up with a spin that disarms the Jedi again. Yoda brings back his weapon and holds his ground while also continually whacking Mickey in the face with his cane.

Mickey: Enough!

The now irritated King ends the clash by activating Faith, summoning a pillar of light that prompts the Grandmaster to leap back and avoid the attack. As the magic clears, Mickey charges forward at his foe.

Yoda: The path to victory, this is not.

Yoda turns off his lightsaber and tosses it to the ground, as it suddenly begins to levitate as he focused his efforts on using his most trusted weapon.

Yoda: The Force, I must trust!

Before Mickey can attack, he feels the gravity in the arena increase, a storm of rocks and boulders rising up and swirling around the Station, noticing five large meteors hurdling towards his direction in particular.

Mickey: Oh gosh.

The Keyblade wielder uses Holy Burst to break apart the large rocks, but Yoda follows up by using the Force to bring down his spaceship towards the middle of the ring. The resulting explosion sends Mickey flying forward and splits the Station in half. The mouse would crash down, but swiftly got back up, as he faced towards the Jedi once more.

Mickey: You sure are strong... But it's time to end this tussle!

Mickey shoots a projectile at the wise Yoda, who uses Tutaminis to catch it. The wise Jedi begins levitating and uses the Force to create illusion clones, lightning striking in the background behind them, before firing a barrage of the King's attack right back at him. Mickey struggles to keep his ground against the alien's power, defending with the Star Cluster as he slowly skids back towards the Dive to the Heart's edge.

Yoda: Surrender, you should. The power of the Force, you have not!

Mickey: I can try! All I need... IS THE LIGHT!

Yoda: Huh?

With Salvation, Mickey is able to repel the attack and send Yoda backwards while dispersing his illusions. Yoda enters a meditative state as the light magic continues to surround him.

Yoda: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

The Grandmaster gathers up all the light magic fired at him and fires it all at once at the King. Mickey leaps forward in the air and unleashes his ultimate attack to protect himself and deliver the finishing blow.

Mickey: ULTIMA!!

Yoda closes his eyes with a smile as a massive, almighty explosion of light would go off from the King's Star Cluster, able to be seen from a distance, as Mickey would land on the higher up half of the arena once it ended, looking back as a shower of golden sparkles fell on the arena.

Mickey: Hm, what a shame...

A burst of lightning suddenly went off in front of the King, startling him.

Mickey: Wha happun?!

As he asked this, a ghostly apparition of the now-deceased Jedi would appear in front of him.

Yoda: Worry, do not. One with the Force, I am-

The Jedi Ghost is suddenly interrupted by Mickey whacking him on the head, likely in kind for being whacked on the head by the Jedi's staff earlier, as he then vanishes, laughing as the mouse put his Keyblade over his shoulder.

Mickey: Laugh it up, fuzzball!



(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Boomstick: That little green rascal! A troll to the bitter end. I love it.

Wiz: The Grandmaster Yoda was one of the most powerful Jedi of all time, but the Force was ultimately no match for the light.

Boomstick: Yoda’s gotta be one of the best sword-fighters Mickey’s ever faced, and definitely gave him a run for his money.

Wiz: While Jedi have battled foes with near lightspeed reactions, a Keyblade Guardian like Mickey could move several times faster. In order for Roxas to travel across at least four star systems, he’d need to be moving almost 170 million times faster than light.

Popup: The “worlds” in Kingdom Hearts 3 are separated by entire star systems. Radiant Garden’s location is shown to be outside the three main systems from the game.

Boomstick: They’ve also rubbed shoulders with guys like Hercules and Zeus, who moved whole stars! There are hundreds of celestial bodies there! The energy needed to move that many is WAY more than what would be needed to move a black hole.

Wiz: And while Yoda doesn’t have much of an obvious weakness himself, the problem is, neither does King Mickey. At least, nothing that Yoda could really take advantage of.

Popup: It can be argued that Yoda could return to battle as a Force Spirit. However, this is theoretical at best. Without a guaranteed way to immediately return, we consider his death to be the end of the battle.

Boomstick: Even if Yoda could figure out that King Mickey had a limited amount of magic energy to cast spells with, there wasn't much Yoda can do before it would start to replenish.

Wiz: And the Force isn’t exactly limitless either. Too much strain has been proven to put a lot of stress on the body, and even kill some Jedi in the past.

(We cut to Wiz and Boomstick)

Wiz: These two were certainly a match for each other in many ways, but the King’s superior speed, power and magic meant he had the last laugh…. well, sort of.

Boomstick: Sorry Yoda, but M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-ARE-DEAD.

Wiz: The winner is King Mickey.

Original Track

Hearts of Light Track Cover.png

The track for this fight is "Hearts of Light" by Therewolf Media. It is an orchestral piece with a Latin chorus that emulates the intense nature of the music featured within the fight scenes in Star Wars and boss battles in Kingdom Hearts. The climax features a remix of "Yoda's Theme" from The Empire Strikes Back and "Hikari" from Kingdom Hearts.

The title refers to the franchise where King Mickey originated ("Kingdom Hearts") as well as both combatants' statuses as masters of light. "Light" could also reference either Yoda's weapon of choice, the Lightsaber, or his affiliation with the light side of the Force.

The cover shows the Kingdom Hearts with a lock in the background. In the foreground, Yoda's lightsaber floats while being activated in the Keyblade Graveyard.


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